Zipline Croatia: Zoom – 65 Kilometres Across The Canyon

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Mate is Croatian and owns a transport company in the Balkans, he has visited over 30 countries. He is an expert on all things transportation as well as food and wine.

Zipline Croatia is an astounding activity in Omiš. Zoom a whopping 65 kilometers across the canyon, 150 meters up in the air… go on, if you dare.

For those of you, that don’t know, my background is in safety. That’s right; I’m that annoying guy telling you to put the safety glasses on!

So it begs the question, can outdoor adventure sports and safety co-exist? They certainly can! We recently visited Omiš, where I went Zip-Lining. Safety was paramount, so thankfully, I didn’t need to ask the guides any awkward questions.

Zipline Croatia

I’ve always wanted to ride a zipline or flying fox, as we call them in Australia. However, I had never considered traversing a canyon at 65km/h 150m off the ground! The zipline in Omiš, run by Zip-Line Croatia, has eight zip lines that cross the Cetina River Canyon 3km out of Omiš.

One way for you to get your outdoor adventure sports fix is to watch these…


But, Clearly, The Best Way Is To Try It Yourself…

Zip Line Omis - Travel Croatia like a local
Zip Line Omiš – Photo Credit Zip Line Croatia

I have to say I was a little apprehensive when I first heard the numbers. Not so much the speed but the height! One hundred fifty meters off the ground…..eeeeek! Being in safety means I’m always thinking about risk. The night before heading off to Omiš to start my zipline adventure, I started doing a risk assessment.

What’s the likelihood of plunging 150m to the bottom of the canyon, and what would be the consequence?  At least, it would be over quickly! I decided I had better keep my risk assessment to myself and calm my nerves with a glass of wine or two.

After a great night’s sleep (thanks to the wine at Villa Dvor), the time had come to find the courage and take me down to the zipline Croatia office in Omiš. I met the zipline team, and it was immediately clear this was a professional and experienced crew. Our group was quickly whisked off into the Mosor Mountains of Omiš to the Zipline Croatia Safety Training area.

Our guides clearly explained how the equipment works and gave us a trial run on a small training zip line. At this point, my alarm bells switched off. The training was excellent, and gear and equipment are in top condition. I complete the training exercise with ease and feel comfortable with what’s ahead.

I’m ready to conquer the zip line!

The first zipline is the highest and the longest of the eight lines. No big deal, right? Let’s just say when you first arrive; it’s slightly overwhelming. At 700m long and 150m off the ground, you do wonder what you are thinking standing there! Lucky for me, I had already relieved myself before we got to this point.

After another quick safety explanation, as fast as a flash, one of the guides zips down the line in preparation for our arrival at the other end. I muster up the intestinal fortitude and decide I will go first from my group. I figure it’s better to go first than hang around and let the nerves get the better of me. I jump on, and away I go.

What a ride, fast and fun with great views of the canyon.

Once I’m zooming down the line, all fears dissipate, and I enjoy the ride. Interestingly, if you walk 150m, it seems like nothing, a short distance if you’re 150m off the ground suspended from a wire, it’s damn high.

Zip Line Omis - Travel Croatia like a local
Zip Line Omiš – Photo Credit Zip Line Croatia

Over the next two hours, we complete the remaining seven zip lines. Some of the ziplines take you across the Cetina River, which is a very incredible sight to see below you.

Tip: Use the breaks and stop in the middle of one of the lines that cross the Cetina River and soak up those incredible views.

Brands We Use And Trust


Where To Book Zip Line Omiš

Zip Line Omis
Zip Line Omiš – Photo Credit Zip Line Croatia

Loads of agents in Split and Omis; just book as soon as you arrive, so you claim your spot.

More Details On Ziplining In Omiš

  • Zipline is located 3 km from Omiš, in the canyon of the Cetina River
  • The longest wire is 700m long, and it is situated 150m above the ground
  • The minimum age is nine years (child may be required to go tandem with a guide)
  • Maximum weight per person 130 kg
  • It is recommended to wear closed in shoes and to bring water

Local Tip: If you want other kid-friendly ideas, check out this list of fun things for kids in Croatia.

Accommodation In Omiš

We recommend you stay at the Hotel Villa Dvor, where we spent several nights as their guest while we toured the sites of Omiš.  Nestled between two canyons along the Cetina River, Hotel Villa Dvor is set high above a sheer marble stone cliff. Your stay is surrounded by the warm hospitality of the entire Curlin family & they also have a rooftop jacuzzi..seriously.

So, tell us, will you give the zipline a try while in Croatia?

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Comments (21)

  1. I (Chris) recently did something very similar here in Chiang Mai. I’m a sucker for adrenalin rush activities and had a blast. The longest zip-line was 300m, so the 700m line sounds awesome! We were never more then 40-50m above the ground, and we didn’t cross any rivers or canyons. Ours was through jungle rooftop, so the company in Croatia sounds much, much better! I’ll definitely give it a go myself once we make our way there. Thanks for the info…

  2. I LOVE this… I’m actually gonna be in Omis in less than a month, so I could totally do this. Eh… but it’s so terrifying! Props to you for doing this – I’ll think about it and try to figure out if I have the lady balls to do this!

    1. You should definately give this a go. The guides told me they have had grannies Zip-lining across the canyon. A shot of Rakija always helps with growing a pair!

  3. I have always wanted to try zip lining, but after seeing the height in that photo, I am a bit scared too! It does look amazing though. I think I’d have to have the glass of wine to do it as well lol

  4. Wow good one you guys. This looks like so much fun. It is so high up but the scenery look so beautiful. As the saying goes “Do 1 thing a day that scares you”.

  5. I so wanna try this thing, look like something adrenaline junkie like me would enjoy!

    1. The last time I took some liquid courage was when i jumped from a cliff in Dubrovnik. That time i got injured and was hobbling around for weeks!

  6. Ooh I love that view! Gorgeous! THe longest zipline I did was 1 kilometer here in Costa Rica over the cloud forest. It was amazing and so long we had to go two at a time!

  7. OMG, this is exactly the info I was looking for! I knew there was a zip-lining place in Omis that I needed to look up for an adventure with a fellow blogger, and now my procrastination has paid off in the form of a blog post. :) This will be my 4th time zip-lining and I can’t wait!

  8. Amazing!! And I thought my zipline experience in the Smoky Mountains was breathtaking…

  9. Now I’m actually glad we did not make it to Omis. We wouldn’t have been able to do this with the little guys… so I guess we’ll have to go back, and when we do, I’ll have to man up. Heights are not my thing, but the view.. oh, my!

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