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Gabi, Greece Travel Writer

Gabi is an award-winning writer who lives on the Island of Crete in Greece. She is an expert in Greek travel and writes guides for the everyday traveler.

Gabi is the award-winning scribe whose pen dances to the rhythm of the Aegean waves lapping against her home on Crete.

An oracle of all things Greek travel, her guides are a treasure trove for the everyday explorer seeking the soul of Hellas. Mother to two intrepid boys, Gabi is a maestro of family travel, choreographing adventures that cater to young and old alike.

Whether it’s uncovering hidden gems or navigating the Greek isles with a family in tow, her expert tips and heartfelt narratives make traveling through Greece feel like a breeze under the Mediterranean sun. Follow Gabi for a journey filled with myth, mirth, and the magic of Greece, tailored for those who travel with loved ones by their side.

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