How To Get From Athens Airport To The Acropolis, Athens

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This detailed transportation guide tells you how to get from Athens Airport to the Acropolis. We have covered the Metro, bus, taxi, and private transfer options in detail for you to decide what suits you best.

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Without a doubt, the Acropolis is one of, if not the, most famous sights in Athens. Anyone visiting the Greek capital for even a day will want to go there or at least sneak a peek in the distance.

The good news is that getting from the airport to the Acropolis is surprisingly easy and not that expensive either, considering it is a major tourist attraction worldwide, let alone just in Greece.

So, if you’re landing at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (more commonly known as Athens Airport), how can you get from A to B without getting lost?

Let’s explore all the ways to get to the Acropolis from Athens Airport.

About Athens Airport

Airports On Greek Islands - Greek Islands With Airports - Athens Airport

Athens Airport is officially known as Eleftherios Venizelos, and it is the largest airport in the country. Being the capital’s major international hub, this airport is busy, so you may want to give yourself a little time to navigate your way off the plane through passport control, baggage picks up, and out of the terminal. However, the airport is well-signposted so that you won’t get lost.

The airport is located in Spata, around 20 miles (32 kilometers) outside the city center.

How Far Is The Acropolis From Athens Airport

The distance from Athens airport to the Acropolis is 35 kilometers.

To get from the airport to the Acropolis, which is high above the city, you can take a private transfer, taxi, bus, or the Metro.

Once you arrive at the Acropolis, it’s almost certain that you’ll have to stand in line for a while – remember, this is one of the world’s most famous spots! However, the earlier in the day you get there, the less of a queue there will be. Also, it’s best to try and avoid the peak sun hours of midday, as there is hardly any shade and that sun is powerful at that time – a hat, water, and sunscreen are all vital items to take with you.

There is a 20 euro entrance fee for the Acropolis during the summer months, which goes down to 10 euros between November and March.


Athens Airport to The Acropolis By Metro

Archaeological Sites In Greece - Parthenon on Acropolis, Athens, Greece

The Metro sounds like it will be a little hard to navigate, but it’s surprisingly easy. The journey from A to B will take around one hour, and you don’t have traffic to contend with!

There is a metro service every 36 minutes, with services starting at 6.10 am and running until 11.34 pm. There are three colored lines, and you will need the blue line from Athens Airport, which takes you to Syntagma Station. You will then swap to the red line and head to Elliniko. After one stop, you will get off the Metro and arrive at the Acropolis.

Again, everything is very clearly signposted in both English and Greek.

The airport metro station is just outside the terminal building, and you must follow signs that say ‘trains.’ You will cross the road up the escalators to the central metro station.

You will purchase your ticket from the vending machines, and machines take both cards and cash. You scan the ticket at the entrance gates to use it.

Central Athens tickets cost 9 euros, and they last for 1.5 hours. You can also purchase return tickets, which are 16 euros and last for 30 days. However, if you’re staying for a few days, you might prefer to buy a 3-day metro pass which costs 20 euros and includes a return trip from the airport.

Athens Airport to The Acropolis By Bus

If you prefer to go by bus, a few different services serve both the airport and the Acropolis. The bus station is directly outside the airport terminal building; follow the signs for the buses.

Service X95 is the easiest option, and this takes you right into the city’s heart to Syntagma Square, where the service terminates. From there, the Acropolis is around 1.5km. You can walk or jump in a taxi for the rest of the way.

The bus will take up to an hour, depending on traffic, and they run every 20 minutes during the day.

A one-way ticket is 5.5 euros, and you can buy your ticket at the ticket booths at the bus station. You can pay by cash or card. Once purchased, you have 90 minutes to use your ticket.

Athens Airport to The Acropolis By Taxi

Athens Airport To The Acropolis, Athens - Yellow taxi at Athens International Airport

If you don’t want to bother with public transport or there are several of you, a taxi is a convenient way to get from the airport to the Acropolis.

Directly outside the arrivals terminal, you will see a line of yellow taxis for hire. Go to the cab at the front of the line and tell the driver where you’re going. There is a set fee for the journey – 38 euros during the day, and between midnight and 5 am, the fare is 54 euros. Always make sure that you confirm the price with the driver before getting in to avoid any unsavory scams – they happen in large cities, after all!

Athens Airport to The Acropolis By Private Transfer

Suppose you want to avoid any scam possibilities without waiting for a taxi. Another way to get to the Acropolis is to pre-book a private transfer. You can book private transportation options from various companies.  A driver will greet you at the arrivals hall and carry your bags to the waiting vehicle, and you’ll be on your way. The journey should take around one hour, although peak traffic may cause your journey to last a little longer.

Now that you know how to get to the Acropolis from Athens Airport, we hope you enjoy your time in Greece.

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