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Sarah-Jane has lived in Croatia for 10+ years. SJ, as she is known, has been traveling the Balkans & beyond since 2000. She now shares her passion for traveling with her husband & kids.

It’s Christmas! Who wants to brave the stores? Not me. Oh, wait, yes I do, but the choices here in Croatia are, er… let’s say limited. So, I shop online. Plus, I can do it in my PJ’s with my rakija hot cup of tea in hand.

So, people, let’s get shopping for the best gifts for people who travel. Is that you? Because it sure is me! Once you start looking, there are so many gifts for travelers that it can be hard to know what is or is not an excellent gift idea. Here are my top suggestions for what to get those travel-loving people in your life!

Gifts For People Who Like To Travel – Secret Santa & Stocking Stuffers Under $50

Travel Gift Cards

When you are not sure what to get but know they love to travel, how about a gift card. Gift cards from Airbnb, for example, are always popular among avid travelers. If you’re wondering what to get a traveler for their birthday or Christmas, this is always a lifesaver. It may not be one of those unique travel gifts, but it sure it super-useful!


I Was Here: A Travel Journal For The Curious Minded

This colorfully illustrated, guided travel journal encourages users to explore the easily overlooked and wonderful everyday details encountered while traveling, whether near or far away. Packed with unique and fulfilling journeys that can be undertaken in any city, as well as prompts to record every whimsical discovery, each page is a surprise.


Cork Globe

If you’re looking for cool travel gifts, this cork globe will delight every travel enthusiast. Supported by a solid stainless steel base, the globe comes with 50 colored pushpins that let you mark each and every place you’ve been in the entire world.


Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Earplugs

Wahhhhh, can you hear that crying baby on a plane? Not with these, you can’t, hooray! People who love to travel always complain about the crying baby. That is until you have one of your own, and then you try to avoid eye contact when the baby is crying. And, not just for the traveler, these earplugs would make a great gift for that gym junkie type, too. See how fast you can order a pair here.


Travel Eyemask Set

How itchy and scratchy are those cheap-ass eye masks you get on the airplanes? Well, that is if you fly with an airline that gives you one in the first place (can anyone say cost cutting?).

This luxurious cashmere eye mask set is made with a little pocket for your eyes, so they do not rub against the fabric. I would call that a little bed for my eyes, wouldn’t you? A perfect gift for travelers and their eyes. One of the most thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for frequent travelers, order a set now.


Silk Bra Stash

What! A bra thingy on a travel gift ideas list? How odd. Yeah and no. This is a small pocket made from silk, as the name suggests, and it clips into a bra strap and holds ID, cash & credit cards, out of sight. It makes for great secret Santa gifts for female travelers. Buy one here. You can also find excellent travel wallet suggestions here.


Travelon Soap & Shampoo Sheets

Purchasing these are the best way you’ll spend $5 today. These little light-weight sheets help you do laundry and wash your body as you travel. Of all of the great gifts for people who travel a lot on this list, they are both the cheapest and also the most likely to get you that “what are you saying look.” Yes please, I’ll take one of each here.


Airport Friendly Stretch-No-Tie-Laces

$10 to save time untying and retying laces. I am sold. Buy 20 pairs and throw them about the airport to your fellow travelers! They’re amazing travel gifts for women and men alike. Get your pair here


Brands We Use And Trust

Best Travel Gifts For Men Who Travel

A Filson Duffel Bag

Made in the USA, these water-repellent heavy-duty duffel bags look good and are designed to take a beating. Mr. Chasing the Donkey’s last duffel bag lasted less than a year. Men are rough; this one is made to last, which puts it among our strongly recommended travel bag gift ideas. See what other colors and sizes it comes in here.


Electrolight Day Pack

Weighing nothing, and folding to nothing, boys can easily carry stuff in this. And let’s be honest, it’s always the guys lugging around the stuff while we shop, right? Get your tiny bag right now.


Travel Gifts For The Safety-Conscious

Anti-Theft Backpacks

In terms of a bag that caters to every need on the go, this is your ideal choice. Packed with safety features, while also looking stylish and sporty at the same time, the Lifepack has a top reputation for a reason. If you know someone’s looking for a new travel bag, this is without question one of the best gifts for travelers you can get them.

Anti-Theft Safety Features:

  • Integrated locks and lockable compartments
  • Water bottle and sunglasses compartments
  • Easy pull, strong zips
  • Built-in rain cover
  • Able to fit a laptop up to 15.6” in size
  • Powerbank/Bluetooth speakers/Solar USB charging
  • Ability to charge two devices at the same time, while listening to music
  • Lightweight considering its features, at just 2.47lb


Look At More Anti Theft Backpacks We Reviewed Here


Best Travel Gifts For Her

Travel Scarf

Not as lame as it sounds, look how freaking cool this thing is. It hides your passport or phone while you are out and about. I think the scarf is just the thing you need to make it easier to reach your passport as you lug about your heavy suitcase as you edge… ever…. so… slowly… toward… customs and immigration. This is not a high-profile gift at all, but it is definitely one of those thoughtful gifts for the traveling woman that will certainly be appreciated.


Reversible Travel Scarf

We are all trying to pack less, and if your gal loves traveling in winter, this two-way scarf is just one of the best travel gifts for her.


Lightweight Suitcase

We over pack. We do. No need to hide it. We pack five shoes for two days “just in case.” To keep the weight down (or to make room for shoes), get a lightweight suitcase. And the plus point about this one is that it’s not black and does not look like all the other bags spinning around the carousel.


Frends Headphones

Sleek, stylish and may I say kick-ass? One of those truly unique travel gadgets, these sure beat the boring black ones on offer almost everywhere else. How many world travelers would raise their hand for a pair? *Raises hand*. Scoop a pair here.


Travel Clothes – Really Nice Ones

I found out about these from my friend Farrah who blogs about traveling with three boys (yikes), and I have been love with them since.

A Mom needs pockets, right?! Us Moms also need clothes that do not require dry cleaning, and that is light when we travel. It helps if the clothes are made from the finest French and Italian fabrics if anything else just to make us feel special.

Anatomie clothes are all of these things. Their designer travel pants (bottom right in the photo) weigh only 6 ounces (180 grams)! If you know a girl who’s always looking for new travel clothes, this is one of the best gifts for girls who travel, no question.


Check out our favorite garment carry-on bags to help keep your loved one’s clothes crumple free here!


Gifts For People Who Travel With Kids

Oblo Puzzle Spheres Multi

The Little Donkey found the Oblo Puzzle Sphere on a recent trip to Zagreb, and we can’t get it out of his hands. Designed in Croatia, made in Canada, this toy is both fun and educational, for all of us. Best of all, it’s small enough to be thrown into our travel daypack. I keep his set in a plastic ziplock bag. Too easy and make for great gifts for travelers with young kids.


Gifts For People Who Love To Travel & Take Photos

Humans of New York Book

I am addicted to Brandon Stanton‘s Facebook page and seeing his photos come off my computer and into a book sounds amazing (hint, hint). Any photographer will appreciate this coffee table book. The stories are real, and the photos are touching. Get the book now. That avid traveler in your life will think this is one of the greatest travel presents ever.


Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

Leave the bulky DSLR at home and use this 2-in-1 tiny clip-on detachable HD lens for mobile phones (and digital cameras). Take pictures of small objects or use a wide angle to capture people, buildings, and landscapes. Secure one of these unique travel accessories here.


Travel Themed Gifts For Gadget Lovers

Power Converters & Adapter

Flight 001 5-in-1 Adapter


Everyone packs electronics or at least has a phone that needs charging. This one works all over the globe. That’s even enough for gadget-loving-me. This 5-in-1 Adapter covers all bases and makes for useful gift ideas for world travelers.


Seagate Backup Plus Slim External Hard Drive

This is lightest external hard drive on the market right now. I like faster, better, stronger, don’t you? After losing many photos on more than one occasion, I always have an external hard drive close. Backing up your stuff, including photos but also documents are just a smart idea.

This may not be one of the coolest or most exciting Christmas gifts for travelers, but it is definitely one of the most important and essential things to have with you. See the four colors it comes in here.


GoPro Video Camera

There are no better gifts for a traveler than this (Santa is reading this right?). Making movies is fun when on the road, and this GoPro video camera is one of the absolute tools to do just that. This is easily when of the best gifts for world travelers who like documenting their trips. Consider getting the GoPro Bobber to go with the GoPro if your travel-loving friend also loves water. GoPro’s sink, and fast. The little yellow life jacket will save it.

Other good travel gift ideas: Tripods & Kindle eReader


Gifts For People Who Travel & Are Neat Freaks

Cord Tacos

*Waves* Aunty Chelle, this one is for you. Cord Tacos are all leather, made in the USA and keep cords tidy. These useful, creative travel gifts help those of us with a little OCD to stay calm as they travel. Get organized here.


Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

A little cube of organizational heaven. With this set of packing cubes, you will stay perfectly organized on long or short trips. Give the gift of space here.


Gifts For People Who Travel & Eat

Camping? Staying at Airbnb? Then, you need this little spice mix container. Small, compact and ready to take your travel cooking to the next level. This is one of the best, unique small gifts you can give an independent traveler.

Travel Related Gifts For Expats

I know, I know, not everyone agrees. But, money, money is sometimes a great gift. Especially as an expat when you know how much postage costs. International bank fees can also cost just as much as postage, so maybe try a service like HiFX to send me your expat family and friends money this year and save your postage money for more beers!

Travel Gift Ideas For Everyone

Travel Blenders

We have done a review of the best travel blenders here.

BEST TRAVEL BLENDERS REVIEW - Conair Cuisinart 350 Watt Portable Blender:Chopper System

TSA-Approved Toiletry Bags & Gotoob Travel Bottles

How many times has your clear plastic liquids only zip lock bag broken, ripped or been misplaced? Dozens? Yeah, join the club. Now you can use a REAL toiletry bag that is TSA approved. Yay. Comes in two colors here. Throw in the little Gotoob bottles for liquids, one of those funny travel gifts, and it’s a wrap.

And of course, you can always give your family the gift of travel during the holiday season – celebrate somewhere else around the globe!

There, I hope we found something for everyone — Merry Christmas from Croatia. Oh, and you may also like our post on the best travel pillows for long-haul flights or even grab this carry on list.

It really does not feel like we covered everyone in this travel gift guide... Who is missing? Oh yeah, you… What do you want this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.

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