26 Ways To Spend Spring In Croatia – April & May Ideas

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Sarah-Jane has lived in Croatia for 10+ years. SJ, as she is known, has been traveling the Balkans & beyond since 2000. She now shares her passion for traveling with her husband & kids.

boBooking a spring holiday in Croatia? You’ve hit the jackpot because, let me tell you, spring here is my absolute favorite time of the year to live in Croatia– even topping summer, and that’s saying something.

Why, you might wonder? Read on, and I’ll show you why. As a bonus, some of my travel blogging buds also gave some suggestions of what to do when it’s spring in Croatia.

Croatia Travel Blog_Your Guide To Spring In Croatia

So, for starters, the streets in Croatia during spring aren’t yet overflowing with tourists. It’s like having the country all to yourself.

The flowers are another story altogether – they’re simply stunning, blooming in every color you can imagine. It’s like walking through a live painting. But what I love the most is shedding those heavy winter layers. No more coats, scarves, or woolen mittens – just the pleasant, mild embrace of spring.

It’s the season when Croatia shows off its laid-back, picturesque side, making it the perfect time to explore and soak in its natural beauty.

So, let’s dive into some fantastic ways to make the most of your Croatian spring getaway!

My Plans For Spring In Croatia

This spring, we have not yet locked away anything in the calendar. I do enjoy those winter days in Croatia by the fire (well, mostly), but by springtime, I  am fully ready to shed my woolen socks, crack open the windows more often, and enjoy the cool breeze blowing across my face.

Most of all, I am looking forward to spending more time out in the warm sunshine before the summer hoards arrive.

April and May are becoming more and more popular with travelers coming to Croatia, especially down south  – last May in Dubrovnik was already too busy for my taste – lucky there was great wine at the wine festival, and we enjoyed an excellent stay at the Hotel Lapad and could escape the crowds poolside with a glass in hand.

Last spring, I spent much of it in Greece, and this year, we are tossing up whether we head back over to Turkiye or stay in Croatia. Still deciding.

But, if we stay in Croatia, here are some of the things we could get up to.

Get Outdoors & Explore MotherNature

Croatia is a country with a typical Mediterranean climate along its coastline, so for that reason, if you’re not the biggest fan of scorching hot temperatures, summer may not be the time for you to visit, and if you don’t like the wind, rain, and snow wintertime isn’t an excellent time to visit Croatia either.

On the flip side, if you prefer something a little middle of the road in terms of weather, spring is the ideal time to head to our action-packed, beautiful, and historic country and enjoy Mother Nature’s gifts.

1. Modric Cave

Modric Caves | Paklenica | Zadar Region | Croatia Travel Blog 6
My husband is about to be struck by the Anvil of Honesty in the Modric Cave

Heading to Modrič Cave in Croatia during spring is a pretty smart move.

It’s springtime, so the weather is just right – not too hot, not too cold, perfect for a bit of adventure without breaking a sweat. Modrič Cave, tucked away in the Zadar region, is a gem that’s still off the beaten path. It’s not your typical tourist spot, so you get to enjoy a more authentic experience.

Why visit Modrič Cave? For starters, it’s a natural wonder.

You’re not just walking into a cave; you’re stepping into a whole new world. The stalactites and stalagmites inside are like nature’s own art exhibit.

And let’s talk about the Anvil of Honesty – it’s this super cool rock formation inside the cave, steeped in local lore. Legend has it that if you can squeeze through it, you’re a true, honest soul. A bit of fun, right?

Spring is the perfect time to explore the cave because the temperatures inside are pleasant, and the outside heat hasn’t kicked in yet. Plus, the natural lighting during spring brings out a certain magic in the cave’s features.

Remember, you’ll need a guide to see the cave to explore this untouched wonder, as it’s not open for casual strolling. So, if you’re up for a bit of adventure and some fun stories to tell, Modrič Cave should definitely be on your spring itinerary in Croatia.

2. Pick Wild Asparagus

In Croatia, a bunch of fresh asparagus is beautifully displayed on a wooden table in the vibrant spring season.

Springtime is prime time for locals to head into the woods and forests and forage for wild asparagus – just ask my husband, Mr. Chasing the Donkey; he is mad about foraging asparagus in Dalmatia.

This delicious vegetable may be relatively expensive in the shops, but picking it wild firsthand, is not only a cultural experience, but it will also save you cash on your shopping! You’ll be able to immerse yourself in nature, enjoy the sunshine, and take home some delicious wild asparagus for your efforts!

3. Cook Wild Asparagus

Once you’ve been out and about picking your own wild asparagus, find some interesting ways to cook it! Wild asparagus tastes fabulous and has a slight bitterness compared to the regular stuff. It’s definitely more delicious than anything you will buy from a supermarket.

How To Cook Wild Asparagus

To make wild asparagus and eggs as my family here does, you’d warm some olive oil in a pan, add inch-long pieces of wild asparagus, and cook until you get a fresh herbal scent. Then pour scrambled eggs over the asparagus, season with salt and pepper, and cook without over-frying the eggs.

Another way to prepare it involves parboiling smaller asparagus stalks, boiling eggs until hard, and then slicing or quartering the eggs to mix with the asparagus. Dress with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and serve it warm or cold as a salad, possibly with capers and vinegar. This dish combines the freshness of spring with the richness of eggs, making it a delightful meal.

4. Dubrovnik Boat Tour

Is Dubrovnik expensive - Dubrovnik landscape view over beach

Dubrovnik is an excellent city to visit in Croatia in spring, particularly in the later spring months of April and May, as businesses begin to operate again, but there aren’t huge flocks of crowds yet.

The city has plenty of activities that are worth doing, including walking the ancient city walls, visiting historic sites, and immersing yourself in the local cuisine, but many of the best activities in Dubrovnik involve gaining some sea legs and venturing out to the ocean.

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city, and the best way to take in the view is undoubtedly by taking a boat trip along the coastline to absorb the sunset views and gaze at the city as it winds down for the evening. There are many boat companies offering day and evening tours that will allow you to witness Dubrovnik’s beauty and you’ll find most of them operate from the Old Town port.

The port is very easily accessible as it’s just at the edge of the Old Town. If you walk the entire length of the main street, then it would be pretty hard to miss! Other tours may set off from Gruz port north of the city; these tend to be longer day excursions.

Many operators will allow you to buy tickets on the day, with booking stands lining the promenade, but for more exclusive boat tours, you should definitely book in advance to ensure a guaranteed space!

A picturesque view of a sparkling body of water with a lush hill in the background, capturing the essence of Croatia in spring.

Taking a speedboat tour from Dubrovnik not only allows you to have amazing views of the city but also to see some of the islands that line the coast, including Lokrum and potentially even the Elaphiti Islands. Although, this would depend on your tour length and the scheduled route.

One of the highlights of these tours is that you may get to swim and snorkel!

The range of aquatic animals around Croatia’s southern coast is incredible, and you’ll be greeted by plenty of inquisitive creatures. It’s worth asking an operator whether this is included in your ticket price as the opportunity can’t be missed – particularly when the warmer weather comes towards the end of spring.

Enjoy A Springtime Festival 

5.  Flower Shows In Croatia

Spring Things to do in Slovenia Tulips

Springtime is when the flowers bloom, and there are several flower shows happening at this time across Croatia.

If you’re planning a spring trip to Croatia, you’ve got to check out the Flower Festival in Sv. Filip i Jakov. Held in late April, this festival is a vibrant celebration of flowers and gardening, drawing exhibitors and participants from both Croatia and abroad.

Imagine strolling through a kaleidoscope of colorful displays, where the air is filled with the fragrance of blooming flowers. It’s not just a feast for the eyes, though. This festival is all about interactive experiences.

You can get your hands dirty in eco workshops, pick up gardening tips from lectures, and even watch competitions where flower designers show off their skills.

And here’s a twist – the festival includes a unique culinary experience where flowers are more than just decoration; they’re part of the dish! It’s a real treat for foodies looking to explore the local cuisine.

The event also dives into cultural traditions with ethnological presentations, showcasing old customs typical of the Zadar County area.

What’s great about this festival is how it brings the community together. There are programs for everyone – from preschoolers to entertainers, ensuring a lively and engaging atmosphere. Plus, it’s a chance to enjoy some local music, with performances by Dalmatian “klapa” singers adding to the festive vibe.

So, if you’re in Croatia during this time, the Flower Festival in Sv. Filip i Jakov is a must-visit. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture, enjoy the beauty of nature, and maybe even learn a thing or two about gardening. And hey, who knows? You might end up going home with some new ideas for your garden or balcony!

For more information, you can check out the festival’s details here.

Other shows to consider are:

  • Festival of Flowers in Split: celebrated in the historic Diocletian’s Palace, this festival offers a unique experience with beautiful flower displays amidst ancient architecture
  • FloraArt International Garden and Flower Exhibition in Zagreb: the oldest and largest Croatian flower event, held in Bundek Park on the Sava River, featuring festive flower arrangements and various competitions

6. Zrce Spring Break Festival

Croatia Travel Tips: Zrce Beach

Zrce on Pag Island is home to the annual Spring Break Europe festival, and if you are into the party scene, this is a great way to kick od the electronic music season in the springtime sun. Spend the spring sun-soaked days dancing.

This year the festival is happening from June 13th to June 15th, 2024.

7. Easter Festival Weekend In Hvar

Things to do on Hvar Island | Procession Za Križen Easter | Croatia Travel Blog
Photo Credit: Croatian Ivo Pervan Via HTZ

Easter in Hvar is a memorable affair, with the annual Following The Cross event. This is a big cultural deal and takes place during the evening on Maundy Thursday and travels around the island and back to its starting point, at the end of Good Friday.

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Croatian National Parks & Nature Parks

This is a total no-brainer – am I right? I think that visiting Croatian national parks and nature parks in spring is undoubtedly a fantastic choice.

During this season, the parks are in full bloom, offering a symphony of colors and fragrances that are a treat for the senses.

As winter snow melts and temperatures begin to rise, the landscape transforms, revealing lush greenery and vibrant wildflowers. It’s a time of renewal and growth, and this is evident in the bustling wildlife activity.

You’re likely to witness animals in their natural habitats enjoying the abundance of spring.

In my opinion, there is no better time to see a national park than in spring. Croatia is blessed with 8 national parks spread across the country, each offering something different.

In addition to those, spring is a grand time to make use of the 11 Croatia Nature Parks  – though I will admit many of these are still on my to-do list (tut tut).

8. Paklenica National Park

House by the sea bay under the national park Paklenica in Croatia, Europe.

We often head over to Paklenica National Park during spring.

It’s conveniently located not too far from our place in Zadar, making it an easy day trip.

The park in spring is something else; it’s like nature’s waking up after a long sleep. The trails are perfect for a day of hiking – not too hot, not too crowded.

You get to see the park’s famous canyons, Anica Kuk and Manita Peć, in their full glory, with water flowing through the streams and the greenery coming to life.

The bird songs are a real treat, and if you’re lucky, you might even spot some wildlife. It’s a great spot for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to get a taste of Croatia’s natural beauty without venturing too far from the city.

9. Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia is an enchanting destination during the spring season.

Plitvice Lakes dazzles in all seasons with its cascading waterfalls, crystal-clear lakes, and lively wildlife. Spring, however, adds a special touch.

The melting snow feeds the waterfalls, making them fuller and more spectacular. Hiking is perfect during this time as the weather is mild, free from summer’s heat or winter’s cold. Plus, with fewer visitors, you can enjoy the silence of the park.

Plitvice’s star attractions are its waterfalls, with Veliki Slap being the most eye-catching. It’s breathtaking to watch water cascade into green pools.

The park features 16 lakes that sparkle in shades of blue and green under the sun. There are trails for all, including wooden paths over water, offering scenic walks.

You can also take a calm boat trip on Lake Kozjak, the largest lake. Spring brings a variety of birds, making it a treat for birdwatchers.

You can reach Plitvice from all the major cities in Croatia with ease. It takes about 2.5 hours from Split, 2 hours from Zagreb, and over an hour from Zadar by car. Opt for a car rental for more freedom, or hop on a public bus.

Last April, our drive from Zagreb to Plitvice in a rented car was a major highlight of our Croatia trip. It was a catchy trip through the country’s stunning landscapes, all the way to the gorgeous Plitvice.

Buses are frequent, especially during peak tourist times, making them a convenient option. Plus, you can take a guided tour from Zagreb or Split. Many of these tours include knowledgeable guides & visits to other attractions en route.

To soak in the endless beauty of Plitvice Lakes, consider staying overnight. This way, you can spend a whole day discovering this incredible national park, which is not only a Croatian treasure but also one of Europe’s finest.

Staying close to the park lets you enjoy everything at your own pace, from the calm mornings to lovely sunsets. Trust me, it’s an experience you won’t want to rush!

10. Krka National Park

Beautiful Skradinski Buk Waterfall In Krka National Park, Dalmatia

One of the most scenic parts of Dalmatia is undoubtedly the famous Krka National Park. Few places in Europe are as naturally beautiful, and with the mighty Krka River running through it, there are some spectacular waterfalls to check out, especially in the spring.

The falls are, without a doubt, some of the most iconic features of the region overall. They were even featured in Game of Thrones. Especially Skradinski Buk, the most spectacular of all Krka National Park waterfalls, which even beats all of Plitvice Lakes’ waterfalls in terms of size and volume.

11. Rastoke Waterfalls

Tiny Croatia Villages and Towns - Rastoke, Croatia Travel Blog
Tiny Croatia Villages and Towns – Rastoke. Photo Credit.

Recommended by The Gap Decaders

A 90-minute drive from Croatia’s capital of Zagreb and en route to Plitvice Lakes National Park is Rastoke. This small village near Slunj on the rivers Korana and Sluncica​​ is famous for its multiple waterfalls and traditional wooden houses and watermills and is a must see on any Croatia road trip.

The Rastoke Waterfalls are a collection of 23 waterfalls over a large surface of water, created by the same crystal clear river that flows south to create Plitvice Lakes.

The lip of the falls is 500 meters wide and has a drop of 10-20 meters, and across this lip, natural barriers have formed, creating numerous waterfalls. A visit in spring will reward you with the most spectacular waterfalls in full flow as they thunder past the historic buildings.

In Rastoke, you can explore the traditional wooden houses connected by bridges, which have both Croatian and Ottoman influences, and visit the 18th-century Stari Mlin, or Old Mill, to learn about the traditional milling process.

A picturesque waterfall cascading over a bridge in Croatia during spring - Rastoke

The area is perfect for a spot of wild swimming or kayaking or just admiring the clean water that flows over the rocks, which are actually protected tufa formations, and through the lush green surroundings.

According to local legend, the riverbanks in Rastoke were home to fairies who brought the water that drove the mills when they produced flour. In the so-called ‘black mills,’ barley, maize, millet, oat, and rye were ground between huge millstones, and the ‘white mills’ were reserved for wheat.

Make sure to visit Restoran Petro, a traditional Croatian restaurant situated over the water, where you can enjoy a local dish of delicious grilled trout from the river and five-grain bread made from locally milled flour.

Get Physical This Spring

12. White Water Rafting

How about white water rafting while on vacation in Croatia? Spring is an excellent time of year to raft. Head to any one of these rivers for a rafting good time. Cetina, Kupa, Zrmanja, Mrežnica, Dobra or Korana.

13. Cycling

The water is far too cold to swim in – for most of us anyway, but with the countryside returning to green & all of the flowers blooming, spring is ideal for cycling in Croatia. In Istria, northwest Croatia, dedicated cycling events start in March and run all year. From professional races to recreational options.

If an organized event is not your thing, high-quality cycling routes can be found in many towns across Croatia, including Zadar, Čakovec, Lika & Rovinj. Some of the newest and most panoramic tracks pass through the North Velebit National Park and the historic city of Senj, making cycling on your holiday in Croatia a top choice.

14. Mountain Climbing

Are you a mountain climber? Then you’ll want to think about Paklenica National Park. Located 270 kilometers from Zagreb or 60 kilometers from Zadar. Paklenica hosts an International climber’s meeting where you can scale up the mighty Velebit.

15. Zip Lining In Croatia

If you’re in Omiš, you may want to consider zip-lining. There you’ll go across the canyon of the Cetina River via eight wires with a total length of 2100 meters.  Overlooking the Cetina River canyon the longest being 700 meters, suitable for children over seven.

Plus, other options include:

  • Island of Krk: a family-friendly zip-lining adventure across scenic landscapes and Adriatic views
  • Plitvice: near the Plitvice Lakes National Park, offering zip lining in the Korana River canyon
  • Šibenik: located near Mount Svilaja and the Čikola River, this 1.4 km zip line adventure offers an immersive experience in nature
  • Istria & Kvarner Bay: offers a variety of ziplining tours in the beautiful nature of Istria, including Zip Line Pazinska Jama in Pazin and Glavani Park near Barban
  • Adventure Park near Zadar: located in Kozino, near Zadar, this park includes numerous zip lines and other activities like climbing

16. Hiking On Krk Island

In Croatia, a blue lake is seen from the top of a mountain in spring.

Recommended by PlacesofJuma

A hiking adventure on Krk Island is a must for any nature enthusiast and an excellent tip for a spring getaway.

The island of Krk offers a plethora of beautiful routes for strolls or hikes, boasting over 300 km of marked trails winding through stunning rugged landscapes, along picturesque coastlines, and up to the highest peaks of Obzova (568 m) and Veli Vrh (541 m).

Particularly in April and May, the weather on Krk Island is simply perfect – not too hot, not too cold. The air is fresh, wildflowers are in full bloom, and the entire island is lush green. With a bit of luck, you can even catch some sun on the beach, and the adventurous may take a refreshing dip in the sea, a soothing reward after a day of hiking.

One of the most enchanting hikes is the trek from Baska to the natural bay of Vela Luka. It is relatively easy and suitable for novice hikers. The journey to the bay takes about 1.5 hours, leading through some of the most scenic landscapes on the island.

Throughout the trail, you’ll be treated to incredible views of the sea. A highly recommended route is Trail No. 9, cutting through the rocky mountainous terrain. Alternatively, you can opt for Trail No. 8 along the coastline, continuing through the Vrzenica Gorge.

Upon arrival, you’ll be rewarded with a pristine dream beach, which, in the spring, you might have all to yourself. For the return journey, consider taking a taxi boat, adding a touch of convenience to your memorable island hike.

Spring In Croatian Towns, Cities & Villages

17. Spring In Pula & Surroundings

Sj, Mate & Vladimir taking a selfie in front of Pula arena while traveling in Croatia.
We did our best to try and take a family photo at the Arena

Spring is one of the best times to visit Pula and the beaches around it.

Pula is the largest city on the Istria Peninsula and is so rich in history that you can easily spend days exploring and still find interesting things to see. The city is almost an open-air museum revolving around its main attraction, the Pula Amphitheater.

You might notice a strong resemblance between Pula’s Amphitheater and the Colosseum in Rome, and it is because both were built during the Roman times. The one in Pula is much smaller in size, but it is impressive how well-preserved it is until today. Pula’s Amphitheater is open for visitors during the days, but in the evening, it sometimes hosts events and concerts.

Other very interesting things to see in Pula are the Forum, Augustus Temple, Kastel (one of the many fortresses in Pula), and the Arch of the Sergii. Pula’s city center is small, so you can visit everything on foot.

One of the best things about visiting Pula during the spring is that it is not yet so full of tourists compared to the summertime. This means you can comfortably explore the city without having to bother about long lines at attractions. This early season also typically brings better deals on hotels, rental cars, etc.

A person is standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the water in Kamenjak Croatia in spring.

The weather this time of year is usually very nice in this region. If you are interested in having a beach day, Fernanda from Mauka Travels recommends going to Kamenjak National Park. Located only 30 min away, Kamenjak is a great destination to visit if you have a car to drive through Croatia.

Here, you can enjoy some of the region’s most incredible beaches in a protected natural reserve. The untouched landscapes of the beautiful rock cliffs and crystal clear waters make Kamenjak a must-visit attraction when in Pula.

18. Spring In Trogir

A breathtaking view of Croatia's cityscape of Trogir in spring, as seen from the top of a historic wall.

Trogir is a medieval town on Croatia’s Adriatic coast. It is best known for its charming old town, and spring is a perfect time to visit for fewer crowds and mild weather.

There are many things to do during spring in Trogir, with one of the highlights being a visit to the Kamerlengo Fortress. While the fortress isn’t huge, it is reminiscent of medieval times, and you can even walk along the top of the fortress walls. The fortress is open daily from 9 am until 8 pm.

Another must-see in Trogir is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, a stunning Romanesque-Gothic style cathedral. Construction of this cathedral started in 1213, but it took centuries to complete. From March 16th to June 6th, the cathedral is open on Monday-Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm, and on Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Other activities include walking along Trogir’s waterfront promenade or exploring the cobblestone streets of the old town. Additionally, many restaurants and shops begin to open up for the season after Easter.

Trogir is small in size and can easily be visited in one day. Many people take a day trip to Trogir, as it is easy to get there from Split, one of the largest cities in Croatia. However, if you enjoy the peacefulness of smaller towns, then staying a night or two in Trogir is also an excellent choice.

19. Spring In Omiš

The old town of Omis, In Croatia during Spring - Traveltipzone

If you’re looking for a lovely spring destination in Croatia, Omiš can be a great choice.

Omiš is a picturesque town on the Adriatic Sea, near the mouth of the Cetina River. It’s a lively summer holiday destination, but during the rest of the year, it offers a peaceful getaway, making it a good idea to travel there in spring.

The most beautiful part of Omiš is its old town. Wandering through narrow streets, you can reach the town’s main attraction, the Mirabela Fortress. While not particularly historical, it’s a must-visit mainly for the breathtaking views it offers from various points. Indeed, the area is a true paradise for photographers.

However, Omiš isn’t just for photographers. Despite its small size, there are various activities. For adventure seekers, there’s rafting on the Cetina River, and the Zipline Omiš downhill track operates between the two sides of the gorge surrounding the river.

Hikers might enjoy visiting Tvrđava Starigrad-Fortica, the highest fortress in the area, which also offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
In addition, although the sea is still too cold in spring, it’s worth taking a walk on one of the beautiful beaches of Omiš, such as the sandy Velika plaža.

Omiš is about a 30-40 minute drive from Split, making it an ideal day trip destination. If you prefer public transport, buses are available, taking a bit more time, approximately 1 hour.

So, Omiš is definitely worth a visit in spring. Stroll through its old town, admire the fantastic views, and enjoy the calm offered by the small town and the coast. It can also be a perfect stop during a longer Croatia road trip, so make sure not to miss it if you’re traveling in Croatia.e a perfect stop during a longer Croatia road trip, so make sure not to miss it if you’re traveling in Croatia.

20. Spring In Zagreb

Spend a morning wandering the Zagreb Mirogoj cemetery, which is filled with elaborate lanterns, tombstones, and grand statues and monuments. After my first trip there back in 2014, I can now see why I was told it was something not to be missed! Don’t let the term cemetery put you off; it’s more like a park.

Zagreb in spring is delightful. The locals are all happy as they enjoy the warmer days, and the city’s cafes, bars, and nightclubs are all open, and it’s a great vibe.

A vibrant poster capturing the essence of the Mediterranean International Street Festival in Ljubljana, Croatia during spring.
Click here for more info!

While in Zagreb, check out the Cest is d’best an International Street Festival in Zagreb. This International Street Festival in Zagreb has attracted visitors with music, street art, sports, art, and basically everything fun-related since 1997!

This year’s festival runs from 28th May to 2nd June.  

21. Spring In Labin & Rabac

Things to do in Rabac_Icecream
Vladimir eating ice cream in Rabac

We’ve mentioned that springtime means asparagus and all manner of beautiful springtime gastronomy. Across the country, you will find several restaurants that incorporate two of the remaining springtime ingredients – asparagus and cuttlefish.

The “Days of Asparagus and Cuttlefish” is a specific event in Labin and Rabac that celebrates the local cuisine of asparagus and cuttlefish.

Head to places like Restaurant Rapcanka in Rabac, where you can enjoy filling meals made with these two delicacies. 

22. Spring In Ston

Oysters in Mali Ston Oysters Croatia

Head to Ston for the annual Oyster Festival and the chance to try some delicious seafood and local wines. The festival is to celebrate the delicious food of the region and pays respect to the Saint Joseph holiday.

Even Condé Nast Traveller loved the place, writing: people have been harvesting oysters in the bay of Mali Ston (between the slender peninsula Peljesac and mainland Croatia) since Roman times. Their delicate flavor has been lauded for centuries. Wash them down with a glass of the local white wine, Pošip.

23. Spring In Zadar

A group of people standing on a pier near the water next to the Zadar Sea Organ

Zadar is a simply wonderful city on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. A visit is even better if you can enjoy the spring sunshine when it is neither too hot nor too cold. That’s precisely the right time to visit Zadar and the famous Sea Organ.

You must first cross the city to get to the Riva, Zadar’s waterfront. Take a seat on the steps leading to the water and marvel at the sea view. And suddenly, you will be greeted by the unusual sounds of the organ. The strange musical instrument is located beneath the surface of the sea, so you can’t see it directly. But as soon as the wind moves the surface of the sea, the sounds become evident.

This musical instrument is made to sound solely by the power of the sea – as the waves come crashing over, the music flows. And knowing this makes it even more amazing to sit here and listen to the very unconventional sound.

A visit in the evening is particularly worthwhile. Many people come here to watch the vibrant colors of the sunset, accompanied by the music of the sea organ. After the sun has set, it is also worth visiting the Greeting to the Sun, a unique light construction located right next to the Sea Organ. It is especially impressive after dark.

24. Hire A Car And Go On A Road Trip 

Again, car hire is much like hotels and is noticeably cheaper during the spring months than in summer, and the lower temperatures are ideal for hitting the road and enjoying a road trip. You will truly get to explore and enjoy the passing landscapes without the heat affecting you at this time!


Spend Spring On A Croatian Island

25. Šolta Island

A beach on Solta Island with a rocky shore and water.

Nestled in the Adriatic Sea, just a short ferry ride from the mainland, lies the hidden gem of Šolta Island. Spring is the perfect time to explore this Croatian haven. As the island awakens from its winter slumber, you’ll find the ideal blend of tranquillity and emerging natural beauty.

Visiting Šolta during the spring months allows you to enjoy the island’s charm without the summer crowds. The weather is mild, warming up but with still a crisp to the air. The blooming wildflowers add a vibrant touch to the landscape, creating a picturesque backdrop for your island adventures.

The best way to explore this lesser-visited island is to rent a car and drive. You’ll need to do that from Spli,t where you’ll begin your journey by taking a ferry from Split to Rogac, Šolta. The ferry ride itself offers views of the Dalmatian coast, setting the tone for your idyllic island escape.

The beauty of Šolta is the relaxed atmosphere with its one-lane roads and calm of life. Open up the map, look for small roads, secret coves, and hidden bays, pack a picnic and a book, and indulge yourself in the magic of Croatian islands.

Visit the harbour village of Stomorska. The picturesque harbor is dotted with vibrant fishing boats and lined with quayside restaurants and ice-cream shops. Take a stroll around the small port and through the trees to Plaža Veli bok to paddle in the shallow, clear blue sea. From Stomorsk, you can hike up into the charming hilltop olive groves and look out for secret coves that are accessible on foot.

Maslinica is a town on the western coast with a historic castle overlooking a serene bay. Walk around the marina to the small beach of Punta. Stop off at Maslinica’s harbors viewpoint above the town for a glorious view from the hills, or head around to the tiny bay of Sipova.

Discover Necujam, a bay on the northern side that boasts crystal-clear waters and secluded coves where there’s even a visible shipwreck. Take a dip in the Adriatic, unwind on the pebble beach, or bask in the natural beauty and silence that surrounds you.

Šolta Island, with its authentic Croatian charm, offers a refreshing spring escape. If you seek a tranquil getaway filled with cultural experiences and natural wonders, Šolta should be at the top of your travel list.

26. Island Of Hvar

Recommended by Serena’s Lenses

The sky is blue over Hvar Island in Croatia at springtime.

Hvar is a fantastic place to visit in Croatia, and April and May are the best months to visit. In April and May, the average high temperature ranges from 65F (18C) to 72F (22C), and the average low temperature ranges from 55F (13C) to 60F (16C).

While many people visit Hvar in the peak summer months, April and May are actually good when the weather is mild, and you can avoid the crazy crowds during the summer. Festivals also start in May and last into summer.

It is easy to get to Hvar; you can take a ferry, Stari Grad, directly to Hvar from Split, and it takes about an hour. There are multiple ferries between Split and Hvar every day, making it easy to go to Hvar Island.

There are plenty of things to do in Hvar in April and May, regardless of your interests and physical ability. The most famous attraction in Hvar is the Spanish Fortress, where you can admire the view of the coast from a thousand-year-old fortress.

After exploring the Spanish Fortress, be sure to check out St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the square in the middle of Hvar; you will find restaurants and cafes near the square to grab lunch or morning coffee.

If you are visiting Hvar in May, you can already explore the beaches, such as the Malo Zarace Beach.

Although Hvar is small, there are plenty of opportunities to take half-day trips around Hvar, such as visiting the Blue Cave (similar to the one in Capri) or the nearby Pakleni Islands.

But really, Hvar is so charming, and the best way to enjoy Hvar is to walk around its medieval quiet streets, explore the quaint town of Stari Grad (where you get off the ferry), grab a drink and dessert to watch the sunset.

Spring Accommodation – Get A Great Deal At A 5-Star Hotel

Expat in Croatia - Vlad and Roko holding hands

The shoulder months of spring (and autumn) are the ideal times to grab a cheap deal on a higher-class hotel. These hotels are way more expensive during the peak summer months, but during spring, prices are lower, and you can enjoy the lap of luxury for less cash.

Many smaller hotels or those located in summer locations are still closed in early spring, but they are all open by May. You will find great deals as the summer rates do not yet apply.

Wrap Up On Croatia In Springtime

While not yet warm enough to swim, a great way to spend a spring day is by the river or sea. The water is calm, and many businesses that close during winter begin to open their doors.

Drinking coffee or eating a seafood lunch while listening to the soft, gentle movement of the water is a welcomed break from being cooped up indoors during winter.

It is not all about the water either; the mountains are a brilliant way to spend a Croatian spring day. Sure, you’ll need your light jacket and maybe a scarf if it’s a little chilly or you feel the cold – but the air is crisp and clean, and you’ll feel so alive breathing in that fresh mountain air.

With many of the low-cost carriers now starting to fly back into Croatia at this time of year, cheap flights from Europe and the UK are available. If you see one, you should book it and come and enjoy your holiday in Croatia this spring.

Have you been to Croatia in the spring? What would you suggest for things to do in spring?

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  1. Thanx again for the wonderful tips and the #SundayTraveler, I am linking to you on my linkpartner page. This week I’ve done a first interview with an insider on my blog and I’m very excited about it. I believe I will have more of them :-)
    Have a great Sunday,

    1. Hvala Esther. You’re such a great support to my blog and for that I am very thankful.

  2. Beautiful We so have to come to Croatia! It always looks so beautiful and so much fun! The National Parks are to die for and your pics always make me want to book a flight today! Thank you for sharing ~ every week we find out more interesting great things about Croatia!

    1. Thanks Stacey. Your boys would love the ruins and castles – we could get them swords and play make believe!

  3. So many great ides! And many great travel plans too. So glad that the winter is finally over and we can all start enjoying outdoors a bit more. Have fun on your travels, SJ!

  4. Beautiful! Come rain or whether its spring,summer or autumn I will have to drop by Croatia next year.

  5. I haven’t been to Croatia at all, but it looks beautiful in Spring! I can’t wait for Spring – it hasn’t arrived yet where we are (Toronto, Canada) but hopefully soon!

      1. This year has been unusually chilly. Usually by now, it is quite nice out, but we are still waiting for the cold to go away. I think this week might be the last chilly week and we will be onto spring weather. Normally, it is quite nice – great temperatures for walking around outside, lots of flowers in bloom, the snow melting away :) The snow is almost all gone but no flowers just quite yet! To give you an idea… this year on the first day of Spring, it was -2 degrees Celsius. Usually it is around 5 degrees. Two years ago, it was 21 degrees! So these days it seems unpredictable!

  6. I love going places in the off-season – it’s so much better when the tourists don’t clog everything!

    (I say, as a frequent tourist. . . )

    Those flowering trees are amazing – I wish spring here looked more like that.

    1. Yeah, I am always whining about those damn tourists… yet I wrote I blog shouting from the rooftops to come and visit. II’ll send you a postcard ad you can stick that on your window.

  7. First, super jealous you’re meeting up with TTM this spring! I thought I was going to meet her at the end of the month, but sadly no :( I still have to get to Croatia. Since spring is such a lovely time- maybe I should plan (in stone) a trip for next spring? Hm. Thoughts.

    1. Hell to the yes! And I do hope by then my house will be finished (don’t hold your breath), absolute best time for me is May. It’s my ALL TIME fave month here. We could look up what festival are on, and plan a big family vacay :)

  8. Seems like a perfect time to visit the Plitvice Lakes – I have seen so many incredible photographs from that area. And never a bad time to visit Zagreb!

  9. I want to hear and see that Sea Organ. I’ve never heard of anything like it. Love the flower photos, too.

  10. I first visited Croatia in the spring and I think it’s the perfect time to go :) Just looks so beautiful and the crowds are quite tolerable!

  11. Wow, I am honored to have made your spring calendar! We’re looking forward to it just as much as you are. I just am floored by how many things there are to do in your adopted country. This map is giving me more and more ideas! Here’s to narrowing them down into a do-able plan this week. Btw, I so wish I had a moment to join the link-up this week. Soon :)

  12. So many great things to do in Croatia in the spring – everything is just coming alive and looking beautiful. I would love to go ziplining.

  13. Croatia in the Spring is one of my favorite places to be. We will be in Crikvenica in a couple weeks again. I went to a funeral in the same cemetery in September. It is a very beautiful place.

  14. It sounds great!! Although, I would probably have to wait until the end of Spring, I hate cold weather. I love your instagram photo of the pretty tree – I felt like I was looking at cherry blossoms in Japan.

  15. Oh wow a 2100 meter zipline! I’ve done a 1000 but that sounds fabulous. All these Croatia spring posts are so lovely and it all looks very beautiful

  16. Chilly today, so some extra time to scroll your pages.
    Damned SJ, wish my English were a (tiny) bit better, as I envy how you do what you do the way you do it :-)
    Simply said: your pages rock like hell !!!!!
    If this aint sharing luck, what is ?
    You’re doing a fantastic job on an ever growing database of Dalmatia at its best.
    Question: how was the stay/food/service in Hotel Villa Dvor ?
    Poz., Pimkovic.
    (Ps. it was a true pleasure to meet the three of you overhere).

  17. I would definitely prefer Spring and next time we make a visit, with all these great ideas we’ll be set for a great time. Thanks

  18. it’s beautiful, I had come to Croatia, It always looks so beautiful, The National Parks are to die for. It would be a great fun to drive all the way.

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