Digital Nomads Romania – What You Need To Know About The Romania Digital Nomad Visa

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Digital Nomads Romania – What You Need To Know About The Romania Digital Nomad Visa



Legal Aspect That Digital Nomads In Romania Should Consider

Romanian MPs, in collaboration with the Ministry of Research, submitted a draft law into Parliament asking to implement a digital nomad visa for remote workers in Romania. The legislation would essentially modify the Emergency Ordinance no. 194 of December 12, 2002, for the regime of foreigners in Romania offering a way to introduce a new reason for obtaining a visa permit in Romania.

As soon as we get all of the details, we will update this here.

Stay tuned. 

What Does Romania Have To Offer?

Romania is for sure one of the best countries for digital nomads and remote workers, thanks to its high internet speeds as well as the low monthly rental prices. CircleLoop ranked Romania third in its Digital Nomad Index, after Canada and the UK.

English is spoken on a large scale in Romania and it also has super good rates for travel and eating out. 

Romania Digital Nomad Rules

  • You can stay up to 6 months (maybe longer depending on the final version of the law)
  • You must employed by a foreign firm, or offer services through a self-owned company located outside of Romania
  • The minimum annual income requirement is said to be around 1100 Euros per month (13,200 annual income)

Cost Of Living In Romania


Cost Of Accommodation In Romania


Cost Of Food In Romania

What To Consider While Living In Romania

Documents And Requirements To Live In Romania


Visa And Salary Requirements


Other Things To Consider Before Moving To Romania



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