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Landlocked countries are often filled with countless different landscapes and sights to be explored, as is the case with Serbia, one of the best places to visit in the Balkans. Here are the best things to do in Serbia.

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Serbia Travel Guide: Best Things To Do In Serbia

Have you ever considered visiting Serbia?

Most people can rattle off the top 10 things to do in Serbia, but we went a little further—listing more than 50 ideas of what to see while you are in the Balkan beauty.

A complete list of Serbian attractions would be far too many to list, but we did our best to ask our team far and wide which of the top sights in Serbia they recommend.

This list will prepare you to rent a car and explore Serbia yourself!

Historical And Cultural Sites

1. Studenica Monastery


Surrounded by the beautiful Ibar River gorge, you will find the Studenica monastery. Here, you will find the Church of the Mother of God, frescoes, and art back to the 13th century. The former royal history here means unique architecture dating back to 1183.

2. Lepenski Vir

This hugely popular archaeological site is set in the equally beautiful Derdap Gorge, next to the Danube. Many artifacts from 6500 – 5500 BC have been found here, and the central part is thought to have been a former ritual site. There are many other areas of interest to explore.

3. Gamzigrad

Gamzigrad is an exceptionally well-preserved former Roman town dating back to the 3rd or 4th century. UNESCO listed that it is packed with remains to explore, including an imperial palace complex and former city walls.

4. House Of Flowers Mausoleum

Head to the resting place of the former president of Yugoslavia, Tito, and gaze upon the architecture and water features that decorate it. Situated near the main entrance, you will also see a terrace designed to overlook the entire city, so great views can be seen from here.

5. Belgrade Fortress

Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade - Serbia - architecture travel background

Exceptionally well preserved, this is a place to visit for all the family, with fantastic views from the top over the whole city. The complex includes museums and parks the children will enjoy, as well as great fortifications and history to explore.

6. Viminacium

Dating back to the 1st century, you will find ruins of a former settlement that is still incredibly preserved considering its age. You can head here from February to November and tour the area, and it’s certainly worth reading up a little beforehand to get the most out of your time in this incredibly historic area.

7. Golubac Fortress

Right on the banks of the mighty Danube River, you will find this fairytale city, looked over by an impressive fortress high on the hillside. Views from here are breathtaking, located at the widest section of the river itself.

8. Ethnographic Museum

Located in the capital, this is the best way to head back in time without venturing too far out of the city. Here, you will find artifacts of old village life, traditional costumes, and information on ancient traditions.

9. Nikola Tesla Museum

Facts about Croatia Nikola Tesla_circa_1890
Nikola Tesla

Belgrade has numerous museums, but this particular one has interactive displays and live shows of inventions by the scientist Nikola Tesla; it is a great place to take the kids or anyone interested in science.

10. Red Cross Concentration Camp

In Niš, you will find this former Nazi concentration camp, one of the best preserved on the continent. This is certainly not a visit for the faint-hearted, but it will undoubtedly make you think about past atrocities, with stories and displays about those difficult times.

11. Palace Of Princess Ljubica

Dating back to 1831, you will find true old-world luxury here, with highly well-preserved buildings and artifacts. There is a guided tour every Saturday to help you learn more about privileged life back in the day.

12. Petrovaradin Fortress

Petrovaradin Fortress and cityscape with Danube river in Novi Sad, Serbia

History buffs should be heading to this museum, with a giant clock tower with reversed time hands, allowing fishermen from far away to tell the time. The citadel sits high on a hill, with many steps to reach it, and is a great window back in time to when prisoners were held as far back as 1692.

13. St Aleksandar Nevski Church

The interior of this church of St Aleksandar is breathtaking. It dates back to around 1877, making it one of the oldest.

14. Gallery Of Frescoes

In Belgrade, there is a museum dedicated to all things artistic. It has full-sized copies of art, mainly relating to church designs from the Byzantine period.

15. Medieval Capital And Roman Legacy

After a unique day tour from Belgrade, you should take a closer look at the Medieval Capital and Roman Legacy Tour.

This eight-hour excursion takes you to the historic city of Smederevo, which was the capital of Serbia in the Middle Ages. Since Roman times, this ancient settlement was one of the gateways between the West and East. Incidentally, it was the first Roman town sacked by Atilla the Hun and the last Serbian town to fall to the Ottomans.

Journeying down the Danube River, you will explore the region’s history, from Roman ruins to Byzantine heritage and Serbian culture. After visiting Smederevo, the tour continues with a traditional Serbian lunch, a visit to a local winery, and a stroll around the magnificent Roman Complex of Viminacium.

16. Ottoman Era In Nis – Skull Tower

Best Things To Do In Serbia - Skull Tower

Located in the country’s southeast, Nis is the third-largest city in Serbia. It is packed with relics and ruins dating back to the Ottoman era. Mediana, a former Roman town, a massive fortress, and the worryingly named Skull Tower, is close by.

Nature And Outdoor Activities

17. Palic Natural Spa

Places to visit in Serbia - Palić Lake Serbia

Close to the town of Palic, you will find a dedicated and stunning nature park, home to a natural spa on the northern section of Palic Lake. Here, you can spot wildlife until your heart’s content, with countless species of birds to check out.

18. Zaovine

SERBIA_Tara National Park_
Tara National Park

Families will love heading to this beautiful national park in the high mountains of the Tara, Crni Vrh, Stolac, and Zvezda ranges. You can enjoy hiking and water sports during the summer, and you can ski and snowboard during the winter snow.

21. Djerdap National Park

Serbian National Parks_River Danube entry in National Park Djerdap in Serbia

This vast national park is fantastic for nature lovers and is home to many wildlife and flora species. Again, you can enjoy hiking and walking trails and check out the rugged Djerdap Gorge.

22. Sargan Eight Railway Starting At Mokra Gora

This picturesque railway route was once part of the way through Belgrade to Sarajevo, which has since closed and takes three hours to complete.

Get your countryside destinations fixed by heading through the lush, green countryside for much of the way. You begin your ride at Mokra Gora, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s the ideal thing to do with kids in Serbia.

23. White Water Rafting (Uvac, Lim & Drina Rivers)

Things to do in Omiš Cetina River Rafting Video - Travel Croatia like a local

You must visit at least one of the many major rivers in Serbia, and Spring is the best time to go.

Try your hand at rafting just after the snow melts and rivers are flowing fast! The rivers Drina, Lim, Ibar, and Uvac are top spots for the sport, with various classes of white water, so you are sure to find one that suits your skill level.

24. Bird Watching

The unique natural and green landscapes across the country are a fantastic bird-watching opportunity, and Serbia is home to around 360 species. The top spots are the Uvac River Gorge, Mount Tara, and Djerdap Gorge.

25. Marked Hiking Trail

We’ve mentioned a few areas with hiking opportunities, but Serbia is a haven for hikers overall. The Djerdap National Park, Fruska Gora, and the Tara National Park are some notable destinations.

26. Canyoning 

The huge mountains and gorges that make up the entire country’s backbone are fantastic for canyoning. If you make your way to Tara National Park to try it, beware of the bears! Tresnjica Gorge and Seoski Potok are two incredible destinations to give this sport a try.

27. Danube Cruise

The section of the Danube, which runs through Serbia, can easily be cruised by boats of various sizes and with several different itineraries. Do a little research ahead to see where you want to go and decide if you wish to go for a small, quaint, or sizeable ship-style cruise.

28. Swimming In The Sava

The Sava is the longest river in the region, so if you fancy taking a dip in its waters, head to Ada Medica, a small island that is also quite picturesque in its own right. There are private floating houses and cabins on stilts to be found here, as well as a beautiful grassed beach area.

29. Cheap Skiing At Kopaonik Ski Resort

A group of people skiing on a snowy Kopaonik ski resort in Serbia.

If you love skiing but can’t afford the enormous price tag of some of Europe’s better-known resorts, check out Serbia’s mountains for a much cheaper experience with the same thrill level.

Kopaonik in the south is a very popular spot, Zlatibor in the west, perhaps better for intermediates or beginners, and Mokra Gora, which has a snowboarding center.

30. Danube Bike Trail

Cycling is big business in Serbia, presumably because of the ever-changing landscapes, and there is no trail more epic than the scenic Danube Bike Trail. This is exceptionally long, so perhaps only follow part of it, with 1040km inside Serbia. If you want to compete more seriously, check out the Tour de Serbie every June.

31. Swimming In The Danube

If you are not a strong swimmer, don’t attempt this one, but if you are pretty experienced, you can take a dip in several spots on the Danube. One of the best places for swimming is Lido Beach on Great War Island (Belgrade); however, Lake Ada Ciganlija is also a good choice.

32. Miroc Mountain

You will need to apply for a permit to climb it, but the hassle and effort are worth it for the views you will see from the top. The highest peak is called Miroc, and you can find accommodation within the area relatively quickly, such as in Kladovo and Tekije.

33. Kopaonik

A group of people skiing on a snowy Kopaonik ski resort in Serbia.

This beautiful mountainous park is one of the sunniest parts of the country, and you can enjoy great outdoor activities here, as well as walking and climbing, with amazing views to be seen. During winter, this area also turns into a ski resort.

34. Devil’s Town

The landscape will pique your interest. Right in the country’s south, you will find a town with an otherworldly appearance; it has been dubbed ‘Devil’s Town.’ This is perhaps because of the rocky erosion that has taken place over the years, or it could be because of local legends that tell tales of demons and creatures that roamed the land and made slightly worrying noises.

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Festivals And Events

35. Drvengrad Festival In Kustendorff

This popular cultural festival is a must-visit. It usually takes place in January and offers the chance to enjoy international and local films while also possibly spotting a celebrity or two.

36. EXIT Festival

If you’ve done sightseeing and are ready for something a little more modern, head to one of Serbia’s major cities – Novi Sad, just north of the capital. Here you can enjoy this hugely popular outdoor music festival.

Traditionally held in July, also known as ‘Exit in Serbia,’ the festival offers the opportunity to enjoy the warm sunshine before dancing the night away.

City And Urban Experiences

37. Cycling Tour Of Belgrade Sights

Skadarlija, Zavicaj belgrade Serbia

If you want to be active and see the sights simultaneously, I Bike Belgrade organizes guided cycling tours around the city’s central areas. These tours allow you to get some exercise, see the main highlights, and do it all with the help of a guide.

All you need to do is grab a Belgrade sightseeing map and pedal off on your adventure.

38. Hop-On & Off Belgrade Sightseeing Bus

A Belgrade top 10 list is never complete without this bus. This is an excellent family-friendly trip around the city – all without giving yourself blisters and hearing the kids moan about all the walking.

Use the hop-on, hop-off sightseeing bus to its maximum potential. It has several routes, and you can choose the way that suits your interests. Hop off if you want to explore further before re-joining the next tour.

39. Serious Shopping In Belgrade

You can’t deny it: while sightseeing and nature are lovely, sometimes we all want to indulge in a little retail therapy. In Serbia, your best destination is undoubtedly the capital city – Belgrade.

Packed with High Street shops, many names you will recognize, and more local stores, you can take a few souvenirs home.

40. Belgrade City Zoo

Right in the city’s heart, you will find this large and famous zoo, which is the perfect day out for all the families in Serbia. The zoo now covers a vast 14 hectares and is home to many species of animals.

41. Architecture On Belgrade’s Knez Mihailova Street

This used to be where the affluent lived, but nowadays, you can enjoy shopping, street art, and beautiful architecture on this iconic street.

The Serbian Crown Hotel is an excellent example of architecture and history; you’ll see just why it’s one of the most famous buildings in Serbia when you are there.

42. Authentic Cuisine In Skadarlija, Belgrade

Best Day Trips From Sarajevo - Cevapi

Skadarlija is the city’s old quarter, dating back to around the 19th century, and is packed with restaurants, mainly serving traditional dishes. Be sure to try pljeskavica, a local meat dish, usually lamb, with various vegetables and the world-famous cevapi.

43. Vibrant Nightlife In The Capital

Skadarlija street in Belgrade, Serbia, with tables and chairs and trees in the background.

You might not have Serbia down as a place to party, but the capital city is bright and vibrant during the evening! If you’re looking for a place to dance, you can find cheap places to head, more affordable drinks, and a wide range of nightclubs.

44. Aviation Museum In Belgrade

Anyone interested in World War II should head to Belgrade’s Aviation Museum, where several planes are kept, as well as rare artifacts and pieces of aircraft.

45. Timber Town

Places to visit in Serbia - Main square Kustendorf

Drvengrad is home to Timber Town, overlooked by the imposing Zlatibor Mountain. This small village was built as a film set in 2002 and is a pretty and colorful place to visit. You can also see a full-sized statue of the actor Johnny Depp here – random but interesting!

46. Subotica

A red brick building with a clock tower stands in Serbia as the town hall of Subotica.

Other than Belgrade, a trip to Serbia must include Subotica. The city is a multicultural mix of Hungarians, Serbians, and Croatians living next to each other, and it has so far remained undiscovered by many.

Recreational And Leisure Activities

As already mentioned, a Danube Cruise makes for a beautiful recreational activity in Serbia. Don’t forget to add these other ideas to your itinerary too:

47. Open Air Museum In Zlatibor

The Sirogojno Open Air Museum is a great way to learn more about 19th-century life in the country while enjoying the fresh air! Wander around the hillside setting as you explore the museum and the wooden houses that make up its landscape.

48. Wine Route

A shadowy figure wields a tennis racket, showcasing their agility and finesse.

Serbia is packed with different wine routes to follow. You can check out the stunning scenery and taste and learn about production simultaneously.

Fruska Gora is a famous wine region where Riesling is produced. Sauvignon is popular here. The Smederevo Wine Route is another popular one, with the glistening Danube on one side and the Morava on the other side.

49. Bela Crkva

This small town is picture-perfect, surrounded by green hills, fragrant flowers, lakes, and small villages. If you want to explore Serbia’s authentic side, head here for tradition and culture, which is away from the big city.

50. The House On The Rock: Drina River House

Balkans Road Trip - House On The Drina Tara

If you are in the River Drina area for rafting or a nature break, check out the famous house on the Rock; this is literally what it says, but it is worth more than that! This former fisherman’s residence was built in the middle of the river, perched high on a rock.

51. St Sava Church At Night

Temple Of Saint Sava, Belgrade Serbia

Belgrade is home to the seriously impressive and rather beautiful St. Sava Church. While this is a treat at any time of the day, at night, it is lit up and almost glows; certainly one for the camera.

52. A Day At The Beach In Novi Sad 

While Serbia is landlocked, the huge Danube has some beaches, and the best is perhaps in Novi Sad, where there is a long stretch of sand to relax on and plentiful nightlife options for your evening entertainment.

Serbia Tours

While many travelers prefer to “do their own thing” and be spontaneous while on holiday, many people also like to be taken care of.

That could mean many things, from excellent restaurant service to superior hotel hospitality and facilities. Besides, organized tours can be considered a welcome service, eliminating the time and effort necessary to plan a trip. This leaves you much more time to enjoy what you’re doing. If you’re looking for some of the best tours in Serbia, take a look at those below. They’re all fantastic, comfortable, informative, and reasonably priced.

Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, is the country’s central hub of many things, from commerce to culture, architecture, and art. There are many tours in the city that you can join of all types and lengths. However, there are several great excursions if you plan to explore the rest of Serbia. Read on to find out some of the best tours in Serbia.

53. Belgrade (Walking) Tours

There are so many Belgrade tours that picking one can be challenging. From free historical walks to biking tours to Segway tours and bar crawls, you can explore this bustling, historic city in various ways.

An effective way to start any visit to a new city is by joining one of the free walking tours. That’ll give you an excellent introduction and allow you to get your bearings. Also, you might even meet some new friends in the meantime!

54. Food And Culture Tour In Belgrade

Serbian Food - Fis Paprikas

Of all of the tour choices in Belgrade, one stands out. The Food and Culture Tour in Belgrade. This tour is a great way to get to know Serbian culture, identity, heritage, and customs. You can look up what to eat in Serbia here to get a head start on the fun.

On this tour, you will taste a variety of typical dishes, snacks, and drinks in authentic Serbian eateries.

55. Pannonia Wonderland – Sremski Karlovci

The Pannonia Wonderland Tour takes you to Vojvodina, Serbia’s largest province, and its many highlights.

This fantastic tour immerses you in 17th- to 19th-century Serbia, arguably the nation’s cultural heyday.

Major stops include Novi Sad’s town with its numerous architectural masterpieces; Sremski Karlovci, a gorgeous Baroque village that used to be the Serbian cultural and spiritual center during the Austro-Hungarian period and is one of the country’s premier wine regions; and beautiful Fruška Gora National Park.

56. Down The Resava Gorge

Resava Gorge

From a great cave and waterfalls to ancient architecture and one of the most unusual attractions in Serbia, the Down the Resava Gorge Tour has it all. Starting and ending in Belgrade, this day tour’s first stop is the town of Despotovac, where you will visit the Park of Miniatures.

This extraordinary place features many models of monasteries in Serbia dating back to the Middle Ages, offering a closer look into the medieval kingdom of Serbia.

Your afternoon activity is exploring Resava Cave, the oldest surveyed cave in Serbia—more than 80 million years old. The next stop is an actual monastery, the Manasija Monastery, dating from the 15th century. Lunch will be enjoyed while overlooking the beautiful Veliki Buk—Lisina waterfall.

57. Tara National Park

Places to visit in Serbia - Houseboats of Perucac

Last on our list of things to do in Serbia is one for adventurers. If you don’t have much time but still want to experience the tremendous Serbian outdoors, the Tara National Park Tour is one of the best tours in Serbia for you. This full-day excursion takes you into the mountains of western Serbia for a day filled with natural beauty and traditional food.

There are many highlights on the way, such as the Drina River itself and the house that stands on a rock in the middle of it, Perucac Lake, the Goat Rock viewpoint, and the Wooden Town, a traditional Serbian village constructed by Serbian film director Emir Kusturica.

Serbia’s Climate

Serbia has varying climates, depending on where you venture. If you plan on an epic country-wide adventure, you should be ready for different weather conditions depending on your travel direction.

The northern portion of Serbia is known to have a continental climate, which means winters are cold but not freezing and summers can be very hot and humid. Rain in this part of the country is spread evenly throughout the year.

If you head to the central part of Serbia, then you can expect a moderate continental climate, which is a slightly less extreme version of what you will experience in the north.

However, heading south, you will find winters that experience snowfall, often substantial, with freezing temperatures before the mercury soars during the summer, with very little rain at this time.

Where Is Serbia In The Balkans?

Saint Sava temple in winter, Belgrade Serbia

It is located in the South of Europe, part of the Balkans, sharing land borders with Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Albania, and Romania – every one of those countries has left its small mark on the country.

But Serbia isn’t a copy-paste of its neighbors—au contraire—Serbia has much on offer that is unique. Lucky for you, Serbia is not as touristy as its neighbor (hello, yes, we are talking about you, Croatia!).

Belgrade is Serbia’s massive capital city, packed with architecture and history to explore, but don’t just see Belgrade’s top attractions. The country is unquestionably an explorer’s dream.

Planning Your Trip: Serbia Travel Tips

Balkan Flags_Serbia 1

  • Croatia and Serbia have complex histories. While they are neighbors and share many similarities, we recommend you don’t ask just anybody about the ’90s war—the topic can make some very upset
  • There is limited tourist information in Serbia, and many sites don’t even have signs – so ask a friendly local
  • Serbia has an extensive bus network, making it easy to travel between the major cities. However, for things further afield, you will need to rent a car, book a group tour, or get a private transfer
  • While flights to Serbia run all year round, you must factor in times when places and attractions are closed

Serbia might be relatively unknown regarding tourism, but this country boasts an exciting history, stunning natural treasures, and outdoor adventures. The capital is also home to an incredibly vibrant nightlife scene, making Serbia the perfect blend of old and new.

You’ve now got your list of the famous places in Serbia; tell us, are you ready to visit Serbia, and if so, where will you start first?

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