When Is Best Time To Visit Albania: Season-By-Season Guide

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Drita is a shy Albanian girl. Her Mom is from Kosovo, her Dad from Serbia. She loves to travel & share travel trips to help first-time travelers exploring Albania & the Balkans.

Albania shines all year, each month presenting unique adventures. Summer, particularly July and August, is prime for enjoying Albania’s stunning beaches. Spring and autumn offer ideal conditions for exploring cities and scenic hikes.

Keen to explore more about what makes Albania a must-visit? Dive into my detailed guide on the best time to visit Albania, which is your go-to resource for discovering the best of Albania, from its lively cities to tranquil retreats.

Albania Travel Blog_Best Time Of Year To Travel In Albania

Albania might not be the first spot that pops into your head when you think about a European or Balkan vacation, but it’s definitely a place filled with intrigue and beauty, waiting to be discovered.

Long overshadowed by its history of isolation during communist times, Albania has emerged as a captivating destination, rich with rugged mountains, ancient towns, and pristine beaches that have been slowly revealing their secrets since the fall of communism in 1991.

Fast forward to today, and Albania is buzzing with life, particularly in its capital, Tirana, which has become a youthful and energetic hub. Despite the modern influx of tourism, the heart of Albania remains true to its ancient cultures and traditions, offering authentic experiences and regional dishes all around.

The last decade has seen a spike in tourism, with spots like the chic Albanian Riviera gaining popularity. But when’s the best time to hit up Albania? Here’s the scoop: the shoulder season, from March to May and September to October, offers a sweet spot with pleasant weather and thinner crowds.

For beach enthusiasts, the clear waters of places like Saranda are perfect in the summer months of July and August. And if you’re looking to avoid the summer crowds, December to February provides a cooler, quieter experience, ideal for exploring Albania’s stunning landscapes and cities without the rush.

So, whether you’re after the beach, ancient ruins, or vibrant city life, knowing the season in Albania is key to planning your trip. Remember, Albania isn’t just another European country; it’s a unique gem with a rich history and beautiful landscapes, making it a perfect place to explore year-round.

Where Is Albania

Albanian Alps_National Parks in Albania

In the deep south of the Balkans region, along the southern quarters of the Adriatic Sea, is the country of Albania. It shares a border with four other Balkans countries: Montenegro to the north, Kosovo and North Macedonia to the east, and Greece along its southern border. 

Planning Your Trip By Destination 

Discovering the best time to travel to Albania depends on your interests, from beach lounging to mountain hiking. The ideal time to explore the mountainous regions of northern Albania is from May to September when the weather is perfect for outdoor adventures.

If you’re keen on experiencing the clear waters and sandy beaches of Albania’s coastline, the summer months of July and August offer warm weather, averaging around 30°C, making it the perfect season for beach enthusiasts.


Know before you go: whether it’s the historic towns and cities or picturesque southern Albania, each place offers a unique experience, with shoulder seasons providing a great time to visit Albania without the crowds.

Albanian Alps

For hiking enthusiasts, the Albanian Alps shine brightest from June to September. This period offers perfect weather for trekking, avoiding the colder weather earlier in the year when there could still be snow.


Theth is a hiker’s paradise, best visited from late spring to early fall (May to September). This time frame promises cooler temperatures, which is ideal for walking and exploring Thethi National Park’s natural beauty.


Known as the city of a thousand windows, Gjirokaster is a year-round destination. However, to enjoy the old town without the peak tourist season rush, aim for the shoulder season months of April-May or September-October.


This coastal gem is best from June to September, when you can sunbathe on sandy beaches and enjoy crystal clear waters. The summer months offer the perfect weather for beach lovers, with average temperatures around 30°C.


Similar to Theth, Valbona is ideal for visits from May to September, offering great weather for hiking in the mountains and taking boat trips along its picturesque lakes.

Adriatic and Ionian Seas

To enjoy Albania’s beautiful beaches along the coastline, the summer months of July and August are perfect. This is when you’ll find the best conditions to enjoy the turquoise, clear waters.

Llogara Pass

For those looking to enjoy the views along the coast and cooler temperatures, May to June and September to October are fantastic. These months provide a break from the coastal summer heat and are perfect for enjoying the picturesque drive.

Butrint National Park

As a place brimming with history and natural beauty, Butrint is best visited in the shoulder season to avoid the heat and crowds, particularly in May or September.

Thethi National Park

To truly appreciate the park’s flora and fauna, late spring to early autumn (May to September) is ideal, offering the best weather for walking and exploring without the summer’s intense heat.

What To Do Each Month In Albania

Albania is best visited at any point in the year. Sorry — we know that does not help you narrow your research. However, we would be conflicted about telling you to visit this lovely country at one time over another.

The truth is, the best time to visit Albania depends on what your plan is and where your itinerary will take you. Below, we have broken down what there is to do each month and what you can expect at every time of the year.

Winter In Albania

It is icy in the mountains in December, January, and February, and heavy rains can cause floods and mudslides. But as you will see, there is plenty to do in the winter months in Albania, even if you have never skied in your life. But if you’re looking for fresh snow to shred, now is the time: Specifically speaking, the slopes are primed and ready from late January to mid-March.


Albanians love the end-of-the-year holiday season, and they have their traditions, which would make for an excellent spot to spend the holidays this year. 

And suppose you are going to be in Albania for the holidays. In that case, you may as well stay in Tirana — or, more specifically, near Skanderbeg Square, which is beautifully decorated with holiday lights and, if you are lucky, a light coat of fresh snow. The giant Christmas tree, which isn’t unique to Tirana but is every bit as beautiful, is the centerpiece of an already beautiful center. The winter has fairytale-like effects on the city.



THINGS TO DO IN TIRANA - Skanderberg statue in the center, Tirana, Albania

When is the best time to visit Tirana?

January is a relaxing time to visit Albania and its capital, Tirana, where we will focus on travelers to Albania in the first month of the year. 

The first week of the month is a holiday with few tourists; if you don’t like crowds, it’s an excellent reason to consider visiting even in the low season. 

Also, the most important events for the new year are celebrated in Tirana. So, if you like fireworks, music, and concerts, Tirana is the place to be in Albania to celebrate the right way. A unique way to celebrate this memorable holiday is to celebrate the New Year on Mother Teresa Square among thousands of Albanians. It is a real, local crowd-pleaser and a good time. 

Though most people who visit Albania in the winter go skiing (more on that later), a visit to Tirana makes for a fun, festive time, too. 



A brick building in Korca that is a must-see on your guided tour.

To enjoy the beautiful winter landscape, hop in a car and ditch Tirana to visit Korca, one of the most important cities in the country and the most popular ski resort in Albania. 

This region of southeastern Albania has become the locals’ go-to winter holiday spot, where skiing is one of the best anywhere in the Balkans. In February, there won’t be much hiking to be had; it is a versatile small town to visit at any point in the year.

The historical center of Korca is also worth your time — especially for digital nomads who need to sit in a cafe with their laptop and knock out a few hours of work. After a cold day outside, warming up to a cup of hot coffee is one of the more enjoyable pleasures.


Spring In Albania

Late March, April, May, and early June are some of the best months to travel to Albania; with good weather for hiking and cycling, you can still make the most of the Mediterranean beaches. Prices will be lower (if not traveling during Easter), the main attractions will be quieter, and the hotels will be more empty than ever.  


Albania Travel Blog_Best Festivals In Albania_Dita e Veres.
Photo Credit: Saranda Tourism Dita e Veres

In March, the weather is beautiful, sunshine is abundant, tourists have yet to arrive, and March 14th is Dita e Veres, one of the most important pagan festivals in the country.

The best place to participate in this beautiful festival is Elbasan, a city an hour away from Tirana. During the day, people of all ages celebrate the coming of spring with dances, parades, and balloons.

Many people can’t wait to get to the mountain trails after the snow has started to melt, although it often means hiking in sloppy conditions. You may be better off waiting for the best hiking later in the spring. However, other places in the region are also lovely for their nature in the early spring.  


Things to do in Saranda - Ruins Butrint Albania
Ruins of Butrint, Albania

April is the absolute best time to visit when the weather is good, tourists are still at home, and the natural environment is at its best.

There is no better place for history lovers in Albania than the impressive Butrint Archaeological Park. This is the most important historical place in the country and deserves a visit not only for its incomparable beauty and importance but also for its location right on the doorstep of the stunning city of Ksamil.



A large building at night in Tirana, offering an array of things to do.
May is a perfect time and opportunity to visit Berat, one of the country’s most beautiful cities. Most construction in the town was done when the city was founded nearly 2,500 years ago — imagine the history!

It is not only located near Tirana (perhaps within a day’s trip), but it is also the finest example of the country’s prideful Albanian architecture. 

Berat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Albanians are proud of its history. You have to visit the castle, which is the focal point of the entire town. 


Summer In Albania

The coast and inland Albania can get pretty warm from late June to late August. Around this time of the year, locals will start fleeing to the popular coastal resort city of Saranda, where Albanians escape the Tirana tourist rush and drabness. You may also experience tourists who make the short trip from Greece’s Corfu island for a day.  


Backpacking The Balkans - Albania

Unlike surrounding countries such as Croatia and Montenegro, Albania doesn’t receive a huge rush of tourists during the summer, making it one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean. And that is no exaggeration. 

In June, the beaches are beautiful, the water sparkles, and the prices are low. Plus, the view is (still) breathtaking, and you will never be caught up in long queues or crowds of people at some of the best attractions and destinations. 

Plus, it is the best time to visit the Albanian Riviera (perhaps the most spectacular part of the country and certainly our favorite). Please don’t take our word for it, though. Book yourself a room and see for yourself!  


Things To Do In The Albanian Riviera - Ksamil Beach

It seems, more than in other months, Albanians come out from hiding in July, and it is easy to see why: hello, beach holidays in Albania!

The weather is superb. Rarely is there a rainy day, especially on the beach, and although sometimes it tends on the warm side, the temperature dips and warms back up often, which means you will never have to deal with prolonged heat waves in the dead of summer. 

Not only is the town beautiful, but it was also the birthplace of former dictator Enver Hodge, so there is a lot of history to nerd out on. Every year, the festival takes place in mid-July and is the perfect event to plan your holiday around if you are planning a trip to Albania.  



Hiking In The Balkans - Beautiful landscape of Accursed Mountains viewed from Valbona-Theth

In August, we suggest skipping the beaches of the Albanian Riviera, as they will be full of tourists, and instead going to the mountains. The climate in the mountains is pleasant, nature is impressive, and entertainment is abundantly diverse. 

You will so thoroughly enjoy this region of Albania; we know we did. And don’t forget to visit the mountain villages — they are saturated in authentic culture, and you will have the opportunity to speak to some of the friendliest locals you have ever encountered. You can also explore the natural waterfalls, admire the beautiful views, and attend several summer festivals.  

Fall In Albania

The weather from late September to mid-October is good. However, the fall season is short in Albania, and some years are even shorter than others. The beaches are one of our favorite things in the fall because the crowds rush out when the weather cools down, yet the water is still warming up. Swimming in September and early October is not only enjoyable, but it is potentially the best time to swim in the open sea.   


Best Hotels In Berat, Albania - Cobbled Streets

September is another great month in Albania as far as the weather goes. Up in the mountains, it may start to get a bit chilly. On the coasts, you can feel the winds start to get cooler, too, but the dip in temperature is beyond manageable when you see the landscape change colors of the fall. Plus, we don’t have any evidence to support this, but the sunsets also seem to reach a new level of beauty in September.

Just a few hours from the capital city, Albania’s third-largest city is one of the best places to be in September: the city of Vlora. It isn’t a huge tourist spot but more of a place to soak in local culture

One of the most underrated things to do in Albania is to catch a boat out to Karaburun. This untouched old military peninsula was opened to the general public several years ago. 

Despite its stunning bays and dramatic cliffs, the nearly abandoned peninsula remains less of a tourist spot and has a stronger reputation for being a hideout for marijuana smugglers. This doesn’t make Karaburun dangerous; it only means it is another unspoiled gem.

The boat departs every morning at nine o’clock in the morning and takes guests to the beautiful peninsula where they can swim, relax, and eat delicious seafood.  


Permet, hidden in the southern part of the country with natural hot springs, is the perfect October destination. The springs are tucked away in an impressive area next to the old Ottoman bridge and are surrounded by nature. 

If you want to relax, come here for the weekend, and you will see many Albanian weekenders out as well — just trying to escape the workweek grind.  


An old car is parked in front of a building in Tirana.

Back in the capital city, it is the best place to immerse yourself in the city’s art scene. You will find the most fulfilling museums here, such as the National History Museum, the National Art Gallery, and more. 

Albania’s recent history is fascinating, even if you only have the slightest intrigue in museums. Check out BunkArt; it’s nothing like the ordinary museums you have been to in the past.

November 28th is the day of independence from the Ottoman Empire. If you are in Albania at the end of November, you must make your way to Tirana. Of course, Tirana is the place to be. It has outstanding events, concerts, and entertainment all over the city.

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Best Time To Go To Albania

So, overall, what is the best time to go to Albania?

This is a challenging question; we tend to prefer the south of Albania in the fall or early winter as the most pleasant time/place to visit Albania.


The mild Mediterranean climate, the constant breeze just about everywhere you are in the south, and the quietness after the rush of summer tourism are always welcomed. 

Balkan Cities - Kruja castle in Albania

Flooded with secret treasures like secluded beaches, attractions that remind you of the country’s shackled past, world-class ski resorts, and the kind-hearted compassion of the Albanian locals, you are sure to be blown away when you visit Albania.

There are things to do at every time of the year — whether it is cruising along the Riviera in the springtime, bathing under the sun’s rays in the warm summer heat, or shredding fresh, crisp slopes of white dust in the dead of winter — everyone will find their joy in this truly magnificent country.

If you plan on visiting Albania or the Balkans and plan your itinerary, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your trip or stay there. We will do our best to alleviate the stress of planning a trip to Albania.

What Are The Best Places To Visit In Albania?

Whether it is the rejuvenating capital, Tirana, or any excellent mountain town offering a winter paradise, such as the Korca region, there are great places to visit year-round, depending on your interests and time. 


Final Word On The Time Of Year To Visit Albania

A view of a mountain and ocean from the top of a national park in Albania.

Alright, you’ve got the insider scoop on picking the best time of year to dive into your Albanian adventure, so it’s time to start packing those bags! Safe travels as you set off to explore the stunning landscapes, from the Accursed Mountains to the sun-soaked beaches in Albania.

Whether you’re aiming to trek through Albania’s rugged terrain, lounge on Albania’s beaches, or wander through cities brimming with history, there’s always a perfect time to visit.

Remember, May is a fantastic time for hiking, while the warm summer months are ideal to enjoy the beaches around Albania. If you’re looking to get a deeper insight, grab one of my Albania travel guides here, which can be your best buddy in uncovering hidden gems, from the bustling city in Albania to that tranquil place in Dhermi.

No matter the reason you’re headed to Albania – every season has something special to offer.

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