Athens To Spetses Ferry From Piraeus – 2024 Guide

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This detailed guide covers how to take the Athens to Spetses ferry from the port of Piraeus. It also covers the return transportation from the Greek island of Spetses to Athens.

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Spetses is a beautiful little curio of an island, just a short ferry ride from Athens. Since the 20th century, it has attracted the glitterati of Greek society, who flock to the turquoise waters, seeking a soothing escape from the frenetic capital.

I remember clearly the first time I took a day trip to Spetses, pulling into the picturesque port to be greeted by a cheerful mix of white and yellow houses sparkling in the sun.

I was struck by how beautiful it all looked, little knowing that beyond the town were the island’s greatest attractions: untouched nature and numerous coves concealing a mixture of sandy and pebble beaches.

In this guide, I’m going to focus on how to travel from Athens to Spetses by ferry, including how long you will spend on the sea, the different Athens ferry routes, the cost of ferries between Athens and Spetses, and how to buy a ferry ticket from Athens to Spetses.

Let’s get going to the Greek islands.

Athens To Spetses Ferry General Information

Spetses, Greece - January 19, 2018: Traditional fishing boats in the harbor of Spetses, Greece.

There is no airport in Spetses, which obviously means there are no flights from Athens Airport to Spetses. Anybody who wants to reach this pristine slice of paradise must travel by boat.

The most common way to make the journey is by boarding the Athens to Spetses ferry, which departs from Piraeus.

While Piraeus is technically a separate municipality from Athens, it has been absorbed into the wider Athens sprawl. As a result, it only takes 20 minutes on public transport to get to the ferry terminal from the downtown area, either via Metro Line 1 or Metro Line 3.

The distance from Athens to Spetses is about 87 kilometers (47 nautical miles). That translates into between 2.5 to 3 hours of journey time, depending on which boat you take and the time of year.

Similarly, the Athens to Spetses ferry price varies depending on the time of day, ranging from 48 euros to 54 euros one way.

Most people visit Spetses when the weather is sunny, but if you are planning a sojourn in the winter months, bear in mind that the Athens ferry timetable is slightly abbreviated, with fewer crossings compared to the summer season.

Another thing to consider is that boats going from Athens to Spetses tend to run later into the evening than the ferry from Spetses to Athens, which is possibly designed to encourage at least one night’s stay on the island. In other words, if you’re planning an Athens to Spetses day trip, you’ll have to keep your itinerary tight.

There are two main Athens to Spetses ferry options: Hellenic Seaways and Alphalines. You can buy tickets at the ferry terminal if you want to keep your schedule a bit more flexible. Still, if you want to guarantee yourself a berth, it’s easy to purchase tickets either directly through the company websites or via comparison sites like Ferryhopper and Ferryscanner.

Every time I have traveled to Spetses, the ferry has departed from Gate E8, but it’s worth arriving early enough that you have time to double-check once you arrive on site.

Brands We Use And Trust


Hellenic Seaways Ferry Crossings

Historical building with columns on Spetses island, Greece

Hellenic Seaways runs a ferry from Athens to Spetses throughout the year. During the winter, there are two boats, each one making the journey back and forth between the ports once a day.

The slower Flying Cat takes between 10 minutes and 35 minutes longer and costs 48 euros as a result, while the faster Aero Highspeed is more expensive at 54 euros. Both vessels sell simple food and drink refreshments on board.

If you are traveling with your pet, you can bring them along for no extra charge, but you will have to stay with them on the outdoor deck or put them in one of the on-board kennels.

During the spring and summer, an additional crossing on the Flying Cat is put on for passengers so that you have a little bit more flexibility.

Alphalines Ferry Crossings

Beautiful beach on Spetses Island Greece

Alphalines offer fewer services than Hellenic Seaways. In fact, they are currently shutting down all operations for the duration of the winter, from November to February.

During the spring, there is a single daily service sailing from Athens to Spetses Island at 9:30 am, arriving at 12:05 pm (a journey time of 2 hours and 35 minutes).

To get back from Spetses to Athens, there’s also a lone vessel, leaving at 2 pm and arriving at 4:35 pm.

Things pick up slightly in the warmer season when the daylight hours are longer, and the weather encourages more day trippers, resulting in increased voyages back and forth.

Alphalines tend to be cheaper than Hellenic Seaways. Not only is their faster Sea Cat vessel priced at 48 euros (as compared to 54 for the Hellenic Seaways Aero Highspeed), but they also offer discounts on return tickets when they are purchased online.

However, you’ll have to weigh those savings up against the reduced ferry schedule.

Like Hellenic Seaways, Alphalines can accommodate pets at no extra cost, and you can find snacks and beverages on board for purchase.

Is There Luggage Storage At Piraeus Port?

Port of Piraeus Athens, Greece - Ports In Greece

Yes, there is luggage storage at Piraeus, so if you want to leave some of your stuff behind and take a rucksack or overnight bag with you to Spetses, that’s no problem at all.

There are a couple of different places by the port to choose from, including Bounce, which is a super short walk from gate E8, where the Spetses ferry normally departs from. The standard price is 5 euros per day per bag, regardless of whether you’re leaving a backpack or an extra-large suitcase.

Alternative Ways To Reach Spetses

Spetses Island Close To Athens

The ferry is easily the best way to go from Athens to Spetses, which is why I’ve focused on this route in this post.

However, it is also possible to cross the sea from Kosta, which is situated southwest of Athens. From this port, you can cross to Spetses by ferry or water taxi.

While the journey on the water is shorter (about 15 to 20 minutes), it takes around three hours to get to Kosta by car, which is why I wouldn’t recommend this option as a convenient way to undertake a day trip to Spetses from Athens.

On the other hand, if you’re staying somewhere in the Peloponnese or want to spend as little time as possible on a boat due to seasickness, then Kosta is a viable alternative.

Athens To Spetses Ferry FAQs


How can I get from Athens to Spetses?

Taking the ferry from Piraeus port is a really convenient way to get from Athens to Spetses. You can rapidly reach the port from downtown Athens by public transport, and the journey is pretty smooth and easy to organize.

What ferry operators have services between Athens and Spetses?

There are just two ferry companies that run a ferry from Spetses to Athens: Hellenic Seaways and Alphalines. You might also see some routes listed under Blue Star Ferries, but these are essentially the same as Hellenic Seaways. The same parent company owns both.

Do ferry services run year-round between Athens and Spetses?

Hellenic Seaways have a couple of vessels that function throughout the year, regardless of season. Alphalines, meanwhile, shut down completely for winter and ramp up their operations in the summer.

How long is the ferry ride from Athens to Spetses?

The shortest ferry ride is about 2 hours and 35 minutes, while the longest can take up to 3 hours and 10 minutes. The variation depends on the time of year, the speed of the vessel, and how many stops the boat makes at other islands.

Are there any special accommodations on the Athens to Spetses ferry?

Alphalines lets you choose a seat with a table for an additional 1 euro or upgrade to business class for an extra 4 euros. Both Hellenic Seaways and Alphalines allow pets on their sundecks as well as provide a limited number of kennels that can be booked in advance.

What is the travel time for the ferry trip?

The ferry trip from Athens (Piraeus) to Spetses takes approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Are high-speed catamarans available for this ferry route?

Yes, there are high-speed catamarans available for the Athens (Piraeus) to Spetses ferry route.

Which are the best places to visit in Spetses?

Some of the best places to visit in Spetses include Agios Nikolaos Beach, Laskarina Bouboulina Museum, Kaiki Beach, and the Old Harbor.

Where is the ferry port in Spetses located?

The ferry port in Spetses is situated in the main port of the island.

Can I find ferry connections to other islands from Spetses?

Yes, from Spetses, you can find ferry connections to other islands in the Saronic Gulf and Dodecanese islands.

How can I check the latest ferry prices?

The latest prices for ferry tickets can be checked on the corresponding websites of the ferry companies, or you can check here.

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