How To Get From Tirana To Skopje (& Skopje To Tirana)

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This detailed transportation guide tells you how to get from Tirana to Skope and how to travel from Skopje to Tirana.

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Traveling around the Balkans is far more accessible than ever before, so you’ve no excuse to get out and explore! If you’re keen to visit both Tirana in Albania and Skopje in North Macedonia, there’s some good news coming your way – it’s super easy to get to and from each!

Tirana is, of course, Albania’s capital city, and it is home to some beautiful and very colorful types of architecture that date back to Ottoman times. Skanderbeg Square is the focal point of city life, and you’ll find cute pastel buildings and a busy yet exciting vibe.

But Tirana isn’t only about architecture and history because it’s also home to seriously impressive nightlife, gastronomy, and shopping opportunities.

Skopje is North Macedonia’s capital and the country’s largest city. It is an excellent, great spot for those who enjoy history as there are countless museums where you can learn more, with artifacts dating back to around 4000 BC.

The city center is a modern, bustling place with plenty to keep you occupied during your visit.

So, how do you get from Tirana to Skopje, and how do you get from Skopje to Tirana?

How To Get From Tirana To Skopje (& Skopje To Tirana)

To travel between Tirana and Skopje and back in the other direction, you have three main options: self-drive, taxi, or bus. There are no direct flights between the two cities and no train connections either.


Archaeological Sites in Macedonia - Outlook tower of the Skopje Fortress

The drive between Tirana and Skopje is relatively easy, and the quality of the roads are good. However, depending on traffic, you are looking at a 5-hour journey covering 288km.

You would follow the E852 and E65 roads to Skopje, then the E65 and the E852 to Tirana. As you are crossing a country border, you must have all your documents for the authorities to check. You will need your passport, visa documentation necessary for your country of origin, driving license (all parts), and insurance documents. Border crossings don’t tend to take that long; however, there are queues at certain times, which may hold you up a little.

Tirana From Skopje By By Private Tranfer Or Taxi

A weekend in tirana_komiteti

The other road option is to take a taxi or private transfer between Skopje and Tirana; however, this will be costly. If you don’t particularly enjoy public transport but are not keen on driving, hiring a taxi or booking a private transfer for the long drive is possible.

You’re looking at a 5-hour journey, and you’ll need to book your driver ahead of time due to the distance and the border crossing. You’re looking at around 200-300 euros one way; however, this may vary depending on the cost of fuel at the time.

Bus From Tirana To Skopje

Best Hotels In Skopje - View on Stone bridge from Oko bridge in Skopje

The cheapest way to travel between Tirana and Skopje is by bus. Buses run four times daily, with three night buses and one during the day. The earliest bus from the Tirana central bus station is 8 am, arriving in Skopje at around 4 pm. You will need all your documentation ready for the border crossing.

The latest bus is at 7 pm, which will get you to Skopje at around 4 am the following morning. Tickets cost around 20 euros one way, with children’s tickets costing 14 euros.

Long-distance buses are comfortable, and you can book your ticket online or from the central bus station the day before. It’s not the best idea to leave it until the day of travel to get your ticket, as limited places are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

When traveling back to Tirana from Skopje, the earliest bus is at 8 am, which will get you to Tirana at 3.20 pm. The latest bus is at 9 pm, and you will arrive in Tirana at 4.30 am. Tickets cost the same – 20 euros for adults and 14 euros for children.

Most buses between the two cities are direct, but some will stop for a little while in the Macedonian towns of Struga and Kicevo and some also in Gostivar.

So, now that you know how to get to Skopje from Tirana, which option do you choose?

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FAQs About Traveling From Tirana To Skopje

What are the different modes of transportation available for travel from Tirana to Skopje?

Buses, taxis, rental cars, and flights are the main options for traveling from Tirana to Skopje.

Are there direct buses from Tirana to Skopje?

Yes, there are direct buses available. Buses depart from the International Bus Station in Tirana.

What is the travel time by bus?

The bus journey takes approximately 6-7 hours.

How much does a bus ticket cost?

The ticket price for the bus journey ranges from 20-25 EUR.

Which bus company operates on this route?

Drita Travel and Durmo Tours are two of the bus companies that operate between Tirana and Skopje.

Where do the buses depart from in Tirana?

The buses depart from the International Bus Station in Tirana.

Are there any direct trains or flights available?

No, there are no direct trains or flights between Tirana and Skopje.

What is the fastest way to travel between Tirana and Skopje?

Currently, the fastest way is by bus, with a travel time of around 6-7 hours.

How can I find detailed information about bus schedules and departure times?

You can check the websites of the bus companies, such as Drita Travel and Durmo Tours, for detailed schedules and departure times.

Is there a night bus option?

No, there are no night buses available on this route.

Can I travel by private taxi?

Yes, private taxis are available for travel from Tirana to Skopje. However, taxi fares can be higher compared to other options.

What is the best route for traveling between Tirana and Skopje?

The best route is usually via the E852 road, which offers a convenient and direct connection between the two cities.

Are there any cheap flights available?

There are no direct flights between Tirana and Skopje, and stopover flights can be more time-consuming and expensive than other options.

Can I rent a car for this trip?

Yes, you can rent a car in Tirana for your trip to Skopje. Rental cars are available at the main airport and various rental companies in the city.

What is the road distance between Tirana and Skopje?

The road distance between Tirana and Skopje is approximately 240 kilometers.

Do I need any insurance documents to travel to Skopje?

If you are renting a car, you will need a Green Card for North Macedonia insurance, which can be obtained from the rental company.

What are the best places to visit in Skopje?

Skopje offers various attractions, such as Skopje Fortress, Old Bazaar, and the Stone Bridge. Exploring the Albanian culture and architecture is also recommended.

Is it a good idea to use private transfers?

Private transfers can be a convenient option if you prefer a more personalized and comfortable travel experience. However, it might be more expensive than other modes of transportation.

Is free Wi-Fi available on the buses?

Some buses may offer free Wi-Fi, but it’s best to check with the specific bus company for availability.

How can I find the cheapest price for a bus ticket or flight?

Comparing prices from different bus companies and airlines can help you find the best deal. It’s recommended to check their official websites or use travel search engines for price comparisons.

Can you recommend any reliable bus companies for this trip?

Drita Travel and Durmo Tours are two reliable bus companies that operate on this route.

What is the best time of the day to travel?

The departure times for buses can vary, but morning departures are often seen as more convenient as they allow you to arrive in Skopje in the afternoon.

Can I get a return ticket for my journey?

Yes, both bus companies, Drita Travel and Durmo Tours, offer return tickets for the Tirana to Skopje route.

Is it possible to book a private minivan for a larger group?

You can arrange private minivan transfers by contacting local transportation companies or travel agencies.

What is the main airport in Skopje?

The main airport in Skopje is Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (SKP).

Is there any train connection between Tirana and Skopje?

No, there are no direct train connections between Tirana and Skopje.

How much do flights usually cost between Tirana and Skopje?

There are no direct flights between Tirana and Skopje. Stopover flights can vary in cost depending on the airline and time of booking.

Do buses have power outlets?

Not all buses may have power outlets, so it’s recommended to check with the specific bus company regarding their amenities.

Where can I find more detailed information about bus routes and schedules?

You can visit the websites or contact the bus companies, Drita Travel and Durmo Tours, for more detailed information about their routes and schedules.

What is the first and last bus departure time of the day?

The exact departure times may vary, but the first bus is typically around 6 am, and the last bus is usually around 7 pm.

Can you recommend any other reliable bus companies apart from Drita Travel and Durmo Tours?

Makedonija Soobrakaj AD is another reliable bus company that operates on the Tirana to Skopje route.

Do I need any special travel documents to visit Skopje?

As of now, for most travelers, a valid passport is sufficient to visit Skopje. However, it’s always advisable to check the latest travel requirements and restrictions before planning your trip.

Are there any cheaper flight options available from neighboring airports?

If you are flexible with your travel plans, it’s worth checking flights from neighboring airports in nearby countries like Kosovo or Greece, which might offer more affordable options.

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