Fun And Interesting Things To Do In Greece With Kids That Only Moms Know About

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Fun And Interesting Things To Do In Greece With Kids That Only Moms Know About!

When moms start doing research when it’s time to plan the next family holiday and come across titles like ours, the first thing they may be wondering is why they should take their children to Greece.

Well, as an attempt to give you an answer, it’s only fair that the first thing you should know is that Greece is one of the most family-friendly destinations in the world. Really! It is! As a matter of fact, there are few countries as perfect for a family holiday than Greece. (another favorite of ours in Croatia and Slovenia ).

The country manages to combine a lot of key features that attract families from all over the world year after year, coming to Greece in order to enjoy a relaxing and pleasant holiday that’s also fun and entertaining for every member of the family. A trip in which both kids and parents can enjoy something especially thought for each one of them.

Greece features great weather conditions, mild temperatures, and sunny days for a very long period during the year. In fact, the holiday season in some of the Greek Islands can last at least five full months, going from May until October.

Guide To Where To Stay In Crete, Greece - Elafonisi Lagoon

Add to that the unique beaches of the country. Stunning shores with crystal clear and clean waters, suitable for any taste, since they can be sandy beaches or beaches with small pebbles and unique submarine landscapes that small snorkelers love to explore.

Moreover, and for mom’s joy, kids will be able to indulge in one of the healthiest diets in the world, the Mediterranean diet. Loads of fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables, fish, meat, and delicious cheeses, plenty of cereals, plus super healthy extra virgin olive oil. Don’t forget to add these popular Greek dishes to your family’s must try list!

But that’s not everything! Greece has an incredible history and culture; there are museums, interactive experiences, and archaeological sites every step you take. Some of these spots have special activities, though for kids, for them to learn and have a good time. Proving that history doesn’t have to be boring at all!

When it comes to outdoor activities, it’s not only just about going to the beach. The country features a huge mountainous landscape, perfect for outdoor excursions, hiking, trekking, and more. Horse-riding, canoeing, and kayaking are just some of the things you can experience in the country.

Guide To Where To Stay In Crete, Greece

As well as other sports and open-air activities. Being in close contact with nature can be something that kids will enjoy and treasure as an after-holiday memory for a very long time.

There you go, these are some of the most stunning reasons why Greece is a perfect holiday destination for families. Now, let’s dive into some of the best things that Greece has to offer for families with small,l, and not so small children.

Family Guide To Greece With Kids

There are several regions in Greece that are nothing but the ideal destination for an awesome family holiday. Places that offer activities specifically for children. Here you will find some of the top Greek destinations for families, feel free to leave your comment down below if there’s someplace we’re missing!

The Capital, Athens

Greece With KIds - What to do in Greece with kids - Athens - Changing of the guard

Athens is one of those capitals that families love. Kids are enthusiastic about getting to know the places where the Greek Gods of their favorite myths dwelled and lived the most amazing adventures.

Climbing the rock of the Acropolis to pay a look at the Parthenon as well as so many other temples is total fun. If you manage to book a tour especially for children, which also tells them the history of Greece through legend and mythology, children will certainly have the time of their lives.

One more thing you could do to make your holiday perfect in the capital is to book a guided tour of the Acropolis Museum. They not only propose dedicated activities for kids, but they also host a fantastic Lego reproduction of the Acropolis that children adore exploring.

Not enough? Walk with your kids to Syntagma Square. Here kids can enjoy the solemn moment of the change of the guard in the Greek parliament and discover the fantastic uniforms of the evzones (the presidential guard soldiers), and their remarkable skills marching with very heavy shoes! Kids love to wait in line for their turn to take a picture next to the soldiers, don’t miss it!


Greece With KIds - What to do in Greece with kids - Athens - Parthenon, Akropolis

Finally, one fantastic place for families to visit is hidden in the center of the capital, among the forgotten alleys of the quarter of Psirri lies one of the most fantastic tea houses ever, The Little Kook.

The Little Kook is a fantastic place where fantasy is keen. Decorated like a pretty fairy tale in the middle of town, where Alice in Wonderland can even be at the door to welcome you. Inside this small café, kids can taste the most delicious cakes, pastries, and crepes surrounded by a unique wonderland atmosphere hard to find anywhere else.

You can even visit Athens on a cruise.

The Cycladic Islands

Lesser-Known Greek Islands - Naxos

Who said that the whitewashed landscape of Mykonos and Santorini was only for those on a romantic holiday or honeymoon? That’s not true at all!

The Cycladic Islands are a perfect destination for children. Some of them have amazing beaches, others have unique landscapes, others have idyllic views that also kids can enjoy and explore.

If you’re looking for great beaches and beautiful sights, Mykonos can be a fantastic place for kids. The island has beautiful shores for children, some of them really safe and quiet. In Mykonos, kids can also explore the windmills, or visit the museums of the chora, the old town.

From Mykonos, families can take a day trip to the archaeological site of Delos. No kid overlooks the fact that they are visiting an archaeological site the size of an island!

Check out our favorite Mykonos accommodations for families here!

Greece With KIds - What to do in Greece with kids - Perissa beach in Santorini

Kids interested in volcanoes will find their piece of cake in Santorini. Home to some spectacular volcanic beaches, with black sand or red sand, kids in Santorini love to explore the archaeological site of Akrotiri, where it’s possible for them to observe how the ancient civilization that lived and prospered in the Aegean would live thousands of years ago.

Check out our favorite Santorini accommodations for families here!

Naxos and Paros are two magnificent islands for families with children. They boast incredibly clean and safe beaches, where it’s also possible to play different water sports.

There are mountain villages to explore, and delicious Greek dishes to try. Moreover, Paros is home to a unique butterfly park where kids can enjoy a day in the open, surrounded by spectacular nature and thousands of unique, colorful butterflies.


Guide To Where To Stay In Crete, Greece - Agios Nikolaos

The island of Crete is one of the most perfect destinations for family holidays, it’s indeed so big that it has it all for kids to enjoy! On Crete kids can explore fantastic archaeological sites, such as the Minoan Palace of Knossos, where the legend tells us that the mythical Minotaur lived inside a Labyrinth. You can visit the place on your own or discover one of the many tours geared especially for children.

Kids can also enjoy other archaeological sites such as Faistos or Zakros, but also more modern historic buildings, such as the different Venetian fortresses scattered along the main cities of the island.

On Crete, kids can also enjoy unique museums, theme parks, aqua parks, a unique aquarium, and endless outdoor activities, including hiking gorges, climbing mountains, and kayaking in stunning streams. Besides, some of the best beaches of Greece can be found on this paradisiac island… which also serves stunning tasty food.

Check out our guide on where to stay in the different regions of Crete.

Mainland Greece: The North

Greece With KIds - What to do in Greece with kids -Roussanou monastery at Meteora, Greece

There are great places for a family holiday in mainland Greece. If you head north, for instance, all the family will be able to discover the impressive and important centers where the ancient Greek civilization flourished, hundreds of years ago.

Book a tour to discover the Sanctuary of Delphi, or even a train ride and visit the unique monasteries of Meteora, which seem to be standing in middle air, on top of unique rock formations.

The Castles Of The Peloponnese

The region of the Peloponnese has loads of interesting sights for everyone in the family. It was the most important center of the Mycenaean civilization, but there are also unique Byzantine and Venetian castles as well as walled cities. All of them in unique locations, and some with spectacular views of the sea.

Besides, the beaches of the Peloponnese are pristine and beautiful, ideal for small kids and their families.

For children longing a close contact with nature, the area offers hikes, bike tours, and exploration excursions. Besides, the Peloponnese excels with its agrotourism offer as well, so why not book a stay on a farm to learn more about the local traditions?


Greece Travel Blog_Unique Ideas For Things To Do In Greece With Kids


Activities For Kids In Greece

Outdoor Sports And Activities

Lesser-Known Greek Islands - Karpathos

Kids can enjoy a fantastic time on the beaches of Greece. On many of them, there are special activities for kids to practice water sports. These include immersions, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, and boat trips too. But the list goes on! Other water sports include water-skiing, surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing.

But, as we mentioned before, not everything is going to the beach. Those who love mountain landscapes will find their piece of cake in the mountains of Greece. But also the valleys offer unique hiking experiences and bike rides.

Food And Crafts

There are several activities for all the family that don’t have to be related to history or sports. In Greece, kids can participate in cooking lessons, pottery classes, and different workshops too.

Archaeological Sites And Museums

When a visit to these sites is done the right way, not only kids enjoy it, but all the family as well. There are special tours and activities thought to provide engaging experiences that allow kids not only to learn, but also to have a fun time.

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