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Here is your guide to the best Athens rooftop restaurants with views of the Acropolis. We have all of the top rooftop restaurants in Athens.


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When you are visiting Athens, going to the super famous site of the Acropolis is one of the things you must do; in fact, make it the first if you can.

However, you might still want to gaze upon it in awe even after you’ve been to it. In that case, why not combine that with food and drinks? Sound good? Great, then this guide is for you!

Athens has some fantastic restaurants with views over the Acropolis, giving your break a truly sophisticated feel. Let’s check out some of the best Athens rooftop restaurants you will not want to miss.

Tudor Hall

Greece Travel Blog_Best Acropolis View Restaurants_Tudor Hall
Photo Credit: Tudor Hall

Tudor Hall is located on top of the King George Hotel, and it has a stunning view right over the Acropolis. Open until late into the night, this restaurant offers authentic Greek cuisine and is famous for its shrimp stew, called kritharoto.


Art Lounge

The Art Lounge is located on top of the New Hotel with its favela décor and art library on-site. The view across the Acropolis is spectacular, and of course, it’s one of the best places for cocktails and delicious Greek cuisine, and it has a very long wine list.

Café Avissinia

Greece Travel Blog_Restaurants With Acropolis Views_Cafe Avissinia
Photo Credit: Cafe Avissinia

Cafe Avissinia has a high rooftop terrace with panoramic views over the Acropolis. Aside from that, you can sample delicious local wine and mezze with live music during the weekends.

Chocolat Royal

First, how good is the name Chocolat Royal? Second, this is a fantastic spot for Acropolis views as it’s located right below the famous site and is open until the early hours, giving you the best views of the Acropolis, all lit up at night. Talk about atmospheric!

GB Roof Garden Restaurant & Bar

Greece Travel Blog_Restaurants With Acropolis Views_GB Roof Garden
Photo Credit: GB Roof Garden

Located on the 8th floor of the sophisticated Grande Bretagne Hotel, the GB Roof Garden Restaurant & Bar has impressive views over the Acropolis and offers a jaw-dropping menu to boot. It’s considered one of the best restaurants in the capital and has an unrivaled menu of local and Mediterranean dishes.

The Zillers Roof Garden

If you’re a foodie, you’ll be in your element at The Zillers Roof Garden. This restaurant is famed for its Acropolis views and the food it serves, designed by some of the best chefs in the business. The menu also changes seasonally to make use of the freshest produce.

Mira Me Athens

Greece Travel Blog_Restaurants With Acropolis View_Mira Me Athens
Photo Credit: Mira Me Athens

From the outside, Mira Me Athens might not look special, but once you’re inside, you’ll understand why it’s one of the best-kept secrets in the city. Located on the top floor of Mira Me Hotel, the view is stunning, and the chic décor is ideal for enjoying Greek food with a surprising Asian twist!

Hytra Restaurant & Bar

Greece Travel Blog_Restaurants With Acropolis View_Hytra
Photo Credit: Hytra

Hytra is one of the most popular restaurants and bars in Athens, and it’s a truly luxurious option. Sitting on the top floor of the Onassis Stegi Cultural Centre, the view over the Acropolis is majestic, and the a la carte menu will make your mouth water. Oh, and it has a Michelin star!

Sin Athina

No matter the time of day, Sin Athnia is open for your needs. This is a rooftop bar with a stunning Acropolis view and a menu that is suitable for everyone; there is an extensive vegan and vegetarian section and a lengthy wine list.

Thissio View

Greece Travel Blog_Restaurants With Acropolis View_Thissio View
Photo Credit: Thissio View

Thissio View has one of the best locations in the city for Acropolis views, just opposite the Agora. This is a very popular rooftop restaurant, and it’s very likely that you’ll need to book to secure a table. The menu isn’t the largest, but what they do have is top quality.

City ZEN All Day Bar Restaurant

Modern and chilled out, City ZEN All Day Bar Restaurant is close to the central Metro station and has a fantastic view over the Acropolis. This is the perfect place to head if you want to relax after a long day of sightseeing, sitting on the fifth floor. The menu is also delicious, blending Greek and Italian flavors.

GH Attikos Restaurant

Greece Travel Blog_Restaurants With Acropolis View_GH Attikos
Photo Credit: GH Attikos

GH Attikos Restaurant is so close to the Acropolis that you might as well be in it! The view is stunning, and once inside, you’ll know why it’s so popular. The menu is also very high quality and totally gourmet. It might not be the cheapest, but it’s worth it.


Do I need to make a reservation when dining in Athens?

For any fine dining and for restaurants with views (like of the Acropolis), you will want to make a reservation in advance.

Do you tip in Athens’ restaurants?

If you’re dining in a nicer restaurant, you should check the bill before deciding whether to tip or not. This is because a fee or tip may already have been applied, which can be anything between 5-15% of the bill. This amount is in place of a tip, so you don’t have to tip more if you see a service charge or fee. 

If no fee is added (often the case), it is customary to tip around 10% of your final bill if you feel the service was worthy of a tip.

What time do people eat dinner in Greece?

Typically, dinner is around 8-9pm.

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