Most Famous Shipwrecks In Greece & Where To Find Them

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Here is a list of the most famous shipwrecks in Greece. We have listed where to find each Greek shipwreck and some historical facts.

Greece Travel Blog_Most Famous Shipwrecks In Greece & Where To Find Them

Greece is a huge country, consisting of both the huge spread of the mainland and the many islands. The waters around the country are warm and translucent, ideal for summer swimming, but they’re also quite dangerous, especially during winter storms. 

Countless ships have met a watery end in and around Greece, and many can be seen washed up on the shorelines around the country. A huge ship stranded on the sand is a sight to see, and many are major tourist attractions.  

If you’re keen to check out some maritime history, let’s look at the most famous Greek shipwrecks and where you can find them for yourself. 

Navagio, Zakynthos Island – Shipwreck Island

The best sandy beach in Greece - Navagio Beach - Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos Island, Greece


Authorities in Zakynthos announced on 15.03.23 that this iconic beach will remain closed to tourists this summer due to landslides. Following a regular safety check at the site on March 8, a team of experts from the Anti-Seismic Planning and Protection Organization (OASP) recommended prohibiting access to the Navagio beach. The beach will be assessed again in a few months to decide if and when it will reopen

This is by far the most famous shipwreck in Greece and is often dubbed shipwreck island Greece. Everyone has seen the picture of the Panagiotis shipwreck on Navagio Beach, either online or in magazines. This is the most famous part of Zante/Zakynthos, and it’s a major tourist attraction. The bright blue waters lap the white sand of the beach, and then you have this huge ship washed up on the shore – it’s a real sight to see!

The cove the island sits in is called ‘Smuggler’s Cove,’ and the ship met its end in 1980. Originally, the ship was used to smuggle cigarettes from neighboring Turkey, which was then moved to Tunisia, where they were sold from the ship itself. However, the ship met its end, and you can see the remaining part on the beach. 

Olympia Shipwreck, Amorgos

Shipwrecks in Greece - Aerial view of Shipwreck Olympia in Amorgos island

The island of Amorgos is a beautiful spot to visit regardless of any tourist attractions, but the shipwreck of Olympia is definitely one of the most popular shipwrecks in Greece. The ship was called Inland, but it is now referred to as Olympia. It was on a voyage in 1980 and, due to strong winds, was looking for somewhere sheltered to moor until the storm passed. However, the wind pushed it into the rocks, and the ship was stranded. 

The area around the shipwreck is accessible by trip, but there aren’t any amenities in and around, so do bear that in mind if you’re considering visiting. 

Shipwreck Gramvousa, Crete

Shipwrecks in Greece - Shipwreck Gramvousa, Crete

A small island called Gramvousa sits just north of the main island of Crete, and that is where you will find the Dimitrios P shipwreck. The ship is half sunken and half on land, and it’s located on the southern coast. The landscapes around this Greek shipwreck are ideal for nature lovers, so you can certainly make a full day of your visit. However, do bear in mind that the wreck sits in a nature reserve, and you are not allowed to stay overnight. 

The ship was carrying cement from North Africa when bad weather forced it to seek shelter and drop anchor. However, the storm intensified and pushed the ship into the island. The crew managed to get away safely, but the ship didn’t make it.

Semiramis Shipwreck, Andros

Abandoned shipwreck on Andros, Greece

Andros is an island in the Cyclades and is also the home to the Semiramis shipwreck. The island itself is very beautiful to explore, and the beaches are divine. As you head to the northeast of the island, you’ll find the Semiramis shipwreck. 

This shipwreck in Greece is quite easy to explore and very well preserved. It’s close to the shore, but you will need to swim out a little to get as close you as might like. Nobody is really quite sure what happened to the ship, but the locals will be more than happy to give you their version of events! 

Dimitrios Shipwreck, Peloponnese

Peloponnese Beaches -The Dimitrios shipwreck on Valtaki beach in Greece

Dimitrios is a large ship that sunk in Gytheio in 1981. It’s possible to swim up to the ship and explore underwater. The waters are quite shallow, so it’s relatively safe for most people to check out. 

The ship was supposedly smuggling cigarettes from Turkey, but something happened en route (nobody is quite sure what), and it appears that the ship caught fire. 

There is a wonderful beach nearby, so you can easily make a day of your shipwreck exploration. 

Shipwreck Agalipa Beach, Skyros

Shipwrecks in Greece - Shipwreck abandoned at a beach of Skyros island in Greece

Right next to Agios Petros beach, you can walk a short way through the pine forest to find Agalipa beach, where a huge wooden Greek shipwreck lies. Do bear in mind that there are no amenities close to this shipwreck. 

It is thought that the ship was carrying immigrants from Turkey to Kymi, but a bad storm pushed the ship to Skyros, and the captain did what he could to avoid the ship sinking and fatalities occurring. 

So, tell us, which Greece shipwreck will you go to explore first?

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