Croatian Swear Words With English Translations (Part II)

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Warning: Content May Offend

Those of us with Croatian heritage will know that Croatian swear words (or for you Americans: Croatian cuss words) are very “colorful and creative.”

Growing up, I remember my parents saying things that seemed completely nonsensical, like “pun kurac,” which literally translates to full of dick, and wondering what the hell it meant.

One of our most popular posts has been our Croatian swear words. Since then, we’ve gotten lots of feedback from you, our readers, about some of the Croatian, swear words you grew up with and telling us we should make a post about the ones that’ll make people really cringe. So we’ve decided to compile an uncensored Croatian swear words list, which includes the feedback we have received from you guys.
When swearing in Croatian, one thing to remember is that how you say it determines the context, meaning, and how it will be received. Remember the scene in Donnie Brasco, where Johnny Depp explains the multiple meanings of “forget about it.” Croatian swear words are much the same.

Learn How To Swear In Croatian

Pička Ti Materina

Use this Croatian swear word that translates to your mother’s vagina instead of one of that lame-ass ‘Yo Mama so fat’ jokes. Nothing beats using a phrase about your best friend’s mother’s lady parts to get his attention.

Idi U Tri Pičke Materine

As if talking about someone else’s mother’s private area was not bad enough in the first example, this phrase goes up three notches. Here you’re telling someone to go into your mother’s vagina three timesLike once is not bad enough.

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Jebi Se

In part one, we left out this rather handy phrase, sorry about that. Simply put, fuck yourself needs no explanation.

Jebi Ga

Simple is often best. No need to translate this super-common Croatian swear – fuck it. Just as it’s used in English, you can say jebi ga in the morning, at noon, and night, basically whenever you’re pissed off.


Fuck off. Innocent as that.

Ajde U Kurac

This one is a touch more tricky. If od jebi were not enough to tell someone to go fuck themselves, then this one should do the trick. Go into a dick means to fuck off but with more power. Mrs. Chasing the Donkey has used this one a few times herself, talk about assimilating.

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Jebo Ti Pas Mater

Oh boy, how our dear mothers who gave birth to us get used in the worst possible way while swearing in Croatian. May the dog fuck your mother surely will get your point across to that person who is pissing you off or to a situation that really has your panties in a twist.


This word meaning dick is quite flexible as it changes its meaning depending on its use. Add it to one of your English cuss phrases for added effect to throw your friends off.

Kurac Od Tovara Or Ovce

We all have at least one useless and worthless friend *looks around*. Croatian swears often use animals (not just mothers), and this one is dick of a donkey (tovar) or sheep (ovca)—two poor innocent animals who often get used to when swearing in Croatian.

Pun Kurac

If you remember, kurac means dick. And, if you want to know how to swear like a Croatian, you need to know how to use that word in as many ways as possible. An easy example is full dick, which translates to full of shit or bullshit. Give it a whirl next time your mate is raving on.

Koji Ti Je Kurac?

So, what is wrong with your dick? You would never say that in English, but it’s a perfect Croatian cuss word meaning what the fuck is wrong with you?

Hoću Kurac

I want dick. Gasp – what? Who says that? Us Croats, that’s who. Use it instead of hell; no, I don’t want it. When Mrs. Chasing the Donkey asks me to do the dishes, my response is hoću kurac.

Ajde U Pičku Strininu

We cussed out our mothers, a few animals, a few dicks… so, of course, the next person to use in Croatian swearing is your dear aunt. Go into your Aunt’s vagina. This one is particular. Why it has to be the auntie who is your dad’s sister-in-law, I have no idea.

Pičkin Dim

Ever thought about vagina smoke? Well, you have now; this phrase means that something is straightforward, almost nothing. I would love to know how this phrase originated?

Here is a clip of a guy having some trouble starting a fire who demonstrates the Croatian language color. He is clearly very frustrated and heads into religious cursing territory. If you do not want to hear any serious cursing, please do not watch the clip.

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  1. I am repeating the new Croatian lesson, not only to have the special words available when needed, but also to know when and if someone says them to me :)))))

    1. yes, be aware. You should also read part one – you might hear those more often ‘at you’ so early on in your freindships.

  2. The man swearing in the YouTube clip…. I’m surrounded by people swearing in Croatian but that, was truly something else!

  3. I’m partly Croatian and thought i knew almost every Croatian swear word, but swearing on the video was truly off the charts, i’m shocked!

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