Visiting The 5 Best Hot Springs In Bulgaria

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Here is all you ever wanted to know about visiting the hot springs in Bulgaria. Where they are, what to see, and what makes them so special. 

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Bulgaria is the hidden gem of the Eastern Europe.

With its verdant greenery, fascinating attractions, and unique culture, the country offers you everything you could be looking for. Although primarily known for its Black Sea beaches as well as top ski resorts, this charming country boasts numerous hot springs in the southwestern parts, especially in Blagoevgrad.

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, you might consider visiting a thermal hotel in Bulgaria. If you want to know which thermal hotels are the best for you, you’re reading the right article!

You can find some of Bulgaria’s most famous hot springs below.

What Are The Best Hot Springs In Bulgaria

If you’re looking for the best spa resorts in Bulgaria, you might ask: “Are the hot springs in Bulgaria hard to find?” The answer is no. Bulgaria spa resorts are located in quite accessible areas and regions.

Most of them are in the charming villages around Blagoevgrad, a town in Southwestern Bulgaria. Known for its scenic nature and thermal springs, the area is the perfect destination for a soothing holiday.

In The Following Section, You Can Find 5 Of The Most Popular Thermal Hotels In The Area

1. Thermal SPA Hotel “Roman Bath,” Banya

Bulgaria Travel Blog_Hot Springs In Bulgaria_Thermal SPA Hotel Roman Bath
Photo Credit: Thermal SPA Hotel Roman Bath

Thermal SPA Hotel “Roman Bath” features one of the best Bania thermal pools. The hotel provides you with quality service and a refreshing holiday. The three-star hotel in Banya, Bulgaria, boasts a Turkish bath, a Roman bath, two saunas, and Japanese tubs, besides showers and a cold room. Most amenities are complimentary.

You will love the Roman Bath thanks partly to the affordable prices for the clean rooms and superior location. Situated between mountains, the spa hotel allows you to bask in Bulgaria’s majestic natural beauty.


2. Hot Springs Medical & Spa Hotel, Banya

Bulgaria Travel Blog_Hot Springs In Bulgaria_Hot Springs Medical & Spa Hotel
Photo Credit: Hot Springs Medical & Spa Hotel

Hot Springs Medical & Spa Hotel is one of the best Banya spa hotels. Thanks to the quality service and soothing spa experience, you’ll highly appreciate it.

Besides the relaxing pool and spa experience, the hotel offers its guests well-designed, clean rooms with luxury amenities.

Another plus of the hotel is its fantastic restaurant, where you can eat delicious meals prepared with organic ingredients grown on the hotel’s local farm.

Hot Springs Medical & Spa Hotel is located in an advantageous location, where most of Banya’s hot thermal springs are. Nearby mountains offer you picturesque scenery.


3. Apart Hotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax, Bansko

Bulgaria Travel Blog_Hot Springs In Bulgaria_Lucky Bansko Aparthotel SPA & Relax
Photo Credit: Lucky Bansko Aparthotel SPA & Relax

Located in the heart of the picturesque town of Bansko, Apart Hotel Lucky features one of the best Bansko hot pools. The hotel offers a soothing spa area with a swimming pool, two saunas, a steam room, a jacuzzi, and many other quality amenities.

The hotel is close to the major springs thanks to the immense amount of hot springs the Bansko area has. Most rooms at Apart Hotel Lucky have a dramatic urban scenery with traditional Bulgarian houses.

The hotel is in a strategic location. Many shops, restaurants, cafés, and nearby attractions are within walking distance.

4. Hotel Bansko SPA & Holidays, Bansko

Bulgaria Travel Blog_Hot Springs In Bulgaria_Hotel Bansko SPA & Holidays
Photo Credit: Hotel Bansko SPA & Holidays

Hotel Bansko SPA & Holidays offers exceptional service. The hotel boasts a mineral water pool near Bansko’s center.

As a four-star hotel, Hotel Bansko SPA & Holidays provides you with everything you need, from quality amenities to superior sauna services.

The hotel offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Those interested in winter sports can visit the nearby Bansko Ski Lift, which is only two kilometers from Hotel Bansko. Besides, the Museum House of Neofit Rilski, where you can learn much about the father of Bulgarian secular education, is just around the corner.


5. Alpha Spa & Pool Dobrinishte, Dobrinishte

Bulgaria Travel Blog_Hot Springs In Bulgaria_Alpha Spa & Pool Dobrinishte
Photo Credit: Alpha Spa & Pool Dobrinishte

Alpha Spa & Pool Dobrinishte is one of the most popular outdoor thermal spa hotels in Bulgaria. The hotel features a large thermal pool for visitors to have a soothing experience during their stay.

The hotel received favorable reviews from previous visitors. Clean rooms, superior service quality, and strategic location make Alpha Spa & Pool among the best choices in the area.

Since there are only a handful of hotels with mineral water spas in Bulgaria, Alpha Spa & Pool is a prominent destination for tourists who want to soak in the mineral water of Dobrinishte hot springs. Also, Dobrinishte hot pools have nationwide fame due to their healing properties.

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Where To Find The Hot Springs In Bulgaria

Valley and mountain slopes in Pirin National Park, Bulgaria.
Valley and mountain slopes in Pirin National Park, Bulgaria

Bulgaria houses over 700 hot springs, each with benefits and healing properties. Nevertheless, finding a good hotel with a thermal pool might be difficult for you if it is the first time you are going. As a result, “Where to find the hot springs in Bulgaria?” is a question we almost always hear.

Our answer is Blagoevgrad! This picturesque province of southwestern Bulgaria is home to a myriad of hot springs, most found near the Pirin Mountains. Three villages in the area, Bansko, Banya, and Dobrinishte, are known for their booming thermal hotel industry.

If you’re looking for a good stay with quality service, relaxing thermal pools, and scenic vistas, these charming villages should be on your itinerary.

How To Get To The Hot Springs In Bulgaria

Once you find the perfect thermal hotel and spa for you, the next step should be learning how to get to the hot springs in Bulgaria. Although Bulgaria’s public transportation system differs from most European countries, you won’t have any difficulties getting around.

Luckily, most hot springs and thermal hotels are located near well-developed settlements. Therefore, you can find a bus or another form of public transportation to get to your destination. Also, some hotels provide airport shuttle services if you ask in advance.

If you don’t prefer public transportation, consider taking a taxi or renting a car.

Can Kids Go To The Hot Springs In Bulgaria

Bulgaria Travel Blog_Hot Springs In Bulgaria_Alpha Spa & Pool
Photo Credit: Alpha Spa & Pool

Visiting a new country with your kids and allowing them to have an unforgettable experience is every parent’s dream. And most parents planning to visit hot springs in Bulgaria wonder whether they can easily find hotels that allow kids. That’s why “Can kids go to the hot springs in Bulgaria?” is commonly asked. Thankfully, we have the answer!

First, we should note that most – if not all – hot spring hotels in Bulgaria don’t have a policy against children. If you find the ideal spa in Bulgaria for yourself, you’ll probably have no problem bringing your children and family along.

However, some hotels or institutions might have exceptional rules or target a specific visitor profile. There are even conceptual hotels that are adults-only. Therefore, the best thing to do before booking your room is to check here to see whether they have a policy regarding children or families.

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