Post author Mehmet

Mehmet, Türkiye Travel Writer

Mehmet is digital nomad who was born in Istanbul, Türkiye and now calls the Balkans region his home-office.

Mehmet, or Mem as he’s commonly known among his digital brethren, is a modern-day wanderer whose roots trace back to the bustling streets of Istanbul.

Türkiye’s grand metropolis was just the beginning of his nomadic tale. With a laptop in hand and an insatiable curiosity, Mem has turned the eclectic Balkans into his roaming ground and home office.

His life is a patchwork of café workspaces, impromptu meetings, and the ever-changing views of the Aegean Sea to the rugged mountains of the peninsula. Mehmet’s journey is a testament to the digital age, proving that home is where the WiFi connects automatically, and the heart is where the next adventure lies.


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