How To Get From Brasov To Bran Castle, Romania 

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This detailed transportation guide tells you how to get from Brasov to Bran Castle.

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You don’t have to know too much about Romania to know that it’s a country of spectacular natural beauty. You probably also know that it’s home to the famous Transylvania region. 

If you happen to be heading to Romania any time soon, make sure you research ahead of time, find out what there is to see and do a little off the beaten track. Getting around Romania isn’t tricky, and there are some fantastic sights you wouldn’t want to miss out on. 

Of course, the first thing most people think about is Bran Castle, famously known as Dracula’s Castle. 

If you are staying in Brasov, you’ve made a great choice of base. This is a fantastic spot for exploring the Transylvanian region, and with the Carpathian Mountains hugging the entire area, it does look like something out of a storybook. 

Brasov itself is a lively city with a great vibe. There are countless cafes, restaurants, and bars to enjoy, as well as plenty of history. The Old Town is a must-visit, as well as the Black Church and Casa Sfatului if you want to learn more about the area. 

Yet being so close to such a historic and significant castle means you have to head out there and see it yourself. 

But how do you get to Bran Castle from Brasov?

About Bran Castle 

From Brasov to Bran Castle - Europe, Transylvania, Romania, 13th century Castle Bran

Bran Castle is located around 25km from Brasov and is famous for its connection with the book character Count Dracula. The myths surrounding the castle bring countless people to its doors daily. It’s an intriguing place to go, and you can’t help but get goosebumps as you walk around. 

The castle was built in 1211 and passed down through the ages. Count Dracula came into the equation when Bram Stoker decided to call Bran Castle the vampire’s home, despite having never visited himself. To Stoker, the castle depicted everything a historical fortress should, while being home to a blood-thirsty character. 

These days, people visit for the history, the beauty of the area, and course, the myth itself. The site is also famous among hikers.  

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How To Get To Bran Castle From Brasov 

When traveling from Brasov to Bran Castle, you can drive, take an organized tour, or take the bus. 

Self-Drive From Brasov To Bran Castle

Bran Castle_Romania_Transylvania

A no-hassle way to get from Brasov to Bran Castle is to take your own car or hire a car and drive. The journey is highly picturesque, and you can stop off many times along the way. The trip should only take around half an hour, depending on traffic and the weather. 

You will follow the DN73/E574 road, with clear road signs leading straight to Bran Castle. However, be aware that there are likely to be many people heading in that direction during the summer months in particular, so there may be slow-moving traffic at times. 

Once you arrive, you can park directly at the castle, with an hourly charge of 4 RON. 

Take An Organised Tour From Brasov To Bran Castle

You’ll find many excursions and organized tours to Bran Castle from Brasov every day, and you can sit back and relax by choosing this option. You also have the benefit of a tour guide to tell you the history and help you learn more. The tour will take half a day at most. 

However, the downside is that you cannot explore at your own pace, which could be a deal breaker for you. 

Take The Bus From Brasov To Bran Castle

From Brasov to Bran Castle - Inside Bran Castle

The final option is to take the public bus from Brasov to Bran Castle. Go to Bus Station 2 in Brasov and look for the Bran-Rasnov bus. To reach the bus station in the first place, you can either take a taxi or take bus 5 or 22, which runs from the city’s center to the bus station regularly. 

There are half-hourly services to Bran during the week and hourly intervals during the weekend. The first bus is at 8 am and will take around 45 minutes. It costs 13 RON for a one-way ticket, which you pay directly to the driver in cash.

Once there you should stay and learn more about the area…

One Region, Eight Counties

Bran Castle_Romania_Transylvania

Romania is a vast country, so you will get to say you’ve visited a Transylvanian city if you go to any of the following counties:

  • Sibiu
  • Bistrita Nasaud
  • Cluj
  • Alba
  • Hunedoara
  • Brasov
  • Covasna
  • Miercurea Ciuc
  • Mures

Now that you know how to get from Brasov to Bram Castle, we hope you enjoy learning about this mythical landscape. 

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