How To Speak To A Taxi Driver In Croatian

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One of the most useful things, when you travel somewhere, is to know what the best ways to get around are. Luckily, apart from the easily accessible public transport network, Croatia offers various modes of private transportation. Even though you will probably be able to speak English to most of the people, it is always good to know some useful Croatian expressions!

So, if you are looking for private transportation, you have several options at your disposal:


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In recent years, the entrance of new taxi companies into the Croatian market in most of the major cities has made the prices much more affordable. Ask what taxi companies operate at your place of stay. Apart from taking a taxi at a taxi stand or stopping one at the street, you can also order one via phone call or via mobile apps.

Oprostite, koji taksi je najpovoljniji ovdje? – Excuse me, which taxi is the most affordable here?
Koji taksi biste preporučili? – Which taxi would you recommend?
Oprostite, možete li mi pozvati taksi? Moram doći do centra. – Excuse me, can you call me a taxi? I need to get to the centre.
Mogu li naručiti taksi putem mobilne aplikacije? – Can I order a taxi via mobile app?

Dobar dan. Idemo do hotela More. – Good afternoon. We’re going to the More hotel.
Možete li mi reći koliko će otprilike koštati vožnja do restorana Adria? – Can you tell me how much will approximately the ride to the Adria restaurant cost?
Možete li me odvesti na adresu Ilica 26? – Can you take me to the address Ilica 26?

Brands We Use And Trust


Minicab Services That Operate Via Mobile Apps

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This growingly popular method has been available in Croatia in recent years. As I believe you are already familiar with, you only need to have a smartphone to use this kind of service. The plus side of this method of private transportation is the fact that you can see the cost estimate as soon as you type your destination. Services like Uber or Bolt are currently available in Croatia.

Oprostite, posluje li Uber ovdje? – Excuse me, does Uber operate here?
Znate li mogu li odavde naručiti vožnju? – Do you know if I can order a ride from here?

Dobro jutro, jeste li vi moj Uber vozač? – Good morning, are you my Uber driver?
Hvala na vožnji! Doviđenja! – Thanks for the ride! Goodbye!

Specialized Private And Shared Transfer Services

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If you are looking for long-distance private or shared rides, this might be the best option. Some companies offer door-to-door services for individuals or groups and operate to and from cities, airports, marinas, hotels, etc. You can also use this kind of service for transfers to major events like festivals and day trips to various locations.

Dobro jutro, zanima me prijevoz do aerodroma za sutra ujutro. – Good morning; I am interested in transfer to the airport for tomorrow morning.
Mogu li rezervirati kombi za 3 osobe od aerodroma do hotela Intercontinental za petak oko 11:30? – Can I book a van for three persons from the airport to the Intercontinental hotel for Friday around 11:30?
Koliko će trajati vožnja od mojeg hotela do Plitvica? – How much will the ride from my hotel to the Plitvice Lakes cost?
Koliko košta jednodnevni izlet od Splita do Nacionalnog parka Krka? – How much does a day trip from Split to the Krka National Park cost?

TIP: as in many other countries, you are not expected to leave a tip to your driver in Croatia – but if you are delighted with your ride – especially a long one – or if you want to round the price, a small tip will always be appreciated. For more information on how to tip in Croatia, we’ve got you covered here!

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