Things To Do In Piran Slovenia, A Seaside Delight

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Here is an of things to do in Piran Slovenia, a laid-back seaside holiday destination on the Adriatic Coast.

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While Croatia’s Adriatic coast gets all the attention—and the hordes of tourists—Slovenia’s coast remains more of a locals’ destination. This is ideal if you’re looking for a laid-back seaside holiday destination. Slovenia’s Adriatic coast is much smaller and quieter than Croatia’s (merely 29 miles compared to 3,600 miles). Yet, it has essentially the same things to offer. It would be best if you focused your attention on Piran, the main town on the coast of Slovenia.

Piran is ridiculously picturesque. Situated on a long, narrow peninsula jutting out into the Adriatic, this small town is particularly pretty around sunset.

Where most towns on the Adriatic coast are tourist-centered and rather soulless, Piran has managed to keep its historic charm and remain a vibrant, authentic community. Its Old Town is among the best-preserved anywhere in the Adriatic, with beautiful architecture boasting Venetian influences and rich pastel colors.

Just like other towns on the northern Balkan coast, Piran was once part of Venice—the same applies to Croatian coastal places like Rovinj. Incidentally, Piran and Rovinj lie in the Istria region, which encompasses the Slovenian coast and the northern coast of Croatia.

Piran is known as Pirano in Italian, and you’ll see this mentioned all over the place, even in Slovenia. This region has distinctly Venetian (and Italian) features, including the local dialect and architecture. Even the road signs and towns’ names are Italian, Slovenian, and Croatian.

<h2″>Piran’s Exceptional Charm

Things to do in Piran, Slovenia - Top View

When visiting Piran, it can sometimes feel like you’re walking around in a postcard. The Old Town oozes charm with its maze of narrow streets, pastel-colored buildings, and the town wall. Almost entirely surrounded by water, this a place characterized by seafood restaurants, salty sea air, and glorious sunsets. And then, there’s Tartini Square, the town’s main square, which is a goosebumps-kind-of pretty.

Just try not to fall head over heels in love with this charming, atmospheric, and—above all—authentic Slovenian gem. In Piran, fishermen cast their nets from the pier in the morning while local farmers deliver their products and produce to the market. Locals start their day with a cup of coffee, overlooking the sea, talking, and greeting passersby with a friendly nod of the head.

Although it’s not as busy as many other towns on the Adriatic coast, Piran does receive its fair share of visitors in summer. It can be crowded at times, but it’s never too much. The mix of foreign nationalities that explore Piran’s winding alleyways in summer adds to its liveliness. If you’d rather have more peace and quiet during your sun-and-sea vacation, you’re advised to visit in June or September.

Things To Do In Piran

First of all—let’s get it out of the way—there are no sand beaches in or around Piran. As is the case, pretty much anywhere in the Adriatic, the beaches are made up of pebbles and rocks (with some Sandy beach exceptions). In Piran’s Old Town, you can go swimming, though. Walk down the rocks on the peninsula’s edge and jump in the water. Sunbathing will have to be done on those rocks, so make sure to bring something comfortable—chairs or inflatable mattresses are ideal.

Piran is a small town. It’s possible to hit all highlights (see below) in just a few hours. This, of course, makes it an ideal day trip destination. However, you’re recommended to spend at least one night in town to experience its ambiance, including an evening. Using Piran as a base to explore the rest of this gorgeous region is an even better idea. Consider staying at Hotel Piran, which boasts a superb location next to Tartini Square and mere steps from the waterfront.

When you’ve covered all the tourist attractions, relax and bask in the town’s undeniably fantastic atmosphere. Meander through the narrow alleys in the Old Town, go for a swim in the Adriatic Sea, enjoy some people-watching from a waterfront café or take a walk in the photogenic harbor. Again, make sure to stick around for the sunset—it can be downright phenomenal.

Piran has essentially three major tourist attractions, which, as mentioned earlier, takes you about three hours to visit. This is part of the town’s charm, too—the fact that you don’t need to plan much when visiting Piran. Instead, you can play it by ear and take your time exploring. There’s no better or prettier place for a relaxed seaside holiday.

Tartini Square

Things to do in PIran, Slovenia - Tartini Square

Known as Tartinijev Trg in Slovenian, Tartini Square is Piran’s crown jewel. This magnificent oval-shaped square is one of Slovenia’s most attractive public spaces. A former inner harbor, this space was filled up in 1894 and transformed into a square.

Gorgeous pastel-colored buildings surround Tartini Square, while a striking statue and the imposing Church of St. Peter act as prominent landmarks. When visiting Piran, definitely grab a cup of coffee (kava in Slovenian) and take a seat at one of the many outdoor terraces.

The appropriately named Venetian House is the perfect example of surviving Venetian architecture in Piran—it’s also the oldest building on Tartini Square. It’s bright red and easily spotted. Also, note the Venetian windows in some of the buildings around the square.

Cathedral Of St. George

While Piran has more than twenty churches, the Cathedral of St. George is the main one. Located atop a small hill just behind Tartini Square, this 14th-century building dominates the townscape. Its most striking feature is its beautiful bell tower.

You can visit the cathedral and its modest museum with the treasury and small crypt, but climbing the bell tower is the most popular thing to do. After ascending 146 steps, you’ll be able to enjoy the best views in town.

Maritime Museum

Things to do in Piran Slovenia |Maritime Museum, Piran | Slovenia Travel Bog
Maritime Museum

Piran’s maritime history is exhibited at the fine Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum. Housed in the beautiful Gabrielli Palace, the museum offers information on sailing, the Adriatic Sea, and salt-making right at the waterfront.

The exhibits are explained only in Italian and Slovenian, but you can get English descriptions at the front desk. While this is not a spectacular museum, it offers you an insight into Piran’s history—always helpful when visiting a new place.

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Piran Salt Nature Reserve

The area around Piran is famous for salt, and on the edge of the town, you can head to a reserve and find out how salt is excavated and used. There are salt spas you can enjoy, and buy some of your own to take home with you. 

Piran’s Ancient Walls

The outer town walls date back to around the 7th century, and if you want to explore the area’s history, you have to do this walk! You can get inside for just 2 Euros, and you’ll have a view to making your jaw drop. 

Walk The Outer Edge Of Piran

Things to do in Piran Slovenia | Waterfront walk, Piran | Slovenia Travel Bog
Waterfront Walk, Piran

Piran forms what can only be described as a loop, which means you can easily walk around it and enjoy the scenery, with plenty of fresh sea air. 

Piran Lighthouse

If you choose to go on a walk around the outer edge of Piran, you’ll find the old lighthouse, which is undoubtedly an Instagrammable moment! You can even see Italy on a clear day. 

The Statue Of A Mermaid

This is another sight you’ll see on your walk – a beautiful stone sculpture of a mermaid. It’s a very famous photo point, and if you can catch the sunset over her shoulder, you’ll have a photo to make everyone jealous.  

Piran Sunsets

Sunset Over Adriatic Sea and Old Town of Piran, Slovenia

There is something very special about a sunset in Piran.

Magical World Of Shells

For something a little different, check out this cute museum which houses more than 4000 different shells. It’s just 4 Euros to get inside, and it’s a nice break from the sun or the rain – depending on the weather! 

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