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This detailed guide is all you need to know about the Digital nomad visa in Romania and how you enjoy being a DN.



Legal Aspects That Digital Nomads In Romania Should Consider

In collaboration with the Ministry of Research, Romanian MPs submitted a draft law to Parliament asking to implement a digital nomad visa for remote workers in Romania. The legislation would essentially modify Emergency Ordinance no. 194 of December 12, 2002, for the regime of foreigners in Romania, offering a way to introduce a new reason for obtaining a visa permit in Romania.

What Does Romania Have To Offer?

Bran Castle_Romania_Transylvania

Romania is one of the best countries for digital nomads and remote workers, thanks to its high internet speeds and low monthly rental prices. CircleLoop ranked Romania third in its Digital Nomad Index, after Canada and the UK.

In Romania, English is spoken on a large scale, and it also has super reasonable rates for travel and eating out. 

Romania Digital Nomad Rules

  • You can stay up to 6 months (maybe longer, depending on the final version of the law)
  • You must be employed by a foreign firm or offer services through a self-owned company located outside of Romania
  • The minimum annual income requirement is said to be around 1100 Euros per month (13,200 annual income)

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Cost Of Living In Romania


Cost Of Accommodation In Romania


Cost Of Food In Romania

romanian traditional food prepared in copper cauldrons


The quality of Romanian food is nothing short of exceptional.

Either through ingredient combinations specific to Balkan food or the influence of food typical from nearby neighbors, Romanian cuisine is varied, filling, and incredibly savory.


What To Consider While Living In Romania

Documents And Requirements To Live In Romania

Driving through the Balkans - Your Guide to Driving In The Balkans - Transalpina and the Carpathians at sunset
Transalpina Road, Romania

The Romanian digital nomad visa allows you to stay in the country longer than a regular tourist without needing a work permit or another type of visa. The visa is valid for 12 months, and you can look to renew the visa for a further 12 months once it ends, as long as you still meet the up-to-date requirements. 

Of course, as with any visa-type of situation, the requirements can and do change periodically. For now, however, the list of up-to-date documents required to live in Romania as a digital nomad for 12 months is found below. If you’re unsure, simply check on the Romanian Embassy website, and you’ll find utterly up-to-date information. 

To apply for the Romanian digital nomad visa, you will need: 

  • A valid passport with at least six months of validity left after the date you plan to leave 
  • Proof of income – You will need to show bank statements going back at least six months, showing that you are receiving regular payments and can afford to stay for the duration of the visa. More information on how much is required can be found in the next section. 
  • Proof you’re working remotely – A contract or letter from an employer. You must show that you work as an employee, business owner, or freelancer. 
  • Health insurance – Government-approved health insurance covers you for the entire year of the visa. 
  • Criminal record check – This should be obtained from your country of origin and must be clear. 
  • A place to stay – You will need to show a rental agreement to prove you have somewhere to stay or the duration of the visa. 
  • Ticket of entry – This can be a bus ticket, train ticket, flight ticket, or proof of car hire and driver’s license for when you intend to arrive in Romania. 
  • Written statement – This should be a letter from you stating why you want to travel to Romania and your plans while you are there. 

You can apply for the visa through the online portal or from the Romanian embassy or consulate in your country of origin before you plan to travel. 

The processing and approval time for the visa is around 10-14 days on average, but this may increase as more people choose to apply. 

Visa And Salary Requirements

One of the most essential documents to show is income proof via a detailed bank statement. You will need to offer six months’ worth of bank statements that prove your income and show that you earn at least 3300 Euros per month, which is three times the average salary currently in Romania. 

The bank statement must be for the six months preceding your application for the visa. Of course, any other financial information you can show, e.g., a letter from your employer stating your salary, will be useful but not necessary as long as you have the necessary amount shown in your bank. 

Other Things To Consider Before Moving To Romania

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  2. Avoid Romania at all cost. The fees for social insurance and pension have doubled. It’s not worth it if you are forced to pay for pension if you stay for short term.

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