Is Timisoara Worth Visiting? 17 Epic Things To Do In Timișoara

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Here is all the Timisoara travel advice that you need. We’ve got a list of things to do in Timisoara, Romania, top Timisoara sites, and tips for where to sleep. In this guide to Timisoara, Romania, we will tell you how to make the most of your visit.

  • Timisoara, Romania, offers a variety of cultural and historical activities, including visiting Union Square, St George’s Church, Casa Bruck, the Art Museum, and various food destinations like Jolie Bistro and Neața Omelette Bistro
  • Accessible by air, train, bus, and car, Timisoara is located just four hours from Budapest and five hours from Vienna, making it a popular first stop from Western Europe
  • Accommodations range from hostels, like Inverve Hostel, budget hotels, and luxury hotels to self-serving apartments, providing a range of options
  • The city is a walkable destination with many of its attractions, including colorful squares and historical builds, within a short distance
  • The Communist Consumer Museum offers insights into the city’s history during the communist era
  • Timisoara is known for its vibrant lifestyle, modern influences, open-minded locals, and rich culture influenced by its historical significance
  • Typical Romanian food like mici sausages and sarmale can be experienced in the city
  • The city also offers an efficient public transportation system, including trams and buses for getting around

Right after Bucharest and Cluj Napoca, the third largest Romanian city is Timisoara, a large and beautiful town with old, classic buildings, green gardens, lots of history, modern creativity, entertaining activities, and exciting opportunities for exploration.

The city is influenced by the Habsburg culture and aristocracy and has a rebellious character.

It is, in fact, here where the anti-communist revolution started back in 1989. If this is the first time you visit Romania, particularly Timișoara, be sure to keep reading to understand better and discover everything the city offers.

The Best Places To See And Things To Do In Timisoara, Romania

1. Piata Victoriei – Victory Square

Right in the core of Timișoara is Piața Victoriei, a square that wears many hats. This place has seen it all, from pivotal moments in the 1989 Romanian Revolution to the daily hustle and bustle of city life.

Architectural enthusiasts will appreciate the eclectic mix of building styles surrounding the square, with the standout being the impressive Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral. And if you’re not much into history or architecture, no worries—the pedestrian-friendly layout makes it an ideal spot for a relaxed stroll. You’ll often find events or concerts jazzing up the place, but even on its quiet days, there’s a palpable energy.

If you’re in town, swing by Piața Victoriei—it’s where the pulse of Timișoara truly lies.

2. Maria Theresia Bastion In Timișoara

View one part with paving types background intersection of the bastion Maria Theresia from Timisoara, Romania

Nestled within the vibrant cityscape of Timișoara is the 18th Century Maria Theresia Bastion, a relic from the Habsburg era named after the renowned Austrian Empress.

This hexagonal structure stands as the largest preserved segment of the city’s old fortress, offering a tangible peek into Timișoara’s defensive past. But it’s not just the thick walls and historical corridors that capture attention. This once-mighty bastion has gracefully evolved into a modern-day hotspot.

Its once-protective chambers now house an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars, art galleries, and shops. Stroll through and you’re met with a unique blend of history meeting contemporary flair.

For anyone visiting Timișoara, the Maria Theresia Bastion isn’t just a monument—it’s an experience, merging tales of old with the city’s lively present. A visit here isn’t just about seeing; it’s about savoring a piece of the city’s journey.

3. Unirii Plaza

Things to do in Timisoara, Romania

To understand Timisoara’s fantastic culture, history, and architecture, Unirii Plaza is another place you must visit. The big square is located in the center of the city, and its colorful buildings make it a favorite place for a photo tour of Timisoara.

After you have worked enough, choose a nice bar or cafeteria for a drink and some people-watching. this is a favorite activity for locals and an entertaining and educational experience for travelers. You will learn a lot about the local culture just by soaking in the atmosphere of Unirii. The area is home to many pubs and restaurants, making it a top gathering place in Timisoara.

4. Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral

In the heart of Timișoara’s bustling city center lies an iconic landmark that’s a must-visit: the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral.

Nestled in the vibrant Union Square, this impressive cathedral showcases a fusion of Byzantine and Moldavian architectural styles, giving a nod to Romania’s rich ecclesiastical heritage. Constructed between 1936 and 1946, it serves as a hub for the Romanian Orthodox faith in the region.

But don’t let its age fool you; step inside, and you’ll be greeted with a splash of vibrant frescoes, beautifully designed stained glass windows, and a captivating altar. Beyond its religious significance, the cathedral has cemented its place as a cultural and historical emblem for Timișoara and the entire Banat region.

Whether you’re a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or simply looking for a serene spot in the middle of the city, this cathedral is well worth the visit. So, when in Timișoara, make sure to carve out some time to explore this gem. You won’t be disappointed!

5. Serbian Orthodox Cathedral – Holy Trinity Cathedral

Timisoara, Romania - View with Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral (Catedrala Mitropolitană Ortodoxă)

In the heart of Timișoara’s vibrant Union Square, just a stone’s throw from the well-known Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral stands another architectural gem: the Serbian Orthodox Episcopal Cathedral, or as locals might call it, the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

With its striking Baroque design, this 18th-century masterpiece tells a tale of the city’s diverse cultural history. While the exterior might make you pause and admire, the interior holds its own charm with intricately designed frescoes and a standout wooden altar.

A vital hub for the Serbian Orthodox community in the city, this cathedral is more than just a place of worship; it’s a chapter in Timișoara’s story of multi-ethnic coexistence. When roaming the streets of Timișoara, don’t just pass by; step in, soak up its history, and let it add another layer to your travel experience.

6. St George’s Roman Catholic Cathedral

Passionate about art, architecture, and the Baroque style in particular? Then you will love to visit this impressive religious building in the central part of Timisoara. The church is not far from Unirii Plaza and is a perfect example of architecture from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The church is the only one in town where it is possible to witness an organ concert. The cathedral has an amazing acoustic, so don’t miss the opportunity to attend such an event if you can.

7. Ion Creanga Children’s Park

As you may have already understood, Timisoara is a kid-friendly city with plenty of parks and other green areas. Creanga Children’s Park is one of them. And worry not if you don’t have kids; the place is equally enjoyable for adults, too!

The place is located on the right bank of the Bega River and has walking paths and alleys, plenty of beautiful trees, and an enticing variety of fast food stalls to choose from. Kids will love to explore the green areas but will also have fun at the swings, the sleds, or even riding a train.

8. Iulius Town

Perfect entertainment for the whole family, Iulius Town is located inside what used to be a high-end shopping center, Iulius Mall. The entire complex has become a fascinating small town within the main Timisoara town.

The project has been specially designed in such a way that the entire area includes everything that a town should: shops, office buildings, a business center, blocks of flats, a gym, accommodation structures, a huge park with beautifully arranged alleys, kiosks, restaurants, cafes, schools and more.

There is also an open area where it’s possible to take a long walk among trees and ponds with picturesque bridges to cross and many birds.

9. Timisoreana Beer Factory

Best Festivals in Albania - Beer and Boots
Best Festivals in Albania – Beer and Boots

Are you in the mood for a glass of cold beer after all that walking and sightseeing? Then it’s a good idea to try one of the local staples, the Timisoreana. This is the most beloved local beer, which makes locals proud since it is a top-quality beer with nothing to envy in international beer brands.

Locals love to spend time in the area and often enjoy having a selection of beers at the small bar close to the factory. Remember that it is also possible to tour the beer factory right before the tasting. The factory is located in the Fabrica district, where it is possible to admire the largest Roman Catholic edifice in town, the Millennium Church.

10. Botanical Park

Botanical park Timisoara spring season

The tranquil Botanical Park is the best spot in town to forget about the noise and chaos of Timisoara while getting in close contact with nature.

The Botanical Park of Timisoara features stunning flowers, including assorted roses, tulips, and other bushes and trees.

The landscape is adorned with beautiful fountains, romantic bridges, and green alleyways where visitors can spend the day walking or simply disconnecting from the rest of the world. This is another kid-friendly activity that can keep children entertained for hours.

11. The Zoological Garden

Located in the area called Padurea Verde (which translates to Green Forest), the Zoo of Timisoara shelters many domestic, farm, and wild animals. Children and adults alike can admire lions, wild cats, ostrich, deer, and several brown bears too. There is also a unique collection of reptiles and insects.

The area surrounding this park is popular within the local community for family gatherings and picnics during summer.

12. Village Museum Of Banat

A curious and super interesting visit not far from the zoo is the Village Museum of Banat, an open-air folklore museum depicting the typical style of Romanian villages in the past centuries. The village includes real-size houses, old churches, ancient schools, farms, and other traditional buildings.

13. Scârț, Loc Lejer

Scârț, Loc Lejer is relatively unknown to most tourists, but it is a hidden place that you certainly cannot miss during your visit. At first sight, all you will see is simply a pub; however, once you access the basement, you will discover a fantastic Communism Museum featuring dozens of objects from the long period when Nicolae Ceausescu ruled the country.

You can access the museum for free, but having a beer before the visit is highly recommended, not to mention it’s a kind gesture of support towards the pub (and museum) owner.

14. Street Art In Timisoara

Timișoara, Romania, is known for its rich history cultural heritage, and being the birthplace of the 1989 Romanian Revolution. The city has also gained attention in recent years for its budding street art scene.

There is a Street Art Festival that Timișoara has hosted for many years. There are street art festivals where local and international artists come together to create murals and street art installations throughout the city. These festivals aim to promote street art as a form of expression and to beautify urban spaces.

Many street art projects in the city are a result of collaborations between artists, local businesses, and city authorities. These collaborative efforts aim to revitalize certain areas of the city and make art accessible to everyone.

Given the rising interest in street art, guided tours are available that take participants around the city to explore the most iconic murals, explaining their significance, the artists behind them, and the techniques used.  If you’re interested in exploring street art in Timișoara, taking a walking tour is recommended; this way, you can get a deeper understanding of the pieces, their context, and the artists behind them.

15. Libertatii Square

Not far from Unirii Plaza, this is another historical place in Timisoara. Also known as Liberty Plaza, Libertatti Square is part of the city’s historic center, featuring stunning buildings with colorful facades. Among them, check the imposing old City Hall.

While Unirii Plaza is quite an active center throughout the day, the best moment to visit Liberty Plaza is in the morning, when the city is still asleep and quiet.

16.  The Roses Park

Roses park (Rozelor park) from Timisoara, Romania.

We’ve already mentioned that the city is known for the magnificent Roses Park; many call Timisoara the city of Roses. The park is close to the Bega River and has thousands of different types of roses and other floral arrangements.

As the name suggests, this park is famous for its vast collection of rose varieties. It’s a beautifully landscaped area, and during the blooming season, it’s a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to experience the sight and scent of thousands of roses. Apart from the roses, the park also features a summer theater (Teatrul de Vară) where various cultural events and performances are held.

17. Eat Romanian Food

Romania Travel Blog_Guide To Timisoara_Meat Busters
Photo Credit: Meat Busters

Check the following places when it’s time to eat and you have no idea where to start from:

For Coffee And Breakfast

  • Zai Apres Cafe: A popular place in town, not far from Union Square. Address: Strada Florimund Mercy 5
  • Garage Cafe: Another beloved place for coffee and homemade sweets. Address: Strada Palanca 2

For Lunch And Dinner

  • Meat Busters: It serves delicious pulled pork and local dishes and has a huge variety of Romanian craft beers. Address: Str. Gheorghe Lazar 1, Unirii Square

For Local Cuisine

  • Gradina Banateana: Perfect for native dishes, including sarmale (meat cabbage rolls), ciorba de burta (sour beef tripe soup), mici (grilled meatballs), and papanaşi (sweet fried dumplings). Address: Splaiul Spiru Haret 1

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Where Is Timisoara And How To Get There

Main square of Timisoara old town, Romania
The main square of Timisoara old town, Romania

Timisoara is located on the western side of Romania, reasonably close to the border with Hungary and Serbia. You can reach the city by car from any part of Europe. For instance, Timisoara is about three hours from Budapest, six hours from Sofia, and five hours from Vienna.

It is also possible to reach the city by plane; the airport receives flights from all over Europe. Timisoara airport is 12 km from the center of town, which you complete with a taxi, Uber, or a pre-booked private transfer. 

Always choose to travel with a registered taxi; some companies you can trust are Euro Taxi, Radio Taxi, and Tudo Taxi.

A bus from the airport connects the airport to the city center is E4 (Express 4). You can buy the bus ticket at the airport, or you can also check this site.

It is also possible to land in Belgrade; the Belgrade airport is about 180 km from Timisoara. In this case, booking a private transfer in advance might be more convenient for you. 

Or you could choose to reach the city by train; for instance, international trains arrive at Timisoara Nord (the city’s central station) from Vienna, Budapest, Sofia, Bratislava, Prague, Berlin, or Hamburg.

General Info About Timisoara

Timisoara is the capital city of Timiș County and the cultural and economic center in western Romania. Located on the Bega River, Timisoara is home to a unique cultural heritage and a mix of interesting historical facts, and the city was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture in 2021.

Different wars and internal battles have marked the past of the multi-ethnic community of Timisoara; however, especially in recent years, the city has reached a peaceful balance in which different ethnic groups and communities live and strive peacefully.

Timișoara includes, among its residents, not just Romanian residents but also Serbians, Hungarians, Gypsies, Arabs, Germans, and Italians. In the past, Timisoara was ruled by entirely different nations with unique and varied backgrounds. The main ones were the Ottoman Empire and Austrian rule until 1860.

Such a unique, complex, and varied background gives, as a result, an eclectic society with an outstanding mix of lifestyles and ideas, featuring a variety of architectural styles, such as Baroque, Art-Nouveau, and communist-inspired buildings, all of which give a completely interesting façade to the center of the historical city center.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Timisoara

Things to do in Timisoara in Romania
Timisoara in Romania

Known as an all-year destination, travelers will find the best weather in Timisoara during May and early summer, that is, June and July. The coldest month is January, with temperatures below zero, and if you don’t like humidity, avoid visiting in August.

Timișoara For Families

Romania Travel Blog_Guide To Timisoara

There are plenty of fun opportunities for kids traveling to Timisoara. The city is home to a huge quantity of parks – Central Park, Roses Park, and Lidia Park, the last one with tons of entertainment for kids.

Another enjoyable visit is the zoo, home to many native animals in Romania, such as bears and several exotic animals. The zoo is not in the center of town, making it a nice day trip for kids and parents alike.

The Botanical Park is a fantastic green area where the kids can play and spend a fabulous and relaxing afternoon having fun. Here, you will find rare flowers, trees, and even a Japanese garden.

However, the most important kids’ attraction is the Children’s Park. Although the general entrance is free, there is a small fee to pay for certain attractions. They can enjoy trampoline time, have fun on the inflatable slides, or rent a quad here. There are also entertainment centers for all the family.

Where To Stay In Timisoara

It’s always better to remain in a central location that allows you to visit many places, be well-connected to the airport, and make joining tours and day trips easy. Being close to essential shops, good restaurants, and entertainment is also good.

Also, as a general rule, avoiding places close to the main bus and train stations is always better and safer, even more so if you’re a solo traveler.

These are some of the best hotels in town. They are divided into different budget categories, all enjoying a convenient and safe location.

Remember that booking from 4 to 6 months in advance is always a good idea if you don’t want to miss an offer or a beautiful location. Booking in advance guarantees lower fees and a better room, too!

Best Timisoara Budget Hotels

Romania Travel Blog_Guide To Timisoara_Hotel Koronna
Photo Credit: Hotel Koronna

Hotel Koronna

This is a sustainable 4-star hotel located in the southern area of Timisoara in a pleasant and calm part of town. The hotel is about 10 minutes from the most central parks in town and only 5 minutes from the Shopping City Timisoara Mall. 

Ambassador Hotel

Ambassador Hotel is an affordable 3-star hotel featuring an impressive lobby, common room, and very comfortable guest rooms. The hotel has top reviews for its central but quiet location and the fantastic breakfast served every morning at the premises. 

Best Timisoara Mid-range Hotels

Romania Travel Blog_Guide To Timisoara_HOTEL STEIN COLLECTION
Photo Credit: Hotel Stein Collection

Hotel Stein Collection

To enjoy a slightly higher hotel standard, check out the stunning Hotel Stein Collection. The hotel features accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, a bar, and a garden. For families, the hotel also has family rooms, airport transportation, and room service. Rooms and suites include a desk, an electric teapot, and a minibar. Both continental and buffet breakfasts are available for guests. 

Mercure Timisoara

This is a gorgeous place to stay in town. It’s located 1.9 km from Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral and features accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, a fitness center, and a bar. The rooms have fantastic city views and are decorated with warm and rich colors, with a coffee machine, minibar, and desk. Mercure Timisoara offers a buffet or vegetarian breakfast and the on-site Winestone Restaurant dishes from modern Romanian cuisine.

Best Timisoara Luxury Hotels

Romania Travel Blog_Guide To Timisoara_Hotel Tresor Le Palais
Photo Credit: Hotel Tresor Le Palais

Hotel Tresor Le Palace

This hotel offers a fantastic accommodation experience about 10 minutes away by car from the center of Timisoara. The hotel features an outdoor pool, free access to guarded parking, and a terrace overlooking the garden. The modern rooms have high-quality amenities such as deluxe mattresses, hypoallergenic bed linen, a SmartHome system, a tablet, a flat-screen TV, digital lighting, and marble bathrooms. A la carte restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine and traditional Romanian dishes on the premises. 

Old Town Hotel

Old Town Hotel has ravishing reviews! The hotel is just a few meters from St. George’s Cathedral. It offers express check-in and check-out, a bar, free WiFi, room service, and luggage storage. Guest rooms are equipped with a seating area, a workspace, and a desk. Each morning, there is a delicious buffet breakfast with continental and vegetarian options served at the in-house restaurant. 


What is the location of Timișoara County?

Timis County is located in Western Romania.

What is the size of Timișoara County?

Timis County covers an area of 52 square miles (130.5 square kilometers).

What is the elevation of Timișoara County?

The elevation of Timis County is 310 feet (90 meters).

What is the population of Timișoara County?

The population of Timis County is approximately 319,500.

How long has Timișoara County been inhabited?

Timis County has been inhabited since 200 BC.

When were the first documented records of Timișoara County?

The first documented records of Timis County date back to 1019 AD.

What activities does Timisoara, Romania, offer?

Timisoara offers a variety of cultural and historical activities, including visiting Union Square, St George’s Church, Casa Bruck, the Art Museum, and various food destinations like Jolie Bistro and Neața Omelette Bistro.

How accessible is Timisoara?

Accessible by air, train, bus, and car, Timisoara is located just four hours from Budapest and five hours from Vienna, making it a popular first stop for travelers from Western Europe.

What type of accommodations does Timisoara offer?

Accommodations range from hostels, like Inverve Hostel, budget hotels, and luxury hotels to self-serving apartments, providing a range of options for travelers.

How walkable is Timisoara?

The city is a walkable destination with many of its attractions, including colorful squares and historical buildings, within a short distance.

What museum offers insights into the city’s history during the communist era?

The Communist Consumer Museum offers insights into the city’s history during the communist era.

What is Timisoara known for?

Timisoara is known for its vibrant lifestyle, modern influences, open-minded locals, and rich culture influenced by its historical significance.

What typical Romanian food can be experienced in the city?

Typical Romanian food like mici sausages and sarmale can be enjoyed.

What kind of public transportation system does Timisoara offer?

The city offers an efficient public transportation system, including trams and buses for getting around.


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