Bulgaria Travel Guide

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Caves In Bulgaria - Uhlovitsa Caves

The Republic of Bulgaria lies in South-Eastern Europe and shares borders with Romania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, and North Macedonia. It is the 16th largest country in Europe and covers an area of 110,994 square km. The country has seen several rulers and regimes over the centuries and was also part of the Roman and Ottoman Empires at different times.

Bulgaria boasts of ample diversity in natural geography and wildlife and is also home to over 150 endangered plants. Unspoiled beaches and lush nature, ancient monasteries and splendid churches, magnificent palaces and stoic historical monuments add the charm of visiting Bulgaria.

The capital, Sofia attracts theatre enthusiasts to the Ivan Vazov National Theatre as much as it attracts tourists to see the Aleksander Nevski Crypt, Daralevtsi Monastery, and other sites. Whether you visit ancient cobblestoned cities like Plodiv or modern cities like Sofia, Bulgaria will send you away with a bucketful of memories.

Things To Do In Bulgaria - The Yantra River in the city of Veliko Tarnovo

International Airports In Bulgaria: Burgas Airport, Sofia Airport, and Varna Airport. Plovdiv Airport also sees a few international flights to European destinations.

Bulgaria Official Language: Bulgarian

Currency Of Bulgaria: Bulgarian Lev

Bulgarian Population: 6,996,847

Capital City: Sofia

National Day: 3rd March

Timezone: UTC +2 (UTC +3 during summer).

Bulgaria Travel Blog_Sofia Bulgaria

Bulgarian Traditional Food:

  • Lozovi Sarmi or grape leaves stuffed with mince
  • Shkembe or tripe soup
  • Banitsa pastry stuffed with cheese
  • Kebapche or kebabs
  • Gyuvech or beef stew
  • Shopska Salata, a simple yet delicious salad
  • Tarator (cucumber soup)
  • Lyutenista, tomato, and red pepper relish
  • Sirene cheese
  • Tikvenik or pumpkin pastry for dessert

Black Sea Bulgaria

Top Things To Do In Bulgaria:

  • Take a tour of Rila Monastery
  • Go skiing at Vitosha Mountain national park
  • Marvel at the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • Take a stroll at Varna Sea Garden. Explore the old town of Sozopol
  • Admire the beautiful Botanical Gardens and Palace in Balchik
  • Visit the National History Museum of Bulgaria
  • Visit the fort of Baba Vida in Vidin
  • Stare in wonder at the Belogradchik Rocks
  • Visit the UNESCO heritage Boyana Church in Sofia
  • Visit the Devil’s Throat cave and marvel as the water drops down to the Halls of Thunder
  • Cross the haunted Devil’s Bridge in Ardino
  • Taste the rare Cherni Vit cheese that almost vanished from existence
  • Look up at the sky through the Eyes of God in the Prohodna Cave
  • See where 40 maidens leaped into the sea, Cape Kaliakra
  • Visit the old rock-cut caves at Aladzha Monastery
  • Walk through the ruins of the 4th century Red Church
  • Drink the local Mavrud wine and rakija brandy

Major Places Not To Skip:

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