Santorini To Crete Ferry In 2024 (& Crete To Santorini)

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Here is how to get from Crete to Santorini or from Santorini to Crete. We have covered all your options (and costs) to go by plane, ferry, or organized tour. 

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Santorini and Crete Islands are two of the most beautiful Greek Islands, with plenty of things to do and discover during any season of the year. If you’re considering visiting both of them during your next trip to Greece, then look at this helpful guide that shows you the best ways to see these two islands on your Greek holiday.

There are different ways to get from the Island of Santorini to Crete (or from Crete to Santorini). Leaving the option of booking an organized tour aside, the first part of this guide focuses on independent ways to get to the Island of Crete from Santorini or go from Santorini to Crete. 

How To Get To Santorini From Crete Island – How Far Is It

These two famous Greek islands are 148 km (92 nautical miles) apart. They are located in the Sea of Crete, which is between the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, south of the Greek mainland.

Santorini To Crete By Plane

Winter in Greece - Small town Oia on Santorini

These Greek islands are connected both by plane and by ferry travel. Trips by airplane are not direct, though. You first need to board a plane to Athens and, from there, change your route.

So, if you’re short of time, this is not the most convenient way to get from Santorini to Crete or from Crete to Santorini. However, it’s definitely an option if you don’t enjoy sea travel.

Santorini To Crete Ferry Ride

Guide To Where To Stay In Crete, Greece

Instead, boats depart all year round from the Heraklion Port in Crete, while seasonal vessels travel from or to the port of Rethymno, with stops on several other Greek islands. Traveling from Crete to Santorini by ferry or vice versa is probably the best and most popular way to travel between these iconic islands.

How Many Ferries Go From Santorini To Crete?

There is a daily ferry from Crete to Santorini and a ferry from Santorini to Crete. This ferry connection goes back and forth between both islands every day. However, there are more options in the high season (between April and October), and up to four ferries from Crete to Santorini and back each day.

From November to March, the frequency can be significantly reduced. During very windy days, ferry connections are often interrupted, too, so keep that in mind.

Brands We Use And Trust

How Long Is The Ferry From Santorini To Crete?

A day trip from Crete to Santorini or the other way around can take just 2 hours if you’re traveling with a high-speed ferry and around four if you choose a regular (and slower) ferry.

The fastest ferry option is Champion Jet, which will take you to your destination in about 2 hours. The ticket can be up to 80 euros for a first-class seat, but you save up on time. Remember that fast services are subject to cancellations during harsh weather conditions.

How Much Does A Ferry Ticket To Santorini From Crete Cost?

Cruising The Balkans - Greece -

The cheapest conventional ferry (but also the slowest) option is Superferry. The trip lasts about 4 hours, but you can get to your destination for half the ferry price of a high speed ferry: just 40 euros!

Tickets are usually purchased online, but you can also check with local agents in Santorini and at the port. In Heraklion, it’s a good idea to get your tickets at the ferry booth in Heraklion or Rethymnon or have them printed by any travel agent in town.

Which Is The Best Ferry Port?

Guide To Where To Stay In Crete, Greece - Chania Habor

If you’re staying in Chania, Crete, you can take a bus to Rethymnon (closer to Heraklion bus station) or take your ferry to Santorini. In the summer months, several ferry companies also sell day trips from Crete to Santorini, which allow you plenty of free time to visit the best of the island.

Instead, suppose you’re staying in Agios Nikolaos, in the eastern area of Crete, and looking for Agios Nikolaos to Santorini ferry trip options. In that case, the best place to depart from is the port of Heraklion.

What Ferry Operators Go Between Santorini & Crete

Some of the ferry companies that commonly operated the Santorini to Crete route are:

  1. Blue Star Ferries
  2. SeaJets
  3. Golden Star Ferries
  4. Minoan Lines
  5. Anek Lines
  6. Hellenic Seaways
  7. Santorini Sailing

I recommend visiting the official websites of these ferry companies or using a reliable travel booking website to find the latest schedules, prices, and availability for ferry routes between Crete and Santorini. Additionally, you can check with local travel agencies or the ports in Crete for real-time information on ferry services to Santorini.

Organized Day Trips From Crete To Santorini

Guide To Where To Stay In Crete, Greece - Agios Nikolaos

Looking for options for travel from Crete to Santorini without any hassle or planning? Both islands are relatively close to each other; therefore, you can always rely on a local agent to book a convenient day trip tour.

These tours allow you to trust a professional operator who will take care of every little detail, freeing you to relax and enjoy some magnificent Greek views.

They will usually pick you up from your hotel, take care of your tickets and other travel documents, and guide you around Santorini, showing you the most picturesque parts of the island.

Consider that even though these day trips are organized privately, you will not be boarding a private boat transfer. Instead, you’ll travel on one of the regular fast ferries from Crete to Santorini and be there in just a few hours.

On an organized Heraklion to Santorini day trip, you can spend about 8 hours on Santorini, visiting the island’s capital, Fira, and the stunning town of Oia. There is also plenty of free time to spend on your own or choose another tour to learn more about Santorini.

You can check the Archaeological Site of Akrotiri, visit some Santorini wineries, or spend the day visiting the magnificent landscape on the edge of the volcano.

If you’re spending time in Santorini this summer, visiting Crete can be an unforgettable memory… Or vice versa!

Nothing beats the thrill of organizing the trip on your own. And it can be one of the best things to do when traveling solo or with just a few friends. As a matter of fact, a visit to Santorini can be easily arranged both on your own or by booking an organized day trip.

If you travel with the family or prefer more structure and organization, a Crete to Santorini day trip can be the easiest way to discover a fantastic and totally different Greek island with everything taken care of for you.

We trust that this was useful information and included every important thing and travel tips you were expecting.

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