Is There Uber In Croatia. Yes & What You Need To Know

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You no longer need to wonder if there is Uber in Croatia  – as I can tell you there is. I use it all the time.

I have lived in Croatia for 10+ years, and ever since Uber came to town, it is a great way to save on your travel costs – and not be exploited by those damn taxi drivers.

Here is your guide to Croatian Uber, including costs, where it operates, and what to expect.

Uber in Croatia

Taxis are not always your friend in Croatia, I am sorry to say. Not only are they likely to overcharge you for the sheer hell of it, but you’ll also find yourself taking the rather scenic route to get to wherever you plan on going. Okay, we all love some scenery, but there is a time and place.

The good news is that taxis are not your only option, thanks to the wonder that is the Uber service.

Uber was launched in Croatia in 2015, and since then, this app-controlled sensation has allowed people to travel without going a long way around (and paying a tidy sum as a result).

Of course, taxi drivers in Croatia don’t like your Uber driver; in fact, taxi drivers loathe Uber and have campaigned for them to be shut down, but so far, Uber remains – and is a good option for short rides.

If you are traveling longer distances or have a larger group, then I suggest my husband’s company, Octopus Transfers Croatia – your best private transfers for longer rides or airport pick up and drop-offs.

Since its launch, Uber Croatia has more than 2000 drivers, hoping the number will increase over the next few years. That means that you’re never going to have big wait times for your car to arrive – though it’s not available Croatia-wide as yet.

Even though Uber doesn’t cover the whole of Croatia, it still does pretty well, and it has more than 120,000 local registered users – plus the score of tourists who use it during the summer months.

Where Does Uber in Croatia Cover


As we mentioned, Uber doesn’t yet cover the whole country, but it covers the main popular destinations on the Croatian coast. Uber currently operates in these big cities:

Ubert does not yet work in Istria.

There is also UberSelect on offer, which allows you to choose a more comfortable and larger vehicle if you want to, for a slightly higher cost. This is good if you have a large family, for instance.

Brands We Use And Trust


How Does Uber Work

drive croatia traffic jam

If you’ve never used Uber before, it’s all pretty straightforward. You first download the Uber app to your device and then log in with a new Uber account.

Before you tap your way to an Uber ride, you’ll need to be online. Uber requires an internet connection to work, so you’ll want to sort out your mobile data beforehand.

One practical solution is Airalo. It’s an eSIM service that lets you swiftly download a local data plan directly to your smartphone. What’s excellent about Airalo is its affordability and that it’s operational in Croatia, among over 200 other countries.

I’ve personally found it to be a lifesaver on my travels through Turkey, Croatia, and the UK. It’s worth considering for a stress-free, connected travel experience in Croatia to avoid those pesky roaming fees.

You can attach your credit card or an existing PayPal account to pay for your journeys, so you don’t need to carry cash with you and pay the driver directly, and no need to change cash to euro either. But you can also use cash if you prefer that.

Regular Uber journeys are cheaper than taxi rides, especially considering the higher prices taxis often (over) charge.

Taxi Vs Uber In Croatia

I know I have already taken a few jabs at Croatian taxi drivers. #SorryNotSorry. Every year, we locals are so ashamed when we hear of them charging people 100€ to go 10 mins and the like. And then, guess what? The next summer comes, and they are back at it, year after year—sneaky buggers.

But is Uber better than local taxis in Croatia?


Heading out in Croatia and deciding between a taxi or an Uber? Here’s the deal. Taxis are pretty much everywhere in major cities and towns. You can flag one down and be on your way in no time. Super convenient, right? But keep your wits about you—some taxi drivers might spot a tourist from a mile away and crank up the price. They might say it’s by the meter, but sometimes that “taxi meter” seems to run faster than a sprinter on race day.

Now, hailing a taxi has its perks. You see one, you wave, you get in, and boom, you’re off. No staring at your phone, tapping your foot, waiting for an Uber that’s still several minutes out because they’re caught in traffic or dropping off another rider.

Pro tip: If you’re eyeballing a taxi but are a bit iffy on the cost, whip out your phone and check what Uber would charge. Those price estimates are what I love about Uber in Croatia. It’s like having a baseline to ensure you’re not paying through the nose for that taxi ride.

No Uber around? No problem. Have a chat with the folks at your hotel or the place you’re staying. They can usually give you the lowdown on what a taxi should cost to your destination. It’s a little effort that could save you a bit of cash and keep things fair and square.

In the end, whether you go old school with a taxi service or modern with an Uber, Croatia’s got you covered. Just remember, knowledge is power—and in this case, it keeps a few more kuna in your pocket!

Cost Of Uber In Croatia 

Uber croatia

To give you an idea of how affordable Uber is, let’s check out a few regular journeys you might take during your time in Croatia, with prices included.

If you’re traveling around cities, there is a fixed rate involved. This is 1 euro as your starting fare, regardless of where you are traveling to, and then an extra 0.5 euro per kilometer.

The minimum amount for an Uber journey is 1.5 euros; if you opt for the UberSelect service, then your price increases to 0.6 euros per kilometer, on top of the starting rate.

Uber has undoubtedly turned travel in Croatia on its head, and while taxi drivers might not like it, most locals and tourists certainly do!



Is Uber available in Croatia?

Yes, Uber is available in Croatia. It operates in most major Croatian cities and some destinations along the Dalmatian coast.

How does Uber work in Croatia?

Uber works similarly in Croatia as it does in other countries. You can request a ride through the Uber mobile app, and a nearby driver will pick you up.

Is Uber available in all cities in Croatia?

No, Uber is not available in all cities in Croatia. However, it operates in most major Croatian cities. One example Uber is unavailable is Hvar or other islands and in Istria.

What are the benefits of using Uber in Croatia?

Uber provides convenience, reliability, and often cost-effective transportation in Croatia. It also helps overcome language barriers, as you can set the destination and route directly in the app.

Are Uber fares in Croatia cheaper compared to traditional taxis?

Uber fares can be cheaper compared to taxi companies in Croatia. However, during peak seasons or high-demand periods, Uber’s set prices may surge due to increased demand.

Are there alternative ride-hailing services available in Croatia?

Yes, apart from Uber, another popular ride-hailing service in Croatia is Bolt. It is an excellent alternative and is a similar experience to Uber.

Is Uber Eats available in Croatia?

No, Uber Eats is not available in Croatia. However, there are other food delivery apps, such as Glovo and Wolt, that provide food delivery services.

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  1. Hi! My husband and I are traveling to Dubrovnik at the end of the month. When I did a random check, it said there were cars on Uber. Would we be risking it to bet on an Uber for airport transfer?

  2. We are planning on staying in Trsteno and using Uber rather than car hire. We plan on doing short trips to local supermarkets and restaurants. Is this feasible? Thanks

  3. Hello,
    I am researching to see the price of Uber from Split harbour to Hvar. I know about the ferry, but we want to go to dinner and I believe the ferries will have ended.

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