A Guide To Melnik, Bulgaria

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Here is all the Melnik travel advice that you need. We’ve got a list of things to do in Melnik, top Melnik sites, and tips for where to stay.

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Melnik is a fairy-tale town where everything seems frozen as it once was. The city is an architectural reserve that has largely preserved its original Medieval and Renaissance architecture. Melnik has incredible archaeological and architectural-artistic sights that make the city’s charm even greater.

The Struma Valley is the place in Bulgaria that provides the best conditions for the development of viticulture.

The locals are also proud of the fact that Winston Churchill himself ordered wine from here. The most famous and oldest variety is Shiroka Melnishka Loza. Other popular grape varieties are Sandanski misket and Melniški Rubin. However, let’s look at which sights in and around Melnik should not be missed and which are of national importance.

How To Get To Melnik

Small Towns Bulgaria - Aerial view of Melnik traditional architecture, Bulgaria


There are regular bus lines to and from the town of Melnik such as:

  • Sofia – Melnik
  • Blagoevgrad – Melnik
  • Petrich – Melnik
  • Sandanski – Melnik


There is no railway station in the town of Melnik. The nearest railway station is Damianitsa, located about 12 kilometers from the town of Melnik.


Getting to the city of Melnik is easiest with your own transport. The town is located near the E79 international road to Athens. From Sofia, the distance is about 180 kilometers; from Blagoevgrad – 80 kilometers; from Burgas – 515 kilometers; from Rozhen – 6 kilometers; from Sandanski – 23 kilometers.

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Things To Do In Melnik

Here we have listed just a few of the attractions in Melnik to keep you busy and help you get to know this Bulgarian town. 

The Kordopulov House

Guide to Melnik - Kordopulov House

It is the house of the wealthiest merchant family in the city. It is the largest Renaissance house in the Balkans. It was built on three levels in 1754, and for comparison, only the living room has an area of 90 square meters. In front of the house are the ruins of the family church of St. Varvara. It has a summer and winter garden, a closet, and a wine cellar. An internal wooden staircase reaches the summer terrace with an amazing view, and a sundial is above.

Entrance and price: Entrance to the Kordopul House is BGN 4, and a tour guide is included for groups of more than 20 people. Tasting packages between BGN 14 and BGN 18 are also available, which include cheeses, yellow cheeses, and dry appetizers with the related number of wines. 

Opening hours: 02.05 – 17.10 – 9:30 – 18:30 – 18.10 – 01.05 – 9:30 – 16:30 (closed Monday and Tuesday)

IMPORTANT: You will also be given a stamp for the 100 objects in the house.

Wine Museum

Guide to Melnik, Bulgaria - Traditional Wine Cellar

The Wine Museum is undoubtedly a must-see for any visitor to Melnik. It works every day from 10:00 to 19:00. In it, you can find out more about the entire winemaking cycle, from planting the vine to sipping from the glass. The museum also has a vault with 400 types of wine, but they are not for sale. Tasting is also available, of course. You could ask for a label with your photo when buying a bottle. The price is about BGN 12.

The Church of St. Nicholas

The Church of St. Nikola is the largest and oldest church in Melnik. It is a half-preserved medieval Byzantine church and dates from the end of the 12th century. It was built on a Thracian sanctuary and basilica from the 5th century, and the frescoes are from the 1930s of the 20th century. The church has an adjoining bell tower, built separately. The two church bronze bells were discovered in the last 20 years and are considered to be among the oldest in Europe. Unfortunately, last century it suffered a fire that devastated it and part of Melnik.

Church of St. Antony

Church of St. Anthony, or the Church of Miracles, is one of only two European churches named after this saint. It is believed that if a mentally ill person spends the night in it, he will recover in the morning. For more serious cases, 40 nights may be imposed.

To prevent the patient from escaping, his leg was tied with a metal chain to a column in the church. It may sound like something out of a horror movie, but many praying mantises leave gifts of thanks, which means it apparently works.

The Monastery of St. Charalampius

The monastery of St. Haralampii is considered the oldest in the Melnik area and is of national importance. Today it is in ruins, but the former ayazmo can still be seen. It consisted of two premises – St. Archangels and St. Haralampii, which had a common roof.

Fun Day Trips From Melnik

If you have more time, you can visit some of the most famous sights around Melnik, such as the Rupite area or the Samuil fortress. The statue of King Samuel in the national park museum “Samuel’s Fortress” is particularly impressive. Behind the monument, there is a museum with various exhibits, photos, and information—entrance to the complex costs BGN 2.00 for adults.

Where To Stay In Melnik

Melnik, Bulgaria – April 15, 2015: Wine museum in Melnik town. Melnik is a town in Blagoevgrad Province, southwestern Bulgaria. The town is an architectural reserve, and 96 of its buildings are cultural monuments.

There are many different bargains for Melnik. However, everyone has their own requirements. You can take a look at our accommodation offers.

Hotel Despot Slav: Built in a completely traditional Melnik style, with thick stone foundations, hand-hewn wooden ceilings, and wrought iron furnishings, it fits perfectly into the Melnik town skyline.

Bulgari Family Hotel: Family Hotel Bulgari is located in the town of Melnik and has 18 rooms, two apartments, a restaurant, and a wine museum. In the museum’s cellar, you can enjoy the original taste, color, and aroma of the wines produced according to the authentic Melnys recipe and technology.

Hotel Mario: Hotel Mario combines the architecture of past centuries and the comforts of the modern world, nestled between unique sand screes. The hotel is housed in a historic building in the center of Melnik. Hotel Mario invites you to enjoy the unique nature of Melnik, taking advantage of the facilities that the hotel offers.

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