Guide To The Best Travel Gifts For Kids (1 To 18 Years Of Age)

Here are the perfect travel gifts for kids. All of these will inspire wanderlust in your wee one this year!

Everyone loves to receive something new – gifts are exciting! Whether it was expected or a total surprise, presents are fun. Of course, kids love presents regardless of what they are for, but when it comes to travel-related gifts, is could really push their excitement about the upcoming trip from zero to 100 pretty quickly!

Knowing which gift to buy is a personal kind of deal – you know your child better than anyone else, but it needs to be functional, and it needs to serve a purpose, linked to the trip in some way.

This guide is going to tell you about some of the best gifts to buy for an upcoming trip, helping your kids not only enjoy the actual travel part of the deal much more but also pushing their excitement towards the sky. First things first, however, why is it important to get your kids excited and pumped up about travel overall?

Why Is It Important To Get Kids Excited About Travel?

We know that travel is a gift. Once upon a time, such free and easy travel wasn’t possible, and we had to save up for months and sometimes even years to afford even one trip somewhere close by. Kids these days are very blessed because they have been born in a time when travel is not only easier, but cheaper too. Because of that, there is a tendency to take the whole experience for granted, but we should always make sure that our kids actually enjoy and appreciate the travel trips they take.

Travel is educational; it allows children to understand the world with their own eyes and experiences, rather than reading about it on a book and looking at places in an Atlas or on a globe. Travel encourages well rounded, open-minded children, and when there is so much negative news in front of them, e.g., on the TV and in newspapers, it is vital to make sure that they don’t become worried or scared of venturing further afield.

So, it’s important to get kids excited about travel to ensure that negativity doesn’t creep in, so they understand and appreciate what a gift seeing the world is, and so that they take it upon themselves to learn more about where they are going. On top of this, if a child is excited about where they are going, they are much less likely to be in a bad mood when it comes to a long haul flight!

Best Gifts To Get Kids Excited About Travel

So, now we know why we should be getting our little ones excited about travel, how are we going to do it? We mentioned before how everyone loves a present, and if you can combine travel excitement with a present, all the better!

Here are a few ideas on how you can do just that.

Children’s Illustrated Atlas

Age Range Suitable For – 8 To 12 Years

A fun, colorful, and easy to use atlas is a great way to get kids full of wonder about the world, and they can check off the places they have been, leading to even more excitement. This book is easy to use, it is really bright and colorful, and it features real photographs of the top places in each destination shown on the map.

Useful facts are featured, and it also helps your child to learn about direction, and how to use a compass. Kids will love to see the countries they’re going to be flying over en route to their next destination, as well as being able to see the size of the country and where it is close to.

Overall, this is an excellent option for budding explorers, and it is also a great educational gift, without them even realizing they’re learning something new!

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Learning Resource Puzzle Globe

Age Range Suitable For – 3 To 6 Years

Kids as young as three years can begin their exploration into the world with this puzzle globe, which consists of 14 pieces to put together. Pieces are bright and colorful, and easy to match, helping to engage your child not only in the shape of the world and it’s various parts but also helping to develop their hand-eye coordination and positioning skills.

The globe helps to teach the name of the oceans, the continents, and countries, and again, kids will love to check off where they have been already. The globe rotates, for easy use and has a sturdy base so that it won’t fall over. The globe also has pictures of the most famous landmarks in certain areas, setting a great base of knowledge about the world.

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Brands We Use And Trust


Statue Of Liberty 3D Puzzle, 39 Pieces

Age Range Suitable For – 3 To 8 Years

Children heading to New York will love to build this Statue of Liberty model, while also learning more about the statue and what it means as they go along. This puzzle consists of 39 pieces and is stated as being suitable from three years upwards.

The puzzle takes around two hours to complete, and will keep them quiet while you set about packing! The puzzle clicks together easily, without glue or scissors, with no mess or fuss. The final result is a sturdy statue of Lady Liberty herself. From there, you can start a conversation about the history of New York and the symbol of freedom. Children will then be excited to go and see the real thing on their travels.

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VTech Fly And Learn Globe

Age Range Suitable For – 3 To 5 Years

This interactive, moving globe is ideal for catching the attention and wonder of a youngster who is keen to learn more about the world. VTech is a big name brand, so you know you’re getting quality and safety with your purchase too. The globe helps children learn about distance, geography, the wonders of the world, people, and it plays music too.

The globe is controlled by a joystick, and it moves in all directions, teaching your child about the compass too, as well as five discovery modes to choose from. The idea is that the color, interactivity, and easy to use nature of the globe helps to get children excited about the world and its sheer size, encouraging their own travel adventures.

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Zanzoon Interactive Map – USA

Age Range Suitable For – 6 To 11 Years

Allow your kids to go on an adventure across the USA in as much time as they need with this interactive wall map. They simply need to press a state, and the map talks to them, giving them information, fun facts, and quiz questions. There are over 1000 facts to learn and four different models, including colonies, capitals, landmarks, and nicknames.

If your family is visiting the USA any time soon, this map will help them learn everything there is to know, as well as all about the huge distances between states and cities. Regarding appreciating the sheer size of the USA, this map is ideal. The quizzes will also get them excited to get the answers right and be a source of competition between them.

Concerning cleaning, the map is simply wiped clean and requires 3 x AAA batteries, which are included (yay!).

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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Greetings Globe

Age Range Suitable For – 18 Months To 3 Years

Fisher-Price is a huge name brand, so you know you’re getting a product which is educational and fun at the same time. From a very young age, you can teach your child all about the world and its wonder, and the colors and shapes on this globe will help encourage excitement for travel.

You can help by pointing out where they have been already and how far away it was from home, as well as where you’re going to go next. The globe is totally interactive, with language greetings to learn, animals, colors and continent names, as well as different types of transport. The Pup and Sis characters on the globe also help to take your child on a journey with them, and there are many songs to sing together.

Overall, there is plenty to keep your child occupied on this globe!

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LEGO DUPLO Town Airport Building Blocks Play Set

Age Range Suitable For – 2 To 5 Years

Offer your toddler or young child the chance to discover the world of travel and airplanes with this fun DUPLO Airport Play Set. They can easily build an airplane and airport with luggage slide with the large kid-friendly building blocks. The set also includes a boarding gate, traffic control tower and people, just like at a real airport!

DUPLO is perfect for preschoolers to explore and learn about the world thanks to fun play sets. Let them create their own travel stories from a young age with this perfect gift for kids. They’ll love getting the passengers on the plane and flying them to their destination.

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Garinemax Waterproof Digital Camera For Kids

Age Range Suitable For – 4 To 12 Years

Looking for kids travel gifts for the next Ansel Adams? Surprise them with an exciting waterproof digital camera. This amazing camera is really easy to use, even for kids as young as 4 years old, thanks to its easy buttons and anti-slip housing. A silicone material protects the camera against damage from falling, water and even biting.

Take them on a trip and potentially spark their interest in (travel) photography. The camera has many of the features that you’ll find in modern adults cameras, too, including timelapse self-timer, continuous shooting, anti-shake design, microphone, and 6x digital zoom. It can take 8MP photos and HD 1080p videos. Additionally, there’s also an MP3 and games function to keep your kids entertained while on the road. The absolute perfect travel gift for kids if you ask us!

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Nexda Scratch-Off World Map With Hangers

Age Range Suitable For – 6 Years And Older

Scratch-off maps are a popular travel gift among adults, from daydreaming students to seasoned businessmen, but they also make for a great gift for children. This stylish multi-colored scratch-off world map is a fun way to teach your kid about geography and familiarize them with different countries, flags and continents.

It’s worth mentioning that this particular map is made in an eco-friendly way and with 90% of recycled materials. It also comes with aluminum poster hangers, which make the map really easy to hang and display wherever you want. Everything you need to hang it up is included. It’s one of the best travel gifts for kids for all occasions, from birthdays to Christmas or just because you love them!

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LEGO Architecture London Skyline Building Set

Age Range Suitable For – 12 Years And Older

One of the world’s most popular toys for older children, LEGO has an exceptional variety of building kits. Of course, they also have several different travel-related building sets. One of those that we strongly recommend for kids older than 12 is this London Skyline Building Set.

With this fun set, kids can create the iconic skyline of London, including models of Nelson’s Column, the Big Ben, the London Eye, the National Gallery and Tower Bridge. Few ways are better to get a teenager interested in visiting new places than by giving them an introduction through a LEGO set.

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