How To Get From Ohrid To Skopje (And Skopje To Ohrid)

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This detailed transportation guide tells you how to get from Ohrid to Skopje and how to travel from Skopje to Ohrid.

North Macedonia Travel Blog_How To Travel From Skopje To Ohrid

Macedonia is a beautiful country, and it’s pretty easy to travel around, thanks to its small size. It’s always a great idea to check out as much of a country as possible wherever you visit. Thankfully, when you visit this particular place, you have fantastic opportunities for a two-center break or even more.

Two of the most famous spots in the country are the beach resort of Ohrid and the capital, Skopje. They’re as far away from one another as you can get in terms of the country’s landmass, but when you consider that’s only 180km, you can see how easy it is.

So, why would you want to visit these two places?

Archaeological Sites in Macedonia - Samuels Fortress in Ohrid

Skopje is the capital, full of places to visit, culture, shopping, and fun. It’s also a gorgeous spot, as the Kale Fortress looks down on the city center. This ancient city was also inhabited as far back as 4000BC.

Ohrid is a beach resort in the south famous for beautiful sand and sea and 365 churches, one for each day of the year! Sitting on Lake Ohrid, it’s a stunning place to visit, and it will certainly fill up your camera roll.

So, how to get from Ohrid to Skopje, and of course, back again?

There are no direct train routes between the two destinations, so your main options are driving, bus, or perhaps a taxi if you want to save time and effort.

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Ohrid to Skopje & Skopje to Ohrid By Car


The easiest and most scenic way to get from Ohrid to Skopje, and of course, back again, is by car. You can hire a car very quickly and drive it yourself. It’s only 180km between the two, and you’ll see the entire length of the country.

From Ohrid, take the E65 road and then the A2 up to Skopje. This is the quickest and shortest route, and the streets are safe and easy to follow.

Of course, if you’re hiring a car, ensure that you have your international driving license papers and your passport. You’ll also need to take out comprehensive insurance on the car for your journey.

On your return trip, reverse the instructions – take the A2 and then the E65 down into Ohrid.

Bus Skopje To Ohrid – Ohrid To Skopje Bus

Archaeological Sites in Macedonia - Outlook tower of the Skopje Fortress

Your next and probably cheapest option is to take the bus from Ohrid to Skopje and back again. There are regular links between the two destinations, and buses leave Ohrid every hour and go back in the opposite direction. A one-way ticket will cost you just 9 Euros, or you can book a return for 14 Euros and save a little.

The only downside is that the bus journey will take longer, at around 3 hours, and will depend upon traffic too. The bus stops several times along the way and will stop for an extended break halfway along Straza.

When you return, you can catch the bus from the center of Ohrid and again at the central bus station in Skopje. The final bus leaves late in the afternoon.

Ohrid to Skopje & Skopje to Ohrid By Taxi

Skopje in Macedonia_ St. Clement Of Ohrid
St. Clement Of Ohrid

Your final option isn’t the cheapest and probably not the most realistic, but if you don’t want to travel by bus and are not a fan of driving, you could opt for a long-distance taxi. This should cost you no more than 80 Euros one way, but check with the driver beforehand and set your price.

Different companies may charge different prices, and you’ll have to negotiate. However, it’s an excellent way to sit down and chill out en route while not having to drive or wait longer for the bus.

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