Things To Do In Kas, Turkey

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Things To Do In Kas, Turkey

Turkey’s southern coastline is packed with fantastic summer beach resorts. They’re even great spots to visit during the winter months, with Antalya Province being much warmer than most other places in Turkey.

The tricky thing is deciding where to go.

It’s easy to assume that all beach resorts are the same; after all, don’t they offer the same things- sun, sea, nightlife, food? Well, yes, they do, but they also have local niche spots to visit history, all of their own, and regional delicacies to try. That’s why finding the best summer resort can be challenging!

So, to throw another resort into the hat, how about Kas?

Located between Marmaris in the Dalaman region and Antalya City in the, you guessed it, Antalya region, Kas is a historic and beautiful town, perfect for summer chills. The other plus point is that you can choose whether to fly to Antalya Airport or Dalaman Airport, as they’re roughly the same distance away from Kas itself. That opens up cheaper deals for you and more flexibility with your travel days.

If Kas is on your shortlist, let’s check out some of the best things to do there so that you can make your final decision.


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Check Out The Old Town

Things To Do In Kas, Turkey

Kas isn’t a huge resort, but it’s large enough to be able to explore and see a good amount. The Old Town is very walkable, and the cobbled, winding streets are charming and packed with small boutique stores and souvenir shops. You can also sit down for a rest and enjoy a glass of Turkish cay or a coffee at one of the many family-run coffee shops.

The main square is the meeting place for nightlife fun, and it does get quite busy during the evening. So, if you’re up for a good night out, head to the old town during the evening and have a great meal, a few cocktails, and even dance the night away should the mood take you.

Try Out Paragliding


You can either watch in awe or give it a try yourself. Whichever you opt for, paragliding is a pretty fantastic thing to see! Most people assume that Oludeniz is the only place in Turkey to paraglide, but Kas is an excellent second-place spot.

There are countless paragliding offices around the town, and you will simply take your ride up the mountain (around 10 minutes) and then be instructed on what to do, etc. Don’t worry; you’ll be strapped to an instructor at all times!

The views as you sail over the blue of the sea and the surrounding area is something you’ll never forget for the rest of your days, and it’s also a fantastic experience, something that you may never get to do again – or maybe you’ll get a taste for it!

Relax On Kaputas Beach

Best beaches in Turkey - Kaputas beach Antalya

There are many beaches around Kas, but the best one isn’t the most central. However, it’s more than worth the slight journey, as just west of the town you’ll find Kaputas Beach. You can drive there in ten minutes, take a taxi, or you can rent a scooter if you want to enjoy yourself on your own steam.

Kaputas Beach is a well-kept secret, but it does get crowded at weekends and during public holidays. High mountains surround it, and the water is blinding blue. You’ll need to pack some water and other refreshments/snacks to take with you as there are no facilities on-site, but it’s a fantastic day out.

Take A Day Trip To Greece

Balkan Flags_Greece 1

There are several Greek islands close to the southern coast of Turkey, and when visiting Kas on holiday, you can take a day trip over to the island of Meis. The boat will take no more than half an hour, and you’ll get to see something totally different during your stay.

Meis is quiet, chilled out, and has some fantastic authentic restaurants to try. If you have time, take a small boat trip out to the Blue Cave, which will give you memories you’ll never forget.

If you choose to head over to Meis for the day, remember that you will need to book at least a day or two before, and you’ll need your passport as you’re officially leaving Turkey. You should also check any COVID rules for Greece at the time. There are many booking offices in Kas, and the staff there should be able to help you with any information you need.

Enjoy History At The Kas Ancient Amphitheater

Kas Ancient Amphitheater_Antalya - Turkey
The Theatre Of Antiphellos Ancient City In Kas, Antalya

The entire south coast of Turkey is peppered with ruins dating back to Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman times, and many other civilizations. Kas is no different. Take a five-minute walk outside of the Old Town, and you’ll find the very well preserved amphitheater. It’s enormous, and from the top, you can check out fantastic sea views.

There are concerts held in the amphitheater occasionally, so ask around when you’re there to see if you can catch a live performance. You can also visit during the evening as it’s lit up and gives you fantastic views once more, especially on a full moon.

Explore The Underwater World

Kas is an excellent spot for diving, and there are instructors on hand to help you achieve your PADI certification, too, if you choose to do so. Scuba diving is also fantastic here, and you can see very clearly under the surface of the water. There are several excellent dive sites around the town, and there are also some ship and plane wrecks to explore.

Marine life around this part of Turkey is plentiful, and you’ll see colorful fish and even turtles enjoying their day. If you’re an experienced diver, make sure you visit the wreck of the Dakota DC3 plane, it’s a pretty special sight.

Try The Local Food

Traditional Turkish Adana Kebab or Kebap

Any visit to Turkey should include several trips to local restaurants. The food is something else and during your trip to Kas, although you can easily find international food, make sure that you make an effort to try something local. It’s a good idea to ask your hotel for recommendations of local restaurants, and you’ll get a far better quality of food at a lower price by avoiding tourist places.

Lahmacun, pide, sarma beyti, Adana kebab, and guvec are just a few local dishes you should definitely add to your list.

Have An Authentic Turkish Breakfast

Cafe in Kas - Things To Do In Kas, Turkey

Many places serve an authentic Turkish breakfast or kahvalti. You have to do this. It’s one of the rites of passage of visiting Turkey! Head down to the beachfront, and you’ll have the best view while you enjoy the countless delicacies on the many plates before you. Also, make sure that you try menemen and gozleme – you’ll be addicted to both!

Take A Day Trip To Xanthos

Ancient city of Xanthos in Turkey

Around an hour and a half away from Kas, you will find Xanthos, extensive ruins dating back to ancient Lycia. Xanthos is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it has to be seen to be believed. You will feel like you are walking amongst echos from history, and it’s a must-visit for anyone in the region.

It’s effortless to get to Xanthos. There are many excursions during the summer season, which you can easily buy a ticket for from any of the street excursion offices, or you can take the local bus from the otogar, which regularly leave throughout the day.

Enjoy A Beach Day At Limanagzi

There are several taxi boats over to the beach spot of Limanagzi during the summer, and you’ll only be on the boat for 10 minutes at most.

There are several beaches around this region, and you can choose which one you want to stop at by simply telling the captain. Remember to take your own refreshments and know that the last boat is around 6 pm (double-check this for when you’re visiting), and if you miss it, you’ll be staying overnight on the beach!

Shop For Souvenirs At The Local Market

Turkish Souvenirs - Best Gifts From Turkey - Turkish Ceramics

There are many souvenir shops around Kas, but you should check out the Friday market for some bargains. This is where you can find those famous “genuine fakes” everyone talks about, from trainers to sweatshirts, jogging bottoms to bags, the list goes on. You’ll also find handmade crafts and other local souvenirs that are fantastic to take home as gifts for family and friends.

A visit to Kas can be as busy or as relaxing as you want it to be, but one thing is for sure – you’ll never be bored!


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