12 Fun Things To Do In Trogir, Croatia + FAQ Guide

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Trogir, Croatia, is located between Zadar and Split and makes a perfect place to plan a day trip. Here is a list of the best things to do in Trogir. Written by Tara Lonergan, a (USA-born) local who loves to write and has a passion for travel and photography.

Croatia Travel Blog_Guide To Trogir Croatia

Have you ever heard about Trogir in Croatia? Trogir, located between Zadar and Split, is the perfect place to plan a day trip this spring or summer and is a great starting point for a Croatia road trip.

With it not being as famous as a town like its neighbors, you won’t be surrounded by as many tourists and get to enjoy the atmosphere as the locals do. If you are a photography lover or just after that perfect Instagram photo, Trogir is an ideal location to explore.

There are beautiful architecture, stunning sea views, and palm trees everywhere you look. National Geographic voted Trogir’s Old Town the best city island in the world in 2015, so it is not a place you want to miss!

Things To Do In Trogir, Croatia, For The Day

Things to do in Trogir Croatia Travel Blog - Castle

When you’re in Trogir, you can easily go without a list and wander about the streets; they are a treasure trove of surprises. You’ll find yourself walking along cobblestone paths, stumbling upon cool little courtyards, and maybe even catching locals having a chat. 

If you want a list, then below are the top things to see in Trogir; we’ve got Trogir attractions ranging from the beach, castles, and foodie stops. 

1. The Timeless Landmark, Trogir Clock Tower

Clock tower in Trogir Croatia, Unesco heritage

The Trogir Clock Tower is not just any timekeeper; it’s a piece of history standing proudly opposite the St. Lawrence Cathedral. Dating back to the 15th century, this tower captures the essence of Trogir’s architectural heritage.

Its light-blue dial and vibrant orange-tiled roof make it a striking sight. Originally part of the Church of St. Sebastian, it continues to tick away the time, adding to the town’s charming character.

While you can admire it from the main square, a closer look reveals the intricate details and craftsmanship that have stood the test of time.

2. Kamerlango Castle

Medieval Castle of Kamerlengo in Trogir Illuminated in the Night, Croatia

If you are short on time in Trogir, this has to be one of the things to do in Trogir you do not skip.

At the tip of the town is Kamerlango Castle. It is relatively small in the sense of castles, but it is beautifully built and accessible to the public.

For a fair price (prices may vary from spring to summer), you can enter the castle and climb the walls to enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding marina and town.

Inside the walls is a large open space where the town holds concerts or other events throughout the year.

Local Tip: Sporting fans will want to check out the Batarija football pitch nearby!

As you continue walking through the town’s small but charming alleyways, you will reach the Cathedral of St. Lawrence.

3. The Cathedral Of St. Lawrence

An ornate door of the The Cathedral Of St. Lawrence in Trogir, Croatia with a green door. Radovan portal is the main portal of the cathedral of St Lawrence done by Radovan in 1240. Trogir, Croatia

This Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church constructed in the Romanesque-Gothic style. It has been UNESCO-listed as the whole town (since 1997) due to its outstanding Venetian architecture.

Just like the castle, it is open to the public. For a few euros, you can visit the church inside and climb to the top of the bell tower.

If you aren’t afraid of heights, climbing to the top of the tower is definitely worth your while.

Things to do in Trogir Croatia Travel Blog - View

There are two levels, the first being the top of the building, where you can view a stained glass window and the courtyard surrounding the Cathedral. As you continue up and reach the top level, you get a breathtaking 360-degree view of the entire town.

With the mountains on one side and bright blue water on the other, you will be blown away by Trogir’s natural beauty.

4. Discovering City Hall In Trogir

An old stone building (City Hall) in Trogir, Croatia with stairs and a lamp.

Right next to Trogir’s famous cathedral, you’ll find the City Hall.

It’s not your typical government building. Dating back to the 13th century, it’s been touched up over time, blending different architectural styles.

What’s remarkable is the inside courtyard – it’s like finding a secret spot in the middle of the town. The courtyard is quiet, quaint, and has this old-world charm. It’s a great little escape from the busier streets and a neat slice of Trogir’s history.

5. Benedictine Monastery Of St. Nicholas In Trogir

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Things to do in Trogir Croatia Travel Blog - Sign

When you are in Trogir, make sure you swing by the Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas. This place isn’t just another old building; it’s packed with history. It’s been around for over a thousand years and houses some really cool stuff, like the famous Kairos relief from the 4th century.

Walking through the monastery is like stepping back in time, with its ancient church, quiet courtyard, and museum.

It’s a cool mix of history and art all rolled into one. Plus, the Kairos relief is kind of a big deal in Trogir – it symbolizes luck and fleeting moments, something we can all relate to. Definitely worth a visit!

6. Taste The Local Sweet Treat

Things to do in Trogir Croatia - How to make Trogirski Rafioli.

While you are in Trogir, we suggest you find the local treat – Trogirksi Rafioli.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful lady imprisoned in the famous Trogir tower, Kamerlengo. Her last name was Rafioli. While she waited patiently for her sweet liberty, she baked sweet cakes.

One of her favorite and most popular cookies were Trogirski Rafioli.

Then, one day, A nobleman of Trogir liberated the detained dame and took her to her own yard, where she made rafioli for him for the rest of her life.

After you try them, we know you’ll want to make them at home. 

7. Pantan Beach

Things to do in Trogir Croatia Travel Blog - Beach

Along with the rest of Croatia, Trogir has beautiful beaches for all ages. The closest beach to the center is Pantan Beach, located at the mouth of the Pantan River.

Here, you can find a sandy sunbathing area, rare for Croatia, and shallow water,  making this beach one of the top things to do in Trogir with kids. There is also a café on the beach where you can get drinks, food, and, of course, ice cream. You can take the public bus from Trogir’s bus station to get here or drive if you have your car.

8. Okrug Beach

Okrug Beach is for you if you are more of a sea person. Located about 5 km from the center, it is the most popular beach in the area. Here, you can find restaurants and bars that stay open throughout the night, offering nighttime entertainment.

If you want to stay active, a water sports center offers various activities. There are more beach locations depending on where you visit or how far you are willing to travel from the town center.

9. Cipiko Palace

A beautiful stone building adorned with windows and balconies, located in the charming town of Trogir, Croatia. Cipiko palace in the city of Trogir, Croatia

Cipiko Palace is a real gem in Trogir.

Imagine a 15th-century mansion that tells the story of Trogir’s noble past.

Though you can’t wander inside, the facade itself is a feast for the eyes. It’s made up of several connected buildings, showcasing Gothic architecture at its finest.

The Cipiko family, who were pretty influential back in the day, used to live here. Just standing in front of it, you get a sense of the history and grandeur of old Trogir.

10. Local Farmers Market

Things to do in Trogir Croatia Travel Blog - Cathedral

Are you wondering about what to do in Trogir as a foodie? The Trogir local farmers market is for you!

Located 100 meters from the bus station is a local farmers’ market. Here, you can find fresh fruits and vegetables and locally produced olive oil. As a traveler, I love to support local businesses and farmers, and this is the perfect place to do so.

Most sellers speak English, or just enough to tell you how much you owe them. There are also meat shops and bakeries within the market that are usually cheaper than your supermarkets. So, if you are staying in a private apartment and want to cook a meal, the market is where I would go to grab supplies.

During the summer season, locals also set up souvenir booths that sell handmade goods as well.

11. Hanging Out At The Piazza In Trogir

Then there’s the Piazza, the bustling heart of Trogir. It reminded me so much of Italy!

The Piazza is surrounded by beautiful buildings, including the Romanesque Church of St. Lawrence and some stunning Renaissance architecture.

This is where Trogir’s social life thrives. It’s a fantastic spot to sit back at one of the cafes, enjoy a drink, and watch the world go by. The atmosphere here is lively yet relaxed, making it the perfect place to soak in the local culture and enjoy the architectural beauty that Trogir has to offer.

12. Trogir City Museum

If you still have time, then the Trogir City Museum is great for anyone keen on uncovering the layers of this historic town.

Housed in a beautiful old building, the museum offers a deep dive into Trogir’s past. With artifacts dating back to the 3rd century BC, it’s like a treasure chest of stories and history.

The exhibits are well laid out, giving insights into the town’s evolution over the centuries. It’s the perfect spot if you need a break from the sun.

How To Get To Trogir

Things to do in Trogir Croatia Travel Blog - Marina

Located 28 kilometers north of Split, it is a quick forty-minute drive perfect for a day trip and to eat lunch along the beautiful Riva. If you are coming by bus, the station is a three-minute walk from the Old Town, and buses run about every 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the day, to both Zadar and Split.

There are many places to stay in Trogir if you choose to stay the night, whether it’s a hotel, a hostel, or a private apartment. You will also find a shuttle bus at the bus station that takes you to the airport since it’s only 10 minutes away from Split’s International Airport.

And sailors are welcome as well! Across a walking bridge from the Old Town is a beautiful marina. During my last trip to Trogir, I found many sailors docking their boats for the day and enjoying lunch in the restaurants along the sea.

Explore Our Handpicked Accommodations In Trogir

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and elegance at our selected accommodations in Trogir. Each property offers unique amenities and experiences, catering to a variety of preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious spa retreat, a family-friendly environment, or a scenic view of the Old Town, our choices ensure an unforgettable stay in this beautiful Croatian town.

Hotel Brown Beach House & Spa

Nestled next to the sea, this pet-friendly hotel in Trogir features a swimming pool with a sun terrace and a poolside bar. The air-conditioned rooms, equipped with modern amenities, offer sea or city views. Guests can enjoy a variety of services, including a gym, spa, and an on-site restaurant, ensuring a relaxing and comfortable stay. Check out the hotel & prices here ↳ 

Hotel Trogir Palace

This family-run hotel on Čiovo Island is just a short walk from the UNESCO-listed town of Trogir. It provides air-conditioned units with free WiFi, and the on-site à la carte restaurant serves Dalmatian specialties and a selection of Croatian wines. The hotel also features a spa center and fitness equipment and is conveniently located just 4 km from Split Airport. Check out the hotel & prices here ↳

Aparthotel Bellevue Trogir

Overlooking the Old Town of Trogir and nearby islands, this hotel is just 100 meters from the sea. It offers comfortable air-conditioned units with satellite LCD TV, safe, and private bathrooms, some featuring balconies. The top-floor restaurant provides panoramic views and serves a continental breakfast. Located close to the UNESCO Heritage Site of the Old Town of Trogir, it’s also conveniently near Split Airport and the bus station. Check out the hotel & prices here ↳ 

Trogir Fun Facts

Things to do in Trogir Croatia Travel Blog - Palm Trees

For a small town, Trogir is packed with all you need for a day trip to get out of the busy cities during tourist season. So, grab your friends or loved ones and visit! With restaurants and cafes located all around, it’s a place to relax and enjoy the summer weather.

So, now you have a list of the best things to do in Trogir, Croatia; we hope you have a wonderful time.

Trogir FAQ Guide

General Information

What makes Trogir a great place to visit?

Trogir is a charming coastal town on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, known for its rich history, well-preserved medieval structures, and beautiful beaches. It offers a perfect blend of cultural experiences and natural beauty, making it an excellent destination for travelers.

What are the main attractions in Trogir?

Trogir offers a range of attractions, including the St. Lawrence Cathedral, Kamerlengo Castle, Trogir Old Town, the Blue Lagoon, and the beautiful waterfront promenade. Visitors can explore the narrow cobblestone streets, admire the historic buildings, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea.

What is the best time to visit Trogir?

The best time to visit Trogir is in late spring or early autumn when the weather is pleasant and the crowds are smaller compared to the summer months. This allows for a more enjoyable experience while exploring the town and its attractions.

Getting Around

What is the best way to explore Trogir?

Trogir is a small town, and the best way to explore it is on foot. The town’s narrow streets and pedestrian-only old town make it easily walkable. You can also take a walking tour to learn more about its history and discover hidden gems.

How do I reach Trogir?

Trogir is easily accessible by air and road. The closest airport is Split Airport, which is approximately a 15-minute drive away. From the airport, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach Trogir. If you are coming by road, Trogir is well-connected to the Croatian mainland, and it is just a short drive from Split.

Attractions and Activities

Which are the must-visit historical sites in Trogir?

Trogir is home to several must-visit historical sites. The St. Lawrence Cathedral, with its stunning architecture, and the Bell Tower are highlights. Kamerlengo Castle and the Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas are also worth visiting to learn more about Trogir’s medieval past.

What are the best beaches near Trogir?

Trogir is surrounded by beautiful beaches. The Okrug Gornji Beach on the nearby island of Čiovo is one of the most popular spots, offering crystal-clear waters and pine trees for shade. Medena Beach is another option, located a short drive away from the town.

Can you recommend any day trips from Trogir?

If you have more time, consider taking a boat trip to visit the nearby Blue Lagoon or explore Krka National Park, known for its stunning waterfalls and nature trails. Both destinations offer breathtaking views and unique experiences.

What are the best restaurants in Trogir?

Trogir has a variety of excellent restaurants serving delicious Croatian cuisine. Some popular options include Gelato Bar Bella, located in the historic center, and various waterfront restaurants offering fresh seafood dishes. Exploring the narrow streets will also lead you to hidden culinary gems.

Practical Information

Is there a small museum in Trogir?

Yes, there is a small museum located in Trogir. It showcases artifacts and exhibits related to the town’s history and cultural heritage. It is a great place to learn more about the rich history of Trogir.

Where can I find the town hall in Trogir?

The town hall is located in Trogir’s historic center. It is a beautiful building that holds historical significance. You can easily find it during your exploration of the charming streets and alleys of Trogir.

Can you tell me more about the city walls in Trogir?

Trogir is surrounded by ancient city walls that date back to medieval times. These walls have been well-preserved and offer a glimpse into the town’s past. Walking along the walls provides panoramic views of the town and the Adriatic Sea.

Which is the closest airport to Trogir?

The closest airport to Trogir is Split Airport, which is located approximately a 15-minute drive away. It is well-connected to major cities in Europe, making it convenient for travelers to access Trogir.

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  1. Ah, Trogir! I spent a few days there in 2010 and really liked the small city. But, within city limits I found there wasn’t much to do and it was too small to go on a real wander. So, I hopped on one of the water taxis and headed to a beach. I am totally blanking on the name right now, but it is cute and the stones aren’t too uncomfortable … plus, super pretty!! Also, if you feel like going a little further down that gorgeous road, head to Split and then hop a ferry to Solta for some serious small town awesomeness!!

    1. Thanks very much for the tip Diana. I’ll look into that, for our next little day trip. xx

  2. I’ve only been to Dubrovnik but need to return to see more of this beautiful country.

    1. There is so much to see here it’s hard to choose. I myself have a gazzilion things on my to see list.

  3. Hello!
    A group of ladies are coming to Trogir literally at the end of this October for a two-day tour of the city.
    What do you suggest for us since we are coming in autumn and not during the tourist season of summer?
    Will half-day boat tours be open? Will the main sites be open (like climbing the walls of the castle and climbing the bell tower of St. Lawrence and the Farmers’ Market) at the end of October?
    May I ask what are the “musts” to see or eat (besides the delicious-sounding Trogirksi Ra)?
    For photographers, are there “musts” to take photos of? (Where is that beautiful round rosette window that is featured in your Trigor blog? :))
    THANK YOU for your suggestions!
    Chasing the Donkey is an excellent blog!

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