17 Unmissable Day Trips From Athens: Take A Tour From Athens

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Here are 17 of the best day Trips from Athens, Greece. From sailing to the Greek islands to wandering ancient temples and hiking glorious mountains, we have it all covered. 

Greece Travel Blog_Best Day Trips From AthensHave you been to Athens, explored it, and want to see what else is close by? Embarking on a day trip from Athens, Greece, offers an incredible opportunity to explore the captivating surroundings beyond the city’s bustling streets. With a rich historical heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and cultural gems, numerous destinations within reach promise to leave you enchanted.

Undoubtedly, Athens is a treat for any explorer and well worth investing many days exploring it. However, Athen’s attractions extend beyond the city’s boundaries and traditional things to do.  

Historical And Archaeological Tours

1. Athens To Epidaurus: The Perfect Day Trip

Ancient Stadium in Epidaurus - near Nafplio

The breathtaking amphitheater constructed in Epidaurus during the 4th century B.C. is its most prominent feature of Epidaurus. It still stages performances and boasts outstanding acoustics, offering stunning panoramas of the surroundings from its uppermost seats.

In addition, Epidaurus is home to one of Ancient Greece’s most significant healing places, like temples.

SJ posing Ancient Stadium in Epidaurus Greece

What To See:

How To Get There:

From Athens’ Kifissos Bus Terminal, take a bus to the Epidaurus village.  It takes about two hours to travel to Epidaurus from Athens.

2. Day Trip To Delphi From Athens

Greek Temples - Ruins of ancient greek temple of Apollo

When we term one of the best day trips from Athens, Delphi, the navel of the world comes to mind. In Greek mythology, the navel, or the center of the world, means the meeting point of two eagles released by Zeus. History, myths, and breathtaking mountains come together to form the stunning location of the town of Delphi.

What To See:

  • Home to Pythia, The sanctuary of Apollo
  • Ruins of the Temple of Apollo
  • Delphi Archeological Museum
  • Temples at the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia
  • Delphi stadium and ancient theatre on the hill
  • Circular temple of Tholos
  • Clifftop village on the slopes of Mt Parnassos

How To Get There:

Get the KTEL bus from the Athens Terminal station. It takes about two and a half hours to travel the 110 miles to reach Delphi from Athens.

3. Athens To Corinthia Guided Tour

Ancient Greek Cities - Ruins of temple in Corinth, Greece
Ruins of the temple in Corinth

The extensive yet condensed ruins of this ancient city loom within the contemporary and modern community of Corinthia.

Pausanias and St. Paul traveled the streets of Ancient Corinth and proclaimed the message of Christ there. It was also the home of the fabled Jason of the Argonauts, thief of the Golden Fleece.

For those who enjoy history, there are treasures like the renowned twin Kouroi statues and a collection of Corinthian pottery.

What To See:

  • Temple of Apollo
  • The Peribolos of Apollo
  • The ancient theatre
  • Acrocorinth fortress on the hill
  • Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth
  • Corinth Canal

How To Get There:

You can rent a car from Athens’ Kifissos Bus Terminal or take the bus to Corinth. Take a taxi or a bus from Corinth to the ancient Corinth archaeological site.

The journey takes around one hour. Traveling to Corinth by Suburban Railway from Plakentias Station will take one hour and fifteen minutes.

4. Athens Day Trip To Mycenae And Epidaurus

UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Greece -The Lion Gate in Mycenae, Greece

An exciting day trip from Athens that should be at the top of your list is Mycenae, a cornerstone of ancient Greek history. It’s an easy day trip from Athens, allowing you to dive deep into the Mycenaean civilization, making it one of the most popular day trips from Athens.

This destination offers a full day of exploration in the ruins that were once the center of Greek civilization. When you visit Mycenae, don’t miss the legendary Lion’s Gate and the Tomb of Agamemnon.

The journey from your Athens hotel to the archaeological sites of Mycenae and Epidaurus is a ride from Athens filled with anticipation for the ancient wonders that await.

5. Athens To Sparta Day Trip

Ancient Sparta ruins, Peloponnese, Greece

Fancy a trip back in time to the land of warriors? A day trip from Athens to Sparta might be the ticket.

Getting there is a bit of a trek—by road, it’s around a 3-hour drive each way – so, it’s a good idea to start your day early or consider a bus tour if you’re not keen on driving.

Sparta doesn’t flaunt its ancient ruins as Athens does, but it’s soaked in history with a capital H. The Archaeological Museum of Sparta is a great starting point to dive into the city’s past. Then, head over to the ancient ruins of the Acropolis of Sparta to get a sense of its former glory.

Don’t expect towering temples or grand theaters; Sparta was known for its minimalist approach, focusing on military might over monumental buildings. The nearby modern city of Sparti offers a glimpse into contemporary Greek life, with cozy cafes and local shops.

The region is also known for its olive oil, so grabbing a bottle to take home is a must.

Be ready for a day packed with history, scenic drives, and a taste of authentic Greek culture.

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Nature And Scenic Tours

6. Perfect Day From Athens To Cape Sounion

Greek Temples - Temple of Poseidon, Sounio
Temple of Poseidon

One of the most well-liked day trips from Athens is to Cape Sounion.

Visitors take advantage of the warm weather to relax, stroll along palm-lined seaside promenades, and soak up the sun on well-kept beaches. One of the most memorable things is catching the gorgeous sunset and taking in the breathtaking views of the sea.

The Aegean Sea bears King Aegeus’ name since it is said that he jumped to his death from Cape Sounion.

What To See:

  • Temple of Poseidon
  • Fish taverns in the nearby town of Lavrio
  • The archaeological museum
  • The tomb of Athenians fallen in the battle
  • Lake and dam

How To Get There:

Rent a car from the Pedion Areos terminal station or board a KTEL intercity coach bus. Traveling to Cape Sounion from Athens takes an hour and a half.


7. Athens To Meteora Day Tour


Visit Meteora on a day trip from Athens, which is a popular destination for hikers, rock climbers, and photographers because of its magnificent landscape.

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the nation because of magnificent Byzantine monasteries perched on enormous rock formations. The monasteries of Meteora seem to ascend towards heaven and express human strive for holiness with their dizzying heights and almost supernatural inaccessibility.

What To See:

  • Great Meteoron Monastery
  • Holy Trinity Monastery
  • Monastery of Varlaám

How To Get There:

You can rent a car or travel to Kalampaka by early-morning train from the Athens train station.  It takes roughly four to five hours to travel 225 miles to Kalampaka from Athens.


8. Lake Marathon From Athens

Lake Marathon, a tranquil retreat around Athens, is a popular day trip for those looking to escape the bustle of Athens. It’s an easy trip, just a short drive from Athens, perfect for a leisurely day out.

This site combines natural beauty with a taste of Greek history, thanks to the Marathon Dam. The lake’s serene waters and the surrounding area offer a peaceful respite and a chance to reconnect with nature.

9. Explore The Athenian Riviera

Mainland Greece Beaches - Glyfada Beach, Athens

The Athenian Riviera offers an exciting day out with a blend of beach life and cultural sights. This stretch of coast south of Athens is an easy and popular day trip destination where you can enjoy the sea, sun, and sand.

The Riviera, with its crystal-clear waters and chic cafes, embodies the laid-back yet luxurious side of Greek culture.

A trip along the Athens Riviera, from the trendy areas of Glyfada to the historic Cape Sounion, is a must-do. Here you’ll find an adventure combining relaxation with a touch of ancient Greek history at the Temple of Poseidon.

10. Mount Olympus From Athens

Best Day Trips From Thessaloniki - Mount Olympus, tallest mountain on Greece

A trip from Athens to see Mount Olympus is for the bold and adventurous, seeking to connect with the mythology and natural grandeur of mainland Greece.

Although it’s a longer ride from Athens, the journey to the home of the gods is an unforgettable experience that blends ancient Greek myths with breathtaking landscapes.

It’s an exciting day trip from Athens for those eager to explore beyond the city and delve into Greece’s rich mythological and natural heritage.

Cultural And Religious Tours

11. Holy Monastery Of Kaisariani From Athens

Hiking Athens - Kaisariani Monastery is an Eastern Orthodox monastery built on the north side of Mount Hymettus, near Athens, Greece.

A visit to the Holy Monastery of Kaisariani offers a peaceful retreat not far from the capital of Greece.

Located on the lush slopes of Mount Hymettus, a short drive from Athens, this Byzantine monastery is a perfect day trip for those looking to explore the ancient and the spiritual. It’s a journey back in time and an opportunity to experience the serene beauty and monastic traditions of Greece.


12. Tour From Athens To Moni

For an off-the-beaten-path adventure, a day trip to Moni island from Athens is an exciting day out. Depart from Athens by boat for a quick ride to this unspoiled paradise near Aegina.

Moni promises a day of exploration in pristine nature, making it a perfect day trip for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty. This trip showcases the diversity of destinations just a stone’s throw from Athens, offering a unique island experience without the crowds.

Island Hopping And Beach Tours

13. Day Trip From Athens To Aegina

Temples In Greece - Temple of Aphaea, Aegina
Temple of Aphaia

Do you want to take the quickest island day trip from Athens? If yes, then Aegina is the location you are looking for.

The island in the Saronic Gulf offers the ideal fusion of ancient remains, soothing sandy beaches, elegant neoclassical architecture, and regional specialties like pistachios.

What To See:

  • The picturesque town of Aegina
  • Doric-style Temple of Aphaia
  • Villages of Agia Marina
  • Huge Orthodox church of Agios Nektarios
  • Fishing village of Perdika

How To Get There:

An Athens to Aegina day trip is easy to arrange; take the metro from Athens to the 25-minute-distance Piraeus harbor.  Take a ferry or hydrofoil sixteen kilometers to Agia Marina port or Aegina Town. The ferry from Athens to Aegina takes roughly 40 minutes.


14. Go On A Day Trip From Athens To Nafplio

Nafplio or Nafplion, Greece, Peloponnese

Nafplio is a gorgeous day excursion from Athens. On Nafplio day trips, you’ll witness a charming seaside village that served as Greece’s first Capital.

Spend the day visiting the city’s winding streets, Venetian architecture, and neoclassical building styles. Nafplio is a very well-liked place for a day trip or a more extended stay because there are many chic hotels, beautiful boutiques, and little restaurants tucked away in winding lanes.

Additionally, the area offers several pleasant sandy beaches and public wineries.

What To See:

  • Syntagma Square
  • Palamidi castle
  • The Venetian fortress of Bourtzi on the islet of Agioi Theodoroi
  • Argos Archaeological Museum
  • Ancient Theater of Argos
  • Ramparts of the Akronafplia Castle

How To Get There:

Take a KTEL bus from Athens Kifissos station or rent a car.  It takes 1.5 to 2 hours by road from Athens to Nafplio.


15. Choose One Of Three Islands Near Athens – Aegina, Hydra, Or Paros

Paros Island Guide - The beautiful village of Parikia in the island of Paros, Greece

If you’re in Athens and itching for some island vibes without the long haul, three islands are easily accessible on a boat trip.

The Saronic Gulf is dotted with charming islands that are easily accessible, such as Hydra, Aegina, and Paros, each offering its own unique slice of Greek island life, and all are easily accessible by boat.

The journey itself is part of the fun, with stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the Greek coastline as you zip across the blue waters. These trips can take anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours, making them perfect for a day’s escape.

Aegina is known for its pistachios, ancient Temple of Aphaia, and quaint port town. It’s a foodie’s delight and a history buff’s playground.

Hydra, on the other hand, is car-free and known for its preserved stone architecture, donkey rides, and vibrant art scene. It’s like stepping into a quieter, slower-paced world.

Poros, with its dreamy seafront promenade, pine forests, and clock tower view, offers a more laid-back vibe.

Things to do in Hydra Greece - Fishing boats in Hydra Island

Most boat trips offer the option to hop between islands, so you can get a taste of each without having to pick just one. Expect a relaxed day of exploration, sunbathing, and possibly the best seafood you’ve ever had when you spend a day exploring. Bring your camera, comfy shoes for wandering, and a light jacket for the breezy boat ride back.

This is the perfect way to experience the diversity of the Greek islands in a nutshell without straying too far from the capital.

16. Sail To The Greek Island Of Agistri From Athens

Chalikiada is the most popular beach in Agistri island, Greece

Sailing to Agistri from Athens is like discovering a hidden gem just a stone’s throw from the bustling capital. This small island in the Saronic Gulf is a paradise for those looking to escape the crowds and immerse themselves in crystal-clear waters and lush greenery.

The journey to Agistri starts at Piraeus port, where you can catch a ferry or a flying dolphin; the trip takes about an hour, making it perfectly doable for a refreshing day out. Once you arrive, you’ll feel the laid-back island atmosphere immediately.

Agistri is smaller and less commercial than its famous neighbors like Hydra or Aegina, providing a more intimate experience of Greek island life. Beacuse the island is compact, it’s easy to explore, either on foot, by bike, or by renting a scooter.

It boasts beautiful beaches like Skala, known for its soft sands and family-friendly vibes, and Aponissos, where you’ll find tranquil waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The island is also a haven for nature lovers, with pine forests that come right down to the shoreline, offering shady retreats and excellent hiking trails.

What to expect? A day filled with sunbathing, swimming in turquoise waters, and perhaps a leisurely exploration of the island’s charming villages. The local tavernas serve up delicious, fresh seafood and traditional Greek dishes that you won’t want to miss. 

17. One-Day Tour To Mykonos From Athens

Panoramic view of Mykonos town, Cyclades islands, Greece
Mykonos, Greece

Heading out to Mykonos for a day trip from Athens? It’s a brilliant idea and totally doable. First off, you’re looking at a ferry ride to get there, which is part of the adventure.

The ferries usually kick off early in the morning, so you’ll need to be an early bird to catch one. The journey can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours, depending on the ferry you hop on—speed does come at a higher price tag, but you’ll need to pay it to enjoy the day in Mykonos. 

Once you set foot on Mykonos, the island vibes start right away. This place is famous for its stunning beaches, so chilling by the sea is a must.

Don’t miss out on wandering through Mykonos Town with its iconic windmills and the maze of white-painted streets. It’s a selfie haven, with every corner offering a new backdrop.

Expect a laid-back atmosphere, but also be prepared for the island’s upscale side, with chic boutiques and fancy restaurants. Foodies, get ready for some fantastic seafood! 

Keep an eye on the time; you don’t want to miss your ferry back to Athens after a day soaking up the sun and culture.


Renting A Car In Greece

Save Money 728x90

For our day trips, we always choose to drive where possible to give us the best freedom to stop and go as we please. Driving in Greece is easy, and the roads are of excellent quality.  We book our rental cars with DiscoverCars or Rentals Cars.

Just remember that cars are not allowed on Hydra Island, so keep that in mind. 

Final Thoughts On Day Trips From Athens

Athens, a world-class city, is teeming with sights and entertainment that will keep any visitor busy for weeks. Athens is definitely a marvel, and the surrounding places are no less. The extraordinary past is common to the city, as many beautiful historical and archaeological sites are nearby. When you are in the Greek Capital, plan a day excursion to one of these locations to experience some of the wonders of antiquity.

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