Your Guide To Antiparos Island Greece

Your Guide To Antiparos Island Greece

Heading to Antiparos for your vacation in Greece? Then you have landed in the right place to gather all the information you need and start planning your trip right now.

Antiparos is a small Aegean Island located only 10 minutes away from the better-known island of Paros. As a matter of fact, Antiparos was long considered a great day trip from Paros, but as years have gone by, many people have started choosing Antiparos for its laid-back vibe and off-the-beaten-path status.

Somewhat exclusive and elegant, the island offers a limited number of places to stay and things to do. This can be an advantage to many travelers, especially those looking for a place where the lack of buzz, nightlife entertainment, and noise is nothing but a blessing.

However, on Antiparos, you will find a few interesting places to discover, including a magnificent cave, picturesque whitewashed churches, a nearby archaeological island, unique seaside caves, and a tiny but picturesque old town to explore.

And if during your stay, you feel you miss a more vibrant nightlife and exciting activities, crossing to Paros and even to nearby Naxos can be an easy thing to do as well.

Let’s now see all the things you can do in Antiparos, where to stay, where to eat, and more.

How To Get To Antiparos

Things to do in Antiparos Island Greece

Since the island is relatively small, the island does not have an airport. The only way to reach Antiparos is to travel by ferry from Paros. There are no direct ferries from Athens, so you will have to reach Paros first if you’re coming from Greece’s capital.

Paros can be reached both by ferry or by airplane. If you choose to depart from the main port of Paroikia, the trip will take from 15 to 25 minutes. Once in Paros, you can quickly get Antiparos from the port of Pounda, with a crossing time of about 7 minutes, the ferry can also transfer your car, so there is no need to worry about transportation once you’re on the small island.

If you prefer to fly, you will need to land at Paros National Airport. This small airport receives seasonal flights from Athens, Thessaloniki, and Heraklion (Crete). After landing on Paros, a ferry crossing is the only option to get to Antiparos.

When To Visit Antiparos

Antiparos, Greece - September 28, 2020: Greek street with souvenir shops on Antiparos Island Greece Cyclades

The island enjoys warm weather from the end of May, so the island is a perfect summer destination between June and September.

Winter months are not an option since the island is desolate, and you won’t find many places open to eat or even sleep.

Antiparos For Families

The island is a perfect destination for families with small kids. The streets are not dangerous (most of the center is pedestrian), so toddlers and those just learning to walk will find themselves in a very safe environment.

The island also offers fantastic shallow beaches, often quite empty, so kids can have fun making sandcastles with the fine golden sand that characterizes the beaches on the island.

What To Do In Antiparos

Things to do in Antiparos Island Greece - Small Chapel Of Agios Ioannis Spilotis

Featuring just one main road, a few hotels and villas to rent, and a bunch of restaurants and tavernas, the atmosphere on the island remains quiet and very peaceful. There is only one local bus, a couple of boat tour companies that sail around the island, and after that, all you have to do is relax.

However, if you are an explorer at heart, you will find that the island offers many interesting things to see and enjoy. Let’s see some of the best things you can do on the island.

Discover The Cave Of Antiparos

Probably the most popular reason to visit the island is the spectacular cave in the heart of the island. During the visit, one of the most essential and beautiful caves in Europe, the Cave of Antiparos, enchants both kids and adults.

The cave is located on the side of a hill, with unique views of Antiparos’ coastline. To reach the cave, you can take the local bus from the center of town (four daily buses leave you very close to the cave entrance) or drive your way up the mountain; the trip is no more than 15 minutes from the port.

Populated with hundreds of centuries-old stalactites and stalagmites, this impressive cave is a must-visit site on the island. If you’re traveling with small kids, do pack a light jacket as the temperature inside the cave can be from 5 to 10 degrees lower than on the rest of the island. Keep in mind that the floor can be wet and slippery in some areas, so plan accordingly to pack the right shoes for the adventure.

Explore The Chora And The Castle

Antiparos is home to just one small town and a few scattered settlements. The main town is relatively small and highly picturesque, full of unique whitewashed houses, dozens of exclusive boutiques and souvenir shops, and many good restaurants and tavernas.

All the cobblestone alleys lead to the central Antiparos Square, where a few arcs and passages lead the way to the very ancient Kastro, the castle of Antiparos. Although today it might look like a small construction, the building offered shelter to the local population during the times of piracy in the Aegean Sea.

Kids will enjoy exploring this small stone construction and all the houses, built one next to the other, as part of the surrounding protective wall of the area. In the proximity of the castle, there are a few old churches worth a visit to.

Check The Nearby Island Of Despotiko

If you are interested in the past of the Greek civilization, then Despotiko is a place you must visit when exploring the island. To get there, it is necessary to board a ferry boat from the southern port of Agios Giorgos.

The small, uninhabited island is home to one of the most important ancient sites in the Aegean, where you can marvel at the ruins of several temples, probably in honor of God Apollo. Surprisingly enough, Despotiko is strategically positioned and offers terrific views of Antiparos and other islands, including Serifos, Sifnos, and Sikinos.

Sails Around The Sea Caves

When visiting Despotiko island, choose a boat itinerary that also offers you to explore the impressing sea caves on the southern coast of Antiparos.

Two boats are offering the day trip, and they allow you not just to see the magnificent blue caves from really close but will also encourage you to jump and swim in the pristine turquoise waters when the sea is calm. Both kids and adults enjoy the experience.

Shop In The Local Boutiques

There are several beautiful boutiques in the center of the old town where you can find unique clothes, bags, and crafts to decorate your house.

Locals on the island also produce small quantities of wine, olive oil, and spirits, some of them for sale in bars and tavernas.


Greece Travel Blog_Guide To Antiparos Island


Discover The Best Beaches In Antiparos

There are some breathtaking beaches you can visit on the island, some of them perfect for families, others more secluded and ideal for naturism and romantic escapes.

Theologos Beach

Theologos is a quiet and shallow beach, probably the one that is closer to the port and the main town. It is a wide, sandy bay protected from the winds, with very calm waters, and perfect for small children.

There are tamarisk trees all around the area, so there is no need to have umbrellas to protect from the sun.

Soros Beach

This beach is located closer to the Cave of Antiparos and is one of the most exclusive spots on the island. It features a fantastic beach bar serving cocktails and light snacks. There is music, comfy loungers, and a sort of cosmopolitan atmosphere during the peak summer months; however, it will be calmer and more relaxing if you visit at the end of May or September.

Agios Giorgos Beach

The beach located right opposite Despotiko Island is a great destination to spend a whole day. There are some stunning fish taverns in the area and tranquil beaches with trees that offer shade and shelter.

The beaches in the Agios Giorgos area are not as shallow, but they are pretty isolated, so you will not find many tourists.

Psaralyki Beach

Just minutes from the center of town towards the southeastern part of Antiparos, Psaralyki I and Psaralyki II are two of the most popular beaches on the island.

Both beaches are shallow and protected from winds, so they are perfect for families with small children; there are trees offering natural shade and sunbeds and umbrellas to rent. The beach is organized, there are tavernas and bars.

On Psaralyki I, tourists can find pedal boats for rent and enough space to play beach tennis and beach volley. On the other hand, Psaralyki II is a nudist-friendly beach, often described by locals as one of the first naturist beaches in Greece. Of course, the nudist section of the beach is secluded, while the central part of the beach offers a family-friendly atmosphere.

Best Antiparos Hotels

The offer of hotels on the island is minimal; however, most hotels and villas are very well-appointed, offering comfortable and renewed accommodation. Since the offer is so tiny, it is always a good idea to book way beforehand not to miss your spot on the island. Besides, booking in advance also often guarantees better fees and better views from the room!

These are the best hotels you can book in Antiparos; take a look.

Budget Hotels In Antiparos

Greece Travel Blog_Guide To Antiparos Island_Pavlos Place
Photo Credit: Pavlos Place

Pavlos Place is super popular among those who come to the island year after year; Pavlos Place is also home to one of the best taverns on the island. The studios are located within 250 meters from Psaralyki Beach and only minutes from the port.

This Cycladic-style complex in blue and white colors offers bright rooms with a fridge, electric kettle, and coffee maker. The place is only a short walk away from cafes and mini markets. Continental breakfast is served in the morning. The property’s staff offers free transfer to and from the port. More information here.


Greece Travel Blog_Guide To Anitparos Island_Villa Del Mar
Photo Credit: Villa Del Mar

Villa del Mar is another budget hotel centrally located in Antiparos Town, only 20 meters from the small Kaloudia Beach. It features a beautiful sun terrace where guests can relax and enjoy the fantastic sea views. The property is built in Cycladic style, while the rooms have a terrace and views of the garden. More information here.


Mid-Range Hotels In Antiparos

Greece Travel Blog_Guide To Antiparos Island_Kouros Village
Photo Credit: Kouros Village

Kouros Village is probably my favorite place to stay in Antiparos. It enjoys a fantastic, central location, close to the city, the port, and the beach, and features a magnificent pool with views, a beautiful garden, and incredible views of the town.

Most rooms have impressive verandas, and many of them have been recently renovated in minimalistic Nordic style. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available a la carte and offer a variety of fresh and local products with an emphasis on Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Families will love to hear that babysitting services are available upon request. More information here.


Greece Travel Blog_Guide To Antiparos Island_Oliaros Seaside Lodge
Photo Credit: Oliaros Seaside Lodge

Oliaros Seaside Lodge is located near Agios Giorgos, on the island’s southern area, only 200 meters from the beach; the seaside property features a bar, a garden, and accommodation with balconies a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area and fridge.

In any case, guests can also enjoy a continental breakfast that is daily available at the apartment. The accommodation also offers a convenient car rental service. More information here.


Luxury Places To Stay In Antiparos

Greece Travel Blog_Guide To Antiparos Island_Soros Beach
Photo Credit: Soros Beach

Soros Beach is located near the beach of the same name, and it is an exclusive place to stay in Antiparos. Perfect for small groups and couples, the hotel is just meters from the sea.

It offers Cycladic-style accommodation with stone details and built-in beds with rooms opening to a terrace with Aegean Sea views. All suites and rooms feature beamed ceilings and air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a fridge. There is a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine.

More facilities include a garden, a bar, and a snack bar, while guests can enjoy free sunbeds at the beach. More information here.


Greece Travel Blog_Guide To Antiparos_Salty Villas - Chrissipi
Photo Credit: Salty Villas – Chrissipi

Salty Villas Chrissipi offers brand new and elegant accommodation in Antiparos and is a perfect place to stay for small families. The holiday home is fitted with two bedrooms, one bathroom, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a balcony with sea views. Read more here.


Where To Eat In Antiparos

Things to do in Antiparos Island Greece - Restaurant on Antiparos Island

Pavlos Place

Probably one of the most popular places to eat on the island, this family-run taverna serves some of the most delicious traditional dishes on the island.

The atmosphere is genuinely family-friendly, while sometimes live music entertains the guests. They produce their sweet wine and serve a delicious dish made with aubergines and chicken that you definitely must try. Pavlos Place is in the Chora of Antiparos.

Taverna Kyklades

Simple and traditional, this tavern has earned dozens of great reviews for its no-frill Greek dishes at very reasonable prices. When visiting, do not miss their lamb in tomato sauce. Kids will definitely love their homemade meatballs with fried potatoes.

Captain Pipinos

Located in Agios Giorgos, right by the sea, this place is the perfect location to try authentic, fresh seafood, including fried fish, marinated sardines, grilled octopus, and delicate salads.



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