Top Things To Do In Brasov, Transylvania

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Here is your guide to the top things to do in Brasov. Breathtaking scenery, the iconic feel of Transylvania, mountains, greenery, and fresh air – enjoy!

Romania Travel Blog_Things to do in Brasov Transylvania

Picture the scene – breathtaking scenery, the iconic feel of Transylvania, mountains, greenery, and fresh air. Can you picture a more idyllic image?

Brasov is the place you’re thinking about.

‘Where is Brasov’ I hear you ask! Brasov is a large city in the center of Romania, and it makes up part of the iconic Transylvanian region of the country. With the huge Southern Carpathian Mountains in every direction, Brasov is a nature lover’s dream. This is the place to go for anyone who enjoys taking amazing photographs, more than fit for the best Instagram feed.

Things to do in Brasov - Carpathian Mountains

Brasov is separated into two parts, old and new.

The old part of the city has nods to Saxon times, and it sits right at the foot of the imposing Mount Tampa. The newer part is much more modernized and has tower blocks and the usual modern-day fare.

While it’s a great thing to have both, without a doubt the most beautiful and most visited part of Brasov is the older region. This is one of the most well-preserved old towns on the continent, with influences from all over the region, including Germany, Austria, and Hungary. Brasov also dates back to 1211, so you can imagine the amount of history found here.

It’s time to book your hotel and see what Brasov has in store!

Best Places To Visit In Brasov

Things to do in Brasov - Light

There are countless things to see and do in Brasov, the Transylvanian region’s capital, so let me get down to the fun stuff and show you a few! Here are some of the best Brasov attractions to put on your to-do list.

Take A Brasov Walking Tour

Walking around Brasov city is the single best way to see it first hand, and if you can empty the help of a local Brasov travel guide, all the better!

This means you can learn about the history, really explore the architecture, and breathe in that fresh air much easier. Many free walking Brasov tours set off every day and take around three hours, leaving you with the rest of the day relaxing or doing whatever else you want to do.

Grab a Brasov city map and explore!

Explore The Old City Centre, Or Centrul Vechi

The old part of the city is unquestionably the most charming and you can easily spend a few hours wandering around, losing yourself in the feel of the city itself. The cobbled streets and pastel-colored buildings are truly magical, no matter what the weather.

If you visit during wintertime, and the snow is falling, be prepared for some delightful photos.

Check Out The ‘Brasov’ Sign

This is quite a strange tourist attraction, but it’s one you need to take a photo of, both during the day and night. Just in case you forget where you are, Jokes. It’s like the Hollywood sign of Romania! Brasov’s iconic sign is high up in the mountains and is also lit up at night, just in case you get lost!

Try Authentic Food

You cannot visit Brasov and not try authentic Romanian food; it would be a crime!

Traditional Romanian food is heavily influenced by surrounding countries, too, so you might even have tried a few dishes, such as sarmale, cabbage filled with mincemeat, rolled up, served with polenta and sour cream and cheese. You should also check out pork knuckles (smoked), served with hearty beans. You’ll certainly be full!

Visit The Brasov History Museum

Piata Sfatului is home to the Old City Hall, dating back to 1420, but also to the Brasov History Museum. This is a great way to learn more about the region, which will help you understand the city a little more.

After that, check out the people-watching opportunities in the square, with a delicious cup of coffee in hand. This is one of the best historical sights in Romania for telling a true story.

Check Out the Black Church, Brasov

Things to do in Brasov - The Black Church Brasov Romania

The tower of this iconic church is one of Brasov’s most famous sights, and it was built by the Germans back in 1542. In Gothic style, it looks impressive rising high into the sky, and it is one of the largest places of worship in the entire region. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to catch a Black Church Brasov organ concert.

Enjoy The Shopping Opportunities

Brasov’s modern section is packed with shopping opportunities, but there are also many shopping boutiques and streets in the old section too. You’ll find delightful souvenirs to take back home with you, and the pedestrianized shopping streets are also a great place to observe daily life and enjoy a cup of coffee too.

Head To The Liberty Bear Sanctuary

The bears of Eastern Europe have had a very difficult past, with many of them mistreated or used in tourism trades for entertainment. Thankfully, for the most part, all that is behind us, and the bears are free to enjoy their lives.

While it’s hard to forget what happened in the past, places like the Liberty Bear Sanctuary give you hope and also make your heart melt when you see bears walking, playing, and sleeping in natural habitats.

This sanctuary is a short drive from Brasov’s center, but it’s a must-do; in fact, the Bear Tour Brasov is one of the most famous attractions in the whole region.

Hike Tampa Mountain

You can either hike or take the cable car, but whichever option you go for, the views are simply stunning, and you’ll see right across the city and beyond!

During the warmer months, the scenery is exceptionally green, and you can even walk to the famous Brasov sign we mentioned earlier. This is a must-do during your visit for some fantastic summit photographs and one of the best places in Brasov for views to take your breath away.

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Brasov Day Trips

Bran Castle_Romania

While basing yourself in Brasov, it’s totally possible that you can venture further afield and explore the greater region. There are many places you can visit for the day from Brasov, including:


The capital is only 2.5 hours away! Bucharest is one of the best places in Romania for culture, nightlife, and history.

Visit Bran Castle

This is about half an hour away, but Bran Castle is iconic. The castle is quite a busy place because it is the home of Dracula, well, at least according to Bram Stoker.

When you see it, you’ll get chills, and you cannot visit Brasov and not head here. The scenery around the castle is jaw-dropping, but the mystery of the castle will have you wondering whether the book is actually true! It’s very easy to get from Brasov to Bran also.

As a side note, did you know that Vlad the Impaler may have been imprisoned at Bran Castle? This is thought to be what gave Stoker a little inspiration for writing the character of Dracula. Fun fact!

Piatra Craiului Mountains

If you feel like a day out in real nature, then the Brasov mountains are the ideal spot. You can easily venture out for a trek and head back to your hotel in Brasov by nightfall. A definite one for your Brasov itinerary!

Peles Castle

Around an hour from Brasov, you can reach Peles Castle, one of Europe’s most beautiful royal castles and certainly one of the most well preserved too.

With Neo-Renaissance architecture and a truly opulent/fairytale feel, this is one for the visit list. From Brasov to Peles Castle you’re also sure to pass some fantastic scenery.

Harman Citadel & Prejmer Citadel

If you travel a short distance north, you will be able to see two very impressive citadels, which date back to Saxon times. Ideal for views and for anyone into history.


This is one of the most beautiful and most well-preserved citadels in Europe, and pastel-colored buildings and cobbled streets surround it. A beautiful place for a day out, especially if you can visit during the annual Medieval Festival. It’s like going back in time quite literally!

Seven Ladders Canyon

One hour away from Brasov, you will reach Seven Ladders Canyon, which is carved naturally into limestone. As the name suggests, seven ladders have a height of 15 meters at the highest point. There are waterfalls on each ladder, and if you want to scream your head off on the way back down, take the zip-line instead!

This is one of the best Brasov tourist attractions for those who love the outdoors and is one of the most fun things to do in Brasov overall.

Fagaras Citadel

You will find this stunning citadel high in the mountains, which is around an hour away from Brasov. Dating back to the 16th century, this citadel used to be teeming with life, and today, you can explore history in one of the most well-preserved manners. Brasov tourism at its best!

Top Spots For Food & Drink

Romanian Food: Drob. Photo
Romanian Food: Drob. Photo Credit

Romanian food is certainly hearty and delicious, but if you’re concerned about not finding something to suit your palate, don’t be! Brasov is packed with wonderful places to eat and drink, serving both local and international fare.

Here are a few of the best spots in Brasov nightlife.

La Birou Bistro

Located in the old city center, this is the best spot for a delicious breakfast, especially if pancakes are your thing! Serving local dishes with a stunning view, you’ll enjoy your time here for sure. There are also many options for vegans, vegetarians, and those who need a gluten-free menu.

La Ceaun

This another top spot for local and international food, but be sure to try the goulash, and it’s a legendary dish from this particular restaurant! Portions are large, and the view from the restaurant will have you not wanting to leave. The ribs are also highly recommended here.

Sub Tampa

Located in Brasov’s modern part, Sub Tampa is a very chic and sophisticated dining experience, so it’s great for a stylish night out. Try the vegetarian meatballs as your main dish, whether you’re veggie or not! The mushroom soup is also delightful as a starter.

Keller Steak House

Everyone loves a good steak house, and this is a fantastic spot in Brasov. Surf and Turf, as well as ribeye steaks, are some of the most highly complimented dishes from the restaurants, but the prices are also excellent considering the quality of meat you’re getting. Make this a spot for a night out.

Albert Bistro

This is unquestionably an atmospheric restaurant, located in the old part of Brasov. Try the wines here, as they are considered to be some of the best around, as well as the steaks. Foodies will love it here, but it’s also an excellent spot for a special occasion too.

Brasov Accommodation Ideas

Romania Travel Blog_Things to do in Romania_Transylvania_Brasov Panoramic
Photo Credit

There are many accommodation options in Brasov, but if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, check out these ideas before you get knee-deep in Brasov sightseeing.

Hotel Aro Palace

This five-star choice is the ideal place to stay in total luxury and right in the city center. With a huge swimming pool, spa, and wellness center and a fanatic onsite bar and restaurant, this is a great place to choose. The rooms are also huge, and the views over the mountains are divine. This is also the only five-star choice in Brasov, which considers if star ratings matter to you!

Grand Hotel

Located in the most beautiful countryside you can imagine, this hotel is a four-star choice with fantastic amenities and facilities on site. Rooms are decorated in traditional style, and there is a large indoor swimming pool and fitness center on-site for working off those excesses. The onsite restaurant is considered to be high quality, and breakfast here is always a favorite amongst guests.

Hotel Kolping

Located at the foot of the mountains, this is hotel sits in a beautiful setting and is a great budget choice for visitors to the Brasov region. Feeling like a home away from home, Hotel Kolping has a large bar and restaurant for evening enjoyment, and the natural feel will have you chilled out in no time.

How To Get To Brasov

It’s effortless to reach Brasov, thanks to the fact that the rail and road networks are fantastic in Romania! The likelihood is that you would fly to Bucharest and from there you would connect either to bus or train.

Brasov is a central hub for trains, and from the capital, there are several trains every day, usually hourly. Bucharest to Transylvania trains are comfortable and very cheap, so this is a great way to travel in comfort and enjoy the passing scenery.

You can also reach Brasov by rail from Budapest in Hungary. The Bucharest to Brasov train, in particular, is quite spectacular in terms of the passing landscapes. Do bear in mind that the Bucharest to Brasov train cost varies according to the time of year, so check out prices closer to your time of visiting.

If you prefer to travel by bus, you can do so quite easily, again connecting from the Bucharest airport. Buses are cheaper than rail travel and leave very frequently, again around every hour, or even half an hour. They are very comfortable and a great way to travel throughout the country, not just to Brasov. You can also get the bus from Brasov to Bran nearby, quite quickly, one of Romania’s most famous places.

Visiting Brasov is undoubtedly something you won’t forget in a hurry, and with even more fantastic things to see and do just a stone’s throw away, you’ll be planning your return visit before you know it! This is without a doubt one of the best cities in Romania.

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