Vathia, Greece – A Ghost Town In The Peloponnese Region

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Here is your guide to Vathia in Greece. We have all the information you need to explore this Peloponnese region ghost town.

Greece Travel Blog_Vathia Greece - A Ghost Town In The Peloponnese Region

When you think of spots to visit in Greece, you probably automatically jump to Athens and then the Greek Islands. For sure, these are all wonderful places to visit, but what about the coastal regions of the mainland?

The Mani Peninsula is the southernmost tip of mainland Greece, and the landscapes here are stunning. This is also a great spot for those who adore bright blue sea beaches!

Vatheia is located here, a small village that is now a ghost town but is also a tourist attraction. It’s certainly a place of contradictions! You’ll find huge stone tower houses still standing and amazing scenery to check out. It’s a great place to go if you want peace and quiet while being immersed in the wonder of nature. The houses are all built on a hill, which means you get some amazing views too.

A Short History Of Vathia – Mani Peninsula 

The first mention of Vathia was around 1571 by a Venetian diplomat who came across the village. The village became an important area for the Venetians and its population began to steadily grow and many clans made it their base, including the Gerandoniani clan who were embroiled in a local war in the 1700s.

However, around WWII, the village mysteriously emptied and was left abandoned. Nobody is really sure why, which adds to the mysterious feeling as you walk around the village.

How To Get To Vathia – Mani Peninsula 

Aerial view of Vathia village against a Dramatic sunset sky. Vathia, Mani, Laconia, Peloponnese, Greece

The Mani Peninsula is quite easy to reach either by bus, plane, or by car. You can fly to Athens and then take the bus down to Vathia in around 6.5 hours, however, driving will only take around 3.5 hours and will allow you to slowly pass through some beautiful sights.

The other option is to take a domestic flight to Kalamata and drive to Vathia, which will take around 2 hours.

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Things To Do In Vathia Greece

Vathia is small, and because it’s been abandoned, you can imagine that there aren’t a whole lot of tourist attractions to check out. However, this is a spot that should be enjoyed for its natural beauty, and there’s plenty of that!

Explore Limeni

Limeni traditional fishing village at Peloponnese, Mani, Greece

Limeni is nearby, which has some amazing beaches and local restaurants. Also, be sure to head to the Caves of Diros; these are a series of underground caves that you can take a boat trip through. They’re mysterious and beautiful, all at the same time. Akrotiri Tenaro Lighthouse is another wonderful spot and a great place to check out the coastal views.

Go To The Beach

As for beaches, Mamari Beach, Porto Kagio Beach, and Gerolimenas Beach are all top spots and offer plenty of shade as a welcome break from the intense sun. There are some sun loungers and parasols available and refreshments, but remember that this isn’t a major tourist spot, so don’t expect a huge amount of facilities.

Walk Along Stone Tower Houses

Old traditional tower house village of Vathia at Mani in Greece

Of course, Vathia is known for its huge stone tower houses that dominate the hillside, so most people spend their time walking around and enjoying the views. The countryside surrounding the village is also ideal for soaking up some fresh air and taking plenty of picturesque photographs.

Despite the fact that Vathia is a ghost town, it’s a huge tourist attraction for those who are determined to head there and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Where To Stay In Vathia

For a small village, there are a surprising number of places to stay close to Vathia. Of course, there are very few spots right in the heart, but you only have to walk a short distance to be where you need to be.

Luxury Choice – Vathia Tower Of 1894

Greece Travel Blog_Vathia Guide_Vathia Tower of 1894
Photo Credit: Vathia Tower of 1894

This large holiday home is one of the few establishments that is set in the centre of Vathia and is a wonderful place to stay. The property is large and has a garden, bar, sea views, and Wi-Fi throughout. Units have three bedrooms, two bathrooms and flat screen TVs, and patios on the gardens.

This is certainly a luxury choice and it’s a great spot to base yourself as you explore the surrounding area.

Mid-Range Choice – Marmari Paradise Resort Hotel

Greece Travel Blog_Best Beaches In Peloponnese & Nearby Hotels_Marmari Paradise Resort Hotel
Photo Credit: Marmari Paradise Resort Hotel

A stone’s throw from Marmari Beach you will find this mid-range hotel that offers plenty of comfort for visitors. The hotel is large and has an on-site restaurant, shared lounge, and free parking. There are family rooms available, and all rooms are large with private bathrooms, flat screen TVs, and sea views.

Budget Choice – Akrotiri B&B

Greece Travel Blog_Vathia Guide_Akrotiri B&B
Photo Credit: Akrotiri B&B

Akrotiri B&B is located on Porto Kagio Beach and is very close to Vathia. The B&B is comfortable and low in price, which is ideal for those that don’t want to spend a fortune on somewhere to stay. There is a snack bar on site and a restaurant that has sea views.

Rooms are large and have air conditioning and balconies with views over the sea. All rooms have flat screen TVs and private bathrooms.

Now that you have your guide to Vathia in Greece, we hop that you enjoy exploring this Peloponnese ghost town.

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