Is There Uber In Turkey? Yes. Well, Kind Of…

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Is There Uber In Turkey? Yes. Well, Kind Of…

Anyone visiting Turkey will want to know how to get around quickly. You can definitely use public transport or taxis, but what about Uber?

Uber is widely available in many countries worldwide but is not so commonly used in Turkey. The reason is mainly down to the fact that public transport in Turkey is very affordable and high quality. It runs on time, and there are plenty of choices, especially in Istanbul.


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What You Need To Know About Uber In Turkey

Is there Uber in Turkey - Istanbul, Turkey. Uber car with driver. Close-up, side view. The concept of a popular and modern urban transport.

Uber isn’t a country-wide deal; you can only use the service in three major cities. This is also a relatively new arrangement, with Uber only starting services in December 2020. The service works the same way anywhere else, via the app you download to your phone.

If you want to use Uber, or you come across a situation when an Uber is the best option, the service is available in:

  1. Istanbul
  2. Izmir
  3. Ankara

In Turkey, there are three different Uber vehicle types. The turquoise taxis are in the mid-priced range, and the black taxis or minibusses are the most expensive type. The yellow taxis sometimes work under the Uber guise, and these offer the lowest price.

You don’t have to use the app for a yellow Uber taxi. The only difference is that if the taxi is an Uber taxi, it may cost slightly more than a regular one. However, the app can only book turquoise Ubers and black minibus Ubers.

When Uber Is Better Than Taking Public Transport

Getting around Istanbul - Taxi in Istanbul

Finding a taxi when you want one can be tricky in any large city. In Istanbul, that becomes even harder. There are certain times of day when hailing a cab on the street or trying to find a taxi office is literally impossible. For that reason, Uber is the next obvious choice if you want to avoid public transport.

Uber is safe to use, and as it runs the same way, i.e., via the app, if you have any problems, you contact Uber themselves, and the issue will be resolved.

As for regular public transport, such as buses, sometimes these aren’t available, e.g., at night. If you’re trying to get back to your hotel after a night out, you may struggle to find a bus, and even if you do, it may not be the safest option to use if it’s incredibly late and you’re on your own. In that case, an Uber is a much safer choice.

How To Pay For Your Uber In Turkey

Uber in Turkey - Paying in Turkish Lira

You pay for your Uber in Turkey exactly as you do everywhere else. You can pay by:

  • Cash
  • Credit, or debit card
  • In most cases, you can also use Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal

Note: If you decide to pay cash, make sure you pay the amount stated on the app. Taxi drivers can sometimes try to scam/trick you to pay more than the fare shown.

Alternatives To Uber In Turkey

Taxis and uber in Turrkey-1
We had zero issues with taking taxis in Turkey

Most locals in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, don’t tend to use Uber as much as BiTaksi and iTaksi. These are two alternative apps that run in a very similar way to Uber and are a little cheaper.

You pay your fare before your journey begins, as the overall price is calculated before, and you get to see it, pay it, and know that your car is on its way. You can, however, pay in cash to the driver once they arrive, if that is preferable for you.

BiTaksi And iTaksi Apps

You can find both BiTaksi and iTaksi apps in Google Play and Apple store for free download. 

Uber in Turkey


Which is cheaper, Uber or a local taxi in Turkey

In Turkey, Uber may be more expensive than local taxis and public transport in general.

Is there a reason Uber wasn’t in Turkey for a while

There was a time when Uber wasn’t available in Turkey. After the popular app was introduced in Turkey, it began to make an unexpected impact on the local taxi business. This led to the local taxi associations (Turkey’s United Taxi Drivers Association) collaborating to ban Uber from Turkey. A court in Istanbul overturned the ban in 2021. Uber was allowed to relaunch. Although many local taxi drivers are against the relaunch, officials see it as an opportunity for local taxi services to become more competitive (and honest!).

Is it possible to pay for taxis in Turkey using a credit card

If you’re hailing a taxi from the road, the card option might not be available. This includes Uber, BiTaksi, and even iTaksi. Many taxis display the card option on their doors, but we suggest you keep some local currency (Turkish Lira) on hand just in case.

Does Lyft operate in Turkey

No. In Turkey, Lyft is not available.

Uber is safer than local taxis in Turkey, right

Both taxis and Uber in Turkey are generally safe. However, it is important to take the right precautions, whether it’s an Uber or a local taxi. One such precaution is to be sure you are getting into an authorized vehicle. 



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