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Sarah-Jane has lived in Croatia for 10+ years. SJ, as she is known, has been traveling the Balkans & beyond since 2000. She now shares her passion for traveling with her husband & kids.

Many people dream of traveling, and some are already living that dream. There is no better time than now to get out and see the world; technological advancements are also making it easier for many people to do that. You don’t have to wait until you retire or until the time is “just right.” You can start seeing the world now. Whether it’s just an annual vacation or you are a seasoned traveling pro, you should know a few things about traveling safely and successfully.



I’ve been traveling for more than 17 years, and I’ve visited over 25 countries. I know a thing or two about preparing for travels, and I also know that no matter how much prep you do, there’s always a chance for things to go wrong. There will always be the unexpected, and you need to plan (as much as possible) for these unexpected events.

Travel Planning_Travel Insurance | Croatia Travel Blog

You can play it smart with travel insurance that will go a long way toward protecting you from many everyday things that could go wrong. Of course, no one wants to think about these things that could happen when you travel. You want to enjoy the experience, and in no way do I want to discourage you. I think everyone should travel as much as they can whenever the opportunity arises. That said, my experience in traveling has also taught me to expect the unexpected.

Here are a few unexpected things that could happen while you are traveling:

Your Bags Go Missing

Travel Suitcase_Travel Insurance | Croatia Travel BlogCan you imagine what would happen if you put your items on a plane, and when you arrived, they were missing? What if your things were stolen while you were traveling? Or what if you accidentally left your luggage in a rental car, and now you’re stranded without things while you try to track them down? Having your bags go missing while you’re traveling could be a disaster.

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You Have an Accident

Even if you are fit and healthy, accidents can happen. You could trip and fall, have an auto accident, or fall ill while traveling. What if you get sick on your trip? Will your regular insurance cover you while you are out of the state or country? What if you suffer a break or require hospitalization? Many people are surprised that their regular insurance won’t cover these scenarios while traveling.

Credit Card Travel Insurance May Not Be Comprehensive

Credit Card_Travel Insurance | Croatia Travel BlogMany people have credit card travel insurance but don’t realize that it is not comprehensive and there are many things it might not cover. What will happen if your card is stolen or your card number is used unauthorized before, during, or after your trip? Comprehensive travel insurance can help with this.  

Natural Disasters

You never know when something might happen on your trip, especially if you’re visiting tropical locations or other locations prone to natural disasters. No one can predict natural disasters, which is precisely why they are called such. Regular insurance may not cover natural disasters, so a comprehensive travel insurance policy can help and fill in any gaps in existing insurance you already have.

Trip or Part of Trip is Cancelled

Sometimes your trip might be canceled, or part of your trip might get canceled due to an emergency or last-minute changes. If you’ve already booked tickets, planned travel, or reserved hotels, this can cost you a lot of money.

So what can you do to help protect yourself from these common issues that can occur while traveling?

Get Quality Travel Insurance. 

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need?

Globe_Travel Insurance | Croatia Travel BlogSo maybe you’re already feeling convinced that you need travel insurance, but how do you know what you need and where to get it? There are many companies out there offering travel insurance, but they’re not all created equally. Research will help you choose the right insurance plan from the best place.

A good policy will cover most countries in the world. It would be best to look for a policy that covers your belongings and your electronics that you will likely bring along. Choose something with a higher coverage limit to ensure you have full coverage on all of this. You also want 24-hour emergency services. Who wants to be stranded in a strange place and told to call back later?

All kinds of things can happen, like sudden death, illness in the family, or if you fall ill yourself. A good policy will cover cancellations to your hotel reservations, flights, and other bookings if you have some emergency. It will also cover emergencies if you’re already at your destination but need to head home early for similar reasons.

You also want a policy that covers lost, damaged, or stolen property. Be sure to read all the fine print and ensure your policy gives you everything you need before purchasing. Things like cash, jewelry, baggage, cameras/electronics, and more should be covered in your policy. R

I really like this SafteyWing insurance for comprehensive travel insurance because they cover all your bases, such as the emergencies we discussed above.

Safety Wing also covers insurance for long-term and short-term digital nomads and travelers. It protects people from all countries, and you can take out insurance while abroad. It operates as a monthly subscription, so you set up your policy, and the amount will be deducted from your bank account every month on your chosen date. They also cover COVID-19, which we all need to consider in this day and age. 

What Is Included?

Of course, with most insurance policies, there’s a lot of small print. You need to read up on Safety Wing to make sure it’s right for you, but it gives you a lot more freedom compared to other insurance options for digital nomads. 

For instance, you can add two children under ten years of age per family (2 adults are classed as a family) on your insurance policy, and it won’t cost you any extra. You can also visit your home country and still be covered. 

Safety Wing covers you for unexpected injury or illness and any visits you need to take to a doctor or hospital, and if you need to get any prescriptions from the local pharmacy. Of course, they don’t cover pre-existing medical conditions, so bear that in mind. Put simply, it’s a good option for emergency care, although it won’t cover any routine checkups. It also covers you if you lose your luggage

Safety Wing covers an extensive list of sporting activities, but they exclude organized and professional sports. 

As it’s always been so difficult for digital nomads to find an insurance package for peace of mind, Safety Wing might be something to tick all the boxes you need.

They have different policies like these, with varying options so that you can choose the best one for your specific needs. For the greatest coverage possible, you should purchase your travel insurance as soon as you start planning your trip. This will also allow you protection if your trip is canceled.

So please don’t delay and check it out today. Then you can travel in comfort and peace. 

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