How To Get From Ohrid To Saranda (& Saranda To Ohrid)

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This detailed transportation guide tells you how to get from Ohrid to Saranda and how to travel from Saranda to Ohrid.

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North Macedonia shares a land border with Albania, which means it’s more than possible to see both countries during one stay. If you’re staying in Ohrid or planning to visit sometime soon, you’ll have plenty to see.

Ohrid is a large and beautiful city in North Macedonia and sits on stunning Lake Ohrid. Many visitors head to Orchid for history, architecture, and natural beauty. However, that doesn’t mean visitors don’t want to head out and see something else!

You’ve no doubt heard of Saranda. This is a stunning resort town that sits in the heart of the Albanian Riviera. Lapped by the glittering water of the Ionian Sea, Saranda is a chilled-out, authentic, and beautiful beach town that is perfect for summer chills.

So, how do you get from Ohrid to Saranda, and then from Saranda to Ohrid?

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Transport Options From Ohrid To Saranda (& Back Again)

Archaeological Sites in Macedonia - Samuels Fortress in Ohrid

Remember that you’re crossing a land border when you travel between Ohrid and Saranda, or Saranda and Ohrid. You will need your passport any necessary visa paperwork for your country of origin, and you’ll also need to comply with up-to-date COVID guidelines at the time. It’s best to check these very close to your departure date, as they do change very quickly and regularly!

There are two main ways to get from Ohrid and Saranda and back again. You cannot fly between the two cities as there are no direct connections. You would need to go far out of your way to do this, and it’s simply not worth it. While road connections may take longer, they do allow you to see plenty of both beautiful countries.

Ohrid To Saranda By Bus

You can take the bus from Ohrid Bus Station to Tirana Central Station. The bus is run by AD Caleb Ohrid and takes 2.5 hours. The bus runs once per day. You would then connect to the Saranda service, which is far more regular and leaves every 2 hours. The journey will take you 5 hours, but you may experience a little traffic as you near the coast during the summer months.

To return to Ohrid from Saranda, you simply reverse the same information as both services run regularly throughout the year.

Driving From Ohrid To Saranda

Best Hotels In Saranda, ALBANIA - beach

The second option is to drive. The road between Ohrid and Saranda (and back from Saranda to Ohrid) is straightforward to follow and smooth. You will be able to travel according to your own needs, and you can stop whenever you want. There are some tolls en-route, so make sure you have the change to pay.

You’ll need your International Driving Licence (all parts), car insurance documents, passport, and any visa information. You’ll also need to comply with COVID restrictions as you cross the border in either direction.

The journey is 350km and takes around 5.5 hours, depending upon traffic. It’s a very scenic route as you travel down the length of Albania, and you’ll see plenty of sights along the way. Follow the E853 from Ohrid to Tirana and then change to the SH4 down to Saranda.

Obviously, to travel back from Saranda to Ohrid, simply reverse the same information.

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