Croatian Citizenship Test Questions In English

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Sarah-Jane has lived in Croatia for 10+ years. SJ, as she is known, has been traveling the Balkans & beyond since 2000. She now shares her passion for traveling with her husband & kids.

This is a list of the Croatian citizenship test questions, which has been translated from Croatian into English by Google; therefore the questions are not 100% grammatically correct.

Find all of the answers to the Croatian citizenship test here.

1. First is the legislative body in the Republic of Croatia.

Croatian Parliament

2. In the Republic of Croatia, everyone is required

a) abide by the Constitution and law and respect the legal order of the Republic of Croatian
b) keep only the law
c) keep only the Constitution
d) only respect the legal order of the Republic of Croatian

3. On 5 August in the Republic of Croatia is the feast:

a) Labor Day
b) Day of Victory
c) All Saints
d) Anti-Fascism Day

4. The anthem of the Republic of Croatian is

Our Beautiful Homeland

Our Beautiful Homeland,
Oh dear, heroic land
Old glory
to always be happy!

Dear, as much as you are glorious,
Mila, You are our only.
Milo, where you are a plain,
Honey, where are you from the mountains!

Flow Drava, Sava flow,
Danube, do not lose your power,
Deep blue sea, tell the world,
Yes, Croat loves his nation.

While his fields are warm in the sunshine,
While his oaks bora winds,
While grave hides his dead,
While his living heartbeats!

5. In the Republic of Croatia guarantees equality to members of all the (fill in the blank) minorities.


6. In November 1991, after three months, hundreds of artillery shells daily destruction of the place, the Yugoslav army and paramilitaries occupied the city. They killed over 2,000 people and veterans, and 800 people were missing, and to date, no one knows their fate. The city is:


7th historic building, the largest Roman amphitheater in the area of today’s Croatian, is located in (name the city)

a) Pula
b) Zagreb
c) Osijek
d) Zadar

8. Second longest European river that flows through the eastern part of the Croatian called ….


9th famous national park that consists of 16 interconnected lakes, under the protection of UNESCO, is:

Plitvice Lakes

10th Bronze statues of Bishop Gregory of Nin, which are located in cities Nin, Split, and Varaždin, created the famous Croatian sculptor:

a) Robert Frangeš
b) Ivan Mestrovic
c) Antun Augustinčić
d) Frano Kršinić

11th One of the famous sights of Zagreb, the Croatian capital, is:

a) Cathedral
b) Amphitheatre
c) Trakošćan Castle
d) Sea Organ

12th Founder of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts was Đakovo-Sirmium bishop:

a) Juraj Dobrila
b) Josip Jelacic
c) Strossmayer
d) George Jezerinac

13th Croatian town where there are the four rivers (Korana, Kupa, Mreznica, and Dobra) is called:

a) Karlovac
b) Dubrovnik
c) Split
d) Rijeka

14th The famous Croatian mathematician, astronomer, surveyor, and physicist after whom is named the Institute, which represents a pivotal institution of the Republic of Croatia in the field of natural and biomedical sciences and marine science and the environment is:

a) Juraj Dobrila
b) Ruder Boskovic
c) Lavoslav Ruzicka
d) Ivan Vucetic

15th Drazen Petrovic, Toni Kukoc, and Dino Radja competed in the same sport and achieved remarkable results. They were concerned with

a) tennis
b) skiing
c) athletics
d) basketball

16. The executive power in the Republic of Croatia is:

a) The Croatian Government
b) Croatian Supreme Court
c) The Croatian Parliament
d) The Ombudsman

17th Foundation of political parties in Croatia is free. In practice, this means that they can be found all political parties:

a) to collect a sufficient number of founders, with no legal restrictions
b) they raise enough money for the realization of the programs and activities
c) that your program guaranteeing that they will be able to participate in parliament
d) except those which by their program or violent activities aim to demolish the free democratic order

18. On May 1 in the Republic of Croatia is the feast:

a) Labor Day
b) Independence Day
c) All Saints
d) Anti-Fascism Day

19. In the Republic of Croatia government shall be organized on the principle of separation of powers into:

a) the legislative, executive, and judicial branches
b) executive and judicial branches
c) the legislative and judicial
d) legislative and executive

20. Name the names of at least three counties in the Republic of Croatia: Croatia’s territorial-administrative divided into 21 counties, including the City of Zagreb with the county status.

City of Zagreb
Primorje-Gorski Kotar
The 21st best-known species of endangered birds that live on Croatian islands (mostly on Cres) is:

a) Gull
b) dove
c) gender
d) Griffon Vulture

22nd One of the most famous castles in the northern part of Croatian is:

a) Old Town
b) Trakošćan
c) Diocletian’s Palace
d) Euphrasius Basilica

23. How is called the river, that is, the total length of watercourses, the longest river in the Republic of Croatia (562 km)?


24. In which country the Republic of Croatia has the shortest land border, about 14 kilometers long?


25. The first Croatian novel “Mountains” in 1536 wrote:

a) Silvije Kranjčević
b) August Šenoa
c) Peter Zoranić
d) Peter Preradović

26th leader of the Croatian national revival started in the Croatian language in 1835. “Newspapers horvatzke.” His name is:

a) Ranko Marinkovic
b) Dimitri Demeter
c) Gaj
d) Antun Šoljan

27th Landscape, I and II works, are well-known Croatian lyric:

a) Hanibal Lucic
b) Sisko Mencetic
c) prosinca

d) Vladimir Vidrića

28th St. James, 2000 included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage is located in:

a) Split
b) Zagreb
c) Pula
d) Šibenik
29th Central Bank of the Republic of Croatian is:

a) The Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development
b) Croatian Chamber of bank
c) The Croatian National Bank
d) Croatian Postal Bank

30th Mate Parlov, Damir Skaro, and Željko Mavrović competed in the same sport but at different times and achieved remarkable results. They were concerned with

a) tennis
b) skiing
c) athletics
d) boxing

31st uniform application of law and equal justice provides:

a) High Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatian
b) Croatian Supreme Court
c) Croatian Government
d) The Ombudsman

32 Croatian nationals acquire universal and equal suffrage:

a) at least 16 years of age
b) at least 16 men and women from the age of 18
c) the age of 18
d) with at least 21 years of life

33. On 25 June in the Republic of Croatia is the feast:

a) Labor Day
b) Independence Day
c) All Saints
d) National Day

34. Our Beautiful Homeland is the beginning of the text:

Croatian national anthem

35. The first pope to visit the Republic of Croatia was:

John Paul II.

36. Glory Raškaj was known Croatian:

a) writer
b) ballerina
c) painter – the brightest akvarelistkinja Croatian painting
d) doctor

37. The famous Croatian politician was assassinated in 1928 in the Belgrade Assembly, it was:

a) Stjepan Radic
b) Josip Jelacic
c) Petar Zrinski
d) Franjo Racki

38. Sea organs are one of the sights:

a) Zadar
b) Osijek
c) Varazdin
d) Pula

39. Marija Juric Zagorka was:

a) the first professional journalist and well-known Croatian writer
b) an opera singer
c) athlete
d) The composer

40. Croatia in 1987 was host to young athletes from around the world, the competition:

a) World Cup for young players up to 21 years
b) Universiade
c) World Championships in Athletics
d) The Youth Olympic Games

41. The famous nature park in Baranja is:

a) Velebit
b) Vjenčanja
c) Islands
d) Kornati

42. Literary Baroque in Croatia was marked by his epics Ivan Gundulic. His most famous works are:

a) “Osman” and “Dubravka”
b) “Goldsmith’s Gold” and “Beware of the Hand of Senj”
c) “Death of Smail-aga” and “Fishing and Fishermen”
d) “Zagreb woman” and “Bridge on the Drina”

43. One of the oldest monuments of Croatian literacy, from the period around 1100, has been preserved on the island. It is written in the Glagolitic script. That is:

a) The Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja
b) Baska Tablet
c) The Law of Vinodol
d) Judith

44. At the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, the Republic of Croatia won a gold medal in:

a) football
b) water polo
c) Handball
d) volleyball

45. With which country the Republic of Croatia has the longest land border?

Bosnia and Herzegovina

46. Members of the Croatian Parliament shall be elected for a term of:

a) 2 years
b) 3 years
c) 4 years
d) 5 years

47. In Croatia, the death penalty:

a) no
b) there is, or is not applied
c) there is a war crime and a crime against humanity
d) there is only the offense of high treason in a situation of imminent danger

48. The representative of the Croatian Parliament who protects the constitutional and legal rights of citizens in proceedings before state administration and bodies – the Ombudsman, the Croatian language is called:

The Ombudsman

49. Anti-Fascism Day in the Republic of Croatia is the day:

a) May 9
b) May 15
c) June 22,
d) 5 August

50. At the beginning of the 4th century, Roman Emperor Diocletian built his palace in Dalmatia. How is today called the city of the historic center of Diocletian’s Palace?


51. Catholic priest, archbishop of Zagreb, who was persecuted in the former state after II. World War II was called:

a) The Strossmayer
b) Aloysius Stepinac
c) Maximilian Vrhovac
d) Kuharić

52. In 1993, the Croatian Army mounted an lightning-quick military action which is, by land, connected north and south Croatian, who is the aggressor occupied space-separated. It was an action:

a) Maslenica
b) Flash
c) Storm
d) The Summer

53. National Park, which is named after the river and is located near Sibenik, is:

a) Cetina
b) Krka
c) slope
d) Vjenčanja

54. Ivana Brlić Mažuranić was known Croatian:

a) writer
b) actress
c) painter
d) doctor

55. Lisinski composed the first Croatian opera:

a) “Love and Malice” and “Porin.”
b) “Ero” and “Hasanaginica”
c) “Gubec beg” and “Nikola Subic Zrinski”
d) »More Horvatska not perished,” and “Our Beautiful Homeland”

56. The first Croatian president was:

Franjo Tudjman

57. Renaissance Dubrovnik playwright and comedy writer, who lived 1508th-1567th years, is the author of famous works: “Uncle Maroje,” “set” and “A Novel by Stanca.” His name is:

a) Matthias Flacius
b) Ruder Boskovic
c) Marin Držić
d) Marin Getaldic

58. Dalmatia is known for breeding:

a) olives and figs
b) plum and apple
c) pineapple and banana
d) strawberry and raspberry

59. In the park of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, set of sculptures of famous Croatian and, in time while playing, one of the best European players. It is a sculpture:

Drazen Petrovic

60. The Croatian Constitution was proclaimed:

a) May 29, 1990
b) December 22, 1990
c) June 25, 1991
d) January 15, 1992

61. The battle dance with swords that are from the 15th century, traditionally held on the island of Korcula, is called:


62. Describe the Croatian flag:

Red, white and blue. In the middle is the Croatian coat of arms.

63. Protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the highest state act. That is:

Croatian Constitution

64. The first Croatian king reigned in the first half of the 10th century. His monument is located on the square, across from the main railway station in Zagreb. That is:

a) Trpimir
b) Zdeslav
c) Tomislav

d) Držislav

65. What is the law regulates the acquisition of Croatian citizenship?

The Croatian Citizenship Act

66. The Croatian unit becomes agreement Cvetkovic-Macek:

a) Tito
b) Trumbić
c) Tudjman
d) Macek

67. The Republic of Croatia has a long maritime border at sea, which in the Croatian language called

Adriatic Sea

68. The highest mountain in Croatia, with its highest peak of 1,831 m, is:

a) Medvednica
b) Ivančica
c) Plješivica
d) Dinara

69. World renowned painter, who studied in Paris, and he painted allegorical and historical compositions and portraits and created the curtain of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb ‘Croatian National Revival “, was called:

a) Edo Murtić
b) Julius Klović
c) Bukovac
d) Norwegian Society

70. “Who Sings Means No Harm” anthology “love comedy with singing”, based on “Diary of a small Perica” Vjekoslav Majer, he directed:

a) Boris Papandopulo
b) Kreso Golik
c) Lisinski
d) The casket Hegedušić

71. The leader of the peasant revolt in 1573 in what is now northwestern Croatian was

Matija Gubec

72. In the Republic of Croatia uses the

Croatian language / Latin script.

73. In the Republic of Croatia pennies called

European Cents.

74. The most famous Croatian skier, who won four gold and two silver Olympic medals in alpine skiing, is called:

a) Sanda Dubravčić Šimunjak
b) Janica Kostelic
c) Ana Jelusic
d) Nika

75. The Republic of Croatia shall be represented in the country and abroad

Croatian President

77. What is the capital of the Republic of Croatian?


78. The highest values of the constitutional order are:

a) The rule of workers, state-owned, one-party system
b) the principle of sustainability, non-alignment, reliance on their own strength and workers’ self-management
c) freedom, equal rights, inviolability of ownership
d) The universality of the Catholic Church, Christian education, equality before God and the people, solidarity with other Christian nations

79. A world-renowned inventor, physicist and electrical engineer born in 1856 in Smiljan in which he called the unit of measurement of the magnetic field is:

a) Ruder Boskovic
b) Nikola Tesla
c) Ivan Supek
d) Penkala

80. Croatian policeman Josip Jovic, the first Croatian victim in the war, was killed in 1991


81. In 1999, due to the diversity of karst phenomena, wildlife and breathtaking natural beauty in a relatively small area, national park was declared a part of a mountain. That is:

a) Northern Velebit
b) north slope
c) Northern Medvednica
d) northern Plješivica

82. The famous Croatian poet, novelist and essayist, author of the poem Jama, is:

a) Miroslav Krleža
b) Ivan Goran Kovacic
c) Mate Lovrak
d) Ivan Mestrovic

83. Croatian ban, on whose behalf the name carries the main square in Zagreb, was called:

Josip Jelacic

84. What most body anti-fascist movement in 1943 adopted a decision on the joining of Istria, Rijeka, Zadar and other occupied territories of Croatia?

CIVIL. Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia

85. Decorative garment, shaped ribbons, which is worn around the neck and is considered to be the original Croatian
product is:


86. Euphrasian Basilica known attractions of the city in Istria:

a) Porec
b) Koprivnica
c) Biograd
d) Gospic

87. Ivo Robic, Miso Kovac and Oliver, known as Croatian:

a) writers
b) singers
c) painters
d) athletes

88. Fill in the text of the anthem of the Republic of Croatian, Our Beautiful Homeland:

Oh dear, heroic land, old glory, to always be happy.

89. The right to propose laws in the Croatian Parliament has

a) only the Croatian President
b) only political parties represented in the Croatian Parliament
c) every Croatian citizen
d) each member of the Croatian Parliament

90. The pooling of alliances with other states previously:

a) citizens decide by referendum
b) decide Croatian President
c) The decision of the Croatian Parliament
d) decide Croatian Government

91. International agreements concluded and ratified in accordance with the Croatian Constitution and published and are effective, their legal force:

a) above the Croatian law
b) tied with the power of law and the Croatian Parliament arbitrate in the application if their provisions conflict
c) under Croatian law
d) apply only where the law provides otherwise

92. Battle of Mohacs field, between the Croatian-Hungarian Kingdom and the Ottoman Empire, was:

a) 426. The
b) In 1026, the
c) 1526
d) 1926

93. Name the famous Croatian actress tragically deceased 15th 8th 2000, who starred in the well-known Croatian films: Glembays, Third Woman and The Three Men of Melita Žganjer, is:

a) Mia Oremović
b) Vida Jerman
c) One Begovic
d) Zdravko Krstulović

94. What is the name successful Croatian athlete, double world champion in the high jump?

Blanka Vlasic

95. World famous export product of Croatian food industry is the spice:

a) marjoram
b) Vegeta
c) pepper
d) oregano

96. What is the name the largest city in Slavonia, the fourth largest city in Croatia?


97. Croatia knight game that takes place every year in the first week of August in Sinj, on the anniversary of the victory over the Turkish invaders on August 14, 1715, called

alka of Sinj

98. Kresimir Cosic, a giant of Croatian sport ’60s,’ 70s and early ’80s of the last century, is well known outside the Croatian borders. Of sport?


99. The famous painting school he founded, in the Podravina village of Hlebina, painter:

a) Josip Racic
b) Hrvoje Hegedušić
c) The casket Hegedušić
d) Ljubo Babic

100. Since 1972, the City of Zagreb and production company “Zagreb Film”, as founders, launched the world’s film festival:

a) Film
b) documentary
c) Short Film
d) Animated Film

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  1. Do you have to take this test if you are the descendant of Croatians? My local consulate mentioned this test when I asked about citizenship, but I thought the process would be simpler as a descendant.

    1. You need to check with your consulate. Lots of rules changed, so its best to ask them. But yes, in the past you did.

  2. She ‘s only 17 years old and the first female from Qatar to take part in the 2012 Olympics Games (London Games)

  3. Has anyone applied for naturalized citizenship recently? How did it go? What’s the current process like?

  4. Hey SJ. Unsure if you’ve done your citizenship test yet but I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about it, if you wouldn’t mind?? I’m also from Aus, coming over again this year. Just debating whether its easier to do it in Croatia or here. Soo much conflicting information about it. Let me know if you’d be happy to chat about it. Hailie

    1. Sorry dude, I have not done the test. But I cant see why it would matter where you do it – same test, same results :D Best of luck!

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