Slovenia Ski Resorts: Best Places For Skiing In Slovenia

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If you like skiing but aren’t wild about huge crowds, there’s an excellent alternative – Ski Slovenia in The Julian Alps, where you can enjoy skiing in Slovenia without the crowds.

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Skiing in Slovenia is much more rewarding and cheaper than you’d expect. If you like skiing but aren’t wild about dealing with huge crowds and rowdy après-ski bars, you’ll want to avoid most ski resorts in the French, Swiss, and Austrian Alps.

There are excellent alternatives in the Balkans, from Bansko Ski Resort in Bulgaria to Croatia’s Sljeme Ski Resort. The Julian Alps in northern Slovenia offer great, family-friendly winter sports. 

There are dozens of ski resorts in this quiet country, countless miles of slopes, snowshoeing trails, and cross-country skiing tracks. Slovenia ski resorts also offer more affordable skiing than the sometimes overhyped and overcrowded resorts elsewhere in the Alps. In terms of pure quality, though, they can compete with the best in the world.

While there are numerous ski resorts in Slovenia, some stand out from the rest. Below, we’ve selected Slovenia’s best places for skiing and winter holidays.

Vogel Ski Resort

What to do in Slovenia_Vogel Ski Resort | Slovenia Travel Blog
Vogel Ski Resort. Photo Credit

Towering above shimmering Lake Bohinj and located in Triglav National Park, Vogel Ski Resort might be the best place to ski in Slovenia. You can reach it by scenic cable car from the shore of Lake Bohinj. Even if you’re not into winter sports, this fantastic resort for winter sports in Slovenia is worth visiting just for the phenomenal views.

Vogel offers the most reliable snow conditions anywhere in Slovenia due to its location on the first mountain barrier from the Adriatic Sea. This results in substantially more snowfall than at places with similar latitudes elsewhere in the Alps. There are superb groomed trails and great off-piste skiing opportunities. You’ll be in the Julian Alps here, so this is where you’ll find the absolute best Slovenia alpine skiing opportunities.

Kranjska Gora Ski Resort

What to do in Slovenia_Kranjska Gora Ski Resort | Slovenia Travel Blog
Kranjska Gora Ski Resort. Photo Credit

Kranjska Gora Ski Resort is a popular destination in both summer and winter. Because of its location in northwestern Slovenia, bordered by Austria and Italy, it gets many international visitors compared to other Slovenia ski resorts. In winter, those winter sports enthusiasts go there to enjoy the international slalom, giant slalom, and ski jumping events that take place there.

The eighteen different Kranjska Gora ski slopes suit everyone, from absolute beginners to experienced professionals. Skiers and snowboarders can, of course, hit the slopes themselves as well. Accommodation includes guesthouses and even igloos. The Kranjska Gora après ski experience isn’t too shabby if you’re into that.

Find our favorite Kranjska Gora accommodation here!

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Krvavec Ski Resort

What to do in Slovenia_Krvavec Ski Resort | Slovenia Travel Blog
Krvavec Ski Resort. Photo Credit

The Krvavec Ski Resort lies within easy reach from Kranj and Ljubljana, making it a favorite place for Ljubljana skiing trips among people living in the Slovenian capital. Tourists there might also want to seize the chance to hit the slopes at this fabulous resort.

While not the most spectacular ski destination in Slovenia, Krvavec Ski Resort offers something for everyone, from beginners to weathered skiers. Situated at the edge of a mountain range and covering alpine meadows, this resort’s conditions are generally ideal. Snow guns help nature to keep the trails open at least 100 days per year—typically, the Slovenia ski season at this destination lasts even 150 days.

Bled Straža Ski Resort

What to do in Slovenia_Bled Ski Resort | Slovenia Travel Blog
Bled Ski Resort. Photo Credit

Bled might not be the classic winter sports destination in Slovenia, but it offers visitors the chance to ski. Only a short walk from the Bled town center, the Straža Ski Resort accommodates both skiers and snowboarders.

This great Bled ski resort is perfect if you’re starting to get the hang of things. A wonderful place to teach your kids how to ski. It’s a top thing to do with kids in Slovenia, period. These Bled skiing slopes are gentle, and facilities are plentiful.

Bled is also one of Slovenia’s top tourist destinations; its lake is as photogenic as it comes, and its iconic castle stands tall. Lake Bled in the winter is as pretty as ever, while the town’s shops, restaurants, bars, guesthouses, and hotels provide all the facilities and services you might need during your visit.

Maribor Pohorje Ski Resort

The largest winter sports resort in Slovenia is where you should go for the Slovenia ski holidays! Maribor Pohorje Ski Resort features 250 hectares (617 acres) of powder to enjoy. The trails run down easy and challenging slopes alongside lakeshores and the woods. Its relatively low altitude means that much of the snow is artificial. This, however, guarantees 100 snow days every season.

This fantastic resort lies near Maribor, the second-largest city in Slovenia, and in addition to superb skiing, it also offers magnificent natural scenery and wellness and spa centers. There are 43 kilometers (27 miles) of ski slopes and 27 kilometers (17 miles) of cross-country ski trails. There’s also an exceptional skiing and snowboarding school.

Rogla Ski Resort

What to do in Slovenia_Rogla Ski Resort | Slovenia Travel Blog
Rogla Ski Resort. Photo Credit

Situated in the Julian Alps’ Pohorje Range, the Rogla Ski Resort is purposely built in a magnificent landscape. Covering 90 hectares (222 acres), this white paradise offers winter sports on natural and artificial snow and has been hosting international competitions since 1997. There’s some epic Slovenia skiing and snowboarding to be enjoyed here.

It also includes a year-round Olympic center, attracting amateurs and professional athletes. Additionally, the superb Zreče Health Resort is nearby, which features solariums, saunas, and pools filled with thermal spring water.

Check out our guide for other great ways to explore Rogla.

Top Sledding Spots For Family In Slovenia

Slovenia is the perfect place for a family getaway if snow and fresh air are on your holiday travel radar this season! And these very well-maintained sledding slopes in Slovenia are perfect for families with kids; they will keep the whole family entertained for a trip you will never forget.

Some of these sledding spots are also open at night and available for organized group sledding, with sleigh rentals for extra fun.

Štajerska Region


At Maribor Pohorje and on Areh, run two free-of-charge sledding slopes, separated from the ski slopes. The highest is 150 meters long, and the lowest is even longer, both suitable for children.

Night sledding from 8 pm to 9 pm is also available at the ski slopes of Maribor Pohorje. Sledding is free of charge, but the chairlift ticket is not.

You can find other ski and sled opportunities on Rogla and 20 minutes from Celje city center – Celjska koča.

Gorenjska Region

Krvavec Ski Resort

You can easily find loads of sledding fun at the well-known Slovenia ski resort of Krvavec, not far from Ljubljana (25 km) and Brnik Airport (8 km).

Night sledding, which includes unlimited runs on the chairlift Tiha Dolina (Silent Valley) during nighttime tours, costs between 13 and 20 euros, depending on whether you rent a sled. Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult and wear helmets for safety during nighttime sledding.

Velika Planina

Church of Snowy Mary on Velika planina in winter SLOVENIA - WINTER IN SLOVENIA
Church Of Snowy Mary On Velika Planina

At Velika Planina, you can sled away on a well-lit 2.4 km long slope, open for night rides from Thursday to Sunday. Prices (for night sledding) range between 9 and 17 euros, and the sled rental costs up to 5 euros.

Selška Valley Mišouh

Near the town of Železniki, which has a vibrant ironworks history, this spot offers a 2.3 km long ride for all generations. Their parents or a responsible adult must accompany children up to 10.

Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora offers sledding on well-maintained ski slopes in Kranjska Gora, Gozd Martuljek, and Mojstrana. At the same time, other off-road lovers can try some uneven natural trails, such as Tamar, Krnica, and Srnjak.



There are many sledding slopes you can choose from when you are near our Triglav National Park’s jewel  :

Senožeta Ski Center

This is most appropriate for beginners, families with young children, and recreational skiers. The Senožeta Center is easily accessible by car. Besides sledding, they offer well-regulated cross-country trails and night skiing.

Nordic Center Polje

In close vicinity to this center, cross-country skiing trails, zip lines, and ski jump facilities are available.

The Gorenjska region, of course, dominates when it comes to winter sports, so to name a few more locations worth the visit:

Northern Primorska Region

Bovec –Trenta

Slide down up to three times (2 km each time)  for just 25 euros per person or 30 euros/per person for night sledding. Children up to 6 years old are free, and a 20% discount for children from 7 to 14 years is available.

Stol At Bovec

Enjoy this friendly drop on a 1.5 km long trail for 25 euros per person, including three rides, transfer with terrain vehicles, insurance, a guide, and a warm meal in ‘At The Žvikar’ restaurant.

Dolenjska Region


This is the most popular recreational spot above Višnja Gora, 30 km from Ljubljana, offering gorgeous views and clean air, highly recommended for asthma patients.

Ski Resort Bela

Dolenjska Bela offers excellent skiing and beautiful views of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina, not to mention endless options for sledding and cross-country skiing tracks to enjoy.

Ljubljana County

Tivoli Park

The closest, and for many of Ljubljana’s citizens, the most manageable sledding spot in Tivoli Park, which has been loved for many generations. Tivoli Park is the best alternative when you don’t have much time to plan a winter sledding holiday adventure.


26 km from Ljubljana, well known for its salubrious climate for people with respiratory problems and idyllic scenery, is the perfect quick getaway from the urban jungle. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to bring your ice skates. When the temperature is right, you can play a round of hockey or ice skating on the way to your warm beverages at the Hotel Rakitna, right by the lake.


Located above Ljubljana, Katarina is regarded as one of the most visited points in the vicinity of the capital city, especially during the colder months when its peak always bathes in the sunshine city is covered in fog all day long. Katarina is also an excellent starting point for hiking trips along the Polhov Gradec Hills.

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