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Welcome to the ultimate guide for navigating the Antiparos to Mykonos ferry route, an essential resource for those planning to explore the stunning Greek islands.

This comprehensive guide not only provides detailed information about ferry services from the island of Antiparos to Mykonos but also includes essential insights for the return journey from Mykonos to Antiparos.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor to Greece, this guide will equip you with all the necessary information to island-hop with ease and confidence, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey through the enchanting Aegean Sea.

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Knowing how to get from one beautiful Greek island to another is a must-know piece of knowledge. Island hopping is a fantastic activity to try when visiting this stunning region of the world. There are so many islands to visit – yet – so little time!

The good news is that you can move between islands relatively easily; you need the knowledge, and you’re well away!

If you’re thinking of visiting stunning and chilled-out Antiparos, you’re sure to have a relaxing time. With a lack of wide-ranging tourism, this island is the best place to catch some rest and relaxation, with some gorgeous beaches to spend your time on.

However, at some point, you may want to enjoy a little tourism and nightlife. In that case, why not hop over to glittering Mykonos?

Mykonos has gained a reputation as celebrity central over the last few years, and you’ll find famous DJs playing sets until the morning hours. However, Mykonos isn’t all about partying, as the beaches and the history are also worth soaking up. Be sure to visit Little Venice and check out the sunset too!

So, how do you get from Antiparos to Mykonos and then from Mykonos to Antiparos? Let us show you in this transportation guide.

How To Get From Antiparos To Mykonos

We’re talking about two islands here, and no bridge connects Mykonos to Antiparos –  so you will need to take a ferry between the islands.

There is no Mykonos-Antiparos ferry, unfortunately, meaning there is no direct option between Antiparos and Mykonos, but that doesn’t mean it’s not entirely doable.

Mykonos To Paros Ferry

Things to do in Antiparos Island Greece - Restaurant on Antiparos Island

First, you will need to take the ferry from Antiparos Island to the neighboring island of Paros. Then, you will connect from Pounta – a small resort on Paros, to Mykonos.

It’s not as long-winded as it sounds, as the distances between each point are short, and the ferries are plentiful. There are more ferries between the islands during summer compared to winter, but as you’re more likely to travel during that time, you should have no issues.


Mykonos to Paros ferry schedules

During August, up to five ferries per day run from Mykonos to Paros. In other summer months, this reduces to 2 or 3 ferries per day. The ferry operators on this route include SeaJets, Golden Star Ferries, and Minoan Lines, with SeaJets typically being the fastest but most expensive option.

Paros to Antiparos ferry schedules

The Parikia to Antiparos ferry operates about four times per day in the high season, while the Pounta to Antiparos ferry runs multiple times daily throughout the year. The journey from Pounta to Antiparos takes just 7 minutes. 

Antiparos To Paros Ferry Timetables

Head to the port on Antiparos and purchase your ticket for the ferry over to Pounta (Paros). You cannot pre-book your tickets, so you will need to arrive early during the peak season. However, Antiparos is never a very busy island in general, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

Paros to Mykonos Ferry

The fastest ferry routes between Mykonos and Paros take just 7 minutes, although you may have to wait for a ferry to depart, depending upon the time of day – the schedule isn’t fixed. During summer, there are an average of 4 ferry crossings daily from Paros-Mykonos and also Mykonos-Paros.

Once you arrive at the main port of Paros (Pounta), you will take the connecting ferry over to Mykonos. The Paros to Mykonos crossing is far more popular, and there are several options in terms of the company you can choose. Depending upon availability, you can also pre-book your tickets online or at the port.


Mykonos To Antiparos Ferry Company Options

The main ferry companies are Golden Star Ferries, Minoan Lines, and SeaJets, with the latter often being the fastest, although the most expensive as a result. Crossing times vary between 1 hour to 1.5 hours before you reach your final destination.

During the summer months, there are around five daily ferries, and this reduces to just a couple during the winter months.

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Mykonos To Antiparos

Mykonos To Ios Ferry Info - Little Venice On Mykonos Island Greece

To return back to Antiparos from Mykonos, you reverse the above information. That is, to travel from Mykonos to Pounta on Paros and then catch the very short ferry ride back over to Antiparos from Paros.

Flying Between Antiparos & Mykonos

There are no direct flights between Antiparos and Mykonos. Antiparos is a small island and does not have an airport. The nearest airport to Antiparos is on the neighboring island of Paros.

What to See and Do on Antiparos

Both Antiparos and Mykonos are Cyclades islands, a group of islands in the Aegean Sea in Greece. Cycladic islands are known for their gorgeous beaches, different villages, and distinctive architecture, and both Antiparos and Mykonos are popular tourist destinations within this archipelago.

Here is what’s suggested you do while on these islands:

  • Explore the Chora and the Castle: wander through the charming town center and visit the historic castle
  • Beaches: enjoy unique beaches like Psaraliki, Camping Beach, Soros Beach, Sifneiko, and Faneromeni
  • Sea Caves: explore the magnificent sea caves by boat
  • Cave of Antiparos: visit this impressive natural attraction
  • Sail to Despotiko: an excursion to the ancient island nearby
  • Fishing Village of Ai Giorgis: discover the quaint fishing village
  • Hiking Trails: explore the natural beauty of Antiparos through its hiking trails
  • Find Tom Hanks: Tom and his wife, Rita Wilson, who is of Greek descent, have a strong connection to Greece. They own property on the island of Antiparos; see if you can spot them

What to See and Do on Mykonos

  • Stroll around Hora: explore the cobblestone streets, sugar-cube houses, and iconic windmills
  • World-Famous Beaches: visit beaches like Psarou, Panormos, and Paradise, then head to the Super Paradise beach clubs
  • Shopping in Hora: enjoy shopping at stylish boutiques and shops, especially around Matoyianni Street
  • Nightlife: experience the legendary nightlife of Mykonos
  • Gastronomic Experience: savor Mediterranean and international cuisine at various eateries
  • Cruise to Delos and Rinia: explore these nearby islands known for their archaeological significance
  • Southern Coastline Exploration: take a boat trip along the southern coastline, visiting numerous beaches
  • Village Life in Ano Mera: discover the traditional village life in Mykonos’ second-largest settlement
  • Visit Dairies and Farmsteads: engage in farm-to-fork dining experiences and meet local producers
  • Wellness Activities: participate in activities like yoga, pilates, and personal training
  • Outdoor Activities: enjoy activities like kite surfing, scuba diving, horseriding, and cycling
  • Cultural Experiences: attend the Mykonos Art Festival, visit galleries, and enjoy the outdoor cinema in Hora

Now that you’ve got the scoop on getting between the Greek isles of Mykonos to Antiparos, you’re all set for some epic island time. Enjoy the journey, soak up the sun, and have a blast exploring. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Antiparos!


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