47 Epic Things To Do In Albania (Top Places & Activities)

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Albania may fly a little under the radar, but there are so many places to visit Albania. This list has all of the best things to do in Albania for all kinds of travelers. This travel guide also has tips about the weather, transport, and much more.

Albania Travel Blog_47 Epic Things To Do In Albania

The Balkan region comprises several countries, all rich in culture and traditions and stunningly beautiful, with plenty of outdoor sites for visitors to enjoy. However, Albania is among the most underrated Balkan nations flying under many international travelers’ radar.

That’s a real pity, as there’s a wealth of things to do in Albania, from historic castles and fascinating museums to pristine beaches and wild national parks. Albania has so much to offer; you may struggle to choose just one “best place to visit in Albania.” Get ready to make an extensive list of places to explore…

Things To Do In Albania You’ll Love

Let’s go through the best of Albania and what to see in Albania!

1. Visit Apollonia

Where To Go In Albania - Temple ruins in Apollonia Albania

On the central Albanian coast, you will find the ancient ruins of a town built by the Greeks in 588 BC. Initially named Gylakeia and later changed to Apollonia in honor of the god Apollo, this ancient Greek city was essential to the Greeks and even had a school for philosophy at one point.

This ancient Albanian site has well-maintained ruins to explore, including temples, theaters, and libraries. The views from this beautiful Albania tourist spot are nothing short of impressive, too.

2. Enjoy Nature In Qafë Shtamë National Park

Named after the Qafë-Shtamë mountain pass, this national park in central Albania lies on the edge of the mountains, just north of the capital, and is stunning. Tall green trees, high peaks, valleys, and rolling hills are ideal for exploring on foot and are also great for photography enthusiasts.


3. The Tomb Of Sari Saltiks

Sari Saltik was a 13th-century dervish monk considered a saint in the Balkans. You will find his ancient tomb near Tirana, a visit-worthy stop for history buffs.

4. Explore Krujë’s National Ethnographic Museum

Taking the guided tour around this traditional Ottoman house, now a Museum, is undoubtedly worthwhile, where you will get insight into the traditional Albanian life throughout the centuries. Built in the 18th century, the Ethnographic Museum will show you how families worked and lived in Albania during this period. Inside the complex, you will find an old bakery, blacksmith, wine cellar, and many other interesting exhibits.

5. Take In Krujë Castle

Balkan Cities - Kruja castle in Albania

Near the Ethnographic Museum lies one of the best things to do in Albania: the beautiful Krujë Castle, famous for its well-preserved and rather imposing castle, including the Skanderbeg Museum.

Constructed as early as the 5th or 6th century, it was the headquarters of Georg Kastriot during the Ottoman sieges, which began in 1444. From this small elliptical castle with no more than 3,000 men, Kastriot effectively repelled multiple attacks and put a serious dent in the Ottoman Empire’s expansion into Central Europe.

His enemies, the Ottomans, called him Iskender Bey. This means as much as Lord or Leader Alexander and is considered a comparison to Alexander the Great himself. The English translation of his name is Skanderbeg. He justifiably became a national hero in Albania, nicknamed the “Dragon of Albania.” Nowadays, a monument dedicated to Georg Kastriot Skanderbeg dominates Skanderbeg Square in central Tirana.

Getting to Krujë Castle from Tirana as a day trip is a piece of cake. It’s relatively small, too, so you should only need a few hours to explore the area. If you’re wondering what to do in Albania, a Tirana day trip to this historically enormously significant castle is a good suggestion.

6. Check Out UNESCO-Listed Gjirokastra

Gjirokastra was voted on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage in the country’s south as it is a rare example of a well-preserved Ottoman town known as the “city of stone.” As you would expect, Ottoman architecture takes up the spotlight here, many of the old houses built of stone, giving you a window to the past. Unsurprisingly, the city is also known as the “city of stones.”

7. Haggle In The Gjirokastra Bazaar

If you want to grab a few interesting local Albanian souvenirs to take back home for loved ones, this is the ideal place to go. Vibrant but never too busy, you can haggle for your goods and enjoy the bright atmosphere.

8. Educate Yourself At The National Historical Museum

After you have ticked off all of the items on your “things to do in Albania” list and want to learn more about the country, head to the capital and enjoy a few hours in the National Historical Museum, one of Albania’s most famous landmarks. Ideal as cover during a rainy day, the museum is open from 10 am until 5 pm. It’s divided into many pavilions, all focusing on a specific period in time, such as Antiquity, the Renaissance, Independence, and Communist Terror.

If you’d like to get some historical context, there’s no better place to go in Albania than its National Historical Museum. After your visit, you’ll be able to look at many other landmarks in Tirana and Albania with more understanding. It’ll also give you a better grasp of the best places to visit in Albania.

9. Walk Through Tirana’s Grand Park (Parku I Madh)

Grand Park should be your destination if you are seeking a little peace during your city break. Locals often head here for a morning or afternoon stroll, and the whole pace of life here is laid-back and slow. The lake shimmers in the sunlight, and picnic tables and cafes are dotted around for you to chill out.

This 289-hectare park features a sizeable human-made lake and landmarks like the Presidential Palace, the St. Procopius Church, the Botanical Garden, and the Zoo. Additionally, you’ll see several memorials to notable Albanian citizens, including writers and politicians. It’s one of the best places in Tirana to escape the crowds.


10. Enjoy Architecture At The Orthodox Autocephalous Church Of Albania

Tirana is home to this stunning example of design and architecture, both on the outside and the inside. Despite its long history, this is quite a modern church, and its architecture is very different from most churches you will have seen.

11. Appreciate Art And Communist History At Bunk’Art

A weekend in tirana_bunkart_tirana

If you’re trying to figure out what to do in Tirana, visiting the Bunk’Art Museum has to be a priority. Located near the Deshmoret, a Kombit Boulevard, at the base of Mount Dajti, this five-floor mixed art and history museum showcases the troubling communist past of Albania.

Exhibits show the daily life of Albanians under the communist regime, while other displays combine the country’s more recent history with contemporary works of art.

12. Cultural Importance At Skanderbeg Square

THINGS TO DO IN ALBANIA - Skanderberg statue in the center, Tirana, Albania

The square is the main celebration venue in Tirana and Albania, featuring a large lawn, rows of stately trees, and colorful flowerbeds. Named after national hero Georg Kastriot Skanderbeg, who helped stop the advance of the Ottoman Empire into Eastern Europe (see Krujë Castle above), the square is dominated by the Skanderbeg Monument. The monument symbolically occupies the very spot where a Josef Stalin statue once stood.

Around Skanderbeg Square, you’ll find major Tirana attractions like the National Historical Museum, the Palace of Culture, the Et’hem Bey Mosque, the Clock Tower, the National Library, and various ministries.

13. Visit Tirana’s Historic Clock Tower

Next door to the beautiful Et’hem Bey Mosque on Skanderbeg Square, you will find the historic Clock Tower, both designed by the same person. The tower is free to enter and gives you breathtaking views of the entire Tirana city center and beyond.

14. Appreciate Historic Art In The National Gallery Of Figurative Arts

Tirana is home to this beautiful gallery, which looks impressive from the outside but is also highly fascinating on the inside. There are over 4,100 works of art by local and international artists, dating back to the 13th century right up until the modern day.

15. Visit Mother Teresa Square (Sheshi Nene Tereza)

Named after Mother Teresa, who was ethnic Albanian, this square is important in Tirana and another fantastic place to watch the world go by, home to a small mountain and the University of Tirana.

16. Take A Ride On The Dajti Ekspres

Without question, a major Tirana highlight and one of the most fun Albania tourist attractions is the Dajti Ekspres. You will ascent more than 800 meters from the city center to Mount Dajti. The 1-kilometer-long ride takes about 15 minutes, making this the longest cable car ride in the Balkans.

A tourist complex boasting restaurants and hotels lies at the top, and the views are absolutely spectacular. This is called the “Balcony of Tirana” for a good reason. If you’re afraid of heights or don’t want to ride the cable car, there’s the possibility of driving up to the top by car, which takes an hour or longer.

17. Go For A Hike In Mount Dajti National Park

Dajti National Park - National Parks in Albania
Photo Credit

Whatever way you choose to travel up Mount Dajti—cable car, driving, or even hiking yourself—it’ll bring you to Mount Dajti National Park. This is one of the most accessible national parks in the Balkans, if not in all of Europe. It’s also one of Albania’s most beautiful places because its location is so exceptionally convenient.

Spend a day wandering out into the mountain ranges just beyond Tirana’s eastern edge. Various hiking trails lead into the forests and along ridges, offering phenomenal vistas, excellent wildlife watching, and—most of all—a great escape from the busy city life below.

17. Visit Butrint National Park

Things to do in Saranda - Ruins Butrint Albania
Ruins of Butrint, Albania

Butrint National Park has 9,400 hectares of stunning nature and is undoubtedly one of Albania’s best places to visit. Given its close proximity to Greece in south Albania, the park is also abundant in historical sites from the Iron Age through the Middle Ages, so it pays to take a guided tour when exploring the park. Several ancient buildings still exist here, although in ruins. There is a basilica, a Roman theater, a late-antique baptistery, and even two castles.

In addition to being home to some of the most archaeologically rich places in Albania, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in fact, the park boasts a wealth of natural beauty. It’s an internationally significant bird area designated under the Ramsar Convention, from salt marshes and freshwater lakes to islands and open plains.

So, as you can clearly see, Butrint National Park is one of the most incredible places to visit in Albania for both history and nature lovers alike.

18. Enjoy A Cycling Tour Of Shkodra Lake

Lake Skadar Montenegro

Swimming, walking, cycling, and simply enjoying nature are all possible in the Shkodra or Skadar Lake area, one of Albania’s most famous places. However, cycling is a great way to appreciate the passing landscapes. Many companies will help you with tours, but you could also hire a bike and head off on your own steam.

19. Take In The Site Of Many Battles At Shkodra

Best Castles In Albania - Old church in Rozafa castle ruins near Shkodra city

Located just an hour and a half north of the capital city, Shkodër (also known as Shkoder) is a stunning city nestled on Lake Shkodra at the intersection of three prominent rivers.

The city is surrounded by countryside and the former site of many battles in the past, including those dating back to Ancient Rome. While Shkodra is a city in its own right nowadays, one of the main attractions is a castle named Rozafa.

Standing in Rozafa Castle’s ruins, high up in the hills above the town, you look down on the quaint town streets and across for a supreme bird’s eye view of the impressively large Lake Shkodra. This is one of the best cities in Albania for a combination of wonderful nature, historical sites, great food, and cultural immersion.

The superb location in north Albania makes this place easy to visit on any road trip through Albania. Spend a day or two here before moving to Tirana or heading north.

20. Visit Cobo Winery In Berat


With over 100 years of wine-making history, using traditional production techniques, the Cobo Winery is one of the country’s most famous and most visited, located close to Berat. If you can appreciate the occasional glass of fermented grape juice, a winery visit like this is one of the most fun things to do in Albania for you.

21. Alternatively, Head To Nurellari Winery In Berat

Nurellari Winery is the place to go for natural scenery with a wine-related twist. A relative newcomer, founded in 1995, the winery is only half an hour from the center of Berat and is surrounded by the beautiful Tomorri Mountain.

22. Hiking In Northern Albania

Hiking In The Balkans - Beautiful landscape of Accursed Mountains viewed from Valbona-Theth

When you visit Albania, spending time in nature is mandatory. The mountains are as much part of the national heritage than the cities and historic sites are.

There are more than 100 kilometers of marked hiking trails in northern Albania, in the northern portion of the country, taking you through the rugged mountains and wild landscapes. There is a trail for everyone, though, so there is no need to be put off by a seemingly challenging ascent. Just be sure to do your research.

23. Bird Spotting In Divjaka-Karavasta National Park

Birds aplenty live in this fantastic natural park, close to the Albanian Alps and the wetland areas. You can go through a tour company and enjoy a break here or head off yourself; the choice is yours.

24. Explore Theth National Park

What To Do In Albania: Theth National Park - Albania Travel Blog

Situated high in the Albanian Alps in the country’s far north, Theth National Park is a remote region. The best place in Albania for outdoor enthusiasts who will consistently rate it the most beautiful place to go in Albania, home to attractions such as the Lock-in Tower, a working watermill, and the Grunnas Waterfall.

Within the park, its namesake village of Theth is pretty much as remote as a village can get in Europe. It’s accessible only via a 25-kilometer unpaved road, which is impassable in winter. Even in summer, you might need a 4WD vehicle to get there. As a reward, you receive solitude and tranquility amid gorgeous nature.


25. Drive The Llogara Pass In Llogara National Park

Llogara National Park lies in the country’s southwest and is the setting of one of the most incredible drives in southeastern Europe. The park’s central feature and attraction is the Llogara Pass, a road that reaches a height of 1,000 meters above sea level—quite impressive knowing that the park lies very close to the Adriatic coast.

You’ll find a collection of restaurants and other services at the top of the pass, offering you a perfect spot from which to enjoy the breathtaking views.

26. Touristic Fun On The Albanian Riviera

Best Hotels In Saranda, ALBANIA - beach

The Albanian Riviera boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and Saranda is a popular spot during the summer months. You can walk around the streets, enjoy the nightlife (although it’s not ridiculous, so it’s great for people who want to chill), and enjoy the picturesque views around you. Forty Saints Monastery in Saranda is also a must-visit.

27. Marvel At The Blue Eye

Blue Eye Albania - Syri i Kalter or Blue Eye, a natural spring

Located in the south of the country in Muzine, you’ll find a beautiful natural sight called the Blue Eye. It’s a natural spring, and the water is so unbelievably clear that when the sunlight catches it, it turns bright blue, almost like an eye. You can even see bubbles popping up from the bottom, creating a really fantastic sight.

28. Enjoy Summer Festivals & Beach Parties

Albania hosts many festivals and beach parties throughout the year, and the South Outdoor Festival is one of the most popular. Held at the end of April into May, here you’ll learn everything about local culture in the beautiful setting of Borsch. Performers flock here to entertain the masses, and it’s a great way to enjoy local cultures and soak up the sun all at the same time.

Speaking of the sun, Albania is also famous for fantastic beach parties, and in Dhermi in June, you’ll find the Kala Music Festival, which gives you the ideal setting to party in the sun. The festival lasts for a week, and it’s super popular.

If you prefer something more low-key and in the wellbeing niche, Anjunadeep Explorations is an excellent event in June located in Dermi. You’ll enjoy music, but it’s more about health and wellbeing than anything else.

29. Visit The Ancient City Of Berat

Best Castles In Albania - Travel Blog - Berat Castle
The citadel and fortress of Kala at Berat in Albania

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ancient city of Berat is a top place to visit, known locally as the ‘City of a Thousand Windows.’ The architecture here is impressive, and you’ll see old houses that look like they’re sitting on top of each other with what looks like, as the name suggests, a thousand windows!

The streets are cobbled, so wear comfortable shoes, but it’s a great place to walk around and explore on your own steam.

30. Embrace Nature At Gjipe Beach

Albanian Riviera Guide - Gjipe beach

Many of Albania’s beaches on the Riviera side are busy during the peak summer months, but Gjipe Beach always feels quiet and chilled out. It’s a hidden gem, and it’s so beautiful you won’t believe your eyes. You can find this beach between Dhermi and Himara, and although it takes some effort to get there, it’s more than worth it.


31. Try Local Foods

Albanian Food - Trilece - Balkan Dessert

Albanian cuisine is genuinely delicious, and trying as many dishes as possible is a must-do no matter when you visit.

Tave Kosi is a famous lamb dish covered in egg, rice, yogurt, garlic, and spices and baked until bubbling hot. This is a particularly great dish to try when the weather is cooling down. However, byrek is a famous dish, whether hot or cold, and you should have street food on your list. This is a filo pastry pie cut into pieces and filled with different things, such as cheese, spinach, meat, or potato. You’ll find this almost everywhere.

Another must-try is tave Mishi, which is another meat dish, but this one is covered in lemon and has a really sharp taste. Of course, you must try raki, the famous alcoholic drink which should definitely be consumed slowly!


32. Explore History At The National Historical Museum In Tirana

You can learn more about Albania’s rocky history at the National Historical Museum in Tirana. Several sections inside the museum talk about different parts of the country’s history, including Mother Teresa and the communist era. It’s a sobering place to visit and somewhere that will open your eyes to the horrors the Albanian people have endured over the years.

33. Try Wild Camping

Many places don’t allow you to camp wherever you please, but you can camp on beaches and anywhere else you please in Albania, as long as you’re not trespassing on a person’s private property. Many people camp on wild beaches during the summer months, and you can’t blame them – can you imagine waking up to those types of views?

34. Relax In The Hot Springs

Benja is home to some delightful hot springs that allow you to rest and recuperate in a beautiful setting. The springs date back to the Ottoman era, and thanks to the warmth from the earth’s geothermal activity, the water is always delightfully warm.

35. Swim In Lake Ohrid

Another lake in Albania that belongs on any itinerary is Lake Ohrid. This lake also lies in Albania and Macedonia and is of similar tourist, natural, and historical importance.

Lake Ohrid is among Europe’s oldest and deepest lakes, providing a habitat for a wide variety of animal and plant species, many of which are endemic to the region. Its aquatic ecosystem is critical, so UNESCO protects the lake as a World Heritage Site and a Biosphere Reserve.

36. Tirana’s Preze Castle

In the countryside, a stone’s throw from the Tirana city center, you will find the ruins of Preze Castle, dating back several centuries. This 15th-century castle has four towers and is a trendy place to visit, with beautiful views.

37. Winter Sports At Dardha


When the snow falls in abundance on the high mountains during the winter months, Dardha is packed with local and international visitors. This is a relatively small resort, but certainly one to enjoy, with two ski lifts.

38. Visit One Of The Largest Mosques In Albania

Baitul Avval Mosque in the capital is one of the largest in the country and unquestionably the largest in Tirana. The exterior is undoubtedly beautiful, and the neighboring Darul Falah Mission House is also worth exploring.

39. Explore International Nature At The Botanic Garden Of Tirana

Opened in 1964, this part covers 15 hectares and is home to countless species of international and local plants and flowers.

40. Shopping Fun In Tirana

The capital is full of shopping opportunities, but several large malls, including the tree-lined Toptani pedestrian street and the high-end Block neighborhood.


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What To Do In Albania – Hit Up The Best Towns In Albania

41. Durres

Best Castles In Albania - Durrës Castle
Photo Credit

Enjoy Durres and its famous amphitheater. The coastal city of Durres boasts a beautiful harbor and renowned arena, which could house around 20,000 people back in the day. It’s the largest surviving Roman amphitheater in the Balkans.

Its coastal location also makes Durres one of the most popular Albania holiday destinations. The city is home to many kilometers of Adriatic Sea beaches, attracting thousands of beach-goers, sunbathers, and other summer enthusiasts.

42. Ksamil Beach & Village

Best Hotels In Saranda, ALBANIA - beach

Ksamil is the perfect Ionian Sea beach escape down on Albania’s southern tip on the border with Greece, the ultimate Albania holiday destination.

Soak up the peace and sun in Ksamil Village. On the Ionian Sea coastline, you will find this tranquil and peaceful village, with a small and quiet beach, plenty of cafes and family-run restaurants, and a true Albanian way of life.

Whether you’re into lounging on a private stretch or mixing it up on a public beach, you can easily rent a sunbed from one of the stylish beach clubs during the day.

There are less than 3,000 people in town, but it can seem like many more than that, depending on when you visit. For true tranquility, opt for the shoulder seasons, especially September and October when the waters are still warm.

And the nearby ruins in Butrint National Park, one of the undisputed top things to see in Albania, is well worth the day trip from Ksamil, making the argument for visiting the village even stronger.

43. Tirana

Mountains and valleys surround the capital and a nearby coastline, and as such, it is a very chilled-out city to visit despite its status as the most important city in the country! There is a pavement café feel to the city, with friendly locals happy to sit and chat with you as you take in the atmosphere.

Tirana also boasts a wealth of cultural and historical heritage. If you’re wondering, “Is Albania worth visiting?” a look at the sheer number of landmarks, the vibrant city life, and the incredible culinary scene in Tirana should give you a definite “yes” as an answer.

Modern Day Spa Relaxation In Tirana

A visit to Albania’s capital should encompass a few relaxing spa treatments. If you are looking for a treat during your city break, there are several big-named spas to choose from, usually based in hotels.

The Best Beaches, Lakes & Rivers In Albania

44. Lana River

The capital has the Lana River running through it, although it is more of a stream than a river. The green landscapes around its banks are ideal for taking a picnic and enjoying the sun during the summer months.

45. Dhermi Beach

Where To Go In Albania - Dhermi

This is one of the best beaches in Albania, and the crystal-clear waters beg you to dip your toe in! There are many bars, restaurants, and hotels to enjoy here for a few nights, and the backdrop is green and mountainous.

The village consists of traditional stone houses and, more recently, wooden and eco-friendly structures built to host numerous tourists without weighing down the ecosystem. The area is also well-known for its many churches, where you can admire ancient cultural treasures. Dhërmi Beach (2.5 kilometers downhill) is more popular than Gjipe and other hidden bays in the area.

Therefore, Dhërmi Beach can get crowded with locals and tourists in the high season. However, there are many secluded bays next to the main beach, which you can reach by walking through beautiful olive groves, a peaceful and quiet wander along the coast.

46. Porto Palermo

Things to do in Himare, Albania - Beautiful coast on albanian riviera in Porto Palermo Albania

Another fabulous beach in Albania is Porto Palermo, a small peninsula topped by a stronghold built by Ali Pasha during the 19th century. This beach also served as a Soviet submarine base during the communist era, and the whole place is so charming that it is often used as a film set.

47. Lake Farka

Just outside the capital, you will find a fantastic place to enjoy water-based fun during the summer months, including relaxing boating and swimming.

This small and beautiful country is packed with attractions, and one visit will probably not be enough. Still, you have to decide – what things to do in Albania will you add to your must-see list?

Where Is Albania?

Albania is located in the west of the Balkan peninsula. It shares land borders with Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece, and Montenegro while being lapped by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.

As such, it is influenced by its neighbors’ many different traditions and cultures, which converge to create a fantastic blend of Albania attractions. Tirana’s vibrant capital city is the ideal starting point for exploring this small but fascinating country.

Albania’s Climate

Things To Do In Himare, Albania - Sunbathers on the beach in Himare resort, Albania.

For such a small country, Albania has a complicated climate! The weather primarily depends on where you are in the country because there are several small climate changes, mainly relating to elevation and proximity to the coast. But now that you know where to go in Albania, let us help you figure out when to go to Albania.

To sum it up in simple terms, the best time to visit Albania is:

  • Coastal regions have a typical Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild, wet winters
  • The interior of the country is mountainous, and the higher you are, the colder the temperatures; however, evenings are generally cool regardless.
  • The lowlands of Albania have mild winters and warm summers, typically Mediterranean. However, the lowlands in the south are usually around 5 degrees higher in temperature than the rest of the region.
  • Rainfall is relatively high throughout the country, apart from the coast

Now that you are no longer wondering what to see in Albania and have a jam-packed list of the best places to visit Albania, we wish you safe travels.  

How To Get To Albania

Albania is extremely easy to get to these days, with Tirana International Airport receiving flights from all over Europe. You’ll find countless direct flights in the summer months and even in the winter months to some point. If you can’t get a direct flight, it’s certainly easy to get an indirect flight from a nearby city.

Another option is to fly to Corfu, which accepts a large number of international flights, and then get the ferry over to Saranda. Remember to check visa requirements if you’re doing this, as you’ll be crossing a border.

If you’re in mainland Greece, you can take the bus over to Tirana quite easily. There are services every day. You can also take the bus from Skopje in Macedonia to Tirana and other large cities in Albania. Italy also offers connections via ferry, with overnight journeys from Bari and Durres with Ventouris Ferries.

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