11 Facts About The Croatian Language

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11 Facts About The Croatian Language

Let’s see how many of these interesting facts about the Croatian language you might know!

Croatian Language Fact Number 1

Apart from being the official language in Croatia, Croatian is one of the three official languages in Bosnia & Herzegovina and one of the 24 official languages of the European Union.

Croatian Language Fact Number 2

Around 7 million speakers speak the Croatian language.

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Croatian Language Fact Number 3

The first Croatian grammar was written by Bartol Kašić and published in 1604, only 18 years after the first English grammar. It was written in Latin.

Croatian Language Fact Number 4

The Croatian language has four past tenses, one present tense, and two future tenses – but you only need to know one “main” past, present, and future tense to be able to speak Croatian properly.

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Croatian Language Fact Number 5

The Croatian alphabet has 30 letters.

Croatian Language Fact Number 6

There are eight letters in Croatian that you will not find in the standard Latin alphabet. They are: č, ć, dž, đ, lj, nj, š and ž.

Croatian Language Fact Number 7

The Croatian alphabet does not have the letters q, w, x, or y.

Croatian Language Fact Number 8

The letters dž, lj, and nj are pronounced and treated as single letters.

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Croatian Language Fact Number 9

Č and ć are different letters, not different accents of the same letter.

Croatian Language Fact Number 10

1 letter = 1 sound.


Each letter is always pronounced the same. There are no silent letters; there are no special combinations of letters, making it really easy to learn how to read in Croatian.

Croatian Language Fact Number 11

The longest word in the Croatian language has 24 letters, it is:


It means the wife of the prijestolonasljednik, heir to the throne.

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