Is There Uber in Corfu? Yes & Here Is Everything You Need To Know

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Mate is Croatian and owns a transport company in the Balkans, he has visited over 30 countries. He is an expert on all things transportation as well as food and wine.

Hey there! If you’re planning a trip to Corfu and wondering about getting around, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been around the block (or island, in this case) a few times and have some handy tips for you. Let’s talk about the transport scene in Corfu, focusing on everyone’s favorite question: Is Uber around?

Good news! Uber has made its way to Corfu, adding a modern twist to the island’s transport options. It’s all about making your travel smoother, whether you’re here to soak up the sun or explore historical sites. I’ll walk you through what you need to know to navigate Corfu’s transport scene like a pro.

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Fast Facts

  • Yes, Uber operates in Corfu – a big plus for easy travel
  • There’s no shortage of ways to get around here, from buses to car rentals
  • Getting the hang of local transport can really make your trip rock

Is There Uber In Corfu In 2024

A silver uber car driving down a road near the sea in Corfu.

Let’s get down to business: Yes, Uber is now available in Corfu! 

If you’re landing straight at the airport, it’s worth looking into services like a quick and easy private transfer. If you prefer the driver’s seat, head over to DiscoverCars.Com. They line up all the car rental options, ensuring you snag the best deal.

And for the question of the hour – Uber in Corfu?

Yep, it’s here, and most rides you book are with licensed taxis. So, you get the local flavor with the convenience of an app.

For a taste of local life, hop on a KTEL bus. It’s affordable and covers most spots you’ll want to check out.

Uber’s Safety On Corfu Island

On the safety front, Uber in Corfu is a solid bet. It’s been cruising around the island since April 2023 and continues in 2024, and sticks to these rules:

  • Licensed Operators: Uber drivers here are legit taxi operators.
  • Familiar System: It’s like hailing a cab but with an app.

Uber is a neat choice for its ease and safety:

  • Easy Booking: A few taps on the app and you’re set.
  • Driver Assurance: These drivers know their stuff, so you’re in good hands.

In Corfu, Uber mixes the new-school app with the old-school taxi vibe.

Best Way To Get Uber In Corfu

An uber car a car driving down a road on Corfu Island

Using Uber on Corfu might feel a bit different, but it is not it’s the same as you use it at home. Here’s how:

  1. Download the Uber App: first things first, get that app on your phone
  2. Account Setup: quick setup and add your payment method
  3. Request a Ride: need to go somewhere? Just open the app and type in where you’re headed, whether it’s Corfu City or another part of the island
  4. Taxi as Uber: here, Uber usually means catching a ride with a licensed taxi driver
  5. Enjoy Your Trip: after booking, wait for your taxi and enjoy the ride

Brands We Use And Trust

Alternative Ridesharing Services Like Uber On Corfu

In Corfu, Uber is the main game in town for ridesharing. It’s been here since April 2023 and works a bit differently, teaming up with local taxi drivers in Corfu. So, when you use Uber, it’s mostly like calling a regular taxi.

Here’s the lowdown on ridesharing in Corfu:

  • Uber:  been around since April 2023
  • Lyft: nope, not in Corfu or nearby islands
  • Other Options: old-school taxis are everywhere and easy to flag down

Uber’s handy for a hassle-free ride with a local touch.

Other Ways To Get Around On Corfu

Ideas For Things To Do In Corfu In Winter For Everyone - Paleokastrisa

How do you get around Corfu without Uber? So easy, the island has more than just Uber on offer as a mode of transportation. 

Here are some transport in Corfu options:

Rent A Car In Corfu – Corfu By Car

Feel like taking the wheel? Renting a car or scooter is a great move to get to all the great towns and villages on the island.

It’s perfect for spontaneous adventures and reaching those off-the-beaten-path spots. And if you’re moving with a crew, it’s easier on the wallet compared to other transport options.

Want to see Corfu at your own pace? Renting a car is a great choice. It’s perfect for spontaneous side trips and can be more cost-effective than tours.

The roads here are pretty friendly, and the locals are usually up for helping out lost travelers. Car rental opens up a world of hidden spots that buses and taxis don’t reach.

Recommended Car Hire: I’m a fan of Discover Cars. They hook you up with the best deals from big names and local agencies.

I love hitting Corfu’s scenic routes by car. You’ll find plenty of rental options, from big brands to local outfits. Discover Cars is a handy tool for finding local deals in Corfu and other Greek islands.

Key Points for Vehicle Rentals in Corfu:

  • Self-guided Exploration: a car gives you the freedom to discover Corfu’s hidden treasures
  • Savings: going solo with a car can be cheaper than booking multiple tours
  • Variety: there’s a mix of global and local rental options for all budgets
  • Comparative Shopping: discover Cars is excellent for comparing deals and finding good rates
  • Additional Options: scooter rentals are also handy for getting around the island

Use Public Transport Like The Public Bus System

The bus system here is tidy and on time, covering most of the island, including gorgeous beaches like Glyfada. It’s a wallet-friendly option, though waiting in the summer heat can be a bit of a drag.

Light travelers will find the bus a good pick from Corfu Airport. It’s the cheapest way to hop between resorts and towns.

Taxi Services Around Corfu

Taking a taxi in Corfu is a quick way to get around and a chance to tap into local knowledge. They’re great for hitting up towns, beaches, and historical spots without being tied to bus schedules.

Local Taxi Companies: For a tailored ride, go with a reputable local taxi or van service.

Maritime Excursions

Don’t miss out on a boat tour. Corfu’s coastline is stunning, and seeing it from the sea is something else. It’s a chill way to see hidden bays and quaint fishing villages away from the tourist buzz.

Boat trips offer a peaceful slice of the island, perfect for soaking up Corfu’s natural beauty.

Ways To Get Around Corfu Without A Car

Roko wearing a red jacket exploring Greek landmarks in Greece, particularly the Corfu Old Venetian Fortress

Don’t sweat it if you’re not driving. Planning ahead can make your trip smooth sailing.

Taxis and private transfers are flexible and comfy, and you can book them right off your flight or ferry. Here’s a simple guide to getting around:

  • Public Transport in Corfu Town: buses are cheap but can get crowded in peak season
  • Organized Tours: guided tours are a no-stress way to see the sights, from Paleokastritsa to Sidari
  • Sailing and Boating: hit the water for a unique view of Corfu’s beaches and cityscapes

Getting around Corfu is a breeze with a little planning, whether you’re into cozy villages or beach-hopping.

Corfu Airport Shuttle Or Private Transfers

Mate Begonja holding up a sign in the back seat of a private transfer

When I landed in Corfu, getting to my hotel fast was key, so I arranged a private transfer. Booking your ride in advance really cuts down on the hassle, especially if you’re heading to places like Sidari.

  • Private Transfer Services: I’m all about private transfers for comfort and reliability, especially when exploring parts of the island of Corfu. Maria’s Tourist Services never disappoints with their top-notch drivers
  • Welcome Pickups: popular with folks flying into Corfu International Airport, these guys are highly rated. Book early, especially in peak season

Heads up: not booking in advance could leave you waiting for a taxi longer than you’d like. I always sort it out early for peace of mind and a quick getaway from the airport.

A quick tip: go with a service that’s well-reviewed for an easy start to your Corfu adventure.

Navigating Corfu With Public Buses

Getting around Corfu by bus is doable and affordable, with fares between €2-€3. Buses cover a good chunk of the island, with stops all over. You can buy tickets from the driver or grab them in advance from shops.

In peak season, buses can get full, so having a backup plan is smart. Sometimes, I grab a taxi to keep things moving. Remember, while buses are reliable, being flexible with your travel plans is a good idea.

Final Thoughts on Uber in Corfu

So, Uber’s definitely in Corfu, adding one more option to the island’s transport choices. But remember, there’s more to Corfu than just Uber. Exploring the island is a chance to dive into local life and find your own favorite spots.

  • Local Taxis: Uber often means a regular taxi here, so you’re supporting local drivers
  • Rental Cars: rent a car to uncover hidden beaches and off-the-grid spots
  • Boats: boating offers a fresh view of Corfu’s beauty
  • Public Transport: buses are a reliable, safe way to hit the main attractions

All transport options here are traveler-friendly. Whether you’re cruising village roads or sailing the coast, help’s always nearby if you need it.

From my travels around Europe, including Greece’s gems, embracing local travel has always led to awesome experiences. So, as you plan your trip to Corfu, mix and match transport methods for a full, authentic experience.

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