Post author Anca-Gabi Cucos

Anca, Romanian Travel Writer

Romanian local, Anca-Gabi is a freelance writer who loves to travel and share her stories about Romania with the world.

Say “Bună” to Anca-Gabi, the freelance writer with Romanian roots as deep as the Transylvanian forests.

She’s the local voice that brings the heart and soul of Romania to the world, one tale at a time. With an infectious love for her country and an insatiable wanderlust, Anca-Gabi weaves stories that capture the essence of Romania’s rich heritage and vibrant landscapes.

Whether she’s guiding you through the cobbled streets of Bucharest or the mystical corners of the Carpathians, her writings are a passport to the hidden wonders of this Eastern European gem. Follow along as she shares her personal travelogues and the secrets that make Romania a traveler’s delight.

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