15 Of The Best Romanian Souvenirs To Bring Home

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Are you looking to find the best Romanian souvenirs for your loved ones or perhaps a trinket for yourself? Here is a handy guide on what to buy in Romania.

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When you’re heading to Romania, you’ll undoubtedly want to find a few souvenirs to take back home as gifts for your loved ones or perhaps a trinket for yourself. Finding the most authentic souvenirs can be difficult if you have no prior knowledge of what to buy; luckily for you, we’ve got your back!

Below you’ll find a list of the must-buy Romanian gifts and souvenirs to look for, many of which are local to specific areas. Put these on your shopping list before you jet off!

1. Traditional Honey

Wild Honey - Serbia Travel Blog

Making honey is a traditional practice in Romania, and this dates back more than 2000 years. These days you can find delicious traditional honey, including acacia, linden, polyfloral, and colza jars of honey, which have many health benefits for the body. Aside from anything, it tastes fabulous!

2. Clothing Made From Wool

Back in the day, clothing was made from natural items, including wool, and these days you’ll find coats, hats, and scarves made from 100% wool, which look super-fashionable and keep you just as warm too.

If you’re wondering what to buy in Bucharest, Romania, then wool clothes will be easy to find and something no one else will have back home.

3. Beads

Souvenirs in Romania - Beads From Maramures, Romania.

What to buy in Bucharest in particular? You’ll find various types of jewelry made of beads around the country and also in the capital.

The necklaces are called ‘zgardan’ if you want to be super-authentic! Local women wear these for special occasions, but they look quite beautiful in their own right and are an excellent gift for people back home.

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4. Wine

Blond Woman Drinking Red Wine In Restaurant

You probably don’t automatically think of Romania when you consider wine. Still, the locally produced vino is actually super-delicious, and a bottle or two for back home is a great idea.

You’ll see big named brands such as Murfatlar everywhere, as well as several other smaller brands from around the country. This will make a very welcome Romanian souvenir!

5. Hand Painted Eggs

Souvenirs in Romania - Eggs in Romania

It doesn’t have to be Easter to see these around Romania, but at Easter time, they are indeed very plentiful! You can find all manner of different designs, painted with such concentration and detail that you will probably struggle to believe they were hand-painted!

These are fantastic gifts for your work buds as they’re relatively cheap. If you’re looking for things to buy in Romania specifically, make it these eggs.

6. Horezu Ceramics

Romanian Souvenirs - Horezu Ceramics

In the southwest of the country, you will find Horezu, and this is where these beautiful and very intricate ceramics came from. You’ll find distinct patterns in particular, such as animals, fish, and plants, pulling in all-natural aspects, and these are painted onto cups, plates, bowls, and trays. Horezu ceramics are a centuries-old tradition, so these should certainly be on your gift list.

7. Handmade Carpets And Rugs

The most famous handmade rugs and carpets you’ll find are called ‘Oltenia .’ These are a true quality standard. The practice is derived from the south of the country, in Oltenia itself, and they are distinct in that they show pictures of animals, people, flowers, and regular patterns.

They range in price too, so be sure to shop around. In terms of things to buy in Bucharest and around the country in general, these are the most luxurious, for sure.

8. Wooden Carved Items

Souvenirs in Romania - Traditional carved wood

Carpentry is a big thing in Romania now and throughout its history. You’ll find many different items carved into wood across the country, with spoons and boxes very popular items to take back home.

9. Homemade Jams

All over Romania, you’ll find homemade jams made from locally grown fruits, such as blackberry, peach, and plum, to name the most popular. These are a tasty authentic Romanian souvenir, but they’re super-delicious at the same time! Definitely make sure you try green walnut jam too.

10. Romanian Shirts And Blouses

You will see traditional costumes in various parts of the country, and blouses are particularly important. You can easily purchase one as a traditional souvenir and wear it with a pair of jeans.

11. Dracula Merchandise

If you are in the capital city, Bucharest, or the Transylvania region, you will indeed find all kinds of memorabilia relating to the Count himself. It’s tacky in many regards, but it’s certainly not something you’ll find anywhere else, so you could add this to your shopping list too!

12. Snow Globe

Who doesn’t love a cute snow globe? You’ll find them everywhere, including Dracula-style ones! The perfect gift for the kids or simply to decorate your home. There are countless different Romanian crafts on offer across the country, but these are a gift everyone will love – especially kids!

13. Romanian Chocolate And Sweets


Purchasing a little chocolate for back home is a given no matter where you are – right? Well, Romanian chocolate is surprisingly good! Grab a few blocks of “Rom,” and you’ll thank us. 

You can also get some “papanasi,” which is the most popular sweet treat around if you’re not traveling very far. It’s like a donut, which is filled with jam and cream and then fried. Try to put one in your bag

14. Tuica

Romania - Tuica

Romania’s drink of choice is a potent plum brandy that is found all over the country and is quite strong! Try some while you’re there, but be sure to take a bottle or two back home with you. Tip: Wrap it up in a few layers of your clothes to be sure it does not break. 

15. A Traditional Veil

In the past, these veils were used by women to cover their heads or worn around the neck during the cold weather. They come in all colors and designs and will look incredible used as a decoration in your home.

You’ll find these in gift shops and markets across Romania.

With this detailed shopping list, you might need a spare suitcase to take all those Romanian souvenirs back home, huh?

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