Take The Split To Zagreb Train: Everything You Need To Know

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Planning a trip from Split to Zagreb? Discover the best travel options right here!

Croatia’s railway connects Split and Zagreb, offering a cheap, albeit slow, way to travel this route. Opting for the Split to Zagreb train is just one of many options. Find out more about the Split to Zagreb train routes below and enjoy a hassle-free trip!

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How To Travel From Split To Zagreb By Train

Split and Zagreb are two spectacular cities with magnificent scenery and unique history. So, if you’re planning the perfect Croatia trip, you should find a budget-friendly and convenient way to travel to all cities on your itinerary.

Of course, a great way to travel from Split to Zagreb is through a scenic train journey. Thanks to trips and routes provided by various lines, you can travel between these gorgeous cities after an enjoyable and cost-effective journey.

Split-Zagreb route is served by InterCity (IC) trains with four trips per day. Since there are 1st and 2nd class trains, you can choose the best option for a more convenient travel.

Prices For Tickets From Split To Zagreb 

An aerial view of Zagreb packed with trains and tracks and buildings - Split to Zagreb train

Split to Zagreb train route is an affordable and budget-friendly option if you’re looking for a convenient way to get around Croatia. Since there are two types of trains, the pricing depends on the type of train you choose:

  • 1st class reservations cost around €25
  • 2nd Class tickets and night trains cost around €15

Children between 6 and 12, students, and older people can enjoy a discount of 50%. Individuals aged 12-26, on the other hand, have a 30% discount.

Book Your Train Tickets Directly With The Train Companies

You can book your ticket on various booking platforms or by visiting the official website of HŽPP.

Trains operating from Split to Zagreb have all the necessary facilities you might need in a train. The vehicles have air-conditioning and toilets to make your journey even more enjoyable. There’s also ample luggage storage for you to use.

Unfortunately, some ICN trains might not even have power sockets or even WiFi internet. However, you needn’t worry about getting bored on board. Croatia boasts magnificent nature, and the train route goes through the country’s most scenic spots.

There isn’t much difference in terms of facilities between 1st class and 2nd class trains that travel from Split to Zagreb. So, you can book a 2nd class ride and save money for exploring Zagreb.

The good news is that the seats and the train’s arrangement are very comfortable.

Pros And Cons Of Travel By Train From Split

A train is parked in a train station in Zagreb.

Although taking a train from Zagreb to Split is one of the most convenient ways to travel in Croatia, the train journey has its pros and cons.

Pros Of Taking A Train To Get From Split To Zagreb

  • Split train station is near the bus station and major attractions,
  • Zagreb train station is in the city and very accessible,
  • It’s more affordable than other modes of transportation, thanks to relatively cheap train tickets and Croatia’s well-planned infrastructure,
  • You will go through a very scenic route,
  • Trains boast convenient facilities and offer a really comfortable journey,
  • Zagreb to Split night train options allow you to save on accommodation,
  • You will have a lot of space for your luggage,
  • You can purchase train tickets online without visiting the train station,
  • ICN trains have comfortable seats and a very convenient arrangement, offering an enjoyable journey.

Cons Of The Journey From Split To Zagreb Via Train

  • Compared to other modes of transportation, train journey can take longer,
  • Although ICN trains have comfortable seats, sitting on them for extended periods might not be comfortable for some travelers,
  • Since there are only four trains per day, the limited travel options might make it a bit inconvenient,
  • While the train Split to Zagreb has comfortable seats, there might still be limited legroom, making it especially difficult for tall travelers,
  • Most trains on the route lack WiFi connection and don’t have power sockets, making it inconvenient if you don’t have mobile data you can use.

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Timetables For Trains From Split To Zagreb

A red train traveling on the tracks from Split to Zagreb

If you’re wondering about the journey time on the route from Split to Zagreb, you can find detailed information by checking the Zagreb to Split train schedule below. Typically, there are two to four trains running daily between Split and Zagreb. However, the frequency of routes varies depending on the season.

Check the timetables below to see when trains depart from Split and arrive in Zagreb:

Split To Zagreb Train Time (Includes The Night Train)

Type Departures Arrivals
Day Train 08:35 14:55
14:30 (June-Sept only) 21:00
Overnight Train 21:40 05:50

Zagreb to Split Train Schedule (Includes The Night Train)

Type Departures Arrivals
Day Train 07:35 (June-Sept only) 13:50
15:20 21:30
Overnight Train 23:05 07:05

Split To Zagreb Direct Train Route

Split to Zagreb, the train follows a scenic route through Croatia’s greenery. Although the train offers a direct trip to Zagreb from Split, it visits various stations.

Since most of these stations are popular destinations with historical and cultural significance, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to discover Croatia during your trip.

Here are the stations that Split to Zagreb train visits:

  1. Zagreb (Glavni kolodvor (Gl. kol.)
  2. Karlovac
  3. Duga Resa
  4. Ogulin
  5. Josipdol
  6. Plaški
  7. Vrhovine
  8. Ličko Lešće
  9. Perušić
  10. Gospić
  11. Lovinac
  12. Gračac
  13. Knin
  14. Drniš
  15. Unešić
  16. Perković
  17. Kaštel Stari
  18. Split (Željeznički kolodvor)

While traveling between these stations, the Split to Zagreb train goes through some of the most spectacular areas in Croatia, allowing you to take lots of charming pictures.

Tips To Book The Best Tickets

Booking your ticket marks the beginning of your unforgettable journey to Croatia. Of course, you should book the best tickets to have a comfortable and pleasant journey.

Here are some useful tips that you can use when booking the best train tickets:

  • You can book tickets online in advance to save time and money,
  • Compare different options, as some services or platforms might offer you even more affordable prices,
  • Consider booking a 2nd class ticket since there isn’t much difference between 1st class and 2nd class,
  • If possible, try to avoid the peak season, as ticket prices might soar,
  • Consider luggage and travel policies to decide on the best mode of transportation,
  • Verify refund and exchange policies before booking your ticket,
  • Look for special and seasonal discounts to save on ticket prices,
  • If you’re a student or aged between 12-26, use the special discount HŽPP offers when purchasing your ticket.

Alternative Ways To Travel To Zagreb From Split

Best Places To Visit In Croatia For Couples - Zagreb Licitar Croatia

If you wonder: “How to get from Split to Zagreb?” the answer might depend on your preferences. Although traveling from Zagreb to Split by train is a great way to enjoy your trip to Croatia, there are other modes of transportation.

For example, if you prefer a fast and affordable mode of transportation, a bus journey might be the best option. However, if you want to arrive at your destination as soon as possible, you can choose to fly.

Using various ridesharing apps or renting a car may be convenient, too. Another option is to take a ferry from Split, travel to a coastal town near Zagreb, and then take a bus or train to get to Zagreb.

While the options are almost endless, it’s critical to determine which one is best suited for you.

Let’s compare train journeys to different modes of transportation and find out which one is ideal for you!


Taking a bus from Split to Zagreb or from Zagreb to Split is one of the most convenient modes of transportation between the two cities. Since Split is easily accessible by bus, you can enjoy a scenic and affordable route.

Unlike a train journey, taking a bus will probably get you to your destination faster. However, you will probably go through mostly urban areas and have fewer opportunities to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Croatian countryside.

In terms of affordability, buses and trains have similar prices. Since there are many bus companies, you can find a more diverse range of options. Trains, on the other hand, are operated by HŽPP and offer a more limited selection.

So, if you are looking for affordability and better options, you can take a bus to travel between Split and Zagreb.


Flying from Split to Zagreb is the fastest and most convenient way to travel. However, it’s a fact that taking a plane is never the cheapest option, especially compared to the train.

Besides, since the distance between Split and Zagreb is really short, you can travel from one city to another in less than an hour. A train journey, on the other hand, usually takes over 5 hours.

Another significant difference is that most planes offer more facilities than ICN trains. During your flight from Split to Zagreb, you will be offered various services and probably have free WiFi.


Renting a car or bringing your own vehicle to Croatia might be the perfect way to travel. In fact, it’s the true path of travelers as it provides you with the opportunity to determine your own route. Of course, this comes with various disadvantages.

First, you should remember that driving a car incurs additional expenses, like gas prices. Compared to taking the train, driving from Split to Zagreb will definitely be more expensive.

Also, driving a car is more tiring than just sitting in your train seat and watching the gorgeous views behind the windows. Being able to plan your own route allows you to visit more landmarks and attractions, though.

Private Transfers

728*90 Octopus GIF Dec

Opting for a private transfer could be the ideal choice for a more personalized and direct journey from Split to Zagreb, Croatia. Private transfers offer the luxury of setting your own schedule and enjoying the comfort of a dedicated vehicle, allowing you to explore Croatia’s scenic routes at your own pace.

Unlike ridesharing, private transfers provide a higher level of safety and reliability. With a professional driver at the wheel, you don’t need to worry about navigating unfamiliar roads or sharing your location constantly with someone for safety reasons. Every aspect of your journey is handled with professionalism, from the moment you’re picked up to your arrival in Zagreb.

Choosing a private transfer over other modes of transportation like ridesharing or trains brings added convenience, especially if you’re traveling with luggage or in a group. It’s a seamless way to connect from Split to Zagreb, ensuring a stress-free trip while you take in the beautiful Croatian landscape. For those seeking comfort, security, and an efficient travel option, a private transfer is the way forward.


You cannot get to Zagreb by ferry, as it is inland and not on the coast. Though, you can still add this spectacular mode of transportation to your itinerary for trips from Split.

You can also take ferries from various Croatian Adriatic towns or Italy. The sea journey will definitely amaze you with its stunning scenery.

After reaching Split, you can explore the city before heading towards Zagreb. The mode of transportation to Zagreb is entirely your choice. You can opt for any of the methods mentioned above.

FAQs About The Train Between Split And Zagreb


Aerial view of Ovčice Beach and the city of Split, Croatia.

What are the advantages of taking the train from Split to Zagreb?

The advantages of taking the train from Split to Zagreb are:

  • The train follows a scenic route,
  • It’s more affordable than other modes of transportation,
  • You can book your ticket effortlessly,
  • With the night train from Zagreb to Split, you can save on accommodation.

How do ticket prices and booking options for the train compare to other travel methods?

Train tickets are usually more affordable than almost all travel methods, including buses and ferries.

What is the train schedule like, and how does it fit into travel plans?

The train travels through one of the most scenic routes in Croatia and allows you to marvel at the country’s natural beauty.

What facilities and level of comfort can passengers expect on the train?

Zagreb to Split trains offer you comfortable seats and a breathable space. Although there are toilets, luggage areas, and air-conditioning, most trains on the route lack power sockets and WiFi.

How does the train journey’s scenic appeal enhance the travel experience?

The majestic scenery of the Zagreb Split train enhances your travel experience by demonstrating the pristine nature of Croatia. If you’re a photography enthusiast, the train journey might provide you with great subjects to snap pictures.

What are the key attractions and activities in Zagreb for newcomers?

Since Zagreb is the historic capital of Croatia, you’ll have lots of attractions and activities to do. Here are the highlights of the city you should add to your itinerary:

  • See the magnificent St. Mark’s Church
  • Visit the Mimara Museum
  • Have a glimpse at past memories at the Museum of Broken Relationships
  • Go to the Dolac Market to purchase local products
  • Stroll along Tkalčićeva Street and immerse in the majestic atmosphere

What alternative travel options are available, and how do they compare in terms of time, cost, and experience?

While taking a train from Split to Zagreb is a great way to travel, it’s not the only option! If you are looking for alternative travel options, you can always take the bus, which offers affordable ticket prices and a faster route.

Flying from Split to Zagreb is the fastest way to travel, while it’s certainly much pricier than taking the train.


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