Montenegro Souvenirs You Can’t Leave Without

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Here is your guide to what to buy in Montenegro. With such a range of authentic Montenegro souvenirs to take back home, you might need an empty suitcase to put them in!

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If you’re lucky enough to be heading to Montenegro, you’re in for a real treat. Not only will you certainly pack your phone with a million Insta-worthy snaps, but you’ll also have cultural experiences that are totally unique.

Whether you’re spending your time solely in the capital, Podgorica, or you’re heading off a little further afield, perhaps to the sunny Bay of Kotor, Perast, Budva, or Herceg Novi, there is plenty to see and do. Of course, you will want to remember your time with more than photos, which might mean a little souvenir shopping!

You may think that the best shopping in Montenegro is just in the main towns and cities – but not always, the small towns also offer lots of goodies to take home.

Montenegro Souvenirs_What to Buy in Montenegro _ Loads of Ideas

It’s a good idea to do a little research ahead of time to know the must-buy items you need to have on your shopping list. Whether you’re buying gifts for loved ones or you’re keeping them for yourself, here are some of the best souvenirs from Montenegro you simply shouldn’t leave without.

Local Rakija


You’ll hear of locally produced rakija across the Balkans, going by slightly different names (or spelling), and it is something you need to try at least – at least once!

Yes, it’s healthy, so be careful of how much you drink, but this delicious brandy-Esque drink is not only a must; it’s a must-buy.

You won’t struggle to find rakija, as it’s readily available in supermarkets and smaller markets, but the homemade stuff is the best. It’s also worth mentioning that homemade stuff is also the strongest, so again, beware!

A locally produced bottle of rakija is an excellent gift for someone back home or simply to take it back with you and save for a specific occasion. This is undoubtedly one of the best souvenirs in Montenegro.

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Montenegrin Prosciutto (Njeguški Pršut)

Montenegro Souvenirs_What to Buy in Montenegro _ Prsut

One of the best things about visiting Montenegro, apart from the gorgeous scenery, is the food. One of those must-try (and must-buy) items is a version of prosciutto ham, called njeguški pršut.

Hailing original from the small village of Njeguši, this is a dry-cured ham and allowed to soak up all that fresh mountain and coastal air around it. As a result, it has a crisp and pleasant flavor that you will quickly become addicted to. A pack of this delicious stuff will make a fantastic souvenir.


For a truly cultural and spiritual gift to take back home, a brojanica is a good choice. This is a religious souvenir with Serbian Orthodox links.

It is a small bracelet decorated ornately and in various designs but is also used as a bracelet for prayer.

Whether you choose to use it for that purpose or not, a brojanica is a very wonderful souvenir to take back home with you and remind you of the country’s spiritual and cultural side. You’ll find these all over the country with ease, making it one of the traditional Montenegrin gifts to add to your shopping list.

Folklore Hat (Kapa)

Montenegro Souvenirs_What to Buy in Montenegro _ Folklore Hat

Kapa is a cap, and it is one of the very traditional souvenirs you should think about taking back home with you. This is a cap that is red and black, and while it’s not really going to fit into any fashion looks when you return home, it’ll look fab on the mantle.

The black of the cap represents the past, and the red represents battles with the Ottomans, which now forms part of the National Costume Of Montenegro. This is one of the best buys in Montenegro if you want to focus on history.

Locally Produced Wine

Vranac Wine Montenegro

We’ve already mentioned rakija, but you should also think about trying and buying some of the delicious locally-produced wine. The best variety is called ‘Vranac.’ Produced along the Mediterranean coastline; this is a delightful red wine that has been produced since the late ’70s, one of the most popular Montenegrin products.

If you’re a wine fan, this is going to take pride of place in your collection, but even if not, you’ll enjoy a few glasses of this over dinner. As a result, a bottle or two will make a great souvenir to take back home with you. This is one of the best Montenegrin gifts to take home and enjoy while editing your holiday photos!

Cat-Related Souvenirs

Montenegro Souvenirs_What to Buy in Montenegro _ Cat Souvenirs

If you’re visiting Kotor, in particular, you will see cat-related souvenirs absolutely everywhere; thus, anything adorned by a cat is one of the best souvenirs from Kotor!

This town loves its cats, so you’ll see fridge magnets, trinkets, and all manner of other souvenirs adorned with different breeds of cats. If you have a cat lover back home, this is one of the best Montenegrin gifts to purchase for them.

While walking around, you’ll also see many cats wandering around the streets; Kotor is known for taking good care of strays.

Soft Furnishings

If you’re looking to furnish your house with traditional curtains or rugs, then you should undoubtedly head to Niti. This is a northeastern region of the country known for its excellent handmade furnishings, Montenegrin crafts, and clothes. Everything is made by hand, using authentic wool from local sheep.

Once you return home, you can keep these items in pride of place, remembering your time spent in the country!

Grape Vinegar

expat wine making

A particularly sour-tasting grape vinegar is a must-buy souvenir from Montenegro, and it’s locally grown all over the country.

You’ll find it easily in souvenir shops, but if you head to rural regions, you’ll find it locally produced and sold in small markets and farm shops for super cheap!

Peasant Cheeses

Things to do in Labin Croatia_Oil and Cheese

You’ll find all manner of homemade cheeses in Montenegro, and some are a little more obscure than others! Keep an open mind and sample any cheeses you come across; you never know, you might find a new favorite!

With such a range of authentic Montenegro souvenirs to take back home, you might need an empty suitcase to put them in!

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  1. Are there any shops in Kotor that sell yarn? Will be coming in on a cruise ship and am interested in yarn from the area. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for creating this list. I wondered while searching ‘things to buy in Montenegro’ if anyone has been smart enough to compile a meaningful souvenir idea. We are arriving after a road trip through Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia. I will be sure to get some wool items as souvenir and eat cheese and drink wine while there.

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