11 Balkan Music Festivals For The Summer

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The Balkans region is one of the trendiest places in Europe for the summer holidays, and these are the best Balkan music festivals.

Balkans Travel Blog_Best Music Festivals in the Balkans

The Balkans region is one of the trendiest places in Europe for the summer holidays. Between the mountains, the beaches, the affordable prices, and traditional experiences you can’t get anywhere else in Europe, it has made quite a name for itself.

One of the best things to do in the Balkans is to attend a summer festival. Most festivals in the Balkans are affordable and loaded with cultural arts and music. Even recently, some of the world’s top bands, solo artists, and D.J.s have taken notice and have started to appear at the more prominent festivals in the Balkans.

Are you heading to the Balkans this summer? We have taken the liberty of listing some of the best festivals and providing you with the information you need to know.

Ranging from the biggest festivals in the Balkans to up-and-coming festivals on tiny islands, we have mixed it up so that every festival-goer can find the right music festival to fit their appetite. Here are the top 11 Balkans music festivals.

1. Lovefest

Date: 1st – 3rd August

Where Is It Happening?

Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia near the lake.

How To Get There?

The best place to fly into is the capital of Serbia which is Belgrade. From Belgrade, you are best off renting a vehicle or trying to find a ride using a rideshare app such as BlaBlaCar.

Who To Bring?

With weekend passes starting at just 32 Euros, it is hard to imagine any friend who would pass up on this fun. This is, perhaps, the smallest up-and-coming festival we have on the list, but it certainly packs a punch.

For any fan of local Balkan music or new-age music, namely ska, punk, reggae, electronic, and hip-hop. The festival may be in its early years, but Serbians sure know how to party.

What Else To See?

While in Serbia, why not make a little road trip out of the experience and see all of the best sites in Serbia. About two and a half hours north, you will find the capital city of Belgrade, where there is a thriving nightlife incomparable to anything in the Balkans.

Travel an hour north further, and you will run into Novi Sad, a charming little town dating back to the 17th Century along the banks of the Danube River.

Website: https://lovefest.rs/en/

2. Sziget Music Festival

Balkans Travel Blog_Things to do in Bulgaria_Music Festivals in Bulgaria_Sziget Music Festival
Photo Credit

Date: 7th – 13th August

Where Is It Happening?

Budapest, Hungary

How To Get There?

You can find a flight to Budapest on a budget airline from virtually anywhere in Europe. The city is one of the biggest tourist hot spots in the region.

Alternatively, there are many trains through Interrail which link Budapest to other large cities surrounding.

Who To Bring?

Sziget Music Festival in Budapest is (possibly) the biggest festival on this list. Many of today’s top pop stars have performed at this week-long festival, with big-name artists like the Foo Fighters, Post Malone, and Ed Sheeran looks to be no different.

Anyone who is into a steady stream of the mainstream and songs they recognize and like to sing along and dance to will enjoy the Sziget Festival.

What Else To See?

Budapest is one of the best places to visit in the region. With beautiful architecture, nature, and a lively night scene full of ruin bars and cheap beer, you will have no problem filling a week with things to do in the city to supplement the festival.

Website: https://szigetfestival.com/en/

3. O.Z.O.R.A. Music Festival

Date: 29th July – 4th August

Where Is It Happening?

Dádpuszta, Hungary

How To Get There?

Flying into Budapest is the best way to get to the festival. From there, the festival provides a shuttle straight from the airport to the festival grounds.

Alternatively, you can take a train to Simontornya where another festival shuttle bus will pick you up and take you to the festival grounds for five Euros.

Alternatively, there will be options to carpool to the festival from Budapest with other festival attendees. More information on each of these options can be found on the O.Z.O.R.A. festival website.

Who To Bring?

O.Z.O.R.A. is known by regular attendees as the Psychedelic Tribal Gathering and offers a spiritual journey through arts and yoga and a bunch of trance music. Bring any friend who is up for a good time on peaceful festival grounds in the forest.

There are areas on the grounds known as “chill zones” where you can find some calm in the madness. There is a little something for everyone at O.Z.O.R.A. with cooking, meditation, and even martial arts workshops.

What Else To See?

As we’ve already noted above, Budapest is worth your time. There are other places in Hungary, too, but you must visit it so close to Budapest.

Website: https://ozorafestival.eu/

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4. Dimensions Music Festival

Date: 28th August – 1st September

Where Is It Happening?

Fort Punta Christo, Pula, Croatia

How To Get There?

Dimensions offer airport transfers straight to the festival grounds from the main airport in Pula. You must reserve your spot on the website.

Who To Bring?

Opening in 2012, Dimensions Music Festival has quickly climbed the ranks to one of the world’s biggest underground electronic music festivals. Also, taking place in the awesome Fort Punta Christo makes it an exciting prospect.

Bring your friends who are ready to lose themselves with heavy electronic music such as techno, tech-house, deep house, and other styles of bass-pumping rhythms.

What Else To See?

While at the music festival, take time afterward to tour around the city of Pula. With so much history and a Colosseum comparative to the Roman masterpiece in Rome, this small seaside town packs a welcome delight. Afterward, head from Pula to Zadar.

Website: https://dimensionsfestival.com/

5. Electric Castle Music Festival

Balkans Travel Blog_Best Music Festivals in the Balkans_Electric Castle
Photo Credit

Date: 17th – 21st July

Where Is It Happening?

Banffy Castle, Cluj, Romania

How To Get There?

Cluj-Napoca is the nearest big city with an international airport and several budget airlines flying in from all over Europe.

Who To Bring?

As one of the coolest atmospheres and, indeed, one of the most out-of-the-ordinary of any Balkans music festivals, Electric Castle is suitable for anyone who likes to dance and never stop dancing.

It is one of the top electronic music festivals in Europe, and it takes place in a Transylvania castle.

It brings not only an excellent experience for your ears but is also one of the most visually stunning performances in the Balkans. With a light show like you have never seen (hold the people who have been to Tomorrowland), Electric Castle is bound to be for anyone.

What Else To See?

As many know, Transylvania is known worldwide for being the home of Count Dracula and all the folklore behind his story. Many visitors love the opportunity to tour the region, tracing the myths and folklore.

Cluj-Napoca is nearby and is also a trendy city in Romania to visit.

Website: https://electriccastle.ro/

6. Dev9t Music festival

Date: 14th – 22nd June

Where Is It Happening?

Belgrade, Serbia

How To Get There?

The easiest way to get to Belgrade would be to fly into its international airport from virtually anywhere in the world. Several budget airlines fly into Belgrade from all over Europe.

Alternatively, being the capital of Serbia, there are many ways to arrive to the city from anywhere you are departing in Europe.

If nearby, Interrail trains run several routes through Belgrade. Also, public buses are generally quick and affordable from neighboring big cities/countries. The other alternative is to drive yourself, though the traffic in Belgrade can sometimes be busy.

Who To Bring?

Anyone who has artistry running through their bones is perfect for this creative function. It is less of a festival and more of a mashup of artistic talent.

It takes place in a large warehouse-style building throughout eight nights and sees some of the Balkan’s best artists collide and co-exist together.

The music is excellent, but attendees really have to have an interest in local art as well.

What Else To See?

Belgrade is the party capital of the Balkans region. With a riverfront lined with unique clubs and cheap drinks to boot, many people flock from all parts of Europe just to witness the madness of Serbian clubs in Belgrade.

Website: http://www.dev9t.com/ (use Google to translate it into English)

7. Goulash Disko Music Festival

Balkans Travel Blog_Best Music Festivals in the Balkans_Goulash
Photo Credit

Date: 11th – 15th September

Where Is It Happening?

Komiža, Vis, Croatia

How To Get There?

It is recommended to fly to Split and go from there.

To get to Vis, which may be one of the most beautiful Croatian islands of the Dalmatia coast, one must take a ferry which you can board from Split.

Who To Bring?

With one of the most unique combinations of global underground music, the Goulash Disko Music Festival combines a mixture of traditional music and electronic beats. Bring your hipster friends as it is an off-the-beaten-path music festival that is entirely funded by crowdfunding.

That means it is an independent, advertisement-free festival. Pretty cool!

What Else To See?

Split would be the obvious answer. As one of the most bustling cities in beautiful Croatia, it would be a shame to travel all the way to Vis and miss out on all that Split has to offer. Plan a few days before or after the festival to relax in this Adriatic coastal haven.

Website: http://www.goulashdisko.com/

8. Love International Music Festival

Date: 3rd – 10th July

Where Is It Happening?

Tisno, Croatia

How To Get There?

Fly into Zadar and get a private transfer or travel by bus from Zagreb. The drive along Croatia’s coast is also worth noting for those that want to turn it into a larger Balkans adventure.

Who To Bring?

Being yet another Balkans music festival by the sea, make sure your friends are ready for the beach and boat parties!

For those interested in an authentic festival experience, intimate enough to enjoy some luxury in a picturesque secluded location, the relatively new International Love Music Festival in Tisno is perfect for you.

Generally, most of the attendees of Love International are aged from 25-years-old and up.

What Else To See?

The town of Tisno is only a short walk from the festival grounds and is worthy of some of your time during the week-long festival. Take a break from the partying with a stroll through the quaint but vibrant town and try the region’s delicious wines.

Website: https://loveinternationalfestival.com/

9. Sonus Music Festival

Date: 18th – 22nd August

Where Is It Happening?

Zrće Beach is located on the island of Pag, which is otherwise known as the Croatian Ibiza.

How To Get There?

Pag is relatively easy to access. There are two main airports nearby, the closest being the Zadar airport which is no more than 50 kilometers from the party destination. You can also take a transfer or drive yourself through some of Croatia’s most beautiful scenery.

Who To Bring?

Anyone who enjoys the island vibe, cocktails on the beach, boat parties, Instagram models, and a great party scene will appreciate Sonus Music Festival. Whoever you bring has to be an E.D.M. lover who can withstand five days and five nights of packed action and dancing.

What Else To See?

Besides being an extreme party destination, the area also packs a punch for other island-hopping tourists. If you are there, make sure to take at least one island hopping tour from a multitude of touring agencies.

Website: http://refreshfestival.me/

10. Seasplash Music Festival

Balkans Travel Blog_Best Music Festival in the Balkans_Seasplash
Photo Credit

Date: 18th – 21st July

Where Is It Happening?

Martinska, Šibenik, Croatia

For the first time in the festival’s 17 year history, the location of Seasplash is heading to Croatia’s popular and beautiful Dalmatia region to Martinska Pier and beach.

How To Get There?

Fortunately, getting to Dalmatia in Croatia is relatively easy. You can use a plethora of transportation methods either by plane, ferry, public bus, or your own vehicle. Dalmatia is one of the most popular Balkans regions among tourists, so you won’t struggle to find your way.

If you fly into Zagreb (the capital of Croatia), our favorite way to get to Dalmatia is by way of private transfer. It affords you the possibility to see some of the best nature Croatia – and is way faster than public transport. 

Who To Bring?

Any friend who loves the beach will love Seasplash. However, make sure the friend is ready to dance into the wee hours of the morning. Generally speaking, those that get into reggae, dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass, dance hall, ska, and other electronic-type music would really love what Seasplash has to offer.

With a lineup featuring artists hailing from all over the world, it is hard not to be interested!

What Else To See?

Šibenik is home to some of the best vineyards in Croatia. For wine lovers, you will absolutely love a tasting tour through the beautiful landscape of Šibenik. The city also has a plethora of beaches to explore.

Website: https://seasplash-festival.com/en/

11. Southern Soul Music Festival

Date: Starts 26th June

Where Is It Happening?

Ulcinj, Montenegro

How To Get There?

The Southern Soul Music Festival is one of the rare places accessible by all means of transportation. Whether you come by air, sea, train, or car – you can easily find your way to Velika Plaza.

There are several close airports, 2 in the small country of Montenegro and one in each neighboring country of Albania and Croatia, which are less than 120km from Ulcinj.

If you want the best experience and the freedom to explore the beauty of the Balkan peninsula, take a road trip along the beautiful Montenegro coastal highways to get to the Southern Soul.

Who To Bring?

The boutique music festival offers trendy and underground performing artists from a wide variety of musical backgrounds. Bring friends along who like all styles of music but particularly those friends who prefer soul, jazz, funk, house, and disco music. And tell them to prepare to dance!

What Else To See?

The city of Ulcinj has a beautiful town that is fortified and well-preserved from Medieval times. Make sure you spend a day touring around the likes of the old town perched on its mountain top. There are also several splendid beaches for anybody looking for more sun before or after the festival.

Ada Bojana is an island only ten minutes from the festival grounds. Make sure to check it out while you are there, too!

Website: https://www.southernsoulfestival.me/

Extra Tip: Come with a group of four (or eight) as they do a promo where you buy three festival passes and get a fourth for free!

Don’t miss out on the Balkans music festival fun!

No matter what music festival you choose to attend, you can rest assured that you will likely save a bunch of money compared to other popular music festivals around Europe in the Balkans. However, that doesn’t mean your experience will be any less fun.

Now that we have shared our favorite music festivals coming up in the summer, we hope you take a chance to travel to the Balkans and explore the other beauties this region has to offer.

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  1. Ouuuuu, how dare you to ignore them :
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    2. Exit festival Srbija


  2. Yeah, I missed Exit as well in the list? And yeah Guca! True.

    Another idea is Belgrade Beerfestival – for Beer lovers plus music acts.

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