How To Get From Tirana To Durres (& Durrës To Tirana)

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Here is how you can get from Tirana to Durres and or from Durres To Tirana. We’ve covered all the transport options for you. 

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If you’re lucky enough to be spending some time in Albania, you’ll undoubtedly want to get out and about and explore the country a little. One of the latest countries to open up to mass tourism, Albania is a beautiful and fascinating destination. Its capital, Tirana, is bustling and modern yet still has plenty of nods to times gone by, including Ottoman architecture and Soviet-era reminders.

Of course, Skanderbeg Square is the capital’s focal point and houses the National History Museum and plenty of people-watching opportunities!

Despite the fact that plenty of time in Tirana is definitely recommended, it’s a good idea to venture further. In that case, Durres might be your next destination.

A beautiful city on the shores of the Adriatic, it’s entirely possible to visit Durres from Tirana for a day trip, but you might want to stay a little longer once you see the amazing beaches!

In that case, you need to know how to get from Tirana to Durres and back again. We’ve got you covered.

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Tirana To Durres By Bus (And Back Again)

Albania in Winter - View of the Dajti Express cable car and lake

The easiest option is to take the bus. It’s also a relatively low-cost choice, and buses tend to run on time throughout the day.

To travel to Durres, you’ll first need to get to the central bus station for this service, which is located at Dogana. Head to Skanderbeg Square and take line 7 or 2, which will take you directly to Dogana. From there you can like to the main Durres bus. The first bus is around 5km in the distance and will cost you around 130LEK.

Once you arrive, the bus to Durres will be very obvious. This service takes around 45 minutes, depending upon traffic, and departs every half an hour. The bus runs between 6.30 am and 7.30 pm daily. It will cost you around 130LEK for a one-way journey.

The bus is very comfortable, and the highway is modern and new, so it’s not going to be a bumpy ride in any way! Once you arrive in Durres, you’ll need to walk 10 minutes into the city center.

When you’re ready to return back to Tirana, simply return to the same spot and take the same service in reverse!

Tirana To Durres By Taxi

THINGS TO DO IN TIRANA - Skanderberg statue in the center, Tirana, Albania

If you prefer a private route, you can take a taxi to Durres, which will cost you more. Be sure to set the price with the taxi driver before getting in the cab, but some will insist on using the meter.

The journey should take around 45 minutes and will cost you between 2000-2500LEK.

Any taxi from the center of Tirana will take you to Durres, and you simply reverse the same process when heading back to the capital at the end of your trip.

Tirana To Durres By Car

You can hire a car and drive between the two cities very easily. It’s only 45 minutes at most; however, this will depend on traffic during the summer months. The distance is just 36km, and the road is a brand new highway called SH2. You simply head to Skanderbeg Square in the center of Tirana and then connect to the highway, traveling the rest of the way to Durres. Just reverse the instructions on your way back.

Driving is effortless and comfortable. The road is easily marked and is modern, so there are no issues for drivers who may not be familiar with Albania.

Train Travel

Sadly, there are no trains between Durrës and Tirana or vice versa.  The tracks in Durrës are completely overgrown, and the train station is deserted and empty – we do hear that this is soon to change, though, so stay tuned.

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  1. I hate to tell you but there are no trains between Durrës and Tirana or vice versa, there maybe train stations in both but the tracks in Durrës are completely overgrown and the train station is deserted and empty.

  2. Tirana is an amazing place. I would not recommend going without a car. It will be better to see these beautiful places without getting tired.

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