18 Peloponnese Best Beaches, Greece You Will Love

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Peloponnese beaches are always beautiful, sometimes wild, and rarely hard to find. Enjoy this list of the best beaches on the Peloponnese Peninsula, Greece.

Greece Travel Blog_Best Peloponnese Beaches

One of the most famous countries in the world for its gorgeous whitewashed islands and amazing beaches, Greece can also surprise on its mainland. The Peloponnese region, or Pelopònisos, as the locals call it, is located on the southern tip of the mainland, connected to the center of the country by the impressive Isthmus of Corinth.

Forming a large peninsula, the somewhat mountainous region is home to some of Greece’s most exotic beaches, surrounded by diverse natural landscapes and often less overcrowded than the beaches on Greece’s most visited islands.

If you’re planning to spend a different vacation in Greece, then you will not want to miss the best Peloponnese beaches. This terrific collection of pristine shores, often close to enchanting traditional villages, will offer you a valid alternative for a fantastic time by the sea.

The Coastline Of The Peloponnese

Although the region is quite spread and hosts several municipalities, most beaches in the area share unique qualities, such as a green landscape, a mostly sandy coastline, and crystal clear waters, often awarded the Blue Flag.

Whether you are headed to the white sand shores in the Laconia municipality, the aristocratic Porto Heli, or the perfectly shaped Voidokilia in Messinia, the Peloponnese beaches are full of surprises.

Best Time To Visit The Peloponnese

Even when the area is a fantastic holiday destination all year round, beaches are a summer destination for most travelers. However, if you’re not used to scorching weather, you will find that visiting the Peloponnese at the end of spring or during the first days of autumn can be a better idea.

During these times, the temperatures are pleasant for beach trips, and the sun won’t be as intense as in the middle of summer.

If you are a fan of water sports or enjoy spending long hours swimming, then try to organize your trip for the last weeks of September. The sea reaches the best temperature after a whole season heated by the Mediterranean sun.

The Most Beautiful Beaches In Laconia And Elafonisos Island, Peloponnese

Aerial view of the old town of Monemvasia in Lakonia of Peloponn

Known as a wide part of the Peloponnese region, Laconia is on the southern coast, and its capital is the legendary city of Sparta.

1. Skoutari Beach

The area has some spectacular beaches, one of which is Skoutari Beach. Although small and featuring more pebbles than fine sand, the beach gets crowded due to the top quality of its sea and the imposing surrounding area, where dozens of fishermen’s homes and traditional buildings give an authentic Greek character to the surrounding village.

Where To Stay Near Skoutari Beach

Skoutari Beach Hotel

If you would like to spend a few nights near Skoutari Beach, consider staying at Skoutari Beach Hotel, a property surrounded by olive groves and offering affordable self-catered accommodation with balconies facing the Laconic Gulf.


2. Simos Beach, Elafonisos Island 

Peloponnese Beaches - Aerial view of Simos beach in Elafonisos island in Greece.

Part of the Laconia prefecture, Elafonisos is not a beach but a tiny exotic island off the coast of the Peloponnese boasting some of the most stunning shores in the country, with endless white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a very relaxing atmosphere.

To get to Elafonisos, you need to board the ferry from the port of Pounda in Neapoli. But worry not; the ride only takes under ten minutes… Yes, that’s all you need to find yourself in paradise.

One of the most visited beaches on Elafonisos Island is Simos Beach. Impressive dunes protect the small bay, and it has marvelous turquoise seas, shallow and calm. 

This Peloponnese beach is divided into two sandy bays by a sand strip that gives a Caribbean feel to the whole area, Both shores are lined with plenty of beach umbrellas available to rent to make your stay very comfortable. Just bring your cash with you; they do cost a pretty penny.

The beach, arguably one of the best in the country, offers a few organized facilities, and windsurfing is also popular among visitors.

Nudists enjoy this beach, so think about that if you’re coming here with the kids in tow.

Where To Stay Near Simos Beach

Double Beach Bay Hotel

The island is relatively small and does not offer much accommodation, so booking early is always a must. Among the best-reviewed places in Elafonisos, you can check out Double Beach Bay Hotel, an accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, a bar, and a garden only a few hundred meters from the sea.


Best Beaches In The Messinia Province, Peloponnese

This regional unit stands on the western portion of the region and hosts some of the most iconic places in the Peloponnese. Amazing ancient towns, castles, and dreamy villages are part of the landscape. The province’s capital, Kalamata, is another perfect destination with plenty to see and do around.

3. Voidokilia Beach

Mainland Greece Beach Spots - Voidokilia Beach, Messinia

When it comes to the most popular beaches in Messinia, the first beach that comes to mind is Voidokilia Beach, which many describe as the perfect shore in the Mediterranean.

The incredibly perfect shape of the beach, which reminds us of the Greek letter Omega, features a long, crescent, white sand shore, with warm waters ranging from brilliant emerald to sparkling blue, right next to a beautiful natural reserve.

The waters are calm and shallow, making them ideal for swimming as it’s never genuinely wavy, thanks to the protection around the beach from high winds. The beach is sandy and ideal for children and adults alike.

The beach is not easy to access, which adds an atmospheric touch to its already exotic and lonely feel. However, more and more tourists are learning about this incredible shore, and chances are that you can find a few crowds in the central summer months.

You can reach the beach by road and a short path, but there isn’t any parking, so perhaps a taxi or excursion is the best option here. There are no cafes on the beach, so be sure to bring your own refreshments.

After the beach, wander over the sand dunes to Gialova Lagoon. This side of the beach is a protected ecological lagoon, home to birds and other animals of the Peloponnese.

Where To Stay Near Voidkilia Beach

If you include Voidokilia Beach in your itinerary, staying around the villages of Pylos, Romanos, or Petrochori offers convenient access to the whole area.

The Westin Resort Costa Navarino

Greece Travel Blog_Best Beaches In The Peloponnese & Nearby Hotels_The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino
Photo Credit: The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino

One of our favorite resorts is in Romanos. The Westin Resort Costa Navarino is set in an idyllic beachfront location and features luxurious facilities such as an on-site hydrotherapy spa, a golf course, and 123 private infinity pools.


4. Romanos

In the same area of Voidokilia, another popular and almost as beautiful seaside resort is Romanos, with gorgeous beaches organized with umbrellas and sea loungers, dozens of seaside taverns, and great, warm, often very calm, turquoise waters.

Where To Stay Near Romanos

The Romanos, A Luxury Collection Resort, Costa Navarino

Greece Travel Blog_Best Resort Hotels In Greece_The Romanos
Photo Credit: The Romanos

This exceptional, award-winning hotel is located on the prime Mediterranean destination of Navarino Dunes, in the beautiful Costa Navarino, on a breathtaking stretch of sand in Messinian Messinia.


5. Limeni Beach

Limeni Greece - Iconic aerial view over the picturesque famous Limeni village in Mani area Laconia, Greece, Europe

Another gorgeous beach to visit in the area is Limeni, a tiny, picturesque fishing village made of ancient stone houses.

The area is home to a few swimming platforms (not sandy beaches). However, the sea has such clean, blue waters that make it a perfect destination for a vacation by the sea. The whole place is relaxing as it is not so well-known among tourists yet.

Where To Stay Near Limeni Beach

We highly recommend spending a few nights in the village.

Trapela Limeni Luxury Suites

Greece Travel Blog_Best Beaches In The Pelponnese & Nearby Hotels_Trapela Limeni Luxury Suites
Photo Credit: Trapela Limeni Luxury Suites

The sustainable travel property Trapela Limeni Luxury Suites offers comfortable accommodation in a fully restored townhouse with sea views that are too charming to miss.


6. Kalogria Beach

Peloponnese Beaches - Beautiful sunset overlooking the Ionian Sea at the Kalogria Beach in Greece.  

In West Mani, Kalogria Beach is another popular seaside destination in the Peloponnese. The beach is organized and relatively safe for families as it’s shallow and surrounded by rocks that protect the area from heavy winds.

This sandy beach is around 500 meters long, and it’s one of the most beautiful in the Peloponnese, thanks to the color of the sea, an attractive emerald green, and shallow family-friendly calm waters!

Being so popular, you won’t have any problem finding places to eat, snack bars, umbrellas, water sports facilities, and all you need for a perfect day at the beach.

Where To Stay Near Kalogria Beach

Kalogria Beach Apartments

Greece Travel Blog_Best Beaches In Peloponnese & Nearby Hotels_Kalogria Beach Apartments
Photo Credit: Kalogria Beach Apartments

And if you want to stay in the area, check out the modest but cozy (and very affordable) Kalogria Beach Apartments, which is just 200 m from the beach.


7. Marmari Beach

Continuing with the beaches in the Mani prefecture, don’t forget to include Marmari Beach in the collection of stunning beaches to check out in the area.

This beach stands on a heavenly bay divided by different natural coves creating smaller shores. Although not all of them offer facilities, there is one organized seaside area where one can go for a meal by the sea, purchase drinks and snacks, or rent umbrellas.

The sand is almost white, while the shore is relatively shallow and virtually waveless; all these shores are perfect for families as they are safe and protected from strong currents and winds.

Where To Stay Near Marmari Beach

Marmari Paradise Resort Hotel

Greece Travel Blog_Best Beaches In Peloponnese & Nearby Hotels_Marmari Paradise Resort Hotel
Photo Credit: Marmari Paradise Resort Hotel

For those interested in staying in the area, Marmari Paradise Resort Hotel is an affordable three-star hotel with top amenities right by the sea.


8. Itilo Beach

Finally, another beach worth mentioning in the Mani is Itilo Beach, an organized shore with organized facilities.

Although not as relaxing as the shores mentioned above, the place is perfect for those traveling on a budget since most organized facilities offer not only affordable snacks in the taverns but also reasonable prices for sunbeds and umbrellas.

The azure waters here can be rougher than along the rest of the Peloponnese coastline, but it is a good alternative for those looking to try water sports in Greece.

Where To Stay Near Itilo Beach

Petra & Fos Boutique Hotel & Spa

Greece Travel Blog_Best Beaches In Peloponnese & Nearby Hotels_Petra & Fos Boutique Hotel & Spa
Photo Credit: Petra & Fos Boutique Hotel & Spa

Petra & Fos Boutique Hotel & Spa is our favorite place to stay in the Neo Itilo area, close to Itilo Beach.

The stone-built property is nestled on the southern cliff-side of Mount Taygetos and has panoramic views over the gulf of Itilo.


9. Foneas Beach, Kardamili

Mainland Greece Beaches - Foneas Beach

Small but mighty. With the beach stretching along just 100 meters in a horseshoe shape.

Foneas Beach is pretty secluded, but that gives it ultimate beauty. The cove is protected by the trees surrounding it, but it’s also quite rocky, so be sure to take some beach shoes with you for extra comfort and protection. You can reach the beach by road and walk down a forest track to reach it.

The beach does have some facilities, including a cafe and shower, but it may be best to bring your own refreshments if you prefer a wide choice.

Because the beach is pretty wild, it’s not the best for children as the rocks are large and slippery. However, it’s a stunning beach for adults to spend the day. If you enjoy snorkeling, you’ll find a great experience here too.

10. Kalamata Beach, Messinia

Close by to hotels, lined with sunbeds and places to eat and drink, while here you can make a day of it! This beach is a mix of sand and small pebbles and has everything you need, including sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, and showers.

You can also find kids’ play equipment, ATMs, and restaurants not far from the beach in Kalamata. 

Brands We Use And Trust

Best Beaches In Argolis, Peloponnese

beautiful Cities In Greece - Way to Nafplio city beach

Known as a very popular area of the Peloponnese, the site is a great summer destination for those wanting to combine days by the sea and unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

Not only the food of the region is rich in authentic Greek flavors, but the area is also home to the famous wine region of Nemea, where going wine tasting is one of the favorite things among visitors and locals alike.

Moreover, this is also a great destination if you’re interested in discovering the county’s history. The province’s capital, Nafplio, was Greece’s capital before Athens took that place. This charming coastal city offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities and stunning places to visit.

11. Arvanitia Beach, Nafplio

Peloponnese Beaches - Arvanitia beach_Nafplio, Greece

Napflio will undoubtedly be part of your itinerary in the Argolis province. Therefore, a visit to Arvanitia Beach is something you cannot avoid. Considered the most convenient seaside area in Napflio due to its proximity to the main town, this is a scenic pebble beach with crystal clear seas, relatively safe and shallow.

It is situated under the rock of Palamidi Castle; big pebbles and rocks line this shoreline. The beach has all you need, including coffee shops, beach loungers, umbrellas, toilets, and showers.

12. Karathona Beach, Nafplio

Peloponnese Beaches - Palamidi Fortress and Karathona Beach, Nafplio

Blessed with views of the Palamidi Fortress, eucalyptus, and palm, it is no surprise why this beach gets so busy.

Where To Stay Near Arvanitia & Karathona Beaches

Polyxenia Hotel

Polyxenia Hotel is a great place to stay in the old historic district of Nafplio. The hotel is in an old, historically restored mansion, only a three-minute walk from the beach.


13. Psili Ammos Beach – Tolo

Another area you can visit in the Argolis Prefecture is Tolo, a wonderful seaside resort where it will be easy to find affordable places to stay and some gorgeous beaches for the whole family.

Tolo is just a few minutes from Nafplio, making it a popular location for discovering the Peloponnese.

Over here, head to Psili Ammos, one of the best and most popular shores in the area, featuring soft sand and a shallow and safe shore; this is an ideal destination for families with small kids. There are plenty of organized facilities, including beach bars, restaurants, water sports, and more.

Where To Stay Near Psili Ammos Beach

Hotel Tolo

Hotel Tolo is a comfortable beachfront accommodation featuring an excellent restaurant specializing in local cuisine and ample family rooms. 


14. Porto Heli Beaches

Reach the southeast of Argolis to discover one of the most exclusive seaside resorts in the Peloponnese, Porto Heli. Famous for being home to unique luxury resorts, golf courses, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, the area is perfect for visiting some incredible beaches.

The most popular of all is Paralia Porto Heli, often busy and great for water sports; this shore is a must-see in the area. It is also popular for families as it is well-organized and features several restaurants along the waterfront.

Instead, if you are more for relaxing beach time, Triandafilo Beach offers a secluded shore along an isolated peninsula where there is no organization or facilities. Trees provide plenty of natural shade so that you won’t miss the lack of umbrellas in the area.

Where To Stay Near Porto Heli Beaches

AKS Porto Heli Hotel

You will find plenty of accommodation in Porto Heli, and although most places are upscale and often quite expensive, there are some affordable hotels worth checking out. One of them is AKS Porto Heli Hotel, a fabulous 4-star property in a central area of town with direct access to the beach, a fantastic pool, and three excellent restaurants.


Other Peloponnese Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

15. Fokiano Bay, Fokiano

Located in the easternmost area of the Peloponnese, Fokiano Bay is a sheltered bay opposite the Aegean with a wild landscape and a lonely feel, even if some facilities are available in the area. The shore is considered a perfect place for scuba diving due to the underwater life and the colorful pebbles that populate the seabed.

In the area, it is also possible to enjoy other water sports, take a break, sunbathe, or lie for hours under the trees by the shore.

16. Valtaki Beach, Gytheio

Peloponnese Beaches -The Dimitrios shipwreck on Valtaki beach in Greece

Another beach to consider during your adventure in the Peloponnese is Valtaki Beach, about one kilometer from Gythio. This is a Blue Flag beach that hosts a mysterious shipwreck on the coastline, the Dimitrios, which has been here since the ’80s. Exploring the abandoned ship, going scuba diving, or snorkeling are some of my favorite things to do on this shore.

Once you have enjoyed your day at the beach, jump in the car (or leg it on foot) and enjoy a meal less than 1km away at the Gytheio city center.

17. Mavrovouni Beach, Gytheio

Another Gytheio Beach that you don’t want to skip is Mavrovouni, one of the largest beaches in the Peloponnese area (about eight kilometers long), featuring sand mixed with pebbles. Such an extensive beach offers both areas with and without organization. There are umbrellas for rent and a few tavernas for food and drinks.

Where To Stay Near Mavrovouni & Valtaki Beaches

Thirides Beach Resort

If you’d like to stay in Gythio, then take a look at Thirides Beach Resort, a magical hotel only meters from Mavrovouni Beach. The 4-star complex of stone buildings features a swimming pool and a restaurant, surrounded by landscaped gardens.


18. Kyllini Beach, Kyllini

Peloponnese Beaches - The sandy Kyllini beach, Greece.

Kyllini Beach is five kilometers of sand and crystal clear water. Parts of the beach are lined with 5-star beach resorts, but families love it thanks to the shallow waters and the fine sand.

  • Alypa Beach
  • Lefki Beach

The region’s coastline will not disappoint you, and as you soon find, there is more to do than just having a seaside holiday. The Peloponnese offers activities and dozens of things to do for every traveler.

So, which of these stunning beaches in the Peloponnese will you visit soon?

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