Best Things To Do In Varna, Bulgaria

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Best Things To Do In Varna, Bulgaria

If a Balkan adventure is on your mind, then Bulgaria must be on your checklist. The country has so much to offer, right from pretty coastlines to towering mountains and from gushing waterfalls to lush greenery.

Varna, the third-largest city in the country, has all of these beauties and so much more. Varna is the perfect place to be if you want to get close to the center of the action but far from the maddening crowd.

With parks, beaches, museums, and a happening nightlife, there is not a dull moment when Varna is your travel destination. The following are the top ten things that you must not miss out on while you are in the ‘Sea Capital’ of Bulgaria.

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The Sea Garden

The Sea Garden has the distinction of being one of the most bustling spots of Varna. This magnificent garden has something for everyone, irrespective of age, gender, and taste.

In the morning, you will see people doing their morning walk. As the day passes, children come out with their parents for ice-cream. You can sip coffee and watch the world go by in the diverse cafes that dot the place. You can also sit on a bench and catch the view of the sea or go down the alleys in your joggers.

Escape Room: The Real Life Quest

You should head to this Varna attraction if you want to experience something other than the bars and restaurants for the night.

In the Escape Room, going on quests and solving puzzles is not part of some computer game. There are four rooms in the place, and each has its own set of mysteries which you and your gang of friends will have to solve.

The catch here is that you get only an hour to solve the mind-boggling puzzles! So, make your reservation where you will spend a pulsating sixty minutes.

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The Karting Track

Not precisely a Varna sight, per se, but the Karting Track is sure fun! It is about five kilometers away from the center of the city and is the place to be if you are in Varna with a big group of friends and want to catch up over some thrill-seeking action.

Let the adrenaline pump through you as you drive across the 1050 meters long track. The place organizes several competitions for professionals and amateurs. You need to have a driving license or experience to have fun at the Karting Track.

Aladzha Monastery

The Aladzha Monastery lies beyond the northeastern suburbs of the city and MUST make your best of Varna shortlist. It is an Orthodox monastery that is part of a natural protected forest area, just 3 km west of Golden Sands beach resort.

You will be surprised to know that these are actually human-made caves cut into a 25m Karst cliff. The terrain is challenging, so make sure that you wear your best shoes not to slip and hurt yourself.

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin

Things to do in Varna - Cathedral

Right at the heart of the city lies The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin. This is not just one of the most famous cathedrals in the region, but it is also the country’s biggest one.

This orthodox cathedral was constructed in the year 1885 after the Russian knyaz Dondukov-Korsakov visited the city. The lofty structure looks magnificent from the outside. When it is fully illuminated during the evenings, the view is simply breathtaking.

Archaeological Museum

The Roman heritage has given Varna a treasure trove of priceless artifacts. The Archaeological Museum stays on top of many other museums in the city for its exhibition of the Gold of Varna and is really one of the best things to do in Varna without a doubt.

There is a collection of gold and other valuable items dating back to 6,500 years and collected from the Varna Necropolis. This treasure is noteworthy not just for the age but also for the quantity of it. The single tombs of Necropolis had more than 1.5 kg of gold.

The Stone Forest

10 Things To Do In Varna, Bulgaria - Stone Forrest

The Stone Forest is located in the only desert of Bulgaria. Here, you will find a field of stone columns covering an area of 13 sq. Kilometers. These seven-meter-high columns are hollow from the inside. Believe it or not, they are not artificial and have been made by methane oxidation carried out by microorganisms.

Roman Baths

The Roman Baths to the Southeast of Varna actually belonged to the city of Odessus.

These are the largest Roman baths in Europe and the second-largest among the baths that lie outside Rome. You can see the remnants of the earlier facilities like the typocaust (which heated the baths via a network of underground pipes). The baths are all lit up at night, and the view from the elevated walkways is exceptional.

Retro Museum

For a blast from the past, head to the Retro Museum, which houses everything that will take you back to the 20th century. There are over fifty retro car models like Chaika limo, boxy Skodas, Volgas, and more. You will also find Bulgarian kitchen utensils, cosmetics, and vacuum cleaners as they were used in the past.

So, if Varna is your destination for the upcoming holidays, make sure you add some of these places on your must-see things to do in Varna list!


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