Post author Drita

Drita, Albania & Balkans Travel Writer

Drita is a shy Albanian girl. Her Mom is from Kosovo, her Dad from Serbia. She loves to travel & share travel trips to help first-time travelers exploring Albania & the Balkans.

Meet Drita, your go-to gal for all things travel in Albania and the Balkans.

This Albanian explorer may be a bit on the shy side, but she’s a giant when it comes to dishing out insider tips for first-time visitors to her corner of the world. With roots stretching from Kosovo to Serbia, she’s the ultimate blend of the region’s vibrant cultures.

When she’s not jet-setting, you’ll find her lounging in her favorite spot, the laid-back city of Shkodër, or indulging in her guilty pleasure, a hearty plate of Tavë Kosi. Join Drita as she turns travel jitters into travel thrills, one post at a time.

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